Club X Ch. 01

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Setting her suitcase down on the sidewalk, Lila Sands drew in a long, slow breath, willing herself not to panic – or pass out. Standing there for what felt like forever, anxiously biting down on her lip, she studied what appeared to be a derelict brick warehouse, a cold shiver of dread running straight up her spine, because of course she knew what stood behind that door – or at least had a pretty good idea.

But now she didn’t know if she could do this.

Clutching the collar of her wool coat tight around her neck with one hand, long strands of her blonde hair caught in the slight November breeze, she used the other to dig out the card from her purse. Squinting under the dim street light she checked the address – 40 Front Street – same as the number on the red brick wall. So this was it.

To the average passerby, the dreary looking building would appear to be abandoned, except for the lone lightbulb shining like a lurid beacon over the battered black metal door, almost winking at her.

Closing her eyes for a moment, heaving in a deep steadying breath of bracing cold damp air, she slowly blew it back out – feeling almost prepared to do what she knew she had to do. Staring at the menacing looking structure, a cocktail of fear laced with an oddly equally powerful, nearly intoxicating sense of anticipation swept through her as every possible depraved scenario her mind could conjure played out in her head. Already scared spitless, she hadn’t dared move an inch closer, her feet rooted to the sidewalk refusing to budge, as the tawdry images taunted and teased, even as the seductiveness of it goaded her to venture inside.

Truth was, she had no idea what might become of her once she walked through that door – but had a pretty strong feeling whatever happened wouldn’t be good. No matter how scared she was, after coming this far, she knew she had no choice but to go through with it. Squaring her shoulders, Lila swallowed hard as she tucked the little black card back into her purse.

So this was it, and she was really going to go through with it.

Once she’d forced herself up the wide concrete steps – pushing a flat silver button by the door – she was buzzed inside.

Stepping inside and glancing around, her eyes flew open, startled to find herself walking into the most nondescript little waiting area she could have imagined. A pretty young woman of no more than twenty clad in a casual black T-shirt and jeans sat smiling behind a simple black lacquered reception desk, clacking her chewing gum. A picture of innocence, she just seemed so out of place, like finding a delicate little butterfly floating around in hell. Her sandy hair pulled back in a ponytail, open text books scattered across the desk, would give the casual observer the appearance of any typical student. And for this girl it was probably just some different-than-average part-time job to earn a little spending money.

But it was sure no burger joint – Lila knew that.

The girl gave Lila a quick smile then held out her hand expectantly. “You have your medical papers, Miss Sands?”

Numbly nodding, Lila took them from her purse, and handed them over. “Everything’s up to date,” she explained, anxiously leaning over the desk.

After a quick glance, the girl handed them back. “Okay, looks good. Now all you have to do is sign this waiver.” She then pushed the official looking consent form across the desk toward Lila, along with a pen. “Feel free to read it. But basically, once you sign, you’re agreeing that you are here of your own free will – for the entire week – and that you understand that while you’re here, absolutely anything goes.” With a cheery grin and shrug of her slender shoulders she said in a perky voice, “And then you’re in.”

The waiver Lila was asked to sign was surprisingly long. Scanning it as best she could, words like unrestricted and unlimited sexual acts, pain, safe word and consent couldn’t have stuck out more if they were written in red. Although more nervous than she’d ever been in her life, Lila tried to be certain about what she was agreeing to. After determining that everything seemed to be in order, picking up the pen, she quickly signed her name to it, jotting down her safe word on the line indicated. She’d decided on the word Avocado, since she hated the ugly little green fruit with a passion, as she already imagined she was going to hate what was to come.

But despite what she’d just signed indicating she was here of her own free will, she really didn’t have any choice but to go through with it. Her last boyfriend Blake – who’d fooled her into thinking he actually loved her – had gotten mixed up in some pretty shady stuff. And due to a combination of his practiced charm, and her naiveté, she’d foolishly agreed to co-sign a loan – unware at the time just how much he owed, what was really going on and who he’d been dealing with – ruthless loan sharks. So, now here she was. And this was the price she had to pay. The use of her body for one week, and the loan would be forgiven. Of course Blake was long gone Escort with the money, but the men he owed reminded her, none too subtly, that since he’d fled, she was now on the hook for his debt.

