Circumstances, Regret, Reunion Ch. 02

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Steve Briggs took a few drinks from his tea bottle while coming down from the explosive orgasm he had just put forth. He could hear the water running as Amy showered. He hoped she did not run out of hot water as he had earlier in the evening. He stood after ten minutes, still feeling weak kneed, grabbed another bottle of tea from the fridge, and then went into his bedroom. He contemplated changing into a thong brief with a clasp he remembered having once, but decided against it. He found one of the scented candles leftover and never used from his married years, lit it with a book of matches beside it in the drawer, and placed it on the top of his chest of drawers.

He went back into the living room, sat back in his chair, and waited. After another five minutes, the water stopped running and he heard her open the shower doors. He felt the strength back in his legs, and a measure of confidence with it. He could hear her set things down on the vanity, then after a couple more minutes, a hair dryer come on.

He thought of what he would do with Amy’s body, once she was finished. He felt re-juvenated from the blowjob she had performed on him, even swallowing his cum. His wife had never done that. She would reluctantly give him head, but always withdrew just before he came, and would always catch his seed with a towel.

Many of the things Steve liked to do as foreplay ran through his mind. It had been so long since he had taken a woman, and his ex had not been one that was much on foreplay. She always acted like she was ready for the act to be done. He sighed, and when he heard Amy shut the hair dryer off, he dismissed thoughts of his ex, and turned them to the immediate future of this night.

He hoped he would be able to live up to his bravado after the mind blowing orgasm she had given him. He felt excited, alive, but he knew that he was pushing 52 now, not 22, and was not in the same shape he was just a few years ago, when he worked out regularly.

He dismissed these thoughts as well, and just accepted what the situation was, when Amy opened the door to the bathroom. He fully expected her to be naked, but instead had on a large silky sleep shirt that looked pink in the light from the bathroom behind her. He could see a row of dark buttons on the front, and noticed the top three appeared to be unclasped.

She turned off the light to the bathroom, and silently made her way down the short hall. She stopped at the entrance to the living room. In the light afforded by the fireplace, he could see that the sleep shirt was large on her, but still offered a hint at what lay beneath in the chest area. It was also just long enough to hide her favors, but also hinted at the curve of her hip.

“I’m sorry I don’t have anything sexier than this.” She said as she put her hand on the wall and half posed provocatively.

“No problem, I’m not exactly dressed like a stud myself.” He replied.

“Your move big guy. And I mean that figuratively.” She said, winking at him.

“Hmmm…I should tell you that I’m…” He began.

“Let me guess, you’re older now, so you might not be able to recover quickly.” She interrupted, smiling at him.

“Yea, something like that. I am not young and spry anymore, like I said earlier.”

“Could have fooled me from what I experienced. We have all night, let’s just see where and how it goes.”

“Ok, I guess I should follow the Doctor’s orders then.”

“Yes, you should.”

“Well, why don’t you go into the bedroom while I shutoff the outside lights and lock the door.”

“Mmmmm…don’t keep me waiting too long.” She said.

He laughed as he rose from the easy chair. “Wait a minute now, you kept me waiting an extra five minutes. You said you would be out of the shower in 20 minutes, and it was over 25!”

She half turned toward the bedroom door and said over her shoulder, “True, but the doctor is also a woman, and you know how we like to be late. Besides, I wanted to give you a few extra minutes to recharge your old bones, especially one of them.” With that she smiled at the doorway to his bedroom, and entered.

Steve went to the front door, then looked out the blinds and saw another inch of snow on his truck, and the car she had driven had about an inch on it. He shut off the flood light, and the porch light, dead bolted the door, picked up his tea bottle. He found the remote control for the gas logs, and shut them off. The only light now was emitting from his open bedroom door from the flickering cinnamon vanilla candle.

He made his way down the hallway, and stopped at the door. She had her back to him.

“This candlelight is a nice touch on a snowy night.” She said, putting one hand on the corner of the wooden bedframe at the foot.

“Well, it may be the only light we will have in the morning. I fully expect to lose power sometime tonight, if the snow keeps falling.”

“Hmmm, perhaps breakfast by the fireplace then?”

“I suppose, if needs be. But we can worry about that in the morning.”

“It’s morning now.” She said.

