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He watched as she stood at the Cinnabon counter at the shopping mall. She had her back to him, a long, lithe back covered by a black, long sleeved blouse which hugged her curves with out looking tacky. Long arms rested on the countertop as she awaited her cappuccino and treat.

He walked through the crowd and held her elbow lightly, inhaling her – feeling light headed when her scent wafted towards him. Her closeness made him inhale sharply but he still managed to say her name softly, his jeans feeling way too tight to be comfortable.

She turned, taken aback by his closeness but not wanting to step away. She had always been drawn to him and now that he seemed to falling for her, she was half-elated and half-wary. His closeness unnerved her. There was a time when he didn’t even know she was in the room… and now he could not seem to let her be. She couldn’t really get her head round it. She half-smiled, her lips parting and he could all but stop himself from leaning in for a long awaited first kiss. Earlier that day, he had very nearly kissed her. He had leaned in, tilting his head ever so slightly – but as he paused just to make sure she really wanted to kiss him too, she had looked down and away. He was experienced enough to know that it was probably only her shyness that stopped her.

A jazz band struck up in the restaurant nearby, and he ran his finger along her jawline, thinking that displaying physical affection in a crowded shopping mall was not a such a good idea. He would see her at dinner later that night and talk with her first.

It never happened. She was called away by one of the other aides and their pendik escort travel plans changed. As the trip drew towards its end, and as they kept working together, the desire he felt for her grew. Every night stretched and stretched as he recalled what she had worn that day, every piece of jewelry. He was fascinated by the little gold earrings that pierced her earlobes, he loved a certain scarf she always wore which complemented her coloring perfectly. On one of the days she wore a sleeveless black turtleneck jersey which skimmed every curve and showed off long, slender arms that looked like they were made just to wind themselves around his neck. He couldn’t bear it that her colleague, (coincidentally male) could spend more time around her than he could. It also didn’t help that they seemed close and she was almost always talking to him! On the last day, by the time they were giving final speeches, he had stopped sleeping.

The flight back was excruciatingly painful. He could think of nothing else apart from the sexual tension that seemed to pull and push them together. They couldn’t change places and he had to literally sit on his hands just to keep them off her. She was resisting him and that unnerved him. After the past few days of traveling half the continent together as well as the evening at the shopping mall, he had almost seared her into his brain. He could recall, with perfect clarity, the curve of her neck, its length, the fine structure of her collarbones. He knew exactly how she would taste … her scent was everywhere, hell he could even hear her talk when she wasn’t saying a sancaktepe escort thing. He could almost feel her face on his palms.

After a while the stewardesses turned down the lights for passengers to settle down for the night. Suddenly, neither knew where to look. He took a deep breath and turned towards her, “There’s no sense in fighting each other…” he said. She refused to look up, afraid that if she did, he would see how hard it was for her to resist him while every nerve was screaming for him to take her into his arms. He reached out, cupping her chin, tilting it up towards him, unaware of the effect his touch was having on her. Her breath caught as he leaned in to kiss her, her eyes closed and he was mesmerized by the crescent her lashes formed as they fell on her cheek.

“Just one kiss,” she thought. Surely a kiss would do no harm? And then she would go back to her quiet life at her little cottage by the mountain stream and he would go back to being the super rich and important person he was. She would allow herself that much, just that much. And so she lifted her lashes, and he fell into deep pools of brown, drawn into her eyes as if there was no other place in the world. It all ceased to exist. The plane, the armrest between them, the past few months, all his misgivings, all of it. There was only her and he was kissing her. Her breath mingling with his, her mouth open to welcome his, warm and soft. She tasted of chilled champagne and strawberries, hesitating, but opening, tasting with her own tongue and pressing his mouth gently with hers.

He caught her lower şerifali escort lip between his and she raised her hand to let it rest on his chest, her fingers gripping the edge of his collar – wanting to feel the tiny hairs that were showing at the V of his shirt. Their kiss deepened as she opened up to him, turning herself in her seat, letting her hand curl around his nape and allowing him to plunder her mouth. His hand settled first on her waist, then up on her breast – cupping and caressing the softness he had imagined for weeks.

“Traveling business class has its perks…” they both thought, as he pushed the armrest up between the backs of the seats and pulled her closer to him… she stroked the skin at his neck and leaned over to kiss him exactly where her thumb left a trail as it opened just one shirt button. “Oh.. he moaned as she started nipping and nibbling – kissing up towards his ear. He gave himself up to the sensations making a direct line to his groin – his hands feeling up from her waist to her breast as she leaned up, away from her seat and towards him.

He had to have her, but not like this – he had waited too long to let it end in a quickie in a plane toilet. He truly wanted to peel away every layer of her clothing and kiss every inch of her skin. He wanted to play soft jazz while tracing the veins on her wrist, and he wanted to look into her eyes as he played with her nipples, he was sure her skin would flush – she tended to blush when he was looking at her… he wanted to see her climax – he wondered how she would feel around his cock.

The captain’s announcement about turbulence made her jump back from him – her chest heaving, lips parted and eyes dark with desire. He reached over and took her hand in his, interlacing their fingers just so that she would stop trembling – though heaven knew he was barely in control himself. “Soon,” he whispered as he lifted her hand to his mouth for a kiss.

… to be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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