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Bobby and Carl were old college buddies. They lived in the same dorm for three years and they partied together, played intramural sports together, and sometimes even studied together. Carl was a year ahead of Bobby but they ended up graduating at the same time. Once they graduated they worked multiple jobs for a few months to save money, and then piled into Bobby’s car and traveled the United States for almost six months. Sharing that experience pretty much bonded them for life.

They were opposites in many ways. Bobby was blond, tall and lean-muscled, a ballplayer, a runner and a musician; Carl was dark-haired, stocky and had been an amateur boxer and had a crooked nose as a result. Bobby was into music and the arts and liked to camp and hike; Carl liked to work on cars, go hunting and fishing and stay at the Best Western. In their college afterlives Bobby was a sales rep for an athletic wear manufacturer and played music on the side; Carl was a manager for a firm that refurbished metro buses. But they were good friends, shared the same sense of humor, and made it a point to get together every few months for a night out.

This story begins on one of those nights. Carl and Bobby were 26 and 25 years old, and it was a Friday night, the day after Thanksgiving. They decided to meet at one of their old hangouts, The Vous, a pub near the university campus where they’d gone to college. It was a place that had a beer and wine license, but sold no hard liquor. It was known for cheap pitchers, live music and a high threshold for craziness, at least back when they were in school.

Bobby lived about forty-five minutes away from campus and Carl lived an hour away in the opposite direction so they drove separately and met out front of The Vous. They went inside to the bar, ordered two bottles of beer and a pitcher of Coke, and then found a small table off to the side and took seats. The beers were mostly for show. The pitcher of Coke was for the bottle of rum Carl had stuffed in his jacket.

The place was dead for a Friday, which made sense since it was Thanksgiving weekend and most students had gone home for the holiday. Only two other tables were occupied in addition to a handful of regulars at the bar. There was a trio setting up on stage. While Carl surreptitiously stirred rum into the pitcher of Coke, Bobby went over to the band to introduce himself, as musicians are wont to do. He wanted to see if they had any mutual musical friends.

Carl filled one of the tumblers the beertender had given them with Coke from the pitcher, then cradling the pitcher in his lap, emptied a third of the rum into it. Meanwhile Bobby talked to the guitarist and admired his instruments. As it turned out, they didn’t have any mutual acquaintances but they dug a lot of the same stuff. It was a blues-rock band, and Bobby had grown up on that.

Bobby sat back down at the table with Carl and they commenced to shooting the shit, sipping beer and chasing it with Cuba Libres. They talked about the usual stuff they talked about when they got together: jobs, sports, women and college. Finally, after about twenty minutes the band kicked it into gear. Immediately Bobby could hear that the band was really tight and thankfully not ear-bleeding loud. That was good he thought, especially with the mostly-empty room.

It looked like it was going to be a slow night at The Vous. Only a few more people had come into the place after Carl and Bobby. There was a table of four, two couples seated in a booth on the far side, and two girls at a deuce not far from their own table.

Carl nudged Bobby when he noticed the two ladies and tilted his head in their direction. “Hey Buddy, check it out,” he said. “Hard left rudder, we got two hot ones.”

The girls were fine looking and were sharing a carafe of wine. One was blonde, with shoulder-length frizzy curls, and looked to be in her early twenties. The other was a few years older but looked just as delectable, with the same frizzy hair, only she was brunette. Both were slim and sexy in tight jeans, Blondie with a snug red sweater and the older gal in a cream-colored blouse. Both looked good enough to eat, and somewhat out of place at this dump.

“They must be sisters,” Bobby said.

“Sisters? Really?”

“Yeah, look at their eyes. They have the same eyes. Same mouth too.”

Carl tried to look without staring. “Well, I don’t care if they’re sisters, or cousins or hookers, they are fucking hot! We need more ice,” he said, and got up to go to the bar. Bobby figured he just wanted to get a better look at the chicks.

Bobby was applauding a guitar solo when Carl came back with a bowl of ice and some lime wedges.

“I ordered them a drink,” Carl said as he sat down. The Vous was not known for reliable wait staff.

“You did?”

“Yep. Bartender’s going to send them over in a few minutes when they’re ready for refills.”

“Smooth!” Bobby said, and filled their glasses over fresh ice. “Drink up!”

Carl dumped the rest of the ice into the pitcher and poured in another healthy dose of rum. The refreshments were going down easy and Bobby was getting into the music, tapping his feet and rapping his thumbs on the table. The rhythm section was a meaty, steady pulse and now the guitarist had switched to electric violin and was knocking off blues licks with his bow and his fingers.

“This band is good,” Bobby said when the tune ended.

“Hey, look,” Carl said, nodding toward the girls.

The bartender was delivering the new carafe of wine. They watched as he explained who’d sent the drinks and pointed toward them. The girls both looked over at them and with coy smiles raised their glasses in thanks. The band kicked into a slow blues and the lead guitar moaned.

Over the rest of the set they would glance over at the girls and occasionally eye contact would be made. At one point the brunette got up and went to the ladies room. Carl and Bobby had their eyes glued to her tightly-wrapped butt until she disappeared down the hall to the restrooms. Then they glanced at the blonde, who was smiling and shaking her head.

“Caught you!” she lipped, pointing at them.

Bobby and Carl blushed, shrugged and laughed. Then they raised their drinks and clinked their glasses.

“That’s worth a toast!” Bobby said, loud enough for all to hear.

Just as the band went on a break, the brunette returned from the restroom and they were watching her. They were surprised when she made a beeline for their table.

“Hey guys, thanks again for the drinks. We wanted to return the gesture but what are you drinking? I see two empty beer bottles, but what’s in the pitcher?” Her voice was low and breathy.

“Coke,” Bobby said.

“Coke?” she said. “You kidding me? How can two young guys have as much fun as you’re having drinking Coke?”

They looked at each other and laughed. Carl opened his jacket and showed her the bottle. “Rum and coke,” he said softly. “Want one?”

She threw her head back and laughed. “Beautiful!” she said. “Two beers and a pitcher of Coke coming up.” She strutted off to the bar.

Bobby looked at the blonde. She had a grin on her face.

“Hey, do you mind if we move over there,” he said, pointing at the table next to theirs.

“It would be better than hollering halfway across the room,” Blondie said.

Bobby and Carl hustled to the table with their glasses and pitcher. Soon Brunette returned carrying a tray with two beers, a pitcher of Coke and some plastic cups.

“Why don’t we push these tables together,” she said as she placed the tray on the table. “It will be easier to talk that way.” So they did. Without asking Bobby poured their concoction into two cups for the girls.

Introductions were made. The brunette was named Summer and the blonde was named Bree.

“Those are interesting names,” Bobby said. “Different. Unique.”

“We’re interesting women,” Summer said with a wink.

“No argument there,” Bobby said. “Were you born in the summer? Is Summer a nickname?”

“No, it’s my real name. My mother is a holdover hippy.”

“Ah, I see. And Bree…,” he said, turning to her. “Is that like the cheese?”

“No, it’s short for Breeze. My mom is a holdover hippy too.”

“Right,” Carl chimed in. “Because you’re sisters, right?”

Summer and Bree looked at each other, smiling, and sipped their wine.

“You’re very perceptive,” Bree said.

“Really,” he went on, “Because you look alike, you have the same eyes and the same mouth and I bet you get that a lot…”

“I’m her mother,” Summer said, cutting him off.

Carl and Bobby were both caught off guard. They sat back in their chairs, taking it in.

“I never would have guessed,” Bobby said. “Summer, you look like her big sister, maybe three or four years older!”

“Well,” she chuckled, “I had her at a young age, but not that young!”

They all laughed. The ice had been thoroughly broken. The guys had inadvertently made Summer’s night, and they could tell that Bree was proud of her hot mom. They all went on to learn about each other. Bobby and Carl told them about their college days and car trip and jobs and their occasional night out. Summer lived alone in a small house three blocks from the bar, and worked at the VA hospital and taught yoga and aerobics. Bree was twenty-one and was visiting for the long weekend. She lived in New York City where she had a day job at an art museum while she tried to make it as a dancer.

The night turned out to be a blast. They drank all the rum and danced and changed partners several times. Bobby sat in with the band on a couple tunes and slow-danced with Bree and Summer. He loved the feel and smell of both, and the touch of their tits against his chest, and was pretty sure it was no accident when their knees found their way gently between his thighs.

The eye contact they made, the smiles they shared, and the open conversation they had over several hours made this a special night. But as is often the case when there are two guys and two girls, it can be awkward not knowing the next best step. It seemed to be clicking on all levels, but as the night wound down, Bobby wondered where it would go next.


After the third set, Bree and Summer went to the restroom together. This is it, Bobby thought.

“So, who gets the old lady?” Carl said after they left.

“Hey, she doesn’t look old to me,” Bobby said, “She looks just about right.”

“How old do you think she is?”

“I don’t know. She said she had Bree when she was young. Bree’s twenty-one. What, maybe thirty-nine or forty?”

“She looks damn good for thirty-nine or forty.”

“Shit, she looks good for twenty-nine or thirty!” Bobby said.


In the restroom Bree and Summer were having a similar conversation.

“So, do you want to take them home?” Bree asked. “They seem like nice guys.”

“Yeah, they are. Don’t seem like axe murderers at all, do they?”

“Mom, are you ready for this?”

“I think so.”

“What about that guy you were seeing? Mel, was it?”

“On and off. Mostly off.”

“I thought he was kind of a fuddy-duddy.”

“I know.”

“So who gets Bobby?” Bree asked. “I can tell you like him.”

Summer sighed. “Yeah, well, he’s cute. You like him, that’s obvious.”

“Sure, what’s not to like? But Carl’s not bad. Not as good-looking, but a nice guy.”

“Right. You take Bobby. You’re visiting, you take him.”

“No, you sure? Want to flip for it?”

“No. I don’t have a coin anyway.”

“Neither do I.”


The guys had just paid the tab when the girls got back to the table and it was instantly clear how they would be paired.

“Do you want to come back to the house?” Summer said directly to Carl.

“Come on over, it’s not far,” Bree said, sidling up to Bobby. “The night is still young.”

Talk about a no-brainer. Bobby and Carl left their cars parked where they were and the four of them started walking. Summer and Carl walked about fifteen feet ahead of Bree and Bobby so each couple had a bit of privacy as they made their way to the house.

When they were about a half block away Bree took Bobby’s hand and a few strides later pointed to a white cottage with brown trim, with a porchlight illuminating a long narrow porch and a fine-trimmed hedge in front.

“We’re home,” Bree said. “That’s Mom’s house there.”

“Very nice,” Bobby said. He didn’t know what else to say.

They watched Summer and Carl climb the three steps onto the porch and saw her mom fumble with her keys and unlock the door. Abruptly Bree stopped and turned to Bobby and squeezed his hand.

“Kiss me,” she said.

Bobby didn’t need any more encouragement than that. He put his free hand behind her head and pulled her face to his. Their mouths had barely met for a second before their lips parted and they were tasting tongues. Bree’s arms went around him, one hand on his back and the other on his ass, and she pulled him close. As they kissed they heard Summer and Carl entering the house and the storm door closed with a bang, then reopened. The porchlight flickered on and off several times.

“Get a room!” Carl called, and laughed loudly before turning off the light.

Bree and Bobby broke into laughter, ending their kiss.

“It’s nice to get the first kiss out of the way,” Bree said. “No awkwardness.”

“The first of many,” Bobby said, and he kissed her again, not as long this time.

“Let’s go in. Before Mom puts out an APB.”

They entered the house. Carl and Summer were in the kitchen, still dancing around each other a little bit. She was at the stove and he was standing beside her.

“I’m making tea,” Summer called.

Bree looked in Bobby’s eyes, held his hand and whispered, “Do you want tea…or me?”

“I want Bree,” he said.

She pulled him down the hall. She showed him where the bathroom was and then opened the door opposite. “Wait for me in here, I’ll be right back.”

Bree went back to the kitchen.

“Mom, I think we’ll pass on the tea,” she said.

