Coffee with My Mother-in-law

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Chapter 1

My wife Leanne and I were in our mid 50s when we were lucky enough to sell our plumbing business and house in the city and retire. We already had a house out in the country, about three hours drive away, so we had decided to move out there. We still wanted a place to stay in the city every now and then when we wanted to visit friends and family.

My wife’s mother had lost her husband about 15 years ago and was still living in their large family home, so she had lots of space. We moved a bed and some furniture into one of her spare rooms so we could stay a couple of nights every month or so.

My mother in law, Joan was thrilled to have someone in the house because she was quite lonely. Leanne was happy as well because she was getting a bit worried about her mum’s state of mind. Joan was 75 but otherwise still in good health. I have always got along with her so I was happy with the arrangement.

Chapter 2

The first time we stayed it was midsummer and in the middle of a heat wave. The house isn’t air-conditioned and was very hot, so we slept on top of the covers with our bedroom door open to let some breeze through.

Joan was an early riser like myself but these days Leanne likes to sleep till about 8 am and doesn’t appreciate getting woken up early.

The first morning we stayed over, Joan was at our door at 6.30am asking if we wanted a cup of coffee. I was awake but it woke Leanne and she was a bit grumpy about it and asked her mum not to wake her up so early.

Well the next morning the same thing, Joan at our door at about 6.30am asking if we wanted coffee. This made Leanne even grumpier with her. We were driving home later that day and Leanne was complaining about how her mum kept coming in and waking her up.

I suggested “Well, we could just lock the door.”

“No, it’s too damned hot at the moment, maybe you should just sleep with your cock flopped out your boxers like you normally do, that might scare her off.”

“Probably give her a heart attack,” I suggested.

We both laughed and didn’t mention it again.

After she had said that though, I couldn’t get the thought of flashing my cock to Joan out of my head.

Probably the only time I had ever thought of her in a sexual nature was nearly 35 years ago. It was when Leanne and I were dating, I would have been about 20 at the time. It was in their previous home that was much smaller than the house Joan has now. I was sleeping over at her place, on the couch of course. I got up through the night to go to the toilet and the toilet door was opposite Leanne’s parent’s bedroom. The door was open and I just happened to look in and there was Joan in the half light, completely naked and standing at the end of the bed. When my eyes eventually moved up from her black hairy bush, to her breasts then to her face she was looking straight at me. Our eyes locked for a few seconds, she didn’t move, then I did the polite thing and went into the bathroom. When I came out the door was closed. I have no idea what she was doing. I jerked off to the vision of her naked for quite some time after that.

So I reasoned if I gave Joan a quick flash I would be repaying the favour from all those years ago. She probably hadn’t seen a cock for over 15 years. Anyway, the real purpose was to discourage her from coming in and waking Leanne in the morning. If I got a cheap thrill out of it, that was a bonus.

Over the next few weeks I went through various scenarios. The bedroom was quite small and the foot of the bed faced the door. With the door on my side of the bed it was perfect. I tossed up between just a little knob peeking out, the whole cock, but finally decided to go the full monty with cock and balls out the leg of my boxers. I even rehearsed at home setting up my phone to take pictures from approximately where Joan would be standing at the door. I settled on lying on my back, slightly turned away from Leanne, cock and balls out the leg of my boxers, lower leg pulled up so my cock would lay along my leg. If I draped my arm over my face I would be able to peek out under my arm to see the bottom half of the doorway but Joan would not be able to see that I was awake. After some experimenting l got the position just right. Whether my cock would be hard, semi or soft would just depend on the day. I was also going to prop up my phone on the bedside table and set it to record so I could see Joan’s reactions.

It was 3 weeks before we went back to Joan’s place and I was getting very excited about carrying out my scheme.

The day before we left I gave myself a good close trim around the privates. Leanne wasn’t suspicious of this because I like to wear a cock ring on occasions these days and sometimes a ball ring. I am getting older and it’s good to be able to keep a nice hard cock for longer. You don’t want much hair when you wear those. A close trim keeps the hair out the way without all the maintenance and itching of shaving or waxing.

Chapter 3

We arrived at Joan’s in the late afternoon, had dinner and watched a bit of TV. When we went to bed that night I made sure gaziantep escort bayan to wear my most loose fitting boxers. The weather had cooled a little so we slept under a sheet but still left the door open for a bit of breeze.

