Colