Club Initiation

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Amy carefully set my black bra, matching panties, garter belt and dark stockings. Tonight was my initiation into a woman’s club she’d wanted me to join for months.

I always hesitated because I didn’t know if I was ready. Some of my hesitation comes from my age. I’m forty-five and Amy is only thirty-two. We became lovers last year, almost two years after my divorce. We were both executives and worked hard at our jobs. Six months ago I began staying nights with her while my twenty-two year old daughter was away at college.

Amy always took the lead in everything, even in love making. She shown me pleasure I’d never thought possible. Now, she wanted to share our relationship with a group of friends I didn’t know. The club she wanted me to join was a small lesbian group that met for basically a good time. It wasn’t really a swinger’s group but she assured me that I would learn things.

I thought about it for some time. She told me that I would have to be initiated into the group and that I would have to do some things in front of strangers. The more we talked, the more she told me how turned on she’d be if she could see me, an older woman, in front of gals expressing myself. In the end, I finally came to this conclusion: we’d built up a lot of trust so I trusted her judgment and gathered my courage.

We showered together and then Amy lay on the bed, watching me get dressed.

Of all the things Amy asked of me, I never shaved my pussy. We discussed it many times but in the end the bush between my legs remained. My bikini line therefore had a few hairs showing as I pulled up my slim panties.

Amy began to finger herself as I pulled up each stocking and fastened the garters. She was aroused by my feminine ways. It took some months, but I began to enjoy her voyeurism.

My breasts fitted snuggly into my sheer black bra with its lacy straps. I sprinkled just a dab of talc in my panties. Sitting at the table I applied sat at the table applying my eyeliner, make-up, some rouge and lipstick. I dabbed some perfume on my breasts and behind my ears.

Amy was a tall blond with an athletic build. She was not much of a dresser. When she was ready she would probably throw on a pair of cotton briefs, a seamless bra, slacks and a shirt.

When I finished my make-up, I sat beside Amy in the bed so she could inspect me. She tightened my garters. Tonight she chose a wide-band garter belt. I was glad she chose it since it helped to flatten my tummy.

I was happy to see I had sexually excited her but she wouldn’t bring herself off. She preferred to be in a state of sexual excitement for as long as possible. Before we left the bedroom, Amy told me what necklace and earrings to put on as well the height of the heels I was to wear.

At the door, she watched me check my hair in the mirror as she rubbed my ass with her hand telling me how delicious I looked. At my age, I enjoyed the compliments, especially from a younger woman. I didn’t mind Amy’s dominant role in the relationship. It seemed to fit us and the things she made me do always brought me pleasure. Recently, we experimented with some restraints and again I felt orgasms I didn’t know my body could provide.

After a large meal at our favorite restaurant, we arrived at a large modern house on the south side. Amy simply walked in and took me into a small vestibule off the entrance. Hanging on the rack were some white terry-cloth knee-length house coats. We both took off our outer clothes. Amy stripped naked putting on nothing more than a black leather g-string and wristbands. Over top of this she threw on one of the white housecoats. I was told not to wear anything except my undergarments. As we left, Amy kissed me, telling me to follow all the instructions and that things would be fine.

I turned red as she ushered me into the large opulent living room. There were four other couples inside. Only I and another younger woman were without a short white housecoat and stood in our underwear.

But there was no time to worry. Warm introductions were made. I was introduced as Mrs. C. The gathering was light-hearted and everyone was courteous and kind. I felt self-conscious about my underwear but everyone looked at me with lustful eyes as they welcomed me to their little secret club.

In the meantime my eyes were glued to the women in the group who were obviously butches. Two had nicely cropped hair and wore a dildo and harness under their housecoats. They walked so confidently and boldly that I was immediately aroused. Yet, the ambience of the room was that they seemed normal and no one looked surprised.

The other woman standing in her underwear was named Katie. She was a twenty-two year old executive, the same age as my daughter. Less tall than me, Katie wore only a red bra and matching bikini panties. Her skin was a milky white and she had long silky blond hair. Her smile was easy and she had a good sense of humor. We chatted and exchanged thoughts about the executive bursa escort bayan world in which we both worked. She had left college early when a job came up in her father’s firm.

We also knew that we’d be the coming attraction at the party because we were the only newcomers.