Suddenly the young lady regained her attention, when she motioned with her head toward a large black steel door straight ahead, telling her, “And just through there you’ll find the change rooms off to the right.”

Lila drew a shaky breath as she reached for the long metal handle and pulled open the heavy door that led to… she really had no idea where it led, because she didn’t have a clue what she was getting herself into. Despite her uncertainty, a surprisingly sharp tingle of anticipation raced through her propelling her to steel her nerve, swallow her fear and cross the threshold into the strange erotic world that she knew awaited her.

Once inside, Lila found herself alone in a long dimly lit corridor. Glancing around, she noticed a black door that read, “Doms” and another red one marked, “Bitches.” Assuming she’d be someone’s bitch tonight, and the for the whole week to come, she knew just which door to pick.

She had only just put down her bags and was slipping off her coat, when a sharp rap sounded on the change room door. Nearly jumping out of her skin at the sound, she sank onto the red padded bench, afraid her legs might give out. Teeth tugging nervously on her lip, she anxiously called out, “Yes?”

“Lila?” a harsh gravelly male voice asked.

“Yes, it’s Lila,” she replied, casting her gaze around the unnerving black and room, fearful of what was going to happen to her next.

A short balding, stocky man pushed open the door and strode in to stand in front of her. His brow instantly lifted appreciatively, wicked smile positively feral, as he ate her up with his gaze. “Wow, I heard you were pretty, but that doesn’t begin to do you justice, does it? You’re a real beauty, and so refined. Don’t get many like you in here.” Without waiting for a reply, he took the liberty of reaching out and running his thick stubby fingers through her long, silky blonde tresses, even twisting a fistful around in his hand. Tamping down a rising sense of panic, Lila forced herself not to cringe as he gave it a slight tug before finally letting go. But he still stood eyeing her carefully, like a cat with a bird in a cage as he asked her, “So, you understand what’s going to happen tonight, right?”

Looking up into his unnerving gaze, she could only nod her head. Although she honestly wasn’t too sure what was going to happen, she was pretty damn sure she didn’t want to hear a blow by blow account of what to expect from someone as repulsive as he was. And even if she’d wanted to ask, with the way her throat had constricted, there was no way she could.

Stooping down to his haunches, the man cupped her chin, taking the liberty of running his stubby thumb along her full lower lip. This time she couldn’t hold back, and she flinched, making him chuckle. “Hey, don’t worry, honey. At least you know you gotta safe word. And we never let anyone get too carried away in here.” He grinned. “Besides, we got cameras trained on every room. So, you should probably be okay.”

When she nodded that she understood, he thankfully let go of her, straightened, and said, “Oh, and once you get your clothes off, leave on the bra and panties,” wiggling his eyebrows up and down suggestively. “Most guys like a little mystery before they get to see the goods.” He pointed at the wall beside her. “There’s a robe on the hook there, so you can slip that on for now”.

A leering smile creased his face as his gaze trailed down her long shapely legs, landing on her sexy little black pumps, telling her, “Oh, and keep the heels.” He started to leave then turned back. “And don’t forget, absolutely no street clothes allowed till you leave here in a week’s time on Thursday.”

With a glance up at the short black silk robe hanging near her head she managed to choke out, “Thanks.”

Before he let go of the door, his parting words were, “Good luck, honey. And if you want some advice, I’d try to relax and enjoy it.”

She imagined she’d need a lot more than luck to get through what she was about to do, but already knew, having just met one of the characters that frequented a place like this, there was no way in hell she was ever going to enjoy it. After taking off her clothes, leaving on her white lace push-up bra and matching bikini panties, as she slid her slender body into the smooth, silky robe, an odd feeling overcame her. Like she was slipping into a mysterious new world and leaving her old one behind. Everything about the place felt so strange and mysteriously exotic, with a curiously arousing element of danger that she’d never experienced before, or ever knew she wanted to.

Of course she was no prude, and had never shied away from sex. She’d had a few lovers, but had never before been dominated, or degraded by any of them, like she imagined with a rising sense of unease, she would be here. In the past, the sex she’d experienced had Escort bayan always felt safe, warm and respectful – if a little predictable and sometimes downright boring. Typically the lights would go off, a few kisses would be exchanged, a little foreplay, followed by some gentle love making, and that would be it. Wrinkling her nose, tame would probably be the best way to describe what she’d had – at least until now. She shivered, wondering how sex in a club designed for kink would be so much different. Already she could feel her pulse beginning to race and her skin getting clammy just at the thought.

Of course she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t curious. Until now, she’d never had a sexual experience that she would ever describe as hot, erotic or even slightly on the raunchy side, since the type of men she normally dated had never been inclined to explore anything wild or kinky – at least with her. Biting her lip, just thinking about the intriguing possibilities in a place like this, it occurred to her, her panties were also getting surprisingly damp.

Finally, with one deep heaving breath, she pulled open the change room door and stepped back out into the hallway clad in the black silk robe and heels, wondering where she was meant to go next. But before she could take another step to find out, a door at the end of the hallway creaked open and a pretty young dark-skinned woman in a black curve-hugging thigh-high dress approached, slender hips swaying, holding a clip board to her chest, she asked, “Lila?”

When Lila nodded, with a brief smile, she told her, “I’m Kassie, follow me.”

Obediently, Lila followed right behind the willowy brunette as she quickly made her way down the long empty hallway, their heel clicks echoing loudly on the hard concrete floor. “Tonight you’re going to be on display,” she said over her shoulder, matter-of-factly. Lila’s eyes went wide and heart began to flutter at the thought of being put on show. “So some of our club members can decide if they’d like to be with you,” she explained. Kassie turned her head and flashed a very provocative smile, giving Lila the once over. “But I’m pretty sure they’ll like what they see.”

The large room she was led into was a good deal brighter than the dimly lit hallway, making Lila blink as her eyes adjusted to the light. Then she noticed them – the men. And there were just so many of them, most bare from the waist up, nearly all clad in snug leather pants, and a good many of them positively ripped – nothing but glistening muscle, and washboard abs everywhere she looked. As she crossed the room, Lila could almost feel the heat of their collective gaze burning into her. Quivering with every step she took, her poor heart was beating so hard she could actually feel it echoing in her ears.

Suddenly, one of the burlier ones lunged at her with a teasing growl, nearly making her jump out of her skin, before he threw back his head and laughed once he had her flinching with a look of sheer terror on her face. A few hungrily licked their lips while others menacingly bared their teeth. But most just stared intently, their gazes hot and dark, like they were already imagining what they’d like to do to her.

God, would she even survive this night? And what the hell was she thinking, agreeing to this? She made a mental note to herself if she ever saw Blake again to strangle him on sight.

Following closely behind the young woman with the clip board to the back of the large room, the brunette motioned Lila to a small raised pedestal with a spot light beaming down from the high ceiling.

Once Kassie clapped her hands to get everyone’s attention, the room soon quieted. “Gentlemen,” she tipped her head and smiled at the two women in attendance, “and ladies. Tonight we have a novice for your enjoyment. You can call her whatever you’d like since she won’t be using her actual name this week. And of course the usual premium fee for a novice will apply. But be aware before you bid, that this arrangement will be for an entire week, as opposed to a single night or just a weekend. So, any of you who are interested feel free to sign up to participate.”

Nervously standing on the little pedestal, the young woman had motioned for her to mount, Lila watched, her stomach churning, threatening to heave as several of the men approached, just looking at them sending an icy chill racing through her. One tall lean man turned a finger in the air gesturing for her turn in a circle so they could get a better look at her from all sides. The young woman leaned close to her ear then and murmured, “Take off your robe, sweetie.”

Fingers trembling, heart pounding, eyes clenched tightly shut so she wouldn’t have to see their reaction, Lila tugged on the sash surrounding her waist allowing the robe fall open. Shrugging it off her shoulders, her body trembled with not only trepidation, but surprisingly with the sensual silky feel of it slipping down her body and over her legs to the floor as she exposed herself. Eyes clamped shut, she could hear a few groans and grunts Bayan Escort in reaction to the sight of her. Daring to open her eyes just a crack, she grimaced at the wolfish grins spreading across the men’s faces as they eagerly eyed her wares. Feeling like a piece of prime cut sirloin on display for their inspection, clad in only her lace push-up bra and panties, she wondered if she was actually in danger of being eaten alive as she obediently turned on the spot.

