Closing Time

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It is an abnormally slow day at the office and it closes at 5:00. Only myself and a co-worker are still working in the office. It was 4:50 when my co-worker got a call from her kid saying that she needed to come home for some emergency. That is when you walked in. She looked at me and I could tell it was urgent so I told her she could go even though you had just walked in. I anticipated your visit to be quick so I assured her it would be fine.

We were only open for another ten minutes anyway and I knew how to lock up so I insisted. She thanked me, gathered her stuff and quickly left. It was you and I left in the office. Making my way to the counter, I could feel your gaze on my chest and saw a smirk across your face. It was a hot day so I was wearing a sheer top with a low dipping neckline. The tops of my DDDs, were poking out from the top of my shirt, giggling and moving with every step I took. The air conditioning was on so my nipples where hard, poking through my shirt. I was in a shorter skirt, and had on black high heels.

Approaching the counter I decided to really make my breasts jiggle. You were absorbed with every bounce they made. I instantly knew there was something about you. You had a warm smile, bright eyes, and gave off a sense of confidence. “How can I help you?” I said with a soft voice. My voice seemed to have startled you. I could of sworn you jumped at the sound. Looking flustered, you said you needed an appointment. Sighing because this process takes some time to complete, I looked at the clock and saw that it was time to lock up.

Giving you some forms to to fill out, I moved towards the doors to lock them for the night. On my way to the doors, I accidentally brushed passed you and could feel your semi-hard cock. I locked the door and walked back to the counter. As I did this I took a peak at your firm ass. It was perfectly shaped and looked so squeezable in your jeans. I could instantly feel a warmth gathering and radiating from my pussy. That’s when I hatched my plan. I knew no one would be returning to the office and that there where no cameras so I decided to see how far I could push you.

As I moved back behind the counter, I tripped over myself grabbing onto your ass for support. Your ass was firm and muscular. I reached my hand around to steady myself and felt your cock. It was stiff. Apologizing for grabbing you, I waited for you to finish the forms. As you finished, I picked up the forms, bending over more than I needed. With the way the counter is designed and because of my height I had to lean forward. This put most of my breasts on display. You looked up and turned red. Being polite, but already knowing the answer I asked “Is anything wrong?”

Staring at my creamy chest you stutter saying “Umm well, umm I can see your boobs!”

Pretending to be surprised I quickly tucked them back into my bra and said “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize.” You gave me a smile and commented ümraniye escort that I had a nice chest. Blushing I said thank you and continued to complete your paperwork.

There was a basket of papers on the counter. Once more I wanted to tease and press your buttons. I decided to knock it onto the floor on your side of the counter near your feet. Apologizing I quickly came to your side and bent down to pick them up. While doing this I was well aware that my skirt would ride up, giving you a glimpse of my hot pink lacy panties. I heard you clear your throat and start to breath harder.

Still bent over, picking up the papers that had scattered across the floor, I felt you reach out and grab my ass. I quickly turned back to see you grinning from ear to ear. “You can’t just tease a man like that.” You said this with lust in your voice.

I giggled and replied “Why not?” At this point my panties were soaked with my pussy juices and it was begging for some attention. I could see the bulge that formed in your pants and decided to tease you a little bit more by sliding my ass up the front of your crotch as I stood up. I felt your hardness between my ass cheeks. The sensation sent shivers up my spine and my pussy began to throb.

I moved back to my side of the counter. In order to finish your request I needed to get another form from the back room. “I’ll be right back.” I told you in a soft voice. I went to the back room and grabbed what I needed. While I was back there I slid off my soaking panties and placed them on top of your paper work , leaving behind a trail of dampness which was seeping into your papers. I figured that I would take this opportunity to relieve my wanting pussy and started to rub it in the back room.

Pushing my hand under my skirt. I started to finger fuck myself, bending over a filing cabinet and sticking my ass out. I planted my feet firmly on the ground about shoulder length apart. I Started pushing my fingers in and out of my dripping pussy, and rubbing my clit. I found a marker and started to grind against it. After a few minutes I got lost in the moment and let out a very audible moan. I heard you ask “Is everything alright back there?” Realizing you heard me I muttered yes and quickly made my way back to you. As I walked back, I could hear my pussy lips sliding and slapping together from my wetness.

Knowing that I had no panties on, I decided to bend down in front of you one more time. Pretending to drop a pencil, I slowly bent down, only this time it was my bare, glistening pussy framed between my ass cheeks presented to you. Still bent over I heard a shuffling sound. I stood up and turned around to see you standing on my side of the counter, with your cock straining to get out of your jeans. ” I told you that you couldn’t tease a man like that.” There was a firmness to your voice and lust in your eyes.