A little later, the host, a woman my age, called the gathering to order and said the initiation was to begin. Everyone refreshed their drinks and found a comfortable place to sit.

Amy whispered instructions in my ears and I followed them. I was to sit in a large straight-back wooden arm chair placed in the middle of the room. Restraints were placed to hold my wrists to the handles of the chair. A blindfold was put around my eyes. Amy, my lover, stood behind me for support and encouragement.

There was a lot of laughter as Katie was instructed by her dominant partner, Julie, to get on all fours and to crawl before me. As it turned out, Katie’s task was to make me cum by following everyone’s instructions. I became very anxious because I wasn’t an exhibitionist and I’d never done this before. I didn’t think I could cum. Even more distressing was realizing that Katie was the same age as my daughter.

As I learned, Katie’s wrists were then bound behind her back so that her only weapon was her tongue.

Suddenly, someone yelled out for Katie to suck my feet. Katie did so. Amy and I never touched each other’s feet so the sensation was new to me.

I couldn’t believe it. Katie’s had a strong turgid tongue that licked my entire foot despite my stockings. She soon had my toes in her mouth and sucked greedily. To my surprise I felt the first twinkle of arousal as I heard the slurping sounds of Katie’s mouth get louder. Her mouth found each toe and gently sucked them.

Shortly, someone else shouted for Katie to suck my nipples. The young woman’s tongue moved up my body and began to suck on my outer bra cup. Her bite was exquisite without being hard. She found my hardening nipples and pulled. Amy reached around my behind me and pulled one breast from the cup. Katie’s warm mouth and hard tongue only aroused me more.

After more instructions to kiss me, lick my armpits and my thighs, someone told Katie to lick my pussy. Amy slid my panties aside for Katie to begin her work. I had never felt such a determined tongue on my pussy. I was self-conscious about my hairy bush since I never shaved, but Katie didn’t seem to mind.

I was still amazed at the stiffness of Katie’s tongue and how she used it for such a young woman. Amy’s tongue couldn’t come close to what Katie was doing to me. My clit rose for the occasion and shortly I was beginning to take shallow breathes.

Katie played with my clit as if she had a ripe grape in her mouth, never biting or pinching it with her teeth but just driving me crazy.

Julie stood behind Katie, spreading her legs and pushing Katie’s panties aside in order to stroke a well shaven clean pussy. Amy, standing behind me, nibbled on my ear, telling me about the sexual energy I was generating in the room.

It seems women in the audience had their hands between their legs and openly fingered themselves. The sight of a younger woman stroking an orgasm from a woman her mother’s age drove them into a frenzy. Amy herself had her hand between her legs and worked on a growing orgasm.

Katie began to whimper louder than me and I was aroused by her cries of pleasure. She came before I did as I felt her hot breath blow into my love canal. Julie was reaming Katie’s hairless twat with a slurpie rhythm. How I envied young woman who got really wet during sex and came so fast!

Despite my fears, my body responded to the situation better than I anticipated. I began to squirm in the chair as the orgasm grew in me. Beautiful waves of excitement filled my loins and shot up into my stomach and back. Soon I couldn’t help myself.

My body tensed and I felt my orgasm well-up inside me. I was surprised because for my age I usually took longer to cum. However, my orgasm was not the most famous one I ever had. I was too self-conscious of my surroundings. But I did cum, never faking such things for another woman.

There was a loud cheer from the crowd. For now, part of the exercise had been completed.

Amy helped me to my feet and removed my blindfold. She then bound my wrists behind my back which thrust my breasts out even more. Katie’s wrists were released as well and she stood up. We were both relieved that we hadn’t made fools of ourselves. Katie had a delightful wet spot on her panties directly over her pussy and tried to hide it with her hands. I was attracted to her embarrassment.

Next, Katie was instructed to take to the bathroom. Amy knew that I always needed to pee after sex. The instructions sounded simple. The young woman took me by the arm as the other ladies applauded.

I felt a little weird being escorted to the bathroom by a woman my daughter’s age but I played along. gorukle escort We both giggled as we entered the bathroom. Without saying anything, Katie unsnapped my garters, unrolled my stockings and took my panties off.

“You’ve got a great looking bush, Mrs. C,” Katie said admiringly.

