Closing Time

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I’m closing the bar and you ask if I mind if you hang around and shoot while I clean after everyone’s left. I tell you of course not, I’d like the company, this place gets creepy when it’s empty and I’m alone. I can feel your eyes staring at me while I’m cleaning the bar tables. I lean over the table more, my shorts showing more of my ass. I glance behind me and notice your eyes slowly moving up my legs. I smile and feel myself getting warmer and my heart rate start rising.

I turn off all the lights except the table lights and start wiping off the table rails. Each time leaning over so you can see more of my ass. I save the table you are playing on for last, making sure my hips sway more than usual as I walk passed you. I hear you let out a quick exhale and I know you are watching.

You finish your rack and start putting away your sticks. I start cleaning the rails on the table you were on and I feel your hands on my hips. I try to turn around but your strong hands keep me facing the table. You brush the hair off my neck and start kissing me right below my ear. Your lips move down my neck to my shoulder, your hands moving down the outside of my thighs. A sharp pop breaks the silence as you smack my ass. I gasp and push back into you.

Your hands grab my hips harder and I feel you bite my neck. My eyes close and a quiet moan escapes my lips. You spin me around and kiss me deeply, our tongues exploring Sincan Escort each other. I feel your hand slide under my ass and you lift me onto the table. My legs wrap around your waist and I moan against your lips. Your hands run up my sides, one finds its way to my nipple, the other behind my back to keep me from moving away. My head drops back and you take advantage by kissing and biting my neck more. My legs pull you in closer, I can feel your cock starting to swell.

My hands push your shirt up your body and over your head. I start kissing your neck, lightly dragging my nails down your back. You grab my hips and your fingers dig into my flesh. I bite your shoulder and you immediately pull my shirt off and start kissing my chest. You push me back and your mouth finds a nipple. Your tongue making quick circles around it, making it hard enough for you to lightly nibble on. You kiss across my chest to the other nipple giving it the same attention.

I feel a hand drop between my legs as you caress my bare inner thighs, my legs moving apart to give you better access. Your fingers just barely brush against the fabric of my shorts sending a chill through my body. My breathing coming faster and you know you are driving me crazy. You pull me off the table and turn me so I’m facing it again. You undo my shorts and pull them down, leaving me naked except Etlik Escort for the black lace thong I wore for you. Your hand lands across my ass again, a mark slowly appearing on my skin.

I turn around and drop to my knees in front of you. Reaching up I undo your belt and pants and take out your cock. I pull your clothes to the floor as a wrap my lips around the head of your cock. I hear you moan and feel your hips push forward, forcing you farther into my mouth. I look up at you and take as much of you in my warm wet mouth as I can. Your eyes are filled with lust and I moan against you. Slowly you start to slide in and out of my mouth, eyes closing and your hand on the side of my face. Before you get too close you stop me and pull me up.

Your fingers grab the side of my thong and pull it down my legs. I feel your hand start to move between the lips of my pussy and I open my legs so you can feel how wet I am. Your fingers brush against my clit and my legs quiver. You lean me against the table and kiss down my body until your tongue lands on my clit. I put one leg on your shoulder and grab on to the table to try and hold myself up. Your fingers slide inside me as you lick and suck my clit faster. One of my hands grabs your head and pulls you in closer, my legs shaking and my moaning getting louder.

Your hand moves in and out of me faster, your fingers Çankaya Escort curling inside me pressing against the walls of my pussy. I moan your name and tell you I’m going to cum. You suck my clit into your mouth and flick your tongue over it. You feel my body start to tense, my legs threatening to collapse as my orgasm tears through me. Your tongue slows as my body slowly starts to relax and you kiss up my stomach stopping at my breasts to play with my nipples. I pull you into me to kiss you, my hand stroking your cock.

I turn and face the table and bend down, my ass pressing against you. One of your hands runs up my back to my hair, the other guides your cock inside my pussy. We both moan in unison and I start to move back and forth on you. You pull my hair and bite the back of my neck, I can tell you are trying to control your breathing as you move inside me. Your hands move to my hips, digging your fingers into my sides. My moans coming freely with every thrust you make. For a third time your hand lands across my ass, my back arches outside of my control and you feel me get wetter around you.

Your speed increases and we both know we won’t be able to hold back much longer. I reach down and rub my clit almost instantly pushing me over the edge. As my pussy starts to grip your cock harder as my orgasm builds you thrust faster. My body shudders and I almost scream as my orgasm hits and I feel your cock twitch as you cum deep inside me. We both collapse, our breathing slowly returning to normal. Your lips leaving soft kisses up my back as my legs become more stable under me. You help me stand and kiss my lips, thanking me for letting you shoot longer. I smile and tell you it was my pleasure, you are welcome anytime I close.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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