I woke before the sun came up because I was so excited about the thought of flashing Joan my cock. I set up my phone to record and hitched up my boxers and got in my planned position with cock and balls out. I am uncut and I know from Leanne that her father was circumcised. When she first saw my cock she had said she had seen her father’s by accident once and it was different to mine. So I decided to leave my foreskin over my cock head just for a bit of novelty value. I don’t know if Joan had ever seen an uncircumcised cock before or one with all the hair trimmed off.

It must have been about 20 minutes before I heard Joan moving around. I kept the sheet partially over me just in case I wanted to chicken out or if Leanne woke up, though she is usually a heavy sleeper.

I lay perfectly still looking under my arm at the bottom of the doorway waiting for Joan to appear. My cock was slightly firm laying on my leg in anticipation. It seemed like an eternity but eventually Joan’s feet appeared at the door, I heard a slight noise as if she was about to say something then stopped herself, then she moved away. Well she had definitely got an eyeful and a fright. I decided to keep still just in case and maybe 30 seconds later I saw her come back to the doorway. She didn’t move, she was obviously having a good perv at my cock.

Wow, I could almost feel my 75 year old mother in law’s eyes on my cock. Then I began to feel the blood start flowing. I am thinking if I get an erection while she is watching she will know this was on purpose, but I have no control over it. I can feel my foreskin starting to roll back off my knob as my cock starts to lengthen. Now I am starting to panic. My balls start to tighten, my cock starts to move.

Then I hear Leanne say “God mum, what time is it?”

I can hear the panic in Joan’s voice as she stammers “Oh, ah, I was just seeing if you were ready for a coffee.”

“No mum, it’s too early, I just want to sleep a bit more. Maybe Rob wants one.”

Leanne obviously hadn’t seen what was going on. I didn’t want Leanne to know I was flashing my cock to her mum, even though she suggested it I am sure she was just joking. I was also sure Joan didn’t want Leanne to know she was standing there perving on her husband’s dick. While they were talking I took this as my cue to pretend to wake up. So as casually as possible I rolled over a bit, pulled the sheet over me, yawned and opened my eyes. Just as well Joan had been distracted because now I had a full on erection.

Joan looked at me and asked rather meekly, “Would you like a coffee?”

I replied, “Yeah, thanks, that would be nice.”

At that moment Leanne said, “Well I’m going back to sleep.”

With that she rolled away from me taking the sheet with her and pulling it off me. There I was with my cock exposed again and standing to full attention. I looked at Joan, she looked at me, we both looked at my cock. I tried to pull the sheet back over me but it was wrapped around Leanne. So I very clumsily grabbed it and stuffed it back in my boxers. It was out of sight but still making quite a tent.

I looked at Joan and with a pleading look on my face and mouthed the word “Sorry.”

She just looked at me with this sort of a half smile and said very quietly, “I’ll get you your coffee.”

Then she had a quick glance at my tent, turned and went to the kitchen.

That was all way more than I bargained for. I got up, grabbed my phone to stop the recording and went out to the kitchen. Joan was there making the coffee.

I said “Hey Joan, I am really, really sorry about that. I didn’t mean to give you a fright like that.”

“No, no, that was my fault, I shouldn’t just come barging into your bedroom like that.”

“It’s OK, it’s your house. We should keep our door closed anyway,” I offered.

“No, I know that rooms’ a bit hot and stuffy so no need.”

” Well a least I should probably wear something other than boxers to bed when we’re here, they don’t keep much in.”

“No, they don’t do they,” Joan replied with a hint of a smirk.

“Look,” I said “I do enjoy my early morning coffee, but Leanne really does prefer to sleep in a bit. So if we just try not to wake her up it’s fine.”

“Sure,” she said.

Then we had our coffee and just talked about other things as if nothing had happened.

After coffee I went to the bathroom and checked out the video. Joan’s initial reaction when she first looked in was definitely shock and she moved away quickly. When she came back the second time you could see she looked in cautiously at first but then she just stared at my cock until Leanne spoke. Then there was panic on her face. When the sheet came off my erect cock you could see her eyes move from my cock to my face, then that little smirk when I mouthed my apology. I had a raging hard on gaziantep escort telefonları and had a quick wank and shot the biggest load I have done for a long time.