“You didn’t mind all the pubic hair?” I asked tentatively since it was always a sticking point with Amy.

“No, I like it. Julie keeps me shaved but I like hairy bushes” she replied simply.

“Katie, you didn’t have to take off my stockings for me to pee,” I said puzzled.

Katie blushed and a worried look came over her face. “My initiation is a little different than yours Mrs. C.,” she said sheepishly. “You’re not peeing in the toilet, you’re peeing on me. It’s a strict order from Julie.”

I didn’t know what to say. I’d heard of golden showers, but I thought it was a myth.

Without hesitation, Katie slipped off her panties and bra and left them by the sink. Her twat was clean shaven and the outer labial lips still glistened from her recent orgasm.

I was not usually attracted to such young bodies, but Katie looked so vulnerable and open that I caught myself leering at her.

Still dumbfounded, Katie guided me into the large shower stall and knelt in front of me.

“I’m going to lift your leg a little on my shoulder and I want you to pee Mrs. C. I hope you enjoy it, Julie does.” Her instructions were simple and to the point without hesitation.

“I know this is the first time you’re pissing on someone,” she said, looking up at me innocently, “so I’m going to try and make it as enjoyable as possible.”

To add to my shock, Katie kissed my slit lightly and her tongue licked all of my pubic hair. She then thrust her trained tongue into me. It excited me and she found my clit in no time. With her eyes closed, Katie’s began to suck on pussy passionately. It was obvious to me she enjoyed it. Her hands griped my ass and pulled me tighter to her face.

After my first whimper, Katie stopped her licking and told me to pee. I couldn’t at first, being so sexually hot.

“It’s alright, Mrs. C., close your eyes and I’ll rub your ass. Just relax and you’ll piss just fine.”

I did as I was told and her hand gently squeezed my ass and caressed my ass cheeks. I was turning red but Katie didn’t seem to mind the wait. I felt so vulnerable standing with my wrists in restraints and only having my breasts covered. I never peed on someone before. But I decided to be a good sport like Katie. Soon, a few drops came out of my slit and dribbled down my leg. Now I know why Katie took off my stockings.

Finally my bladder got the best of me and a spurt of urine shot out; then another before a steady stream of piss fell on Katie’s chest. My yellow urine washed over her breasts and down her stomach between her legs.

Katie peed too as a forceful stream of piss shot out from between her legs. My piss joined with hers as it splashed from her body. Once she stopped, she began to finger herself hard. Her other hand kept stroking my ass.

“Does this arouse you, Katie?” I asked curiously.

“Oh yea, it does Mrs. C.,” she said softly, almost with embarrassment. “I don’t know why. You’re the second stranger I’ve had to do it to and I always get horny. You’re also a gorgeous lady and I really find your pussy a prize.”

Katie paused a moment before she said, “I love the way you pee, Mrs. C., a nice hard stream, just the way I like it,” she said giggling nicely. She remained kneeling, looking directly at my urethra.

I blushed, not knowing what to say. I never found peeing erotic, but with Katie it was different. She was playful with it and it aroused me. I wanted to pee as long as I could. I had never been so excited when I urinated. Shortly, my stream shortened to a dribble and I leaked down my legs.

When I stopped peeing, Katie licked me again and I jumped at the tickle of her tongue on my sensitive clit. I was too shocked to say anything. She saw my excitement and smiled at me.

Next, Katie asked to step back and she took the water nozzle and washed her self off. She washed me between my legs with warm water and soap. Even though she was gentle, I quivered as she washed me. There was something incredibly hot about letting a woman my daughter’s age wash me like this. I also liked the way Katie had gotten me excited and kept me excited without wanting to bring the play to an end quickly.

Leaving the stall, Katie dried herself first. She then put on her red bikini panties and bra, unembarrassed with the large wet stain on her crotch. She had a good taste in clothes. Her demi-bra accentuated her smallish breasts and her panties gave a womanly shape to her ass. I stared again at her body and her innocent looks feeling little twitches of arousal.

After drying me off nicely and gently, Katie stood me near to the sink so I could lean against it. Carefully, she put on bursa merkez escort bayan my garter belt, then my panties and stockings. My panties were full paneled and covered my behind completely. It was a sheer fit and the young woman ran her hand over my ass several times giving me a warm feeling.