Within seconds, üsküdar escort I felt your embrace. Your strong arms wrapped around my body, holding me tightly. I didn’t struggle, infact it was exactly what I wanted to have happen. I dropped to my knees in front if you and quickly made my way to the front of your jeans. I undid the button and unzipped your pants, releasing your cock. I couldn’t help but stare at the size. It was big, thick and beautiful from base to tip. I could see precum forming at the head and starting to drip down your shaft.

Moving your hands to the bottom of my shirt, you worked it up and over my head. There I knelt in front of you half undressed. I had on a black satin bra with lace trim, black skirt and heels. My hands slid up your waist and then back onto your throbbing cock. I started to massage and stroke your cock as you fondled my ample breasts. Moving my hand gently up and down your shaft made it grow harder and wet with your precum.

After a few minutes, you took my hand and sat me on top of a desk. While you took off your shirt. I unhooked my bra and began to suck my own nipples. I heard you gasp in excitement as you watched me. My nipples grew hard in my mouth as saliva started to roll down my boobs. I felt you move my head up. A low moan escaped my mouth as you picked up where I left off, making sure to give each breast the same attention. I felt you gently scrape your teeth across my hard, sensitive nipple while your hand pinched and massaged the other one.

Still in my skirt and heels, I got off the desk and pushed you down onto the chair. I started to massage your inner thighs. Running my finger tips gently across your muscles, working from your inner thigh to your outer thigh and back again. I planted soft, wet kisses starting on your left leg, moving down to your calf muscle. I Switched to your right leg and moving my way up leaving a trail of hot kisses behind. Making my way back to your cock, I felt you grab the back of my head and thrust your full member into my mouth and down my throat.

You started to fuck my throat hard, thrusting your pelvis forward and back, making me take you all the way in. I started to move my mouth with your rhythm, moaning with pleasure. After a few minutes you give control to me. I start to tease and pulse my tongue on your enormous cock. I licked down your shaft and gently sucked your balls into my mouth, rolling them around gently with my tongue. I heard you grunt and groan as your balls tightened. I watched as your cock started to jerk, hearing your breath catch in your throat as hot sticky cum erupts from your member. Hot cum splattered all over my chest. The sensation sent waves of electricity down my spine. Taking my hands I started to rub your cum into my skin, licking the extra off my fingers. After spraying all over my chest you lay me down across the desk.

I felt your warm hands kadıköy escort part my legs, exposing my pussy to you. Moving your hands up, I felt you flip my skirt up over my waist. Your hands slowly start to massage and play with my pussy lips. I feel you part them and place a finger on my clit. Slowly you start to rub, first in circles, then left to right. I stared to arch my back, trying to grind against your wrist. Suddenly, you push a finger deep inside my pussy and start working it in and out.

I raise my hips to meet your thrusts. Abruptly you pull your finger from my pussy and I feel a warm slippery feeling inside me followed by hot breath. You were sliding your tongue in and out of me. I felt you suck on my clit which made my legs clamp shut, holding your head in place. After a few minutes I can’t take anymore and let out a loud moan and start to cum all over your face. I sit up on the desk and we start to kiss. I can taste my pussy on your lips.

After a short make out session your hard cock was pressing into my leg. I climbed off the desk and lead you to the counter. Climbing up onto the counter I got on my hands and knees, pushing my ass out for you. I feel you behind me, placing your dick between my pussy lips. You move your cock up and down the length of my wet slit teasing me. Without warning you thrust deep inside my tight pussy. I let out a loud moan as you pull out and push yourself all the way in again. I can hear my ass slapping up against your crotch as we start to build up a rhythm.

I feel you pull my hair back with one hand while the other reaches around to fondle my breast and pinch my nipple. I hear you groan and your breath quicken. As you move in and out of me I place my hand between my legs to feel your cock while I stimulate my clit. We are both breathing heavily and making grunting and moaning noises as we approach orgasm.

Suddenly we are caught off guard with an additional moan. Knowing it didn’t come from either of us we froze in place. With you still inside me, I look over my shoulder to see my boss sitting in a chair behind us. His cock was out, oozing with his precum. Immediately I felt my heart stop and my body glow a fire red. With only my skirt and heels on I got off the counter to try to explain.

I crossed my my arms over my chest, but it did little to hide anything. Before I could say a word my boss put his hand up to silence me. “How are we going to fix this predicament you are in?” He said in a low, cold voice.

I stuttered a little and asked “How long he had been there?” He said he had heard some strange noises from outside and peered in through the window. He said he saw everything, how I seduced you, how I sucked your cock. He saw you playing and licking my pussy. He saw it all. “Originally I came in here to stop this.” He said with a smirk. “But I just couldn’t help but watch my own personal porno unfold in my office, and now it is my turn to have a little fun!”

A shiver ran down through my body at the tone of his voice. He than looked up and looked at you. You where trying to gather your clothes to make an exit. My boss looked at you squarely and stated, “Don’t you go anywhere. You will be participating in the fun as well.”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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