Coffee Gal

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Last week, I had some interesting sex. I am friends with a woman and we get together now and then. Sometimes, she brings over some coffee and we just chat, then she leaves. Other times, things get warm. Last week, it got hot.

She called and I said I was just about to get in the shower. She said hold up, and that she would come over to scrub my back now, so I said you’re on. She knocked on the door. I let her in and we both started taking each others clothes off. In no time, we were both naked and in the shower.

She is a little shorter than I with long dark brown hair and is large breasted. She has large round puffy nipples that are fun to suck on. She surprised me by just having her pussy shaved, which I have told her before is a big turn on for me.

We get in the shower, get each other wet and start soaping each other up. For this reason, I start getting very turned on, especially when she is soaping up my cock and balls. I am feeling her breasts and pussy and we are both starting to breath heavy.

She tells me to turn around and that she will scrub my back now, which she starts. I am loving this, it feels great with only one difference. She is pulling on my cock and balls while scrubbing my back. I tell her not to start something she can’t finish and she tells me not to make promises I can’t keep. I say ok and that it is her turn now. We trade spots and I scrub her back while I’m squeezing her breasts and rubbing her pussy.

After this, we shower down and dry each other off. While she is in the bathroom, I go to the bedroom and put some sexy music on. She comes into the bedroom and tells me that she needs some attention, now. I tell her me too. We stand there, both naked, looking in each others eyes ataköy escort and start a long deep kiss while rubbing our hands up and down each other.

We move to the bed for a long 69. Her bald pussy really turns me on and she seems to be flowing honey there more than usual. I am more than happy to lap and swallow all she can give to me. She, on the other hand, senses me being more turned on than normal and deep throats me for all she can and swallows me down to my balls.

We continue this for some time until I lift up and tell her I want my cock in that pretty pussy of hers. We both turn around to each other and taste our own sex on our tongues. I taste my own cock from her mouth and she tastes her own pussy from mine. We do this for a while also until its time to do it. I like to stand up and have her on all fours, doggie style on the edge of the bed. This allows me lots of freedom to move and watch her large breasts swing from side to side. I also like to watch my cock move in and out of her pussy.

I like things very wet, so I get the liquid KY out and cover my hard-on with lots of it. At the same time I’m lubing up my cock, I’m also lubing up her pussy. She seems to like this too from the way she is moaning and moving her hips around. We’ve done this before and it’s always been good.

I hold my cock with one hand, moving it all around her pussy lips, up and down, side to side, all over her ass and between her cheeks. Everything is wet down there and she likes me touching her with my hard on.

At last, I place my cock at her pussy and wait. She knows now, she can take my cock in fast or slow. It’s up to her as I wait to find out how she wants it. She takes it fast today as she slams her bakırköy escort ass back to me and holds me there, squeezing as hard as she can, gripping me, then moving up until I am almost out, then back again just as hard. She loves it slow and long, but today, she wanted a fast start.

We get into a rythum. She has this way she moves back to me, then back again, then forward. When she moves back to me, she opens her pussy to make it easy for my cock to enter, then squeezes me as I pull back and she moves forward. We each get in sync with our passion and enjoy this ride.

I’m watching her breasts swing back and forth and my cock moves in and out of her, but that is not what has my complete interest now. Her cute little ass hole seems to draw me to it. I take the liquid KY and pour some just above her ass and let it flow down. I then start to rub the muscle all around, spreading the KY all over. I can feel her opening up as I rub, and hear her start moaning and I start pressing a little harder.

I pour more KY all over my fingers and her ass and start pressing. I feel her opening up and soon have a finger inside of her moving freely in and out. We have never been here before and I am hearing moanings from her that I have never have . I now pour KY all over my other fingers and with one at a time, insert a finger inside her, feeling her in a different way with each one.

She has come on my cock at least once by now and I’m just starting this ass play on her. I reach down and with both thumbs, open that cute ass hole up and move one thumb at a time in and out of her while digging my other fingers in each ass cheek.

She is moving all around now and moaning. I reach over and grab a rubber and put it on. She asks me why I pulled out, and I tell her I have a rubber on now, and that I’m going to put my cock inside her ass.

I wait about two seconds for a reaction and watch as she lowers her face on the bed, moves her ass high while she brings both hands back and pulls open her cheeks, opening up her ass for me. I step up with my rubber covered cock soaked in KY and start to rub the head all over her ass and place it right at the opening.

It doesn’t take long for her to answer and tell me, without words, what she wants and how she wants it. We’re both so turned on, it just happens.

We both move hard and quick towards each other. At the same time I shove my cock inside her ass, she shoves her ass back to impale it. At that moment, I grab her ass cheeks that she still has pulled open for me and squeeze them hard. She lets go and with one hand grabs my balls and rolls them in her fingers.

I throw my head back and start moving inside her, in and out. She moves back to me from side to side. I start moaning, she starts moaning, and we both turn into animals with our passion.

She is multi-orgasmic now and I can’t hold back and let go with all my pent up cum. She reaches back to pull me in to her and holds me there while she milks my cock with her ass muscles, over and over. I stay there for as long as I can, but have to pull out to lay down.

As I rest next to her, she pulls the rubber off my cock, wraps it in a tissue, tosses it to the floor, and gently proceeds to tongue bathe my cock and balls until there is no come or KY anywhere between my legs.

She moves up to me and tells me she had always wanted me to do that, but didn’t know how to ask or what to do to get me to fuck her there. After kissing and recovering for a while, we shower again and she leaves. She said she wants to try it again another time.

I think the next time will be better than the first.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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