He looked at the alarm clock and it read 12:15 AM.

“So it is.”

He Büyükçekmece escort then took the three steps to her. She started to turn, but he placed his hands on her shoulders and prevented it. He then leaned down and began nuzzling her neck. She leaned her head to the left, giving him full access to her neck.

He put his left arm around her stomach, and gently pulled her closer to him. With his right hand he gently stroked her hair as he kissed her neck, ears, and right shoulder. She sighed, tried to turn to meet his lips with hers, but he whispered “No, it’s my turn.”

She sighed again, but said nothing.

He worked his left hand up to her breasts, found that indeed, the top three buttons on the nightshirt had been left unclasped. He found her right breast and gently squeezed and caressed it through the silk, then worked his way to her left one, never letting up with the kisses to her neck and ears. He felt her lean back into him.

He worked her breasts through the silk for a few minutes, feeling her build up, hoping she would not grow impatient for the next move forward. He had grown accustomed to that over his married years, and wanted to fully take and pleasure her body tonight in a slow and methodical manner.

She showed no sign of impatience, and then, to his surprise, began rubbing her right foot across his lower right leg.

At this, he worked his left hand beneath the silk of the nightshirt, found her naked right breast, and began caressing it, running his fingers individually across her nipple. He felt it become harder with each passing of a finger, and after just a few, it was rock hard to the touch. She let out a gasp as he finally took the nipple between his fingers and began kneading it.

She barely noticed as he let his right hand slip from her shoulder and moved down past her breasts and began to unbutton the remaining buttons of the night shirt. After the last one was undone, he began slowly running his hand across her hip, thigh, then stomach, teasing her with slow approaches to her private areas.

In the candlelight, he noticed her mound, still trimmed as he remembered it from that night years ago. His touch revealed that her large breasts, while not as firm as he remembered, were still not sagging, and her abdomen was still firm. He absently thought that the few pounds she had gained over the years were mainly in her hips and thighs, and even that was not much. Time had indeed been kind to Amy, and she had taken care of herself.

She felt the nightshirt give way in the front, lost in his touch and unaware that he had unbuttoned it. Her right nipple was in the grasp of his fingers, and she thought of that night years ago, and how he had used the same techniques to arouse her.

She could feel his fully erect manhood pressing into her back, and knew he apparently would have no problem living up to the challenge she had thrown out after devouring him earlier. She remembered his slow, purposeful foreplay from years ago, and how he had almost made her cum just by his handwork. A part of her mind wanted him to enter her now, and thrust to his heart’s content, but she also wanted to see just how much, and what kind of foreplay he would elicit on her.

She could feel herself building up, felt her wetness and readiness building to receive him. She was already feeling euphoric with desire, and when his right hand found her mound, and when his fingers began kneading her clit, she knew she could not last long.

She let a gasp and moan of pleasure escape her lips as his strong fingers caressed, pinched, and played with her. After a couple of minutes of plying his finger work at her opening, he let his hand come up to her navel, and she could feel the cool moisture of her own juices spread upon her skin.

She could not believe that the two of them were still standing beside his bed, and when he moved his hand back down to her wetness, then slipped his middle finger inside her with a swift, but gentle motion, she moaned out loud. She instinctively lifted her right leg and let it swing behind and hook his leg, giving him all the room he wanted to ply his lustful hand on and inside her.

He began to finger thrust her, rotating his middle finger as deep in her womanhood as possible. She felt her left knee began to tremble and weaken, and tried to squeeze his right leg with hers that she had hooked behind his calf, but felt her energy drain. Her thoughts were only of the pleasure he was bringing forth from inside her, and while she felt too weak to stand herself under the onslaught of sexual pleasure, she felt him securely holding and supporting her while he pleasured her.

He slowed his finger motions slightly. He felt her weight as he was providing more support than her own legs were at this point. She panted and gasped, and he lowered his head down where his face was beside hers.

“I’m going to cum.” She gasped, as she turned her face into his left cheek.

“Let go then.” He whispered, “Don’t hold back, give me what you want.”

As he said this, he worked his index finger and thumb into a Çatalca escort bayan position where he could toy with her clit, and then slipped his fourth finger inside her to join his middle, and began to slightly speed up his thrusts.