“Oh, okay, I understand,” Summer said. “You sure you don’t need something before you go to bed? Orange juice, an energy drink, a Vitamin B shot?”

“No, I think we’re fine.”

“All right. Try to keep it down in there,” she said. “We have neighbors.” Carl and Summer laughed.

“Right back at ya,” Bree retorted.

Meanwhile Bobby was looking around the room, which obviously had been Bree’s childhood bedroom and little had changed. There were plaques on the wall for gymnastics and dance, and photos of her in action. One framed photo on the dresser caught his interest and he picked it up to examine it more closely. It was an eight by ten photo of Bree on stage, under the lights, dancing on the tiny tips of her toes with her hands high above her head, her sexy bod dressed in a white frilly tutu, white leggings and skimpy ballet slippers.

“Do you like that picture?” Bree asked as she closed the bedroom door behind her.

“Oh, uh yes,” Bobby said. “It’s amazing. It’s beautiful.”

“That’s ‘The Nutcracker’. Off-off-off-off-off Broadway. But still one of the few decent gigs I’ve gotten in New York.”

“I could never believe how dancers could stand on their toes like that. It looks like it must hurt like hell, I cringe when I see it. But damn, it’s so sexy.”

“You think that’s sexy? Dancing en pointe?” she asked, and moved into his arms. “You’re going to be easy.”

“Easy for you,” he said. He kissed her and their tongues slow-danced for thirty seconds. He felt the burn of her breasts and the firmness of her thighs against him. They kissed again, harder.

“Dance for me. En pointe,” he whispered. He kissed her neck and squeezed her butt.

“Are you serious? Now?” Her ear lobe was in his mouth.

“Just for a minute,” he rasped. He kissed her mouth again.

“You are too much, Bobby,” she laughed, pushing him away. “Okay, down boy.”

She pulled a chair out from under a small desk and turned it around.

“Sit here. Get undressed. If I’m going to give you a show, you have to give me one too. He started unbuttoning his shirt.

Bree picked up her phone from the dresser, fiddled with it for a few seconds and then disappeared into the walk-in closet.

Bobby hung his shirt on the back of the chair and unbuckled his pants. His dick was already well on the way to reaching its steely potential. He sat and listened to the rummaging going on in the closet.

“Are you ready?” Bree finally asked.

“All ready,” Bobby replied.

“Are you naked?” she said.

Bobby pushed his pants down below his knees. “Yes,” he replied.

“Okay, here goes. It’s going to be short and sweet.”

Music started playing softly and Bobby saw Bree’s arm extend out from the closet and set the phone on the dresser. It sounded familiar but Bobby didn’t know squat about ballet. Then Bree breezed into the room on her toes…en pointe…with her arms in a circle high above her head, dancing gracefully to the strings, back and forth and around him in the small space. She wore ballet slippers and frilly panties, and nothing else except for the thin gold rings pierced through the nipples of her perky medium-sized breasts.

Bobby sat with his dick erect, salivating, thinking how great is this? I’m sitting in this beautiful girl’s bedroom, listening to ballet music with a hard-on, watching this sexy fox whom I’m about to fuck, dance around me, titillating me, tempting me, driving me to the point of…

Bree’s hands were no longer high in the air. She was improvising now, running her hands over her flesh, cupping her tits, inside her panties, along the crack of her ass.

She came down on flat feet a few inches in front of him. She took his cock in her hand.

“The show was short and sweet, but it’s nice to see this isn’t,” she said.

“You’re so fucking hot,” Bobby said.

He put his fingers inside her panties and slid them down to the floor. Her pussy lips glistened in the soft light. He pulled her closer and leaned his face into her lean, clean muff. He licked her labia, inside and out and around and Bree sighed when he sucked her clit gently between his lips. As she stroked his penis she ground her mound softly into his face.

“Now I’ll do a different kind of dance for you,” she said. A lap dance, Bobby thought. He groaned when she lowered herself onto him and he felt the warm, wet bliss of her cunt swallow up his cock.

Just like that they were fucking. Sitting naked in a desk chair, this fine young woman was sliding up and down on his swollen pole. He assisted her with his hands on her hips, lifting, lowering, and craning his cock into her. She felt light and graceful, floating above him, but with her juicy snatch attached to him, gripping him and sucking him.

The hard chair had no give, each of Bree’s downward thrusts ended with a sudden splat. Soon Bobby’s sweaty ass was sliding around on the wooden seat. He put the fingers of one hand in the crack of Bree’s ass and the other arm around her upper back and stood up. With his jeans around his ankles and his dick stuck like a fulcrum into her hungry twat he waddled over to put his knees on the edge of the bed. He wriggled their bodies up onto the bed, and with Swan Lake playing softly in the background, Bobby started fucking her like a man on a mission. Bree dug her fingers into Bobby’s back and rammed her groin into his.

The bed was a squeaker. It creaked loudly with each plunge, the springs straining under the force of their lovemaking. The screechy sound bounced off the bedroom walls and all Bobby could think about was how Summer and Carl had to hear it back in the kitchen while they were having their tea. Bree didn’t seem to care or notice.

Bree’s cunt felt slick and smooth to Bobby as he fucked her, a glossy ride in and out over and over, and he felt like they were slowly sliding toward easy orgasms when she stopped.

“Put it in me as deep as you can and hold it for a second,” she hissed.

He pushed his cock as deeply as he could into her wet socket and stopped. Then he felt her legs twist beneath him and her pussy tightened down and put pressure around his pecker like a powered vise.

“Holy shit!” Bobby said, “What the hell is that?”

“I’m hugging you,” she said.

Bobby looked under him at her legs. They were twisted tightly together like the wires in a coaxial cable, thus winching her pussy into a clenched fist.

“Damn, that’s tight,” he said.

Bree started rocking back into their rhythm and he went with it. “Finish fucking me,” she whispered.

Bobby got back to fucking her but there was no more in and out, it was back and forth, harder and then even harder, with their loins stuck together like glue, two bodies melded into one, pounding, trying to squeeze the cum out of each other like they were a couple of flattened toothpaste tubes.

They fucked hard, they sighed and moaned along with the box spring, and Bobby’s dick moved very little inside Bree’s sexy slot. Little by little, with each snaky stroke of their joined groins, he felt his cum begin to boil. He instinctively knew that if his sperm could ever make it up through the force wrapped around his cock it was sure to be a whopper.

A moment later Bree came to his rescue. As she sung out with a high-pitched trill her twat unsnatched from around his stuffed meat and she came, unleashing a wet wave of cum. Their first time together and their orgasms were almost simultaneous: Bobby continued fucking her and after only three or four more strokes into her wet, open slash, his semen rose through him like it was rushing to put out a fire. He was still coming when he pulled his dried meat out of her and collapsed on the mattress beside her. He looked at Bree’s face and she was grinning ear-to-ear. He smiled too.

“Amazing!” Bobby said, shaking his head. He put his mouth to hers and they held each other and kissed softly for a long time.


“What was that thing you did with your legs?” Bobby asked. “That was intense.”

“I don’t know. Kama sutra sex and dancer muscles working together I guess. Was it good?”

“Not good, fantastic. I could get hooked on that.”

There was silence for a moment as they held one another.

“But I’ll try not to,” Bobby added.

Another silence.

Then: “You’ll try not to,” Bree repeated. “Why is that?”

Bobby said, “Because you’re in New York. And I’m not.”

Thirty seconds more of silence.

“Why don’t you have a boyfriend?” Bobby asked.

“How do you know I don’t?

“I don’t know. Do you?”

“No. There’s not time and I meet so many assholes with massive egos it’s not worth the trouble. There are a half dozen backstage romances going on in every production I’ve been in. They hit on me all the time. It gets to be a drag. It’s nice to be home; to meet somebody normal for a change.”


“What about you?” she went on. “Girlfriend?”



More silence.

Bobby started kissing her neck and shoulders. Then her breasts. Bree moaned when he sucked her hooped nipples into his mouth. Her fingers were in his hair, assisting.

“You have a beautiful body,” he said in between nipple sucks.

“I like yours too,” she said, massaging his scalp.

He worked his way down, and he shifted his body around gradually as he moved his mouth over her warm damp flesh, to her flattened tummy, teasing around her already-fucked pussy, to her inner thighs, kissing her knees, calves, shins, ankles. He took his time kissing the soles of her feet. Then he licked her right big toe, and sucked it deep into his mouth.

“What are you doing?” Bree asked.

“Your toes are special,” he said. “You are a dancer. They support you. I support them. You dance on the tips of these toes. What a fucking turn-on!”

He expected a laugh but didn’t get it. He continued to suck all of her toes one after the other.

“What, do you have a foot fetish or something?” Bree asked when he was switching to her second foot.

“Never did till now,” he said. “Think of it as my own ballet. It’s the horizontal en pointe.”

Bree chuckled softly. “Well, this is a first. But you’re a good dancer I must say.”

“I’m gonna suck your toes till you come.”

Bree pretzeled her lithe body around so that with Bobby’s mouth still on her toes she could get her mouth on his penis. She licked it and kissed it and nipped at it until it was again at its maximum stiffness.

“I’m going to let my mouth dance on this baby for a while,” she said. Bobby groaned and half-gagged on her polished big toe when he felt her mouth surround his surging cock.

Despite their awkward positions Bobby did his best to fuck Bree’s face as she blew him and he kept trying to suck the paint off of her toenails. By the time he finished sucking all of her toes she had not yet had another orgasm but his dick felt like a balloon about to burst. He reconfigured their bodies a second time, stretching and straightening into a more comfortable sixty-nine position. With her mouth now a warm, snug glove around his overblown boner he split her luscious lips with is tongue and tasted her tangy twat and sucked her florid clitoris into his mouth.

Bree shrieked and she grinded her pussy into his face. The bed creaked as they fucked each other’s faces. The room smelled of raw sex and the air was filled with the wet echoed sounds of slurping and sucking and the slapping of hungry mouths on horny flesh.

Bobby knew his cum would soon be on the rise so he gave Bree’s clit one more major power suck, eliciting another shrill, stifled shout from her cock-filled mouth. Then he went to work with his tongue, licking and slashing like a viper in heat on her spread lips and her upright organ.

Bree’s cunt exploded in his face. Bobby was shocked by the force of it, but was it for him, because of him? Or was it a pent-up tank, finally being emptied? He didn’t have much time to think about it because his mouth and nostrils were now flooded and her body writhed as he held her. A moment later his body shook and he came in her mouth, and her lips stayed on him, rush after rush, until he was done.


After several minutes basking in the embers of their heat they took turns in the bathroom to perform their bedtime ablutions. Bree went first and when she returned she handed her toothbrush to Bobby. He brushed his teeth and washed up and then searched the medicine cabinet. He found a tube of skin lotion and gently rubbed some into each side of his cock, hoping to relieve the soreness of his fresh, raw brush burns.

It was getting pretty late. Bobby climbed back into bed and curled his arms around Bree so their naked bodies were touching in as many places as possible. The air in the room smelled of lewd, leftover love but their kisses were minty fresh until they fell off to sleep.

The morning sun was just beginning to filter through the curtains when Bobby was awakened by Bree’s mouth on his enlarged cock. He ran his fingers through her hair.

“You had a huge erection,” Bree said, looking up. “I wanted to say ‘Good Morning’.” Then she went right back to work.

She sucked him hard and dug her fingers into his ass. He only winced a couple times from the soreness on his shaft. Soon he moaned and groaned and twisted and shook and busted his nut. Bree kept her mouth glued to his warm gun as he came and swallowed most of it but still had a mouthful when she kissed him.

“Good morning!” she said.

“Good morning to you. Now it’s my turn.”

Bobby put his head between her legs and buried his mouth into her cooch and started eating. He held her buttocks in his hands and she locked her legs around his neck and fucked his face for several minutes. When she relaxed her grip Bobby rose up onto her. Bree brought her legs up until they were resting on her shoulders giving him total access. Another turn-on, he thought, thanks to her dancer flexibility. With his face tacky from sweat and jizz he slipped his re-hardened cock into her deeper than ever and gave her an intense, bed-banging, dual orgasm, proper good morning fuck.

