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Editor’s note: this submission contains scenes of gay male sexual content.


Monday evening

“Listen darling, most of the girls at work go clubbing on Friday nights, and they’ve been trying to get me to go with them. You don’t mind do you darling? It’s only one night each week.” My young sexy wife told me a few weeks ago. I really didn’t want her to go clubbing.

I didn’t comment one way or the other.

Tuesday evening.

“Darling, you know I’m going clubbing with the girls on Friday, well, Sharon has said I can stay with her if I don’t pull. That way you don’t have to worry if I don’t come home until Saturday morning.”

Wednesday evening.

“Katy has told me that we’re going clubbing at a hotel in Canary Wharf. Apparently there are always lots of businessmen at the bar, hoping to pick up hot wives and take them up to their rooms to fuck them, so I doubt I’ll need to stay with Sharon.”

Wednesday evening

I’m glad you are being so good about me going out with the girls this Friday. Kelly has said she can fix me up with a couple of hot guys as long as I can be with them until Sunday evening. She was with them all last weekend and said they were insatiable. I said yes, of course, I’m so excited!”

Thursday evening

“Well darling, it’s all set, Kelly is going to meet me at the pub for a quick drink, then we’re both going to the hotel bar so she can introduce me to the guys,then she has to go home, but I will be going up with the men for a weekend of sex.”

Friday morning

“That’s it babe, I’m off to work, I’ll see you some time Sunday evening, then we can have a little chat.

Sunday evening

“I have to tell you my love, that I have had the most wonderful weekend, Paul and Chris are gorgeous men and wonderful lovers and we fucked, literally Pendik Escort morning noon and night. Now, I’m sure you remember the system we agreed. The more sex I have, the less sex you get, that is, for every time I get fucked we add one day to your chastity period, so, I was fucked by both guys twice on Friday night, and three times each on Saturday and Sunday, so we have to add sixteen days to your captivity, and you were already on twelve, so that makes twenty eight days before you get any relief. Assuming I don’t have any sex in those days. Don’t forget that on the rare occasions when you and I fuck it’s three days

Now, I want to tell you about something we did on Saturday evening.

All three of us went to Kelly’s house. She took us upstairs to their bedroom, and her husband was lying naked and spreadeagled on the bed with cuffs on his wrists and ankles, and a steel chastity device locked on his cock and a ball gag in his mouth.

Kelly explained that they had a similar set up to us, but a few weeks ago she added a new clause, which I’ve decided to add to our agreement also. Basically it says that if the lock down period reaches six months, then the chastity becomes permanent. Her husband thought she was granting him a release, but he was wrong.

She pointed out that she was only one fuck off locking him up permanently. Then she stripped off all of her clothes and lay on her back across his stomach. The guys also stripped and took turns fucking her, and afterwards they took the superglue she gave them and squirted some into the lock of his cage.

He then they squirted all over his penis under the metal lattice. Paul said that the only way to get the cage off his cock would be to amputate his cock completely. He cried and cried, but Kelly poured us all a drink to celebrate.

I’m Kurtköy Escort going to add the same clause to our contract and you are going to sign it. If you don’t Sign it I will get the guys to come and do a glue job on you tomorrow.

Monday evening

I’m glad you finally saw sense and signed our new agreement. I had already arranged for the guys to come and glue you tonight, but now I can just have them both fuck me instead. It’ll be nice for you to watch them fuck me and add two days to your waiting time.

Tuesday evening

So darling, I’ve worked out that if I fuck ten times a week, on average, we can get you all glued up in about eighteen weeks, so I’m going to talk to Chris and Paul about fucking me during the week, so we can get finished in less than ten weeks.

Aah…don’t cry baby, you were pretty useless in bed anyway, and you’ll still be able to use your tongue on me, which is really a nice thing for you to do after I’ve been fucked, like last night.

Wednesday evening

Well my love, something really interesting happened today. I was chatting to a couple of gay men who I know through work, and telling them all about your situation, and they made a suggestion. They proposed that you ought to be able to reduce the number of days somehow, and they volunteered to fuck you in the arse and suggested I should reduce your sentence by one day each time they do.

I’ve decided to accept their proposal, but both of them have to fuck you on the same day to reduce the tally by one day. Anyway, they’re coming round this evening to try you out.


Well I rate this evening as a big success. Your new lovers enjoyed fucking you so much that they’re happy to fuck you every day. That will delay your gluing quite a bit, but watching you taking two cocks up the arse Maltepe Escort every day makes it worth it.

Thursday evening

I’ve been thinking. You are clipping off days at the rate of seven days every week, but I’m adding at least fourteen. So, I’ve found a couple more gay men to fuck you, and they are happy to fuck you twice on Saturdays and Sundays, that way you’re clipping off nine days per week.

By the way, I’m staying with Paul and Chris this weekend, so I’ve arranged for all four of your gay lovers to stay from Friday night to Sunday night. They’re going to be fucking you pretty much non stop all weekend, but I’m capping the credits at six days for the whole weekend. Have fun…

Monday evening

I have some news darling. Chris and Paul have asked me to move in with them and I’ve said yes. You can’t afford this place on your own, so I’ve arranged for you to live with the four gay guys who fucked you all weekend. You won’t have to pay rent as you won’t have your own room, you’ll ‘hot bed’ and sleep with a different man each night, although that doesn’t mean that you’ll only be fucked once each night, I imagine all four of them will want to fuck you most nights.

I’ve given them your chastity key, and also the glue. If you give all of them a great time, they may let you out for a quick wank from time to time, although I’ve insisted that you don’t get released more than ten times in a year. If you don’t please them, they’ll glue you up and throw you out.

Tuesday evening

Well darling, it’s time to say goodbye. I think this has all worked out really well, for me anyway, and I will be content knowing that you have big cocks in your arse most evenings. Your gay lovers have told me that they’re going to give you a target of how many blow jobs, and how many satisfying anal fucks they get each week. It’s three strikes and you’re glued. I suggested that they gradually increase the targets until you fail. They’ve invited me to your ceremony when it happens and I’m really looking forward to watching your cock get confined permanently. Goodbye darling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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