Clive and Max Pt. 07

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It had been a busy day at the cafe and I was finally at home. The weather was still quite warm and a sensuous easterly breeze was blowing through my hair. There was something about an easterly that left me wanting to run with my arms stretched wide, to lay on freshly washed sheets naked or to have some hot man run his hands all over my body until I explode loads of hot juicy cum all over my body; that was my fantasy in any case!

“We need to sunbath naked. Now!”

I stripped off my clothes, grabbed a towel from the cupboard and marched straight to the terrace; laid the towel over the sun lounge and then positioned everything so that I would get the maximum amount of sunshine all over my body.

“Oh yeah, this was such a good idea,” I spoke loudly as I adjusted my balls and cock.

The sun felt good on my naked skin. I ran my hands over my chest, played with my nipples and continued down to my cock.

I breathed out sensuously, “Maybe I can blow a load before Clive arrives home and if I am lucky he might fuck me later anyway!”

“Oh, that feels so good and makes me horny,” I breathed out softy as I felt my cock lift off my belly.

Spreading my legs wider, I stroked my cock with one hand while twirling my balls with the other. I felt so hot and sexy. It wouldn’t take me long before I explode a shower of cum over my belly.

“oh, oh, oh yeah, don’t stop Max, our cock feels so hard and soft; the foreskin is wet and hot, oh yeah, that’s it, nice and slow.”

It did feel good too. Fisting the big head.

Moving my hand from my balls I allowed my fingers to drift along the folds in my skin and find my already wet hole, “Oh yeah, finger that hole baby and don’t stop until the cum splatters on our belly.”

I could feel the cum building up as my finger probed my hole. It felt so wet and tight. I pushed two fingers inside and started to thrust.

“Aaahh, oh yeah.”

I spread my legs as wide as I could. Laying there stroking my cock evenly as my hole was being serviced; I writhed on the sun lounge moaning loudly. I was ready to explode when I felt a mouth take my cock and start sucking ferociously. Taken by surprise, I opened my eyes and it was Clive!

“Oohh, fuck Clive, I love your mouth around my big knob. Blow me honey, blow me,” gasping for breath.

I felt Clive’s mouth slide down on my rigid shaft, deep into his throat. My cock started to pulse getting ready to blow a huge load down my husband’s throat. His fingers replaced my own in my man hole.

I shouted breathlessly, “Oh yeah finger me harder, I want to cum Clive, oh my god… yes, that’s it… oh god.”

But everything changed suddenly. I felt him move and I inwardly hoped that he was getting into position to force his thick cock into me.

In a gasp of surprise and hot tension, “Fuck Clive, what the fuck? Oh god, you feel so tight and so… oh my god I’m going to blow right up your hot tight virgin fuck hole right now if you keep that up.”

Without warning Clive had mounted my cock. I had slipped right up inside of him. I was shocked at how quickly it had happened. His tight hole felt hot, sensuous and just fucking good. I hadn’t experienced such sensuousness in all my life. I was taking his virginity. I was the first to fuck him!

Clive started to ride me like a cowboy riding a bucking-bronco. The tension was incredible as my cock went deep into his virgin man hole. My knob stretching his hole on each thrust and him gasping as his canal was opened up by my big knob. His man-cunt felt so hot inside that I had to control myself from blowing to early.

I put my knees up and pushed him against them; this allowed my cock to hit his prostate while I thrust up into his hole and at the same time I played with his nipples.

“Max thrust harder, please… oh, oh, ah, I’m going to cum,” as he gasped for breath.

I looked Clive directly in his eyes and he in mine… We came together. It was massive as his thick cock jerked up and down, handless, shooting five thick ropes of cum all over my body. My cock was shooting cum into his as he milked me with his thighs and arse muscles. I had never blown so intensely before and all into his willing man pussy. Each time I ejaculated my body shuddered in total pleasure.

We had both cum but I continued thrusting as he begged me not to stop, “aaarrrhhh…Max… KEEP FUCKING ME …never stop… oh my god… this is so friggin hot… yes, yes, yes… fuck my virgin man-cunt.”

As Clive was shouting out in orgasmic pleasure, I was screaming, “Clive, your arse is the best … oh man, your tight virgin hole feels so beautiful around my thick knob… I am so deep inside you, I never want to leave.”

Both of us breathing heavily. Laughing. Outside on a wonderful warm sunny day.