Watching the proceedings intently, one man standing off to the side, away from the leering mob, managed to catch her attention, perhaps with the thoughtful way he tipped his head, as though more curious about her and what she was doing in a place like this than anything else.

Surprisingly handsome, clean shaven, with a head of thick dark hair, she couldn’t say why, but he didn’t seem to fit in with the rest. And although he was checking her out as much as any of them, she wondered if she detected something like concern or compassion in his eyes. Deciding to keep her attention focused on him, she liked to imagine he might be kinder and less crude than the others. And even if it turned out he wasn’t, the thought that he might be, gave her some small glimmer of hope and sense of comfort to cling to. The other men looked just so menacing and dangerous, she was already dreading what was to become of her when one of them finally paid the price to sample the newest novice.

When she glanced up at him again, their gaze met and locked, flickers of awareness darkening their eyes, sending an instant pull of attraction low in her belly. And somehow she could just feel that he was nothing like the others.

But then one of the older men managed to divert her attention when he drew closer and began to scowl and shake his head. Rubbing his gray unkempt beard with a gnarled hand he grumbled, “Bah, this one hasn’t got much in the tit department. I like nice big jugs on a woman, more to sink my teeth into.”

Ugh. Just the thought of the man sinking his yellowed teeth into her breasts had the hair on the back of her neck rising, and a shudder of revulsion skittering down her spine. And for what had to be the first time in her life Lila was extremely thankful for being endowed with a very average B cup. Especially once she released the anxious breath she’d been holding as she watched him lose interest and walk away.

But the moment he left, another man drew close and tipped his head, carefully studying her, an arm folded across his chest with his chin in his hand, asking, “She’s not a pro is she?”

The young woman leaned close and asked, “You ever hook for a living, honey?” When Lila quickly shook her head that she hadn’t a few of them smiled, but one pulled a disappointed face, turned and wandered off, too. At least the crowd was gradually thinning. But she didn’t know if that was a good thing or not, as she carefully studied the looks on the faces of the ones who were still eyeing her with lust filled eyes.

“Wow. Nice white lace,” a tall bald black man called out, eyeing her appreciatively in her little bra and panties, “kinda makes her look like a virgin. Hey, cutie, you’re not a virgin are you?”

When she shook her head again, he frowned and strode off, looking disappointed. And she thanked heaven for that. Judging from the size of the enormous bulge nearly bursting from his skin tight leather pants she imagined she’d just dodged a mighty big bullet.

Then a tall repulsively snide looking man with pale, whitish blond hair stepped away from the throng and came alarmingly close, until he stood within a hair’s breadth in front of her. Goosebumps instantly crawled over her flesh just from the cruel look of his twisted smile. Placing his hand over the outline of his erection clearly defined in his snug gray leather pants, he began to crudely stroke himself, his smile widening as he watched her discomfort grow, until she finally had to turn her head away. His smile menacing as he said, “I think I’d like to bid on this one.” Then he asked, “You like to suck cock, girl?”

When she gasped, turned back and vehemently shook her head at him, the entire room broke out in a burst of laughter, before everyone laughed even harder when the nasty blond man threatened, “Well, believe me, bitch, by the time I’m done with you, you will.”

It was all too much, and she didn’t know if she could stand here like this much longer. Feeling her legs begin to wobble, she just hoped they wouldn’t fail her, at least till it was over.

Finally the ones who were still interested in placing a bid on her wandered over to the woman with the clip board, and they each seemed to be verbally putting in their bids, since she noticed that one by one they walked off as the price for her seemed to grow out of their comfort zone. Finally Lila realized the only ones left were the handsome stranger with the kind eyes and the big crude blond looking for a blow job. When she saw the hard edged blond growl and stalk off angrily, she actually let out a sigh of relief. At least until the other man, who she’d hoped would be kinder than the rest, quickly signed off on the paper work, strode over, grabbed her roughly by the upper arm, nearly knocking her off the pedestal, and growled, “Come on, bitch, you’re mine now.”

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