She gasped loudly when he did this, and within thirty seconds, all the strength was gone from her legs. She distantly felt his left arm tighten around her chest for more support. The pleasure was indescribable to her. She had never been manhandled like this before. After another thirty seconds of his quickening finger thrusts and rotations, coupled with his nonstop toying with her clitoris, she could no longer hold back.

With a loud cry, she threw her head back as far as she could against his chest and neck. As the orgasm flowed through her, she could only make a guttural cry of pleasure. She faintly heard him say “Yes, give in, cum lover…”

She was aware of nothing but the pleasure emanating from inside her. She came powerfully, and he could feel her tunnel squeezing his fingers. With what strength she could muster, she placed both her hands atop his, trying to aid his manipulation of her.

“Yessss…” He said to her. “Let go to your pleasure.”

Rather than stop, as she had been accustomed to in the past, he continued to toy with her outer sex, and thrust his fingers into her wetness with a slightly increased speed. This caught her off guard. She was not used to extended foreplay. The pleasure, along with his hand play, continued, and her orgasm seemed to well up and increase in intensity.

She was now coming uncontrollably, lost in pleasure she had never even come close to experiencing. She could only gasp and moan in a continued frenzy of pleasure. He gently kissed her cheek as he pleasured her, whispering in her ear between kisses.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of an out of body experience, he slowed, then stopped his hand motion. Her hands weakly clutched at his, and she was not sure if she was trying to remove his hand from her womanhood, or help him. She subsided, and after a moment or two, realized, that he was supporting all of her weight. Still breathing heavily, she heard him say to her.

“Are you OK?”

It was a minute before she could get her breath to answer, and he asked her the same question twice more.

Finally, she croaked, “Yes.” Then added, “God, I can’t feel my legs.”

“Good, that means I did right by you.” He said then kissed her cheek again.

He then removed his fingers from inside her. Her wetness was all over his hand, and dripping from within her. The inside of her thighs seemed to be steamy with her own juices. In one sweeping motion, he leaned down and threw his right arm under her legs, and picked her up into his arms. She was taken aback by this, and threw her own arms weakly around his neck. She was still lightheaded from the overwhelming pleasure.

“Time to give you a little break.” He said, as he placed her on the edge of the bed, then scooted her back to where her knees were at the edge.

She said nothing, but continued to come down from the intensity of what he had brought from her. She felt slightly confused, and absently wondered if this was the end of the experience. He offered her the bottle of green tea, and she drank about half the bottle. She gave it back to him, and he sat it on the night stand, after taking a couple of sips himself.

“Are you OK?” He asked again.

“Yes. Just a little lightheaded. My God. Are you always that intense?” she replied, smiling at him, re gaining her senses completely.

“Well, I’m not sure. I always wanted to be, but I can’t recall a time when I actually got to use that technique for very long.”

“Someone did not know what they were missing.” She said.

“Perhaps, but that was then, different circumstances.” He said. “Now the situation has changed I believe.”

“I want you to make love to me with that intensity. I’ve never had that kind of feeling…” She said.

He interrupted with “You’ve never cum like that before?”

“Honestly, No. Ben was more…”

“Circumstances have changed, for both of us lover. We can talk about it later.”

“I do want you to make love to me with that intensity.” She said, winking at him. “And don’t tell me you have not recovered. Before I got lost in your hand magic, I felt your cock pressing into my back.”

“Doctor Amy, Please…such language.”…he laughed. “Besides, I am not quite ready for that yet.”

“Not ready? Could have fooled me.” She said with a wink. “You felt pretty ready earlier.” “True, but I am not done with you yet.” He smiled back. With that, he removed the Redskins sweatshirt. The right sleeve end was wet with her juices, and he smiled to himself as he felt the wetness leave his hand as he dropped it to the floor.

She thought he would remove his pajama bottoms as well, but he did not. He stood there for a brief moment, admiring her in the candlelight. The pink nightshirt was still on her, but unbuttoned and fully exposing her. She looked up at him, then removed it, laying it on the bed beside Escort Esenler her.

He then climbed onto the bed beside her. She reached for his midsection, but he stopped her hand. “Not yet.” He said. “It’s still my turn.”