Finally coming down from such a high, Clive lent down and kissed me for ever and my cock felt so good as it stayed inside him and my hands held onto his hot sexy arse.

I moaned as I felt my cock slide out of his arse and with it a big load of cum.

Laying on top of me for Sakarya Escort half an hour, covered in his cum, we finally looked at each other.

“Max, thank you. That was massive. Your big cock head felt so good in my mouth and then in my hole and the feeling is indescribable.”

“Clive, thank you, thank you for giving me your virgin hole. I had never thought that this would ever happen. You felt wonderful inside… so warm, hot, wet, soft and delicious,” I murmured ever so softy into his ear.

After we had showered and put on our skimpy summer shorts and t-shirt, we sat cuddling on the sofa.

Clive opened up to me, “You know Max, with Harriet divorcing George, I have seen so much evidence showing George and Adam chatting with each other, videos of them fucking until they shoot their loads deep in to each other and other videos of them sucking each other off and swallowing what seems to be huge amounts of cum each time. The screaming of orgasmic pleasure as they cum, time after time. I started to wonder, “What is it like to be fucked by a man?

“I must confess that sometimes I wake up during the night and I am conflicted over two things: the first is, how all this must be affecting Harriet and the second, seeing their faces as they orgasm. The look of pure sensuousness on their faces, the joy on Georges face as Adam pounded his tight arse or vice versa.

“Max, you and I suck each other off, the screaming, the cum swallowing and I love fucking you hard with my thick cock while you beg me to fuck you harder, but I have never been fucked… until today. It will not be the last!”

I kissed Clive passionately, but something niggled at me, “Why today honey? What happened today? Not that I am complaining, but you are always the Top and I am pleased that I am your first. I took your Cherry and it felt fucking delicious I tell you. But what happened today?”

“Max, hopefully this week will be the last of this wretched divorce case. I am over it and today I came home and needed desperately to have a swim to wash the day away. As I came into the lounge area, naked, I immediately saw you playing with yourself in the sun. Fuck you looked hot.

“I watched as you ran your hands over your sexy body, your cock and balls, your legs were spread and I thought ‘I am going to fuck you’. But then, all I could see was how rock hard you were, the big head and the shaft were pulsating. You fingered your wet hole. Then, I imagined myself lowering my arse down onto your beautiful throbbing cock. In my head I was nearly ready to cum, it felt so good.

“It was all happening, your cock jerking up and down over your belly, I got hotter and hotter. I imagined you driving that cock into my hole and then cumming. I heard you moaning and became afraid that you would cum and I had neither my mouth on your cock, my cock in your hole or you in my arse. I just knew it was now or never! So, I spit hard into my hand and pushed the spit into my hole and jumped on.”

I sat there with tears in my eyes, “I love you Clive.”

I heard back, “I love you Max.”

Clive continued talking, “Max, I cannot believe how fantastic it felt with your cock deep in me. I felt totally full and that made me feel so happy all over. Each time you thrust your rigid pole into my pleasure centre, the head stretched me each time, it was so sensuous. When you started to pull your cock out and you got to my opening, I was afraid you would pull out and leave. I panicked. I couldn’t believe that I was experiencing all the things that you have talked about and why you love being fucked so much.

“When you pushed me back onto your knees and your cock stroked my prostate. Holy Fuck! I wanted to explode a million times. I wanted to cum but I couldn’t get it together to stroke myself and next thing I was blowing without you or I touching my cock. As I shot my load I felt like I was shooting into space and I felt free. My cum was like a river flowing outwards and I hoped it would flow for ever.

“And, each time I cum, my cock thickened up and then it shot out a load of cum and then again, then again. My body pushed back onto your knees and I was able to feel the orgasm move right through my entire body. Compared to my normal orgasm I felt like I was losing control and yet I didn’t fucking care as my body shuddered in total pleasure and I never wanted it to stop Max. Never!”

I stopped myself from laughing and Clive caught me.

“Come on Max, I know you. Spill the beans.”

“Bloody hell Clive. As I blew into your virgin hole, it felt so good. So hot and horny. I never wanted it to stop either. As I watched your cock shooting, without either of us touching it; pulsating on each shot, I could feel my own cock driving up into your beautiful hot, wet man-cunt and I can honestly say, that at that point: I felt like a real man. Both our Gorillas’ are loose now Clive.”