When she finished straightening out my underclothes she stood back and remarked not only how beautiful I looked but how maternal and matronly I seemed to her.

“You look good in your black lingerie, Mrs. C.” she said honestly. “I like your frilly garter belt and your sheer stockings. I wish my mother dressed like you.”

Without saying anything more she stared at my breasts before pulling my bra straps off my shoulders and down my arms. Using her soft hands, she easily dislodged each breast and let them hang freely as my bra slipped down to my stomach.

I felt embarrassed but before I could say something Katie took each breast into the palm of her hand and fondled and bounced them gently.

“They’re beautiful Mrs. C. What are they, 36Cs?” she asked in a low subdued voice.

I nodded, feeling a little humiliated.

“I wish I had such large breasts,” she said still staring, as if talking to herself. “They’re so feminine looking and soft to touch. I hope I’m not hurting you by touching them?”

I shook my head, unable to say anything. She handled my boobs softly and her hands were warm. She looked at them closely and slightly tugged on them. No one, not even Amy had handled them quite the same.

I had to admit to myself that I felt good about my breasts and there was more than a tinge of pride in knowing Katie was attracted to them.

Katie than ran her thumbs over my aureoles and nipples. She started with the outer edge of each aureole and let her thumb flutter over the skin until she rubbed up against the nipple. My entire body quivered. Her touch was magical and my nipples easily came to attention. The crowns of my breasts were white since I sunbathed with a top on. My chest was covered with freckles. Katie remarked about the visible veins radiating from the nipples and the whitish creamy skin. She told me my large breasts looked like cakes she wanted to eat all at once.

I blushed from her compliments as her hands kept their firm grip on each breast. Needless to say, I was very excited but didn’t want to show it. Katie ran her hands under each breast, stretching them out toward her. No one had ever done that before. It felt so good! The nipples had enlarged and gone hard.

“You’re nipples are beautiful too, Mrs. C.” Katie, said, breaking her silence. “Are you getting excited or does it embarrass you to have a woman your daughter’s age fondle your boobs?” she asked as she bounced each breast more confidently in each of her hands.

“I think it is both Katie. I don’t know what to think after tonight,” I said hesitantly.

“I like the feel of them and their weight. My mother has large breasts too,” she said. “I certainly enjoyed sucking them through your bra earlier,” she continued with a low and distracted voice. “The nipples stuck out so nicely through the cups. I felt it really aroused you when I held your tits between my teeth. But it was hard to concentrate with all the folks watching.”

I didn’t think a woman would ever talk to me like this but to my surprise, I liked it. I was attracted to Katie’s erotic bluntness. Instead of looking shocked, we both giggled as we remembered our embarrassment.

Before I could reply, Katie took one breast between her two hands and brought her mouth to the nipple. Her kiss made me jump again as I stood on my toes for a moment. She lifted my breasts and licked the sweat that had collected underneath with her long wet tongue. Her eyes were shut as her mouth glided over my breast. When she found my nipple again she took it into her mouth and sucked heavily.

Her sucking lasted a long time as she seemed to lose herself in the experience. With my hands secure behind my back, I could do nothing. Every so often I would hear her lips smack with a sucking sound. She had obviously sucked nipples before and enjoyed it.

When she stopped she looked at me and saw my anxious look. “Tell me about your daughter. What is she studying at college?” Katie asked as her lips found my breast again, this time taking as much of it into her mouth as she could.

I answered her questions and more, trying to distract myself from her stimulating activity. When she finished, she looked into my eyes. “That tasted so good, Mrs. C. Can I do the other one too?” she asked.

I nodded as her hands caressed and teased my other breast. She asked more questions before her mouth again licked the sweat from underneath my breast and found its target in the fattening nipple. I found talking difficult as her teeth pulled on my tit, bringing it to life and sending rays of pleasure into my body.

“Does it bother you that someone your daughter’s age is making you so horny, Mrs. C?” Katie asked looking up at me as her hands squeezed my firm breasts.

“Yea it does,” I said with a tension in my voice. “I would never think a young woman your age could do this to me, but you’ve got me in an odd spot. I’ve never seen anyone take such pleasure as you in kissing my bosom.”

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