The next morning I woke early and made sure I was covered this time. About 6.30 Joan cautiously poked her head around the corner of the door and very quietly asked if I wanted coffee.

I said “Yes please,” and got out of bed to join her in the kitchen.

“Thanks for not waking Leanne, and I made sure there was no floor show this morning.”

She just kind of giggled and said “Oh well.”

I didn’t quite know what to make of that and a bit of a silence followed before she changed the subject and the morning continued as normal.

We went home that day and that night I was still so horny thinking about Joan looking at my cock and maybe she actually enjoyed it. I fucked Leanne with a lot more vigor than usual that night, so much so she asked what had gotten into me.

Chapter 4

Our next trip to Joan’s was a month later. It was a bit of a rush and we were only staying one night. I had had her “Oh well,” comment in my head since the last trip. Was she just making a bit of a joke or was she disappointed there was no show. I wasn’t really game enough to take it any further and I had been feeling a bit guilty as well. I had even decided to bring some more modest long pyjama pants.

In the morning at about 6.30 Joan looked into our bedroom. I was awake and sitting up playing on my phone with my pyjama pants on. As usual Joan asked if I wanted coffee but I think I noticed a hint of disappointment on her face. I got up and had coffee with her but that was all.

Chapter 5

We were staying for 2 nights next time and it had been my birthday in between visits. When we arrived in the early evening Joan had put on a nice dinner for my birthday. After dinner she handed me a small gift wrapped package.

She seemed really nervous but said, “Just a little gift for your birthday.”

I tore open the wrapping and pulled out a pair of black satin boxer shorts.

“I hope they’re not too big, wasn’t sure of your size,” Joan explained.

Leanne said “It’s OK mum, we can exchange them if they don’t fit.”

Obviously Leanne had no idea of the significance of this gift.

I said “Thank you,” to Joan then leaned over to give her a kiss on the cheek and whispered, “Perfect to sleep in.”

When I sat back down Joan had a cheeky little grin on her face.

Well it is now very obvious that Joan would be happy to see more of my cock. I put the new boxers on to go to bed. They were a little big for me but I think that was very intentional on Joan’s behalf. Next morning I sat myself up in bed with my legs spread apart and my cock out the very loose leg of my new boxers. I played on my phone while waiting for Joan to appear. I was in a game and looked up and there was Joan standing in the doorway quietly staring between my legs.

She noticed me now seeing her and just smiled and said, “Ready for our coffee?”

“Yeah,” I replied and got out of bed and followed her to the kitchen.

Joan just started with small talk and put the coffee on.

The following morning I slept a bit later and when I woke Joan was already standing in the doorway but didn’t say anything. She just stood there with what was not quite a demanding look but certainly an expectant look on her face . Now I had a nice wake up hard-on. Leanne refused to have sex when we were at her mum’s house. So I adjusted my boxers so it was sticking out the fly, then threw the sheet off. I laid there with my rock hard cock standing to full attention.

She smiled and looked quietly for maybe half a minute then said, “I’ll put the coffee on.”

I still had a raging erection so I went to the bathroom and jerked off before going out to the kitchen.

Joan set the coffee out and said, “That feel better?”

Did she know I had just gone and shot a load off in the bathroom?

I was a bit put off guard and just dumbly said, “Ah, yes thanks.”

“That’s good, what do you feel like for breakfast this morning?”

When we left that day I gave Joan a peck on the cheek and said, “Thanks for the new boxers.”

“That’s OK, they look good on you.”

Then gave me a little grin.

On the drive home Leanne mentioned, “Looks like mum has finally got the idea and stopped waking me up at such an unearthly hour.”

“Yeah, I had a word to her and we have come to an arrangement.”

“Oh, and what’s that?”

“Nothing really, I just get up and have a coffee with her and leave you to sleep.”

I could hardly say “Well if I show her my cock she leaves you alone.”

It was going to be a break of 6 weeks till our next visit. A couple of weeks before we were due to come down Joan called Leanne’s mobile, she was out in the garden so I picked up.

“Hi Joan.”

She was a bit surprised at me answering.

“Oh Rob, I thought I called Leanne, Hi.”

“She’s out in the garden, do you want gaziantep escort videoları me to go get her?”

“No, that’s alright, I’ll call later, was just calling to have a chat. When are you coming to stay again?”

“Should be the weekend after next I think, but check with Leanne.”