“Famished,” said Clive, like a teenager after a footy match.


Over dinner, Clive and I talked about the nightmare of a divorce that Harriet Adapazarı Escort was going through; but hopefully this week something would change the whole nasty saga and it would actually be the last week. It was all made the more difficult because George had taken it on himself to blame everything on everybody else, rather than admit that he was at fault.

First it was, supposedly, Harriet’s fault that he was fucking men because she couldn’t take his monster cock and denied him sex. Not true of course! He continued on this story line trying to make it all so believable but in doing that it became more and more unbelievable. It was glaringly obvious that he didn’t want to part with any money and therefore blamed it all on Harriet in the hope she would give in and not divorce him.

When asked by Harriet’s lawyer, “George, how is it Harriet’s fault that you had sex with other men and not with another women?”

George tried it on with, “Well, as I have already told the court, I have a monster cock and I’ve heard that gay men like huge cocks and because Harriet started denying me I just naturally thought that I would try men.”

We all laughed that day. The Judge had to quieten everybody down in the courtroom. It was like watching a thief caught on the CCTV as he robbed a bank and it was obvious that he was guilty as his face was right in front of the camera, but still tried to deny he wasn’t even near the bank at that time.

The court showed the last of the videos with George and Adam having sex. It had seemed that there was a never-ending supply but finally it dried up.

Adam was put in the witness box. He claimed he was straight and stuck with that; just like George trying to blame Harriet for his switch to men. But the biggest problem was, for both of them, that they took it in turns to fuck each other and it was quite obvious that both of them enjoyed ‘taking it up the rear’ and all the moaning and groaning confirmed that.

When asked about his sexuality, Adam explained that he had been seduced by George and blackmailed into having sex with him.

Harriet’s lawyer asked Adam, “Adam, you claim that you were blackmailed into having sex with George but everything we have seen on the videos, clearly shows that you enjoyed having sex with him and also with Stefan Stalten and more than once. Why didn’t you try to stop him?”

Adam continued to dig his own grave deeper and deeper. He was very convincing that he was straight, but it slowly wore off the more we found out.

“But Adam the fact remains that you seemed to have enjoyed it a bit more than someone who was being forced to do something they didn’t like! Could you explain to the court why you also had sex with Stefan so often too, or was he blackmailing you as well?” asked the lawyer, rather smugly.

“Well I wanted to find out what it was like to have anal sex; maybe my wife might like to try it,” claimed Adam.

At this point, Clive and I took a sip of our wine and laughed so much we had tears in our eyes.

“Clive, I do not understand how George can get away with all this though?”

“Well, it is all about delay tactics for him. He uses whatever shit he can to break Harriet down in the hope she will give in and remain married to him. This way, he saves a lot of money and seemingly will make her appear like a mad woman and save his own skin.”

I blurted out, “My God! Clive, I am so glad you left his firm and started out on your own. It hasn’t been all clear sailing but surely it is better than this shit from this maniac?”

Clive agreed and then indicated that he needed to go to bed so that he could be fresh for the court case in the morning.

“Mmmmhhh, you might be going to bed early but I have other plans,” I thought to myself.

In bed I cuddled up to Clive and ran my fingers over his hairy chest and then down to his fat cock. I loved feeling his big balls in my hands. He purred. There was no resistance whatsoever. I pulled back the foreskin and then jumped on him and took his cock in my mouth.

He gasped, “Max, you know I love it when you suck me off.”

I ran my tongue around the head to the tune of Clive gasping and moaning; all the time playing with his balls. His cock was thick and I liked it filling my throat. I moved into position so that he could lick my hole out at the same time.

I felt his tongue on my pink hole as it pushed in.

I moaned, “Tongue fuck me Clive and make me cum.”

His tongue was busy in me and he reached under and started to fist my cock as I deep throated him.

“Max, I’m so close. Your mouth is so hot and my tongue loves your man pussy,” with slurping noises on my hole.

My cock was rigid. His hand was warm and firm as he kept gliding my foreskin over the knob. I was in heaven.

“Max… I am going to cum for sure…,” please swallow me.

Moaning as my mouth was full, “Give it to me Clive… give me that monster cum load.”

He blew deep in my throat and I swallowed it all. Gulping thick cum down as I cum all over Serdivan Escort his belly and his tongue deep in my man hole.