“When do you go back to New York?” Bobby asked after their bodies had stopped erupting.

“Tomorrow,” she said meekly.

“Can I see you tonight?”

“You better believe it!”

Bree took a shower first and then while Bobby was taking his she changed the soggy linens Ankara bayan escort and made the bed. Then she went into the kitchen where her mom was pouring orange juice and had coffee brewing.

“Well, good morning, Houserocker,” her mother said when she entered the room. “Does your bed still have four legs?”

Bree smiled and blushed and poured her own glass of juice.

“Where’s Carl?”

“He left overnight. He said he had to work today.”

“How did it go?”

“It was okay. No magic. I won’t be seeing him again,” Summer said. “But it sounded like a different story in your room.”

“Yep,” Bree said. Then she put her lips to her mom’s ear and whispered, “Magical.”

A moment later Bobby breezed into the kitchen.

“Good morning, Summer,” he said energetically.

“Good morning Bobby.”

After they shared a few other courtesies Bobby said he had to be going. He looked at Bree and said, “Pick you up at six?”

Bree nodded. “That sounds good.”

She walked him to the door and kissed him goodbye on the front porch.


Bree was watching for Bobby when he pulled up in front of the house right as six o’clock and was immediately on her way out the door.

“Bobby’s here,” she called to her mother. “I’m leaving, Mom. Don’t wait up.”

“Have fun,” Summer said. “Don’t forget brunch with Grandma.”

Bobby watched Bree jog toward him, thinking Damn!, why does she have to live in New York? She looked marvelous in a long-sleeved black dress with a zipper all the way down the front from the top to the hem at mid-thigh. As she scurried across the front yard it was obvious she was braless and her limber legs forced the dress a little farther up her legs. She jumped into the car, put her purse and sweater on the seat and leant to give Bobby a kiss on the lips.

Bobby had searched around to see if there was some kind of dance performance going on somewhere in town that he could take her to but there was none to be found. This didn’t really bother him because the couple hours they would have spent sitting in seats watching the show was a couple hours he could not spend talking to her, getting to know her better, laughing with her, or trying to get her naked. So he would take her to dinner and they would wing it from there.

The evening was a smash success. Dinner was at Flounder Fred’s, a popular seafood restaurant. They had to wait for a table but that was cool, they had a couple drinks and were good and loose by the time they got a table. Dinner was delicious and the conversation was even zestier. They talked about the night before: meeting at the bar, partying, laughing, going to bed together, the sex, the horizontal en pointe. By the time they finished the meal Bree was wet and Bobby was playing with himself under the table.

“We better get out of here before I unzip your dress,” he said.

“How’s this for a start?” Bree asked, and pulled the zipper down six inches, teasing him with cleavage.

“Let’s go,” he said. They walked out hand-in-hand.

Fortunately there was a vacancy at the Holiday Inn about a half block away. As they were checking in Bree opened her purse and took out her toothbrush and showed it to Bobby with a sly grin. She had planned well. They found their room and were naked in about ten seconds. They slammed their lips together and groped for the bed. They spent the night kissing, fucking, sucking, licking, moaning and groaning and coming all over each other. He even got another dose of Bree’s legs-crossed, cunt-locked scissor fucking. In the early morning they did it all again. Then they showered together, getting cleaned up for brunch. But Bobby’s cock found its way into her one more time while the powered spray rained down on them. He even cleaned her asshole with his tongue for good measure.


Bobby tried to beg off of brunch, thinking it may be kind of awkward. Bree told him no, it’s okay, don’t worry, they’re cool. She picked up her phone and called her mother. Summer agreed and welcomed him.

They met at an upscale restaurant near the university. Bree and Bobby wore their same clothes from the night before but they had cleaned up real nice. Summer looked fabulous in a red skirt and a navy crop top. And Bobby thought Ella, who was Summer’s mother and Bree’s grandmother, looked pretty damn good too. He figured she had to be late fifties, but she looked ten or twelve years younger. She was thin like her daughter and granddaughter and looked in excellent shape. And she definitely looked like an old hippie in a flowery embroidered peasant dress and long blonde/gray hair pulled back in a ponytail bound by rubber bands about every three or four inches down her back.

The women ordered mimosas while Bobby had a bloody mary. Brunch was whatever they wanted. They could choose from eggs any-which-way, pancakes, waffles, crepes, ham, bacon, grits, breads, sweets, you name it. Bobby pigged out and listened while the ladies did most of the talking. He thought Ella seemed to be more like Bree than like Summer: The free-wheeling, ad-libbing, winging-it, artsy fartsy type. Summer seemed a little more conventional.

Brunch over, they drove in two cars to Summer’s house. Ella said goodbye, hugged her daughter and granddaughter and left. The time was nearing when Bree would be leaving. Bobby offered to drive her to the train station which was about a fifteen minute drive. While Bree was packing Bobby and Summer chatted on the sofa.

“That was nice to offer to drive her to the train,” Summer said. “She doesn’t visit very often, but when she does I always offer to drive her but she usually just calls a cab.”

“My pleasure. Now we can see her off right.”

“Oh, okay, yes,” she said, happy to be included.

Bree entered the room with her bag. She had changed into the same jeans and red sweater she’d worn on Friday night. She looked even better than the first time.

They piled into Bobby’s car and he drove to the depot. He dropped them at the front, got Bree’s suitcase out of the trunk and went to park the car. It being a Sunday afternoon, he found a spot easily and hustled into the station. He saw them seated on a bench and joined them.

“They said they’ll be calling her train in a few minutes. Everything is on time,” Summer said.

Mother and daughter talked. Be careful, keep in touch, call me when you get in, good luck on your audition, don’t forget to blah blah blah. Then they all exchanged contact information and promised to stay in touch. Then they called Bree’s train.

Summer hugged and kissed Bree and said goodbye, and then it was Bobby’s turn. He hugged her tight, kissed her cheek, then gave her a short deep one on the mouth.

“You should come up to New York and visit,” Bree said.

“Sure,” he said, doubting it would ever happen.

She hugged him again and put her lips right up to his ear.

“Mom thinks you’re cute,” she whispered. “Go for it.”

Then she spun on her heels, picked up her bag and walked out to her train.


On the drive back to her house, Bobby realized it was the first time he’d been one-on-one with Summer. He wanted to make conversation but wasn’t sure what to say. He didn’t want to be too trite and he didn’t want to sound too sappy.

“How often does Bree come to visit?” he asked.

“Oh, it depends on her schedule,” she said. “Her day job is predictable, but the dancing is all over the place, feast or famine. It can be a grind. I doubt she’ll make it for the holidays if she’s in a production again this year.”

“You have to hand it to her. She’s following her dream. To be so young and go to The Big Apple all by herself. That’s pretty brave.”

“She always knew what she wanted to do. I encouraged her, I said be happy and do what you love. She never wavered; she worked jobs and saved her money. A week after she graduated from high school she packed two big bags and got on the train.”

“You encouraged her, that’s good,” Bobby said. “I wish my parents had done that. They always had a plan for me, to be practical, go to college, get a degree and get a good job. I was an obedient son and did as expected, trying to please. Doing what I loved never factored into it.”

“Do you resent that?”

“Not really because my parents didn’t know any better. They did what they thought was right. But my talents and aptitude are in music and arts and I have a business degree. So I work in sales and play music part time. Bree is doing what she loves, pursuing that dream. I admire that, almost envy it. You have encouraged her to go for it and that is great. You’re a good mother, Summer.”

“Thank you,” she said. “My mother had me young; she became pregnant in her senior year of high school. My father was a pothead who was seldom around. And then I did the same thing. I got knocked up in my senior year.”

“High school sweetheart?”

“Yeah, an eighteen-year-old sweetheart who turned into a twenty-year-old loser. I know the struggles my Mom went through and I know the struggles I went through. I tried hard to drum two thoughts into Bree’s head: Follow your dreams and don’t get knocked up.”

“You’re a good mother,” he said again. “And you two have a great relationship, that’s obvious.”

“We leaned on each other a lot when she was growing up. My mother was a big help, but it was just the two of us most of the time. We were close. I was her best friend as well as her mother.”

“When I think of when I first saw the two of you Friday night at The Vous, it’s still hard to believe you’re her mother. You both looked so sharp. I thought you were the older sister. You didn’t come off like any mother and daughter I’ve ever known.”

Bobby drove with his eyes straight ahead but his peripheral vision told him she had turned and was looking at him. She held her gaze for a few seconds before facing front again.

As they neared Summer’s house Bobby tensed up because he didn’t know how to proceed. He liked Bree a lot, but knew a long distance relationship was likely doomed. He liked Summer too, and since he had received Bree’s go-ahead he had no guilt about pursuing her. But he didn’t know how, and didn’t want to come off like a jerk. Fortunately Summer bailed him out.

“Would you like to come in for a little bit?” she said when he pulled up in front of the house. “Would you like coffee, or tea?”

“Yes, thank you,” he said. “Whichever you prefer would be fine.” He parked the car and they went inside.


Bobby leaned against the kitchen counter as Summer heated water for tea. The long weekend was winding down and that meant it would be back to work Monday morning. Summer asked Bobby about his job.

“I’m a salesman, not my natural calling to be sure, but I do okay. I have a huge territory and drive a lot. I’m spread pretty thin but it’s not bad. I come to this area around the university once every couple of weeks. How about you? You work at the V.A. hospital?”

“Yes, I’m an ophthalmic technician,” Summer said as she poured tea. “Let’s go sit in the living room.” They carried their cups into the next room and sat together on the sofa.

“How did you get into that?”

“”After I finished community college I got interested in it and took a course and became certified.”

“What’s an ophthalmic technician do?” Bobby asked.

“I assist the doctors with examinations and testing and surgery and patient care.”

“That sounds interesting.”

“It is, if you’re into eyes,” she said, stirring her tea. “You wouldn’t believe what we see at the V.A. The neglect and the pathology we see from veterans is incredible, we are consistently amazed and see something new almost every day. Veterans from World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, with disease and trauma and craters in their eyeballs. And they live with it. Not what you see at the typical eye doctor’s office.”

“Sounds like a real eye-opener,” Bobby said.

Summer cracked up and laughed so hard she spilled hot tea on the table. “You are so corny!” she said. Bobby chuckled and mopped up the mess with a napkin.

“So, I guess the doctors are hitting on you all the time,” he said.

Summer blushed and laughed again. “Sometimes,” she said. “But I made that mistake once and won’t again. The ophthalmologist in charge is cool; His name is Richard, he’s older and very knowledgeable and very dedicated. But most of the doctors are optometrists who come to the clinic to work for a year or two after they get out of school because it was part of the deal they made when they accepted their grant or scholarship or whatever. Most are spoiled brats who can’t wait to finish their commitment so they can go out and make the big bucks and open a Pearle Vision or something.”

There was an interlude while they sipped their tea in silence. Then Bobby mentioned something that had been in the back of his mind.

“Can I ask you something?” he said.

“Sure,” she said, picking a miniscule piece of lint off of her skirt.

“Have you thought about Friday night? The four of us hit it off so well and had so much fun. When you and Bree went to the restroom together I had no idea how the rest of the night would go…”

“Neither did I.”

“Did you ever think about if it had been you and me paired together instead of you and Carl?”


“You did?”

“Yes. Are you coming on to me?”

“Uh, well yeah, I guess I am. But not without your permission, of course.”

Summer laughed. “What about Bree?”

“Hey, look,” he said. “Bree is a doll. And if I lived in New York, or she lived here…”

“Okay, I get it.”

“So what did you think? If it had been you and me?”

“You were the first choice for both of us. And when I heard you guys in her bedroom I knew we were both right. What about you?”

“You and Bree were a toss-up for me. I think you both are smoking hot.”

Bobby moved a little closer to her on the couch.

“May I kiss you?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said without hesitation.

Bobby put his mouth to Summer’s and her lips parted, allowing his tongue to enter her mouth. Her lips were soft and absorbed his, and it felt like all four meshed into one. Their tongues did a sexy samba and he put his arms around her and held her close. He probed her mouth and it felt large to him and he thought to himself that she probably knew how to use it. Her tongue was active too, exploring and tasting him. When they finally parted they both smiled.

