Clover Watches Take Miss Akin’s Ass

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Of course Jed Bonner, Headmaster of my former school and Master of my sexuality because of my lust for his giant purple cock was always going to want revenge on Miss Akin for the time we dominated him.

I, meanwhile, had been to see a hypnotherapist to see if he could cure me of my dramatic response to the sight of Cyril. I only had to set eyes on him and I would be on my knees, slurping and gobbling in wild desperation.

The hypnotherapist was a mild elderly man who tried very hard to solve it for me. I had to kneel in front of him whilst he hypnotised me, rubbing his fat shiny cock against my lips but not allowing me to part them. Of course in the end he lost control and when I opened my mouth to ask a question he thrust his long, fat cock in there. I face-fucked him so fast and hard that he came within ten seconds. So it wasn’t much of a success, him apologising and me sucking up his spunk like a starving teenager.

Jed had wanted to see me, and when I got round there I realised this was the revenge match. There was Miss Akin, stockings and suspenders, handcuffs and a blindfold, face down on Jed’s couch with her ass in the air, and a man I recognised as one of our town councillors was sliding his enormous cock in and out of her pussy whilst she wept and begged him to stop. And there were four other men in the room egging him on.

Councillor Marks was saying “oh yeahhhh, very nice.. oh Anadolu Yakası Escort yeahhh that’s good…oh yeah her cunt is very pretty” and as he fucked her he was feeling her clit with his fingers. After a while he was panting hard. Jen Akin was begging him to stop. “Please Jed, let me go… I don’t want this…”

The Councillor got down and started nibbling on Jen’s pussy lips, sucking them into his mouth roughly and greedily. “Honey, he said, “you may not want it but you’re sure as hell wet for it…” Jen was sobbing, “please no more…”

Moments later I was pushed to my knees and half-carried to where Jen was bent over. The councillor moved and Jed laid me beneath her and pushed my face into her pussy.

“You know what to do,” he said.

I quite liked Jen Akin by now, we’d had shared experiences, after all, so I started to lick and please her with real care. I stroked her lips and probed her pussy with my tongue, then i took in her little clit and started to suckle. She began to moan. “Oh God,” she wept, “oh God Jed, whose tongue is it? Oh God don’t make me cum on a stranger, I’m so humiliated…”

And Jed said, “suck her till she cums, Clover, I want to feel her ass tighten round my cock…” and he started lubing her ass hole.

Jen was tense as anything, “oh god no, not my ass, oh please not that Jed, I’ve never done it…” But she was moaning to, as a Kurtköy Escort lucked and suckled on her lovely wet pussy, teasing her lips and slipping three fingers roughly in and out of her fanny.

She knew it was me by then. The others were loving it, “look at the girl on girl action,” said the big guy who had been inside Jen, “You look hot for it, honey,” and I could feel his tongue in my butt-hole, stirring and wetting me as fingers probed my clit and started to massage me to full pleasure.

And as I looked up Jed started to push his giant cock-head hard against Jen’s tight ass, and she was moaning and whimpering and begging, and at first I thought she was begging him to stop – but then i realised that my hungry suckling on her clitty and Jed’s powerful squeezing hands on her clit had made her as helpless and lusty as me, and he was saying,’ “beg for it, slut,” and she was saying, “oh yes Master, I want to try, oh please master, pierce me, take me, put it into me…”

And all of their hands came from all around us and took Jen by her tits and shoulders and waist and hips and pushed her relentlessly down, firm and hard onto Jed’s enormous purple cock.

As the cockhead popped into her and she sank right down on his thick throbbing shaft, taking the whole of that huge thick member into her hole, he stayed still as I suckled her, and I could feel her starting to come.

‘Fuck,” Pendik Escort she was saying, “oh God sir, you’re massive, you’re growing in me, oh God fuck me with it, fuck my tight hungry ass…” And as I sucked her I could see Cyril start to pump in and out like a piston engine…

And then I was pulled away and they were on me, the for of them, hot and horny, watching Jen being taken and pleasured. They pulled me into the air, played with me like a toy, two on my tits, a cock in my mouth, a cock sliding forcefully into my butt-hole… lowered onto him moaning and juicy as they lifted me onto him, laid me back so his long fat cock could suck my but whilst his friend took my pussy. And once they were in, and the double fuck was filing me and stimulating me to madness, once i was roaring with pleasure and fullness another cock slipped into my mouth – and then another – and I had one in each had, sharing my mouth on them, gasping and sucking and rubbing as the double fuck took me to the heights of ecstasy.

On the other side of the room Jen was screaming her orgasm, and then, for me, bliss, as the cocksuckers left me and went to double fuck her and Jed brought me Cyril.

Oh God. The pleasure of double fucking, my titties bounding and squeezed and pulled, and fat vast purple Cyril there in front of me, huge and throbbing, waiting to spurt.

As they came I grabbed him, wolfing him in and sucking and gobbling on him like a madwoman. I could hear the applause all around, feel the cum splash onto my ass as one of them med relived himself in pleasure at the sight of me, heat the moans as Jen, used and filled, took four men as I had done.

We truly were slaves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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