“ah ah ha… yes Clive. Suck my hole,” I said breathlessly.

I was spent. He collapsed backwards.

Exhausted and happy, we cuddled and went off to sleep.


In court, Harriet’s lawyer announced that he had a surprise witness. The judge allowed it, much to Georges complaining via his lawyer. We think the Judge was sick of this drawn out case and the hideous lies that George was engaging in just to save money.

All of us that were there and involved in this case were shocked when the witness was announced as Mister Talos Panagos.

Harriet knew about this and she smiled at us.

Clive and I looked at each other stunned. I mouthed, “What the fuck!”

George looked perplexed as did Adam, who was present, along with Stefan.

John and Stefan had separated months before and John refused any efforts from Stefan to patch things up.

“I feel betrayed by Stefan,” John told Clive and I.

“At first, I thought nothing of it and thought it was all fantasy and George trying to blame people, including Stefan, for his own downfall; but, when I saw the videos of the three of them having a wow of a time, then that was too much for me. It wasn’t like he was angry with me and took revenge by fucking someone else, or wanted something different in his life. He was going behind my back while pretending to be all sweet and innocent; multiply times.

“I remember once I looked sideways at some hunk walking down the street and he went right off at me. Screaming at me about my not being serious about our relationship. I did a lot of thinking about his outrage and calculated that it was roughly at the same time he was taking it up the arse from Adam and sucking on Georges monster dick.

“That was the end of our relationship for me and I have to say that it almost killed me to find the strength to walk away from him when it would have been easier to forgive and continue on as before. But I know my own mind, if I thought he was cheating again I would end up a mental wreck and while that wouldn’t be his fault it would slowly drive me crazy. So, it is over and once the divorce is finalised between Harriet and George I will start looking for a new partner. That I am sure of, as I want someone to love,” said John as his hands shook and he fought back the tears.

As the court case progressed, Talos was asked, “Do you know anyone in this court room Talos? If you do, please speak their names and how you know them.”

Georges lawyer intervened but the Judge wanted to hear what, “Mister Panagos had to say,” as he stared down the lawyer.

Talos explained, “I know Clive Rosser and Max Schwarz and I was introduced to them through Adam Christian. I first did some work at Max Schwarz’s cafe and that was arranged via Adam Christian. Apparently, Adam Christian didn’t have enough time to do this work for Max Schwarz.

“I met Harriet and George Hopkins, Stefan Stalten and John Miller at a Boxing Day BBQ held at Clive and Max’s residence. On the same day Adam Christian came with his wife and children.”

The courtroom was silent. Waiting with baited breath.

“Mister Panagos, could you kindly explain how you know Adam Christian,” asked Harriet’s lawyer.

Talos went on to explain how he and Adam did their apprenticeships together and they had kept in contact all this time. Adam had helped Talos to start his own business and whilst they had never worked together on a project, they sometimes took on each other’s work if they were not able to do it themselves.

“Mister Panagos, I don’t want to embarrass you, but are you an openly gay man?” with gentle but serious voice asked the Lawyer.

“Yes, I am.”

“Mister Panagos, is Adam Christian aware of this fact?”.

“Yes, he is,” replied Talos.

Talos then went on to say more with some questioning.

That he and Adam had shared a room during their study time and Adam had put the hard word on him for sex.

“Did you have sex with Adam Christian, Mister Panagos?” asked the lawyer with firmness in his voice.

“No, I did not and nor have I, ever,” said Talos looking at the Judge.

After some more questioning it was slowly revealed that Adam was a player. In fact, his excuses about being seduced by George became weaker and weaker. They seduced each other, more than likely.

Talos explained that Adam had a monster penis and he liked to fuck men and women but preferred men as they were usually tighter than women. He was very seductive and people gave in to him because of his extra-large cock. But Talos was not impressed by this, ever. He went on to explain that Adam had an attitude that he and his large cock were God’s gift to humanity and that everyone wanted to experience him fucking them and filling their holes with his “hot cum”.

The court heard all this from Talos under questioning. It got worse.

“Mister Panagos, is there anything else that you care to share about Mister Christian?” asked the lawyer.

“Yes, there is. Adam Christian liked to blackmail people and more so when they refused his advances. He had nothing on me. I was openly gay and had my family behind me and therefore I was not good for blackmailing. However, others felt quite threatened.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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