“That was nice,” Summer said.

“Yes it was,” Bobby agreed.

He kissed her again, just as deeply and almost as long.

“I’m not going to bed with you,” she said when they parted.

Bobby sat back, somewhat surprised. “You mean not tonight? Or not ever?”

She smiled and shook her head.” Let’s start with tonight,” she said. “It’s been a long weekend and I have to go into work early tomorrow morning.”

“I can take a hint,” Bobby said, and drank down the rest of his tea.

“Give me a couple of days,” she said.

They shared another long, hot kiss at the front door as he was leaving. As Bobby got into his car he was feeling confident again. He thought: There is no way she could kiss me like that if she was kissing me off.


That evening Bree called Summer to let her know that she’d had a smooth ride and had made it back safely.

“Your boyfriend came on to me,” Summer told her.

“That was fast,” Bree said. “And he’s not my boyfriend. It’s hard to have a boyfriend who is 300 miles away. So did you go for it?”

“Of course not!” Summer said. “I sent him on his way with his tail between his legs.”

“Why not? You think he’s hot, and he thinks you’re hot.”

“Well, I have to work early in the morning.”

“Oh come on, Mom, that’s the lamest cliché in the book.”

“I wanted to talk to you first. To make sure you were okay with it.”

“Sure, I’m okay with it. Go for it, you won’t be sorry. He’s fun in the sack.”

“He’s a good kisser.”

“Oh, so you kissed him at least. That’s good. That’s a start. What next?”

“I’m pretty sure he’ll be giving me a call.”


Bobby phoned her on Tuesday night. They chatted for a few minutes before he got around to the purpose of the call.

“I’ve been thinking about kissing you for two days,” he said. “I’d like to do some more of that.”


“Would you like to have dinner with me Saturday night?”

“Yes, that would be nice.”

“How about if I pick you up around six?”

“Six is fine. But why don’t we just eat in? No driving, we can just relax. I can fix us some drinks and we can order takeout.”

They agreed that it was a good plan. Bobby would be at her house at six and would pick up their dinner on the way. Pizza and salad.


Bobby showed up on time. He knew right away that it was going to be a good night. He was barely inside the door when, with a sixteen inch pizza box and two salads in his hands, Summer planted a quick, major kiss on his lips, and slid her teasing tongue in and out from between them quickly.

They went into the kitchen and Bobby put the food on the table. He noticed immediately that Summer had prepared some beverages. There was a bottle of wine and a bottle of rum and some beer and cola on the counter. She poured wine, he grabbed a beer.

Summer was dressed casually, but hot as hell. She was barefoot and wore a slinky cold shoulder white top, no bra, and paper thin, plaid Capri pants showing a touch of cameltoe and her toned calves. Bobby was about to cream his jeans.

“Let’s go into the living room,” Summer said.

They did, and Summer had set it up nicely. There was a fake log burning in the fireplace and several scented candles lighted in the room, the ambiance unmistakable. They sat on the sofa together and they both knew why they were there. They made idle chatter for a couple minutes. Then Bobby looked around and took it all in: the lighting, the fire, the candles, the mood.

“This is so cool,” he said. “It’s almost like camping out.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t have any sleeping bags,” she said.

“That’s okay,” he said. “I don’t think we’ll be doing much sleeping.”

Summer’s lips twisted into a playful smile. “I believe you. I heard you and Bree in her room the other night.”

Bobby smiled sheepishly and took a swig of beer. “Sorry about that. But tonight we don’t have to worry about anybody hearing us, do we?”

“No, I guess not,” she said. She took a sip of wine and put the glass on the table.

Bobby slid over close to her. With their bodies touching he put one arm around her back and the other on her hip and kissed her. Her lips parted and her body immediately relaxed into his, and pulling him close she kissed him, first with gentle tonguing but soon with a sucking, savage strength. They were making out in no time.

Bobby’s hand climbed from her hip to her breast, and Summer’s hand found his inner thigh. He thumbed her firm nipple while he palmed her soft tit through the fabric. She sighed from his touch, and her hand groped for his burgeoning cock. He moved his mouth to her neck and smelling her sweet, subtle scent he sucked a wad of her skin into his mouth. She wrapped her fingers around his cock through his jeans and felt its hardness. He kissed her chest above her tits and pulled the white fabric aside and put his mouth around her nipple.

“Oh, yes,” she cooed. “That’s good. I love that.”

He sucked her nipple and she moaned. She rubbed his cock and he groaned. Bobby pushed his dick into her hand, his groin telling her yes, take it. With one hand she unzipped him and slipped her long fingers inside his pants and ran her fingertips along the length of it. Bobby’s hand was now in her crotch; her legs closed tightly around it and he could feel the warmth of her pussy. Summer yanked on his belt and loosened it, then managed to unsnap his jeans. Her hand dove down and surrounded his balls.

Summer’s top came off and Bobby’s mouth moved to her other nipple. He sucked her and she liked it. He started moving south, his mouth grazing her smooth, flat stomach, taut from her workouts, but she stopped him and pulled his head back up.

“Not yet,” she said. “Keep doing what you’re doing.” Then she shoved her nipple back into his mouth.

Summer loved having her titties sucked. For her it was the prelude to everything and made everything better. Even though Bobby’s cock was now hard and long in her hand, and she would get to that, she wanted to milk his tit sucking for as long as possible. She knew it would turn her into sexual jelly. Bobby plastered his lips around her left nipple and suckled like a starved child.

“Oh God, yes,” Summer blurted.

Bobby rubbed her twat and Summer tried to fuck his hand. With his mouth doing a Hoover on her nipple and her right hand in his hair, she reached down with her left to where his hand was already hard at work. Her pants had a string tie and a three-inch zipper and were already damp. With a smooth one-two she untied and unzipped, giving Bobby’s hand total access. Then she took his hand and fed four fingers into her and started vigorously fucking them. She kept her hand over his to make sure he dug deep.

They were, half-on/half-off the sofa, his mouth plastered to her tit, her fingers digging into his scalp, his fingers digging into her swampy snatch, her hand on his, assisting him, her groin pressed onto him, attached like barnacles to a buoy bucking up and down on the waves in a windy chop.

“Put your whole hand in,” she gasped. She grabbed his thumb and pulled his fingers out and squeezed them together. “Make a fist.” He did. “Yes, that’s it. Fuck me like that.”

Bobby hesitated but Summer pushed his clenched fist into her. She was wet as a river so he met no resistance. Her cunt was big and obviously she liked it this way. She grabbed his arm and fed more into her until he was wrist-deep.

Bobby had never fisted a woman before, the idea had never even crossed his mind. But Summer kept directing traffic, and with her hand on his forearm she kept driving it into her. He sucked her tits without restraint, alternating left and right, not playing favorites, wanting to please her like no man ever had. His cock was an iron rail, and soon her hand returned to grip its girth, but he knew his gratification could wait.

Summer crammed tit into his mouth and humped his hand, and Bobby sucked with maximum pucker. Bobby’s fist swung inside her like a clumsy, punch-drunk boxer throwing lazy punches in deep water, but she keened in edgy pleasure with each plunge. The legs of the sofa squeaked with their movements.

“This is good,” she hissed into his ear.

Bobby bit playfully into her breast, eliciting another happy, wheezy squawk. His saliva slickened her skin and ran down his chin. Sweat brewed on his brow as he chomped away.

“Oh God,” she barked, and gripped his arm tightly and started fucking his fist even harder.

She came like a dike broke. Her torso shook and Bobby felt the heated rush surround his hand. Her ass was on the edge of the couch and when her cum oozed out it dripped down her thighs and onto the carpet.

Bobby switched from sucking bites to sweet kisses as she released. Gradually her trembles eased into gentle spasms until finally her busy crotch rested. Then she pulled his arm and he watched her vagina widen as his hand reemerged.

His fist looked like a drowned fetus. He opened and closed his hand several times and flexed his fingers. He rubbed the muck into Summer’s leg. He looked up at her face and she wore a broad smile.

“God, that was good,” she said. “I can’t remember the last time I came like that! God, I needed it.”

She pulled his head up to hers and they kissed. She stroked his cock as they took their time.

“This big fella has been patient,” she said, squeezing his cock. “It’s time to take care of him.”

She pushed him back on the sofa and spun herself around to face him. She took off his shoes and pulled his pants the rest of the way off, folded them and put them aside. She spread his legs apart and knelt on the floor between them.

“Ugh,” she groaned, as her knee settled into a puddle on the rug.

“What?” Bobby asked.

“There’s cum all over the rug,” she said, as she gently jerked him. “I’ll clean it up later. But we don’t have to worry about yours; it will be in my mouth. Then she sucked his hardened cock in between her lips.

She had one hand on his balls and the other on his ass. Then with a little maneuvering of lips and mouth she soon had all eight inches of his anxious cock embedded into her head. She was rusty, she knew, and he was kind of large, but she wanted to do her best to make it good for him, the way he had for her. She hoped she wouldn’t gag.

No worries. Bobby came in about thirty seconds. He’d been holding it back the whole time he was tit-sucking and fist-fucking. With a muffled roar his cum roiled and exploded up through him like a busted pipe. Summer pinched his ass cheeks as if to squeeze out every drop. She kept her mouth mashed around his vibrating pecker until the simmering ends of his throes. Cum escaped from the corners of her mouth when she smiled up at him.


They had their arms around each other on the sofa, and shared intermittent kisses, their bodies naked and spent, temporarily at least. They didn’t talk; they basked in the wake of their sex, recovering. Bobby was happy that Summer wasn’t a woman who talked too much, he wasn’t in the mood for yakking. He was biding time, still frisky. He wanted to fuck her.

After a while he initiated another kiss and while their tongues flirted he eased her onto her back on the sofa. He spread her legs and got on his knees between them. He grabbed her hips and yanked her body to him, and she yelped as he scooted her ass up onto his chest. Her legs were now over his shoulders, her crotch in his face. He supported the cheeks of her ass with his palms and pulled her muffin to his lips. He kissed her thighs and licked the lips of her pussy, which was open to him. She seemed shy at first, but reached uphill for him, and her fingertips found the hair on his wobbling head.

His tongue painted the soft, wet surface of her lips for several minutes before he plunged his tongue into her pussy. Summer oohed and scrunched up but it still felt loose to Bobby. So he sucked onto her swollen clit. That got her attention.

She locked her legs around his head and pushed her midsection into his face. He felt the cushioned firmness of her magic bean in his mouth and took it deep, wanting to suck another orgasm out of her before he mounted her, entered her and gave her a good pounding and another shot of his liquid love. She squeaked when he slipped his middle finger into her asshole. With the enhanced grip he was able to move her ass around and even closer, and her twat was flush smack against his face. With each suck and each grind of her groin her ready member filled more of his mouth and his finger filled more of her asshole.

“Oh, shit…” Summer said breathlessly, and punctuated each thrust with ‘ugh…ugh…ugh…’

For a short time longer they rocked together, Bobby swallowing saliva in between sucking on her tool, and Summer’s secretions oozing, her pussy now an overflowing swamp getting ready for the flash flood. Then the dam broke.

As soon as he felt its warmth Bobby dislodged his lips from her clit and lowered her ass onto the sofa so she could come downhill. Summer groaned loudly and her body shook as she discharged.

Bobby didn’t wait for her to finish. His cock was like a bad cop’s nightstick: long, hard and ready to kick ass. Summer was still tremoring when he slipped his dick into her soaked slot and started pumping. His finger was still lodged in her ass.

“Yes, fuck me!” she blurted.

She put her arms around his neck and squeezed him tight and pulled him close and kissed him, jamming her tongue into his mouth where her swollen clit had just been.