“Seems like you haven’t been here for ages.” She paused a bit then added more quietly, “I miss our coffee mornings.”

“Me too, don’t worry, you will see me again soon,” I ventured knowing full well what she was referring to.

“Well I’m looking forward to seeing you,” she replied.

“Well just as long as you’re not seeing too much of me.”

“Oh no, the more I see of you the better.”

Just then Leanne walked in so I said “Leanne’s just come in so I will hand you over, bye.”

“OK, bye, see you soon,” Joan answered.

I handed the phone over to Leanne. Phew, that conversation left nothing in doubt without actually saying what it was really about. That convinced me that I should go ahead with what I had been thinking about, which was to see if she would like me to play with my cock for her.

Chapter 6

The time seemed to drag but eventually we headed back to Joan’s. I made sure I brought my new boxers with me and wore them to bed that night.

I woke quite early because I was so excited. I sat up in bed with my phone and with my cock out the leg of my boxers. Sure enough, Joan appeared at the door but didn’t ask if I wanted coffee. We looked at each other for a moment then her eyes went to my boxers. My cock was semi hard, so I tentatively reached down and grabbed it and slowly started to stroke it. Joan looked transfixed so I continued slowly stroking.

It got nice and hard real fast. I slid my foreskin up and down so my cock head appeared and disappeared. Joan just continued to stare but now she lent against the doorway. I looked to check Leanne was still fast asleep then started to stroke with more pace. I pulled my t-shirt up my chest to make way for the imminent load of cum. I spurted several loads of cum over my stomach. I looked to my dressing table for something to clean up with but there was nothing obvious.

Joan put up her hand and mouthed

, “Wait.”

Then she disappeared. I heard water running in the bathroom. She seemed to be taking ages and I was nervously keeping an eye on Leanne because it would be hard to explain me sitting there with my cock out, cum all over me and the door open. She eventually returned with a washcloth, walked in and handed it to me then went back to the door. She had even warmed the washcloth for me. I cleaned myself up while Joan stood there watching.

When I was done she said, “Coffee?”

I nodded and smiled.

I got up and went out to join Joan in the kitchen carrying the cum covered washcloth.

Joan said, “You can drop that in the wash basket.”

I went to the laundry and did as instructed. I returned to the kitchen then she just asked what our plans were for the day.

Leanne and I went out with friends that evening and got back quite late. So I didn’t wake that early. When I did, I looked and saw Joan at the door. She had one hand on her hip and looked just a little impatient. Then I saw she was holding a washcloth in her other hand. I thought, wow, she is really liking this, but so was I, so why not. I sat myself up, pulled the sheet to one side and pulled my soft cock out of my boxers. I had just started stroking it to attention when Leanne started to stir. I quickly covered myself and Joan disappeared. Leanne got up and went for a pee then got back in bed and rolled over to go back to sleep. Joan came back a few minutes later but now I was worried about getting caught. We had been lucky so far.

I said quietly, “I’ll get up.”

Joan left then and I went for a pee myself before heading to the kitchen.

Joan was sitting on a stool at the kitchen bench and I noticed the washcloth sitting neatly folded on the bench.

She just said, “You can do it here.”

I was shocked to say the least. It wasn’t an order but it was certainly said like there was no question about it.

Taken aback I just said, “What?”

She pointed to my groin, “You know, with your thingy, make the stuff come out the end, like yesterday.”

Now that was language I hadn’t heard before but for some reason it went straight to my dick. She had probably never talked dirty in her life and either didn’t know the more appropriate words or was just too much of a prude to use them.

Where Joan was sitting she could see me and down the hall. Our bedroom was at the other end of the house so it was much safer. I pulled my boxers down so she had a full view and I started wanking my cock. As she was sitting and I was standing my cock was just about at her eye level and no more than 2 feet away. Neither of us said a word, me wanking my dick and Joan just watching intently. I was starting to go quicker as I was getting close to coming.

Joan unfolded the washcloth and laid it on the bench in front of me and said, “Put your stuff on this.”

I moved forward and lent against the edge of the kitchen bench which was just the right height to rest my balls on. I aimed my cock at the washcloth and let out a grunt as I shot several loads of cum. The first overshot the washcloth but the rest went on it. I squeezed the last few drips out and finished with a string of cum hanging from my cock to the washcloth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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