Before she could say anything, his lips covered hers, and his tongue began probing her mouth. She responded in kind. His hand found her breast again, and began teasing her nipples.

They kissed for a few moments. She kept trying to release his manhood from his pajamas, but each time he stopped her hand before she could reach her objective.

After kissing her for a while, he left her lips and again brought her breasts to the eager attention of his mouth. In a few short minutes of licking and sucking, he once again had her nipples rock hard. She persisted in making a play for his member, but each time he intercepted her eager hands.

They had worked themselves into the middle of his queen sized bed in their play. She grew frustrated at his repeated thwarting of her attempts to get to his cock, and let out a couple of frustrated grunts after her last two attempts were pushed away.

“I want you to take me.” She finally said, as his tongue trailed off of her left nipple.

“I know you do, but it’s…still…my…turn…” He replied, between kissing the valley between her breasts, and finally landing on her right nipple.

He sucked the nipple into his mouth gently, and she reached one last time for his pajama top. He again caught her hand and moved it away, gently, but firmly. He removed his mouth from her nipple, flicking his tongue on it as he pulled his head back.

“I see you are the persistent type. I guess I will have to give you what you want.” He said, pulling back to the edge of the bed, then grabbing both her ankles. He then pulled her to the edge of the bed, till her knees bent toward the floor, and removed the pajama bottoms, freeing his fully erect manhood. She propped herself up with her elbows and watched him.

“Take me.” She said, her eyes going between his, and his member. She spread her legs in an open invitation to him, and in the flickering candlelight, with the aroma of cinnamon apple in the air, he admired her naked beauty.

She lay flat on her back again, and put her arms out to her sides in anticipation of him mounting her. But instead of climbing atop her, he knelt between her legs, grasped her thighs with his hands and pulled her pleasures to the edge of the bed. She let out a surprised gasp as he rested the backs of her thighs on his wide shoulders, her womanhood inches below his chin.

“I believe It’s my turn still lover.” He said half mockingly, giving her a wink.

She raised her head to look at him. “No, Steve, I’m a mess down there.”

“Yes, I know. I was the one who made you a mess. I believe I need to tidy you up some.” He replied, a devilish grin spreading across his face.

“Seriously,” She protested, placing both her hands just above her mound, “I’m not sure I can handle that.” Her eyes pleaded with him. She was already on the edge.

Still with a devilish grin, he replied. “I want to see how much you can handle lover. It’s still my turn.”

She shuddered with trepidation. He had already taken her farther into pleasure than she had expected, and was accustomed to. Part of her mind wanted him to just enter her, fuck her for all he was worth. She knew she would cum again with his cock inside her, and longed to feel him spurt inside her. Another part of her mind wanted to be kinky, wanted him to continue to take her father than she was accustomed to. In the span of a few seconds, she had this argument with herself, holding her head up and looking at his face inches from her pleasure trove.

He made up her mind for her in that same span of seconds. He brought his hands up on both sides of her thighs, which rested on his shoulders. He grasped her wrists, gently but firmly with his hands, and pulled them to her sides, then raised his shoulders up, lifting her midsection off the bed. He then pulled both her arms behind and under back, changing the hands that clasped hers, where his right and left hand gripped her respective wrists. This effectively pinned her arms under her, with his hands serving as manacles to hold her helpless. He did this so quickly that she had no time to attempt to escape his grip.

She let out a quick cry of protest, and tugged her arms against his grip, but he lowered his shoulders, trapping her arms beneath her. She looked at him, her eyes wide with a little fear, but also an excitement. She vaguely remembered him dominating her years before, though not in as direct a way, remembered that it had excited her. She had never since felt that aspect in bed.

He looked directly into her eyes. “Amy, I am going to pleasure you as you pleasured me earlier.”

She saw the look in his eyes as he said this, and all fear went away. He essentially held her prisoner to his whims, but she felt an overwhelming sense of trust come over her. She had received oral sex before, but for only very short periods of time, and only as a quick prelude to the act of intercourse. Judging by the patience and time Steve had taken earlier when his hand had brought her to several orgasms, or perhaps just one long extended one, she suspected when he brought his tongue to bear upon her sex, it would be not as a quick prelude to his pleasure, but in an attempt to bring about full pleasure for her.

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