Attached by their locked lips, his crank in her shaft and his finger up her ass, they started rocking the house. Bobby pounded her like he was trying to knock her into the basement and as he did she grunted with each push and pinched her fingers into his neck. He wondered if the sofa wouldn’t have to have the bolts on its legs tightened after this. Summer’s legs were soon clutched around his, constricting, and her cunt was sucking his pulsating cock as it drilled her. Minute after sweaty minute she offered every Escort bayan Ankara square inch of her cunt to him as he fucked her.

They both grunted with each stab of their genitals and fucked like they both needed it. Bobby became distracted for a moment and Summer must have noticed because she squinched him tighter and rammed her cunt into him even harder. His mind had wandered when he briefly thought of Bree.

But he got right back at it pretty quick, and started banging like a cherry bomb on New Year’s Eve. Summer could feel it too, and she figured since she’d already dumped her cum on the cushion and the carpet, what the hell, she was going for triples.

She felt him tense up so she knew he was ready to blow. She made one final power suck of his tongue into her throat and squeezed his buttocks as hard as she could. She grinded her asshole hard and deep onto his finger. Bobby answered by wiggling it and trying to pry a second finger in.

“You’re gonna come, aren’t you?” she asked hoarsely.

“Yes,” he said.

“Give it to me!”

Within seconds he did. With a raucous groan his cum rose. It did a slow burn as it spurted up and out. He pushed his cock into her as deep as he could and did the same with his finger up her ass. She was stroking her clit and swinging her groin hoping to come with him.

She didn’t miss by much. Bobby was on his fourth or fifth squirt, easing down, his body like sticky gelatin atop her, when Summer came again. Her body quivered beneath his weight.

“Three times,” she said, out of breath. “I can’t believe it.”


Bobby got dressed while Summer reheated the pizza. It was ten-thirty by this time. They ate quickly and then Summer did her best to clean up the cum puddles on the carpet and sofa. She didn’t ask him to spend the night but she gave him a hell of a good-night kiss at the door. Bobby figured she liked fucking him but wasn’t quite ready to wake up with him in the morning.

They got into the routine of hooking up every other Thursday evening; these were the days Bobby was in the area with his work. He’d go to Summer’s house after work around five-thirty, they’d have a drink or two, some dinner and then start making out and go to the bedroom and fuck. And they’d fuck and suck as many different ways as they could until around ten o’clock. Then they’d kiss good night and Bobby would drive home, and they would both wake up in their own beds and be ready for work in the morning.

This went on for several months. Every two weeks they’d have dinner, drinks and each other. No dates, no dinners out, no going to the movies. Just eat, drink and go to bed. Bobby could see that Summer was trying to keep it casual and not get too attached. He was just a maintenance fuck for her, he knew that. But he was okay with it because he knew from the start that there was probably no realistic future for them anyway, and the sex was great. Plus he was keeping in touch with Bree, at least trying to.

Then one Thursday night, right after a rip-roaring sixty-nine where they both came simultaneously into one another’s face, Summer surprised him with a question.

“Are you busy Saturday?” she asked.

“Uh, well, no, I’m not busy. Why?” he said.

“Would you like to go to a party with me?”

“A party? What party?”

“It’s work-related. I’ll understand if you don’t want to go.”

“What do you mean? Why wouldn’t I want to go?”

“Oh, I don’t know, it’s all the people I work with. There will be a lot of shop talk, about eyeballs and veterans and patients and all that. It may not be a lot of fun for you. But I don’t want to go alone.”

“Don’t want any sleazy doctors hitting on you, huh?”

“Something like that. I know someone else I could ask if you’re uncomfortable.”

“No, I’ll go, I’m always ready for new experiences,” he said.

“Good. It’s an indoor cookout.”

“A what?”

Summer laughed. “An indoor cookout. My boss, Richard, has it every year right before he takes vacation. He grills outside but the party’s inside, lots of food and beer and wine. It starts around four o’clock and we’ll be home by eight or nine. Dress is very casual.”

“Can I have fun?” he asked, pinching her ass.

“Sure. I just hope you’re not bored stiff.”

“I’ll be with the prettiest woman in the room, how could I be bored stiff?” She grabbed onto her hand and placed it over his cock. “This is what will be stiff.”

Summer laughed and said, “But I have a favor to ask. When we’re there, stay with me.”


“But I don’t want you to show me too much affection in front of my co-workers.”


“But I want them all to know you’re fucking me.”


They got to the party at a few minutes after four on Saturday and it seemed like almost everyone was already there. It was a mix of ages and Bobby was surprised to see that many were around his own age. The young doctors and their significant others he supposed. They got a beer and wine and Summer made introductions.

Summer was right about the work talk. After a while the doctors and techs, maybe seven or eight altogether had congregated on one side with Richard holding court, and the rest of the guests were scattered in small groups. Bobby diligently stood by, not saying much once the technical talk started, and fetched drinks, which were going down easy for both of them.

As Bobby listened he became more and more impressed with Summer as he heard her speak. Her knowledge was incredible. It was impossible to tell who was the tech and who was the doctor. She held her own with the stuck-up doctors and didn’t hesitate to hold her ground and disagree with them on a few occasions. And whenever they turned to Richard to settle it, Summer was always right, her obvious knowledge on full display.

Dinner was an assortment of burgers and dogs and chicken and a smorgasbord of salads. And more beer, wine and shop talk of course. Bobby ended up having a pretty good time: free food, free beer and he was very proud of Summer. And he told her so on the drive back to her house.

“Damn, Summer, that was impressive. You really know your shit!”

“What?” she asked.

“I was proud of you back there. You know a lot more than those hoity-toity doctors. Over and over you were right and they didn’t know what the hell they were talking about. I could tell Richard was impressed too.”


“Oh yeah, bigtime. You should be a doctor.”

“Yeah, right.”

“I’m serious! You should look into it. You’ve had college and years of experience. There must be some advanced placement test you can take…”

“God, that could take years.”

“So what, the time will pass anyway, right? And you already know more than most of those bozos you’re working with, you’ll probably breeze right through! And another thing…”

“What’s that?”

“Listening to all that medicinal technical ophthalmic doctor talk has got me horny as hell!” He put his hand between her legs.

She removed his hand from her crotch. “Down Boy, wait till we get home. Keep your eyes on the road.”

“I can’t wait. I’ve never gone to bed with a doctor before!”


That night they had the wildest sex ever. Bobby was on a roll. He was aggressive and talked dirty and they fucked the shit out of each other. He peppered his monologues with ‘Doctor this’ and ‘Doctor that’ in between his kisses and licks and sucks and fucks. He told Summer he never knew a doctor could be such a good fuck and how he never knew doctor pussy could taste so good. He rimmed her butthole and told her how much he liked her doctor ass. And doctors give good head too, he said.

In between her sighs and moans of pleasure Summer told him numerous times to knock off the doctor talk.

“Sure, Doc,” he said.

Bobby ended up spending the night and waking up with Summer for the first and only time. In the morning he woke up with a long, hard erection.

“Good morning, Doctor,” he said. Summer’s face curled into mock annoyance. “I need a doctor’s care.”

“Oh you do, do ya? How so?”

“My penis, Doc, it needs attention.” He uncovered it for her.

“Well, maybe we should take you to the emergency room,” she said playfully.

“No, I think it needs immediate attention!”

“But I’m an eye doctor,” she said. “Not a urologist.”

“Yes, but this is my one-eyed monster,” he said, stroking it.

Summer laughed out loud. Then she scooted down and gave him an eye doctor blowjob.


After a morning romp in the hay they showered and were having coffee in the kitchen when Summer’s phone rang. Bobby sipped his coffee and listened to one side of the conversation.

“Hi Mom…..okay, how are you?….oh, it was okay. Same as it is every year…..Oh, really?….Well, what happened to that handyman who repaired the siding?…we’ll find you somebody….I don’t want you up on any ladders!….okay….Love ya…Bye.”

“My mother,” Summer said when she ended the call.

“How’s she doing?” Bobby asked.

“Oh, she’s fine. Worrying about getting her gutters cleaned on her house. I don’t want her up on ladders. She was in a relationship with a nice man for years and he used to take care of that kind of stuff, but he died about a year ago. And the guy she had hired for some work before wasn’t too reliable.”

“Is it a big house?”

“No, not really. Three bed, two bath. But it’s a split level so on half the house the gutters are two stories high instead of one.”

“Does she have an extension ladder?”

“I think she does. Why?”

“If she can get the ladder I’ll clean her gutters for her.”

“You will?”

“Sure. Can she wait until next weekend?”

“Yes. That’s very nice of you. She’ll pay you of course.”

“I don’t want any money. I’ll do it as a favor to my sexy eye doctor.”

“You’re too much,” Summer said. Then she called her mother back and set it up for the following Saturday. Ella was appreciative but didn’t ask how it was that Summer had been in contact so quickly with the young man her granddaughter Bree had brought to brunch.


Bobby wasn’t looking forward to getting up early on a Saturday to go clean nasty, smelly rain gutters. He had surprised himself by volunteering. But he would do it, a nice gesture for a nice woman, the mother of his older lover and newest favorite ‘doctor’.

He woke up early Saturday and dressed in his worst clothes: Ratty jeans, sweatshirt, white socks and an old pair of sneakers, ready for dirty work. He wanted to get an early start because the forecast called for rain by the afternoon. On the way he stopped by a store and bought some heavy trash bags and rubber gloves.

He pulled into Ella’s driveway at quarter-till-nine. He looked at the house and it was bigger than he’d hoped for. Tall trees surrounded it and needed to be cut back so there was no doubt in his mind the gutters would be nasty. He figured he had at least a half day of work.

Ella had been watching for him and came out to greet him. Bobby couldn’t believe how good she looked. He watched her stride toward his car, her late-fifties body looking slim and trim and much younger in broken-in Levi’s and a loose white blouse. Her blonde-gray hair was in a braided ponytail that hung down her back.

They greeted and said their hellos. Ella thanked him and started in about what she would pay him but Bobby told her to forget it. They agreed on a free lunch. Then Ella showed him the garage where a big extension ladder was leaning against the wall.

“I borrowed this from a neighbor,” Ella said. “My daughter doesn’t want me up on ladders anymore.”

“Good idea,” Bobby said. “I’ll take care of it.” She thanked him, and their eyes lingered a bit. She turned and went back into the house. He stared at her butt. He thought it was a pretty nice butt. Then he went to work.

He lugged the ladder outside. He started with the higher gutters naturally. He set up the ladder, put on his gloves and grabbed a hand trowel and a trash bag and climbed up. The gutters were filled with rancid stinky putrid leaves and snails and muck and shit. He grabbed the shit, raked the shit, and scooped the shit into bags. He went up and down the ladder numerous times. He moved the ladder around, dragged the bags up and down and pulled the lengthy garden hose up top to flush water through the gutters to clean them out. He went around the whole house cleaning out the gutters and filling bags with stinky gunk.

After a few hours a storm was brewing. The rain started, and within a minute it was a downpour and Bobby was soaked. He was just about done when the first bolt of lightning struck, and not too far away. He receded down the ladder as fast as he could. His slimy shoe slid off of the rain-slickened second-to-last step and he fell. Ass-backwards into a puddle of mud.

He’d been stunk up with pieces of shitty roof gutter funk all morning long, all over his clothes, his face, in his hair. But now he was covered with mud too. He pulled down the ladder and moved it back where he’d found it. He put the trash bags of muck by the side of the garage under the eave. By then he looked like a dirty drenched river rat. He went into the garage and knocked on the kitchen door.

“Come on in,” Ella called.

Bobby opened the door and said, “I’d better not. I fell in the mud.”

“Oh my goodness!” she said, “You poor thing. Wait one moment, I’ll be right back.” She returned in thirty seconds and handed him a towel and a robe. “Get undressed and put this on. Then I’ll throw your clothes in the washer.

He happily did as he was told. He stripped down to nothing, toweled off and wrapped the robe around his body. He carried his saturated clothes into the kitchen. Ella was in the adjacent laundry room getting the washing machine ready.

“Do you think I could get a shower?” he asked.

“Of course, Honey,” she said, and showed him to the bathroom. “And I’ll fix us some lunch.”

Bobby ran the water hot and scrubbed himself top to bottom with Ivory soap. He shampooed his hair until it squeaked. He didn’t have a comb so his hair stayed a wet, tangled mess. He put the robe on and tied it around him. It was a few sizes too small for him. He went back to the kitchen self-conscious about how only a thin layer of terry cloth was all that covered his naked body and freshly-washed penis.

Ella was putting the final touches on lunch: tuna salad on toast, soup, chips and lemonade.

“Feel better?” she asked as she put the plates on the table.

“Much better, thanks,” he said, and they sat down to eat.

Bobby was ravenous so he ate and drank with gusto. Ella soon refilled his glass with lemonade and his bowl with soup. They talked as they ate and the storm raged outside. Ella asked about Bree, was Bobby in touch? He said they were for a while but not lately; he liked her a lot but long distance relationships really don’t work. He recapped how they had met that Friday night at the Vous and had all hit it off right away.

They cleared the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher. They stood at the sink and stared out the window and watched streams of rainwater flow across the glass pane. The storm had increased in intensity with hard rain, stiff wind and thunder.

“Wow, look at that,” Ella said. “It’s really coming down. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be letting up anytime soon, either.”

“Right,” Bobby said. “Good day to be inside.”

Ella turned to him and asked, “Want a Bloody Mary?”

“A Bloody Mary?”

“Yes. You like Bloody Marys, don’t you?”

“You remembered,” he said. “From brunch.”

“Yes. Would you like one?”

“Sure, if you’re having one. You have the mix and everything?”

“Close enough,” she said.

Ella opened the refrigerator and took out an unopened 46-ounce bottle of Spicy V-8 juice and a jar of horseradish. She poured out some of the juice into a glass and scooped horseradish into the bottle. She reached down under the sink and pulled out a fifth of vodka and poured it into the juice bottle until it was filled. Then she added salt and pepper and hot sauce. She tightened the cap and shook the bottle up and down and around as hard as she could.

She showed Bobby where the glassware was and Bobby filled two tumblers with ice. Ella poured the crimson concoction into the glasses.

“There,” she said, “That should do it. And plenty more where that came from. Let’s go into the living room, shall we?”

Ella touched Bobby’s hand as she said that and he was surprised by the electric charge it gave him. Maybe it was the element of surprise, maybe it was the occasional lightning outside, but he felt it and goosebumps grew on the flesh of his arm. He again became more self-conscious of his nakedness underneath the robe. So did his dick.

They took their seats on the sofa. As he sat Bobby had to reach down to his crotch to slightly reposition his newly-awakened penis. He hoped that Ella hadn’t noticed, but he also knew she was a person who didn’t miss much. They sipped their drinks and began talking.

First, they talked about Ella’s home. Bobby told her how nice it was, and commented about how big her trees were in the yard and how they were almost touching the roof and should be trimmed back before too long. He also mentioned that the wood privacy fence enclosing the back yard had a number of split or missing slats, but that would be an easy fix and he’d be glad to take care of it for her.

Ella opened up about her friend, the man Summer had mentioned to him. His name was Al and they were close companions for years. He used to take care of all the outside chores but he died the year before of a heart attack. She felt lost sometimes; stuck in neutral when it came to the grounds.

After about half an hour of chit-chat Ella touched his hand again, sending another sparkler up his forearm and down to his groin.

“Make us a couple more drinks,” she said, “while I go and throw your clothes in the dryer.”

Bobby was finishing up the drinks when she returned. Just as he was handing one to her a deafening bolt of lightning struck a transformer somewhere nearby and they felt an electric sizzle in the air as the power in the house flickered and faltered and then went off altogether.

“Power’s out,” Ella said. “This is an old neighborhood so it will probably be out for a while.” She started rummaging through the pantry for matches.

“At least we have plenty of these,” Bobby said, holding up his drink.

“Thank God for the little things.” She handed the matches to him and added, “Here, light the candles in the living room. I’ll be right back. I’m going to pull your clothes out of the dryer and put them on hangers to dry. I don’t know how long the power will be out.”

Bobby took a healthy gulp of his drink and then topped off his glass. He lighted the candles in the living room. The afternoon was dark and stormy outside and the flickering flames gave the room a cozy, more intimate feel.

Ella returned in a couple minutes and sat down on the sofa next to him. She took a sip of her drink and smacked her lips.

“Well, Honey, it looks like you’re going to be here for a while. This storm isn’t letting up anytime soon and your clothes won’t be dry for a while either. At least they’re clean.”

“Yes, thank you. They were a mess.”

“But I have to say, you look cute in my robe,” Ella said with a twinkle in her eye.

Bobby blushed and took a sip. “I have to tell you,” he said. “That’s the most creative way a woman has ever gotten me out of my clothes.”

“I could say that it was pretty creative the way you happened to fall in the mud.”

“No, just clumsy, and I was already soaked,” he said. “Besides, I’m not that clever.”

They looked at each other in the soft, wavering light and both had subtle, amused smiles on their faces. Bobby realized that in the last thirty or forty seconds their interaction had suddenly made a giant leap and crossed some sort of line. He didn’t know what line it was but he could feel it, a new level of intimacy had been reached. He looked her over again and liked what he saw. Her white top did not appear to be as loose as it was before. Her jeans held snug to her slim legs and showed wear on her knees, butt and crotch. She had gotten rid of her shoes. He was seated inches away from her and was wearing her robe and nothing else. He felt a stir down below. He thought of Bree and her scissor-fucking and her limber legs practically wrapped around her own head, and drilling her juicy, open twat. Then of Summer, fisting her, and their bi-weekly maintenance fucks. But here he was now, practically naked and seated next to Ella, and he couldn’t believe the thoughts he was having. He was imagining all the things he wanted to do with her.

“Oh, I think you’re pretty clever. And such a handy man, too. Thank you again for cleaning those gutters. It is such a dirty job and it’s such a nasty day.”

“You’re welcome. And it’s not so bad inside, with a nice lunch, good drinks and good company. And I’ll come next Saturday and mend your fence. That will be an easier job. There’re only a handful of slats that need to be replaced; the others just need some fresh nails.”

“That’s very nice but I insist on paying you.”

“The materials will be cheap and it’s an easy job. But I don’t want any money. I’ll take it out in trade.”

“Oh, you will?” Ella laughed. “How will you do that?”

“Uh, another free lunch. More Bloody Marys. More lively conversation.”

“That doesn’t seem like much compensation for all the work you’re doing.”

“Well, that’s my price. Unless we can think of something else,” he said. Ella’s eyes were wide and unblinking and locked into his.

Bobby gulped down the rest of his drink and was ready for another. They were going down smoothly. He rose from the sofa and asked Ella if she wanted him to top off her drink.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” she asked.

“Not really, I thought maybe you were trying to get me drunk. But it’s a good day for it, don’t ya think?”

“Sure,” she said, and handed him her glass.

Bobby went into the kitchen and put the glasses on the countertop. Rain pounded on the window above the sink. He dug ice cubes out from the freezer and tonged them into the glasses. He shook the V-8 bottle vigorously and was pouring the red mix into the glasses when Ella came to the counter and stood next to him. She reached down and picked up her glass, took a healthy swig and put it back down. She turned to him.

“You were right. It’s a good day to be inside,” she said right after another thunder boomer shook the house. She put her hand on his forearm and pulled gently. He pivoted to face her and they looked at each other in the dim light.

“Do you know what I’m thinking?” she asked quietly.

“No, tell me,” he replied.

“I’d rather show you. I only hope it’s not the wrong thing and I end up regretting it.”

She pulled his arm closer to her as she moved closer to him. She leaned her face to his and kissed him on the lips. Any angst she’d had about it was erased immediately. Bobby’s lips parted and his tongue instantly searched for hers. Her other hand was soon on his hip and his arms were halfway around her back. Their tongues did soft whirls and twirls, each exploring a brand new mouth, and their first kiss lingered on. Her fingers dug into his skin through the thin cloth of her robe and his hands explored her lower back. His penis grew between his legs.

“I hope I wasn’t too forward,” she said when the kiss ended. They still held each other.

“If you hadn’t kissed me, I would have kissed you,” Bobby said. “I just hadn’t yet figured out how.”

Ella shook her head and smiled. “How old are you?” she asked.

“Almost twenty-six.”

“Almost twenty-six, huh? Well, I’m almost fifty-eight. If I was twenty or thirty years younger…”

“You kiss like you’re twenty-eight.”

“Oh, really? And what does that mean?”

“It means we should kiss whomever we want; fifty-eight, twenty-eight, twenty-six, whatever.” He pulled her a little closer and put his hand on her cheek. “Besides, you look a lot younger than that. It’s obvious where Bree’s and Summer’s foxy lady genes came from.”

He pulled her head to his and kissed her. Their lips spread apart in unison and their mouths were open for business. He pulled her tightly against him with one hand in the small of her back and the other on her ass. Bobby’s cock was hard and Ella felt it pressing against her. It had been quite a while for her and her mind was a whirlwind of confusion wondering what the hell she was doing and imagining what it would feel like inside her. She found herself pushing her torso against it, absorbing its readiness. Her pussy was suddenly anxious and wet. ‘God what are we doing?’ she thought.

Without missing a beat and with their lips still locked and their tongues doing a sexy dance, Ella’s fingers found the string on her robe and she pulled on it. The robe loosened, then opened, and she found his engorged cock with her hand. She gripped her fingers around its girth and stroked him and they kissed even harder.

“Let’s go into the bedroom,” Ella said, half out-of-breath. Bobby nodded. She held his cock like an eight-inch handle and led him to her bedroom. They embraced in the dim light, their kisses punctuated by flashes of lightning and claps of thunder outside the bedroom windows. Ella pushed the robe over his shoulders and let it fall to the hardwood floor. Bobby unbuttoned her blouse and she took it off and tossed it on a chair.

He unhooked her lacy bra and admired her upper body: it was thin and her skin was taut but for a couple fine wrinkles on her flat stomach. Her shoulders and arms were toned, not too skinny, and her breasts were small-to-medium size with minimal sag. There was a blue tattoo of a peace sign just above her right breast. Summer had been right: her mom was a hippie holdover. A very sexy hippie holdover.

With his arms around her he pushed her onto the bed. They kissed passionately for several minutes as their hands roamed over fresh flesh. But soon Bobby’s lips had moved to other places. He kissed her neck and licked her ears and sucked the peace sign into his mouth. When he nibbled on her right nipple Ella let out a screechy moan of pleasure.

As he tit-sucked her, playing no favorites between the two, he started working on her jeans. She helped him as best she could and soon she had squirmed out of them most of the way. With her jeans and panties now at her ankles, Bobby moved down to the foot of the bed and pulled them off the rest of the way. He spread her legs and knelt between them. He took his first look at her pussy. It was hairy, but neatly trimmed, and wet.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” she said.

“I want to please you,” he said.

“You already have.”

Bobby kissed both of her thighs, back and forth, inching toward her glinty gash. She was hissing and squirming with anticipation, and when he finally buried his face into her she squealed with delight.

“Oh my God,” she stammered.

He licked her lips and lipped her clit and she squirmed as if her nerve endings were on overload. He gripped the cheeks of her ass tightly to stabilize her crotch as he drilled his mouth into it. It helped a little but still her cunt was a moving target.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes. I’m sorry. It’s been a while.”

“You want me to stop?”

“God, no!”

Bobby went back to work. He held her ass firm and plastered his mouth to her cocked member. He sucked away and squeezed her buttocks. Slowly he felt her relax and her movements fell in rhythm with his. For several minutes they worked together like this, her crotch pushed against his face, him sucking her clit, his tongue tasting her tang and his nostrils breathing in her musky scent.

His dick was now a brick. His lips were turning to jelly and his jaws ached. He was ready to fuck. He gave her one last major clit chomp, eliciting a screech from Ella, before he moved up so her saturated pussy lips were kissing the head of his cock. Atop her, he stared into her liquid eyes.

“I still can’t believe we’re doing this,” she said softly.

“Believe it.”

“You’re very handsome. But I’m thirty years older…”

“I still think you’re hot.”

“Fuck my brains out,” she whispered.

Bobby slipped his dick into her drenched sink and felt her warm wet walls around it, welcoming him in. Bayan escort Ankara He started slowly, in and out, familiarizing himself with her cunt and her muscles. He’d push his entire length into her and then out, in and out, over and over, as they got their timing down. Gradually he picked up the pace and Ella went with him, they’d go a little faster and hold it for a while, getting in sync and in tune like a classical duet. Adagio, then andante, then allegretto, then allegro, and finally Presto!, and they were fucking and bucking like pistons on a runaway train.

Their faces were inches apart as they fucked, their wide, enraptured eyes locked-in. They both grunted with every thrust until Bobby kissed her and started stabbing her mouth with his tongue. His hands were on her butt cheeks and his fingers inched toward her asshole. He wanted to fuck all three of her holes at once.

“Hippie-fucking is good’, Bobby thought to himself, as they pounded away. Free love and peace and all that shit. He closed his eyes and slammed her as hard and fast as he could. Ella screamed and climaxed in a series of ferocious shimmy shimmy shakes beneath him as he banged her. He felt her hot juices surround his cock and ooze out onto his balls. His orgasm was not far behind.

His cum rose up like a prison riot, his sperm fighting to get out. It was an ecstatic pulsing stream and he felt a sting in his cock as he came; his little prisoners were burning down the house. He roared as he released. With repeated sensual trembles he uploaded his seed into her until finally he collapsed onto the bed beside her.

“Whew,” he said in a rasp, wiping the sweat from his brow.

“Whew is right,” Ella said. She turned on her side and nestled up.

They held each other in silence for many minutes. They listened to their breath and felt the gentle heaves of their chests. The storm outside had let up some and was now just a steady rain tickling the windowpane.

They finally spoke when the ceiling fan started turning above them and a light clicked on in the hall.

“Ah, we have power,” Ella said. “Good timing. I’m going to run and put your clothes in the dryer. Don’t go away.” She kissed him and got up out of bed. Bobby watched her naked hippie ass as she walked out the bedroom door.

Bobby was sitting up in bed when she returned a few minutes later with her hands full. She carried two glasses and a small jar.

“Energy drinks,” Ella said, handing him a fresh Bloody Mary. She put the jar on the nightstand.

They sat in bed and sipped their drinks. Well, Ella sipped but Bobby gulped. The V-8 gave him a vitamin jolt. He was pretty sure his limp dick moved. When his drink was two-thirds gone he put the glass on the table on his side of the bed. Ella took another drink from hers and did the same.

“What’s in the jar?” Bobby asked.

“Coconut oil,” she said coyly.


“You know what that’s for?”

“I’m pretty sure it’s not for Pina Coladas.”

Ella leaned closer and said, “See, I knew you were pretty clever,” and kissed him.

The kiss quickly escalated and in no time their tongues were dancing and their hands were prancing. And Bobby’s dick moved all right, growing like Pinocchio’s nose on a bad day, and Ella couldn’t keep her hand off of it. She couldn’t keep her mouth off of it either.

She went down on him and stroked his balls with one hand and took his cock into her mouth. Ella was a loud cocksucker but it was turn-on for Bobby as inch-by-inch she took all of it in. Soon he felt her lips kissing her fingertips on his balls as he gently fucked her face.

For several minutes she sucked him and she felt his scrotum tighten up. She came up for air and lay back down beside him and they kissed. Instinctively Bobby rolled on top and entered her and again felt the wet warm walls of her cunt. She started fucking even before he did.

In a quick minute they were in a fucking race chasing after their next orgasms. They pumped in hard, long strokes, the head of Bobby’s dick aiming for the end of Ella’s tunnel. They fucked in determined silence, no moans or groans or dirty talk, just the squeak of the bed and the twitch of the ceiling fan overhead.

“I’m close,” Ella said, stopping.

Bobby kept at it but she stopped him and he pulled out. She reached for the coconut oil. She opened it in a rush and the lid scooted onto the floor. She scooped some oil into her hand and reached behind her and slipped her greasy fingers into her butthole. Then she sloshed more oil over Bobby’s extended pole.

“There,” she said. “Put it in my ass.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive.” She lifted up and shoved a pillow under her butt. She spread her cheeks with her fingers and her asshole was open for him. “Fuck me in the ass.”

Bobby put the head of his dick right up to her open hole and pushed. Ella took a deep breath and let out a hoarse sigh when he entered her. He pushed his cock into her.

“Ooh, that feels big,” she said.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Yes, you?”

“That’s nice and tight,” he said.

“Good. Now fuck me.” She put her fingers on her soggy clit and felt herself.

Bobby pushed again, easing it in. It was a tight but smooth glide and he was surprised at how easily it slid in, how sublime the pressure felt around his cock, and how quickly he was vigorously driving his dick into the depths of her ass.

Ella was into it. She was slapping her clit like a bass string and pushing her ass into him, matching him thump for thump. Bobby was digging it too, in more ways than one. He drilled her with a passion, willing his semen up for another ride out into the wild blue yonder. He knew he wouldn’t last long at the rate he was going so after a couple minutes he slowed his pace.

“Don’t stop!” Ella wheezed. “Keep it up.”

So he did and within five or six more strokes his river was rising. With a loud groan and a volcanic quaver his cum surged through his shaft and spurted multiple times into the deepest reaches of Ella’s rectum. Even after he’d shot his last drop he kept his dick embedded in her ass as she frantically worked her tool in an effort to coax her unleashing.

After a bit Bobby pulled his cock out of her asshole with a wet, sucking thwap and scooted down the bed. He put his face in her crotch and his mouth on her inflated tool. Ella ceded it immediately and put her hands on the back of his head. She shoved her clit deep into his mouth with all her might like she was grinding teeth. Bobby sucked on her clit the same way she had sucked his cock: forcefully. He felt the pressure of her athletic groin on his face and inhaled the funky taste and scent of her sex. He could feel his own cum on his chin as it seeped out of her asshole.

It didn’t take much longer. Ella started shaking like a train that had jumped the track. She groaned and shook and screamed ‘Oh Fuck!’ as she climaxed. Bobby’s lips stayed latched onto her puffed pudendum until she rested.

“God, I needed that!” Ella said. Then they lay together for some time.


The day was getting late by the time they dragged their asses out of bed. Bobby took a shower and his clothes were clean, dry and neatly folded on the toilet seat when he got out. He found Ella in the kitchen.

“Thank you, Bobby. And not just for doing the work outside, either. I didn’t expect that the day would go the way it did. But I can’t say I’m disappointed.”

“I’m not either,” he said. “It was an unexpected pleasure. And you are a sexual dynamo.”

“Oh, please,” she said.

“I was serious about fixing your fence next week. Even before…”

“Bobby, you don’t have to do that.”

“I know, but I’d like to. If you don’t mind.”

“Well, that’s very nice. But no more falling in the mud. That trick only works once around here.”

“Okay, I promise. I’ll have to think of something else,” he said with a smile. He kissed her and took one final taste of her and their tongues said a slow goodbye.


The next few days were just like any other week and Bobby was looking forward to going back to Ella’s. The fence job would be easy, maybe an hour and a half of work, and he’d get a lunch and maybe get laid again.

He picked up the fencing materials and nails on Friday. Saturday was a clear, sunny day so there would be no chance of falling in the mud and getting trapped inside by a storm. He showed up at about nine a.m. and went to work. He’d only been there for a few minutes before Ella noticed. A window opened and she called to him. She asked him to come inside for a minute.

He went in the back door and Ella was standing in the entryway to the living room. She was barefoot and was wearing the same robe he had worn the Saturday before. Her hair was up on top of her head.

“There’s been a little change of plan,” Ella said. “I won’t be able to have you for lunch.”

“Oh, that’s okay,” Bobby said, trying not to sound disappointed.

“I’m sorry, but Summer’s coming over a little later. She’s taking me to lunch.”

“No problem, I understand.”

“It’s my birthday. She always takes me to lunch for my birthday. It just didn’t dawn on me last week.”

“Happy Birthday,” Bobby said. “I wish I’d known. I would have brought you a gift.”

“You did,” she said.

She took a step closer. She reached between his legs and took his cock in her hand. She kissed him, and her tongue did a momentary slither in his mouth.

“And since I can’t have you for lunch,” she added, unbuckling his belt. “I want to have you for breakfast. And we don’t have a lot of time.”

She pulled him a couple steps to the sofa. She sat and pulled down his pants. His cock was already at full attention. She kissed it and licked his balls. She took it into her mouth.

The whole shebang was over in less than thirty minutes. She sucked him to completion and a week’s worth of his stored-up cum erupted into her mouth. Then her robe opened and Bobby twirled her onto the couch and buried his face into her twat for a few minutes until she came. Then he mounted her and started fucking her. He’d been going at it for a couple minutes before he noticed the jar of coconut oil on the coffee table. He reached over and grabbed it and held it up.

“Yes,” Ella said. “I’m ready already.” She was already fingering herself.

He turned her over. Her butt was slick, the residue of lubing herself. He oiled his cock and fucked her ass until he came. He withdrew his cock from her ass and inserted in into her drippy pussy and rammed her doggy-style for a couple more minutes until she let out a whoop and had another orgasm.

“Happy Birthday,” Bobby said as he pulled out.

Ella turned to him and said, “Thank you. A great way to start the day. But you’ll have to excuse me. I need to shower and get ready.” She kissed him, picked up her robe and left the room. As she walked away Bobby could she speckles of his 26-year-old cum on her 58-year-old hippie butt.


Bobby had just finished up and was putting his tools in the trunk of his car when Summer drove up. She parked her car and came up to him. He felt a little awkward and didn’t know whether to kiss her or not in front of her mother’s house, so he didn’t even try. She didn’t try either.

“Hi, Bobby,” she said.

“Hi, Doc,” he said.

“Now stop that,” she said. “Or maybe I should call you Doc.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Because I hear you are quite a handyman. The gutters, the fence, and Mom said you got her backdoor working again. I didn’t even know it was stuck.”

Bobby didn’t know if that was a joke or what Ella may have told her but he was officially speechless.

“Anyway, thanks again for helping Mom out,” she continued. “We really appreciate it. Now we’re going to lunch to celebrate her birthday.”

“Have fun. And don’t drink too many Mimosas!” Bobby said.

“You mean Bloody Marys,” Summer said with a wink. She turned and walked into the house.


Things started to get weird after that. The next Thursday would have been Bobby’s night to see Summer but he couldn’t get hold of her. When he finally did reach her a few days later she was noncommittal and kind of blew him off. That was a first.

He called Ella and told her the handyman was calling to see if she had any chores she needed him to take care of, in the yard, on the roof, or in the bedroom. She laughed but said although it was tempting she didn’t think it was a good idea. Too close for comfort with Summer and everything. Evidently Ella didn’t know—or didn’t want to know–Bobby had been Summer’s steady bedmate and Summer didn’t want him screwing her mother.

Bobby thought about the last few months with amazement. He had had a wild weekend with a young hot dancer named Bree. Then he’d had a number of incredible nights with her hot Mom, Doctor Summer. And finally a couple wild romps of hippie sex with Ella. Sexually it had been the most fruitful period of his life. And now suddenly, as if flipping a switch, the rainy season was over and he was back in the desert.

He sent an email to Bree in an effort to catch up, but they hadn’t been in touch for a while and doubted he would hear back. Out of sight, out of mind, you know how that goes.


Bobby went to work every day with his nose to the grindstone, trying to forget about his sexcapades. Although he would replay the experiences in his mind, it wasn’t that hard to put most of it behind him and just chalk it up to ships passing in the night. He knew there was no real future with Summer; there was the big age difference, and she just needed to get laid and he was convenient. And what happened with Ella was an accident of fate; it would never have happened if he hadn’t fallen in the mud and been stranded in her home by the storm and ended up naked wearing her robe. And she needed to get laid and he was there. But it was different with Bree. He thought of her often.

It was about four months later when out of the blue on a Thursday evening Bobby received a call from Summer. When he saw her name displayed on his phone he froze for a second. He debated whether to let it go to voicemail but he couldn’t.

