Cleaning Pauline’s Windows

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Looking back to the wonderful sex I have shared with the most unlikely women, most older than me by some years and others not so old, I look back to my time with Janice, who really started it all of and brought me out of my shell so to speak.

I wrote about her in October 2011 and a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, but I still find it a real thrill to continue cleaning her windows, with the usual perks of course.

It had become standard now, the things we do and that is great, she really spoils me to the hilt and I always come away more than happy less the bulge I had developed on arrival.

The only thing that has changed about those visits to her comfy little bungalow in the suburbs is I clean the windows afterwards now and not before, because as soon as I arrive she handcuffs me and has her way with me. Oh yes that is a change too, she has taken to the handcuffs bit which is nice. She could have me tied and handcuffed to the bedrail for as long as she desires because her strict application is still the tops, as far as the others I have served and that is saying something, because a lot of those women are hungry for the feel and taste of cock I can tell you!

But of course it is not just that, its not just the sex. women want a certain amount of the emotional touch too. Janice loves to be held close and cuddle afterwards and sometimes before, and I have discovered that I get the very best out of her just by taking the time to understand that difference between female and male. When I guess most times all the male generally wants is to get his end away.

With a woman it is different. Of course the sex is imperative but a lot of gentle touching and kissing before the foreplay is a very good primer.

But I am the sort of guy that soon tires of ‘standard’ – who wants variation and ataköy escort the thrill of discovery with a new woman, and I have found that, even though basically the sex act is the same, the variation of the foreplay and emotional variation is not.

The window cleaning business expands regularly and I have come to the point that my book is full up now, but only with the women I am most compatible with.

As already said I can still see Janice and enjoy thoroughly her ‘standard procedure’ still gives me a good time .But then I met her friend ,Pauline who is a different kettle of fish altogether when it comes to the action movie, for that is what she likes to have on her extra large flat screen TV as she takes her fill of me. Of course part of that being that usually one of her favourite icons is starring, and watching, she gets herself so worked up that I am pleased to enjoy the result and thank George Clooney for that.

She cries: “The trouble with movies they only go so far and sometimes a girl likes to see more, I can only imagine what George’s looks like.”

“You are one dirty minded woman” I tell her but she loves it, She loves to be called a slut as I go for it and I find her refreshingly different from Janice in that direction, she loves me to take the severe method and drag her by the hair to get her in the position I want her in, which is often doggy style with a good deep anal job. She loves that almost as much as the other way too. It is always exciting enthralling especially because she has a rapturous ass which looks so good in tight brush jeans, showing the best contours which, to me, yearn to be fucked.

There are other things too, likes she adores to suck me after an anal fuck, and she does that so beautifully could just lay there all day and enjoy her passionate moves.

She equally enjoys the bakırköy escort mutual dirty talk. Pauline is that sort of girl, ten years my senior, who gets very worked up when we do that.

I tell her I love to ‘tit her up’ and ‘get my cock into her nipple’ and she comes back at me, she worships my cock and before I undress, she grasps my bulge through my jeans and chants it is better out than in, as she wildly unzips me and helps herself.

And soon I say it is equally better in than out. And then she replies: “Then it is better in and out all the time” it has become our saying as she starts to jerk me off and take her taste of what she says is ‘quality cock’ and the continues to suck me until I pre-cum. She licks it off and swallows and then I punish her for being a naughty girl and doing that to me.

I take herby the hair again and lean her across my lap as I perch on the edge of the bed. He ass looks gorgeous perched high like that and she wiggle a bit to make it all the more inspiring, that I want to spank it and watch it wobble as I do so. She pretends to cry and pleads for me to stop the spanking, that she will be a good girl if I do. But I reply that it is not a good girl want but a very naughty girl, which gives me the opportunity to apply a couple of more firm slaps across that beautiful ripe girly ass.

I allow her to rise as she rubs her bum and wiggles for me so provocatively and she looks really gorgeous in those so skin tight fitting jeans that I cant wait to unzip her and take full advantage of her lovely body which is always a treat.

She strokes my cock as I rub her bum, seeing the redness there, a well spanked ass that now needs the feel of my primed cock inside. But I need for her to smother me first. I spread out on the carpet and order her to crouch over me and part this thighs. But before that the amplification of a long red floral skirt is the scene for today. There is something in me that adores being inside a girls skirt as she wears it and then to indulge in a real deep sexy sucking, with her crouching fully down over my face, is perfect, I feel I am in my own private world indulging in what I enjoy most as a build up to the climax when I will fuck her pussy to high hell. By that time we shall both be well primed for it, she well sucked and stretched and me at full mast after the workings of Pauline’s busy fingers and mouth -cocking and balling me to her heart’s content.

But there is the gentle side to her too. After the spanking and the foreplay and the prime fuck both ways we wrap ourselves in each other’s arms and enjoy the ecstasy of the aftermath, out bodies still tingling and numb from our excessive style of lovemaking

“My window cleaner supreme” she whispers still gently holding me there.

“That is me” I return. “I like to do a quality job, cleaning all crooks and crannies, nothing left to spoil.

“I have noticed” she giggled.

“You certainly get into all my crooks and crannies.”

“Then I am one happy guy” I say starting to dress to go. Happy that I have another satisfied customer.

She looked sad I had to go.

“I have to, I have to earn some pennies.”

“Baby, just once more Philip” she pleads and before I know it my cock is back inside her mouth as she really takes a deep throat of my once half mast cock, but now full mast again, Strong enough to give her another serving the way she was sucking.

I came strong and spurted all over her face.

But she just laid there and relaxed

“See you again next week Huh?”

” I shall be here.”

“I see you are commando.”

“Yes, I guess you have my briefs?”

“Howe did you guess baby? Well a girl needs something g to bide her over for a whole week.”

I left her wanting more. I told her there will be plenty more next week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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