“Hello, Summer?” he said tentatively.

“Yes, Bobby. How are you?”

“I’m okay, how are you doing?”

“I’m fine,” she said, and launched right into the purpose of her call. “Look Bobby, I know it has been a while and I hope you don’t mind my calling but I thought you should know. It concerns Bree.”

“Bree? Is something wrong? Is she all right?”

“Oh, she’s fine,” Summer said with a chuckle. “She’s doing well. She is here in town. She’s an artist-in-residence for her old dance instructor. They’re putting on a song and dance revue for high school and college students.”

“She doesn’t live in New York anymore?” he asked.

“No, she still does. She’s been commuting back and forth and staying with me for a few weeks while she worked on the production. She’ll be going back soon. She has asked about you, and I think she wanted to call you, but she has been so busy, she’s been putting in sixteen hour days. And I think she may have felt funny calling since she had not done a good job of keeping in touch. Anyway, I wanted to call you in case you would want to know.”

“Yes, thank you. I’m glad you did.”

“The final performances are this weekend: Tomorrow night, Saturday night and a Sunday matinee.” She went on to tell him the theater and show times.

“I’d love to see her,” Bobby said. “Do you think she’d mind if I came Saturday night?”

“Oh, I think she’d be fine with that. I’ll let her know and will ask her to leave you a ticket at the box office.”


Bobby was walking on air for two days. On Saturday evening he got to the theater plenty early. He’d made sure he dressed and looked and smelled good. He picked up his ticket and there was a brief note paper-clipped to it. It read: ‘Hi Bobby, So glad you could come! Meet me at the foot of the stage right after the show. Bree’.

It was a great seat. Center section, third row, aisle seat. He looked around the small theater. It seated three or four hundred and had high ceilings, chandeliers and a small balcony. There was a band tuning up on one side of the floor. He read through the playbill and saw Bree’s name in a few different places: artist-in-residence, choreography, and in several different numbers. The show was an olio of song and dance numbers from Broadway musicals.

The show was very professionally done even though most of the performers were amateurs. Bobby was particular impressed with the chick named Bree. Not only with her dancing, but her singing! The girl had a beautiful set of pipes to go along with the rest of her which was pretty damn good too. She sang ‘Cabaret’ and he felt like she was singing directly to him. It brought the house down and he had half a hard-on by the time it was over.

After the show the lights went up and the audience streamed toward the rear exits but Bobby had a short walk to the stage. Bree was there in seconds, in costume and caked with make-up.

“Hi, Bobby!” she squealed, and leapt into his arms. She gave him a big hug and Bobby put his arms around her and hugged her too. It felt so good. “Thank you for coming. It’s so nice to see you.”

“God, Bree, you were great! What a wonderful show, and I didn’t know you could sing like that!”

“Oh, thank you, so glad you liked it. We worked hard on it.”

“It shows!”

“Want to go get a drink or something?” she asked.


“Great. Meet me around back at the stage entrance. Give me about fifteen minutes, okay? I need to change and get cleaned up. See ya.” She kissed him on the cheek and disappeared backstage.


Bobby had pulled his car around back and was leaning against the driver’s door when Bree emerged from the back of the theater. She was a beautiful sight for his sore eyes. She wore the same tight jeans and red sweater she’d worn on the night they’d met. The pancake had been washed from her face and she looked delectable. She strutted toward him with a gym bag in her hand. Bobby opened the passenger door for her and she got in.

They went to a small neighborhood bar a few blocks from the theater and sat in a booth facing one another. They ordered a pitcher of beer. Bobby suggested food but Bree said she was too wound up to eat.

“God, it’s good to see you,” Bobby said.

“It’s good to see you too,” Bree said. “Thank you for coming tonight. It means so much.”

They talked and tried to catch up. Bree told Bobby how sorry she was that they had lost touch. He said he was too. They talked about the show. She told him how she’d become involved with the production.

“My old dance teacher is on the faculty at the university, in the Theater Arts and Dance Department. She was always an inspiration and a mentor and she always encouraged me. We’ve kept in touch over the years. Anyway a few months ago she asked if I could help her put the show together, perform and coach and mentor the cast. She had some extra money in the budget. I said yes and here I am.”

“The show was great. And you look great. And God, I knew you could dance but had no idea you could sing like that. You are amazing!”

“Thank you,” she said. “We were pretty happy with the result.” She reached over and touched Bobby’s hand. “It’s so good to see you. I’m glad Mom called you. I wanted to but I kept putting it off. I was afraid.”

“Afraid of what?”

“That you wouldn’t want to see me.”

“Not a chance,” Bobby said. “Once she called I couldn’t wait for tonight.” He took her hand and raised it to his lips and kissed it. He detected wetness in her eyes.

“I’ll be right back,” Bree said, and she rose to go to the restroom. Bobby ordered another pitcher of beer.

Bree returned, sat down and took a swig of beer.

“I heard you had a fling with my mother,” she said, and took another swig.

“Yes, I took your advice. It seemed to happen kind of naturally. I’m sorry, but …”

“Don’t apologize, it’s okay. I put you up to it and I knew you’d go for it. I knew she needed to get laid, and I figured you may as well be the lucky guy. But I never figured you’d go to bed with my grandmother!”

This surprised him. “Oh, now that, uh, that was an accident. I had cleaned her gutters and my clothes were filthy and a really bad storm came and then…”

“It’s okay, Bobby, it’s okay. She must have needed it too.” After a short pause she added, “Maybe you’ve found your true calling.”

“Oh yeah, what’s that?”


Bobby was drinking and he laughed so hard beer came out of his nose. Bree laughed too and raised her mug and they toasted.

“Think about it,” she said. “You’re only man on Earth who’s done all three of us.”

Bobby smiled sheepishly and stared at his beer.

“And you know, Bobby, you may not realize it, but you’ve had a very profound effect on my mom and grandmother.”

“Who, me? How so?”

“Not long before the night we all met my mom had just kind of dumped a nerdy guy she’d been seeing. We liked meeting you guys and she was attracted to you and she has her needs so it made sense for you two to hook up even it was only temporary. But you really made her feel good about herself. She told me about you going to the party with her and how you praised her for her knowledge and called her ‘Doctor’ and encouraged her to back to school. And now that’s what she’s doing.”

“Really? That’s great.”

“Yes, and she credits you for helping her to get there. Not long after that party she met a man and they’ve become pretty serious about each other. He’s an ophthalmologist who came to work in her clinic for three weeks while her boss was on vacation. His name is Gerry. He was just as impressed with her expertise as you were. And now she’s taking classes, and making plans to join his practice as an optometrist.

“And my grandmother was in kind of a rut when you went over to her house and fell in the mud. She had lost a dear friend, a man she’d been very close to, the year before. And she was stuck in a major funk and couldn’t get out. There was this man named Moe, another old hippie who owns five or six health food stores, and he had been asking her out for months but she’d been turning him down. But whatever clicked between you and her that day did the trick. You made her feel sexy and desirable again and she got up the courage to call Moe and see if his invitation was still good. It was and now they’re talking about moving in together.”

“Wow, that’s great. I’m very happy for her. And Summer too.”

Summer took another drink of beer and took a deep breath.

“Which brings me to this: Now I’ve come to a crossroad in my life and I’m not sure what to do.”

Bobby squeezed her hand. “What is it?”

“Thank you for listening. It feels good to talk about it. A few weeks ago I found out my roommate is giving up the apartment when the lease is up. I have to decide whether to try to keep it, find a new roommate in a city full of lunatics, or try to find another place, which is no easy task. All while working and trying to hustle for gigs.

“Or, I have another opportunity which has come up. My old teacher has offered me a staff position here at the university working in her department. I would assist on all the productions, recitals, auditions, as well as any other chores they have for me. But I would work on choreography and be involved in the creative process, which I love, and mentor the students if they needed individual help. The job wouldn’t pay a whole lot, but would be livable, and one of the perks is I could take three course credits for free every semester and in the summer sessions to work toward a degree. But I’d have to find a place to live, get a car, and uproot my life from what it’s been the last few years.

“So, do I keep slogging away in New York, scuffling for work, and give up on a dream? Or do I move back, take a job I know I’d enjoy and be good at, but play it safe?”

“You could look at it as a great opportunity, a new chapter in your life. The free classes are a great bonus. And if you would need to make extra money, I know I could book us a few gigs a week as a duo; with your looks and your voice we’d be golden. But the main point is this: You’ve gained incredible experience the last few years. And that experience could actually have a priceless effect on the students you come in contact with. It could be very rewarding for you and for them.”

“You really think so?”

“Of course!”

“That’s what my teacher said.”

“She’s right. I’d bet few if any people in that department have had the experience you have. All the auditions, the casting calls, and the performances you’ve done. That could be invaluable to younger students.”

The second pitcher was almost empty. Bobby poured what was left of the beer into their mugs. Each mug had about two mouthfuls in it.

“Are you busy tomorrow night?” Bree asked.

“I just cleared my slate,” Bobby said.

“Tomorrow’s matinee is our final performance. Afterwards we have a cast party which I must attend for an hour or so. After that I’m going to dinner with Mom and Gerry and my grandmother and Moe. It’s Gerry’s treat. Would you come with me?”

Bobby hesitated. “You don’t think that might be a little awkward?”

“No, not at all. Please come, I don’t want to be a fifth wheel. The women all agree it is a good idea. And the men both said they’d love to meet you. And don’t worry, neither one of them knows that you got there first.”

Bobby blushed and Bree grinned. “Okay,” he said.

“Great,” she said. “And you know where we’re going? The seafood place you took me to.”

“Flounder Fred’s!”

“That’s right. And after dinner and the old folks leave, we can have a little time to ourselves.”

Bobby drove Bree to Summer’s house. They had a nice kiss in his car and he waited until she was in the house and flashed the porchlight before he drove off.


Dinner was set for seven-thirty. After a brief stop at the Holiday Inn down the block, Bobby arrived early and waited in the lobby. At about five minutes till seven the older folks arrived. Summer looked fine as ever in a red dress and with longer hair, now several inches down her back. Ella was slim and vibrant in a tight black top and baggy flowery pants. He was pleasantly surprised when Summer and Ella both hugged him without hesitation, thus breaking any ice.

Introductions had just been made when a taxi pulled up to the front entrance and Bree appeared. They were seated promptly and dinner went well. Summer and Ella gave him a sideways glance here and there but it was not uncomfortable at all. Conversation was free and easy, often focused on Bree’s production, and Bobby really enjoyed it. Gerry was a handsome guy, maybe a few years older than Summer, and had a pretty good sense of humor. And Moe was a real piece of work, big and bold, funny as hell and had a ponytail almost as long as Ella’s.

After dinner they all said their goodbyes in the lobby. By this time the place had thinned out so they took a private booth in the bar and ordered cognacs. Drinks they could nurse and extend the evening. At first they talked about how well dinner had gone and how much they both liked Gerry and Moe. Then the conversation shifted to Bree’s dilemma. A decision would have to be made soon.

“When are you going back to New York? How long will you be in town?” Bobby asked. By this time they were holding hands.

“A few days,” she said. “There’s no rush. I have some days off from the day job and no gigs lined up. I’ve been concentrating on the work here for the last few weeks, commuting back and forth a lot. Now that it’s over it’s kind of a letdown, like ‘Now what?’, you know what I mean?”

“I think so,” Bobby said softly. They were peering into each other’s’ eyes, and all four were glistening.

Bobby reached into his pocket and took out a room key from the Holiday Inn down the street and put it on the table. He’d reserved a room hoping for the best.

Bree’s eyes became leaky saucers. She smiled but started crying softly. Then she reached into her purse and pulled out a room key from the Holiday Inn down the street and put it on the table next to the other one. Her smile widened but her tears increased.

Bobby grinned and took her other hand in his and squeezed both and felt her squeezing him back.

“Well, well,” he said. “It’s true: Great minds think alike!”

Fortunately they were able to shift one of the reservations to the following night. Bobby figured he had two days to convince her that moving back home was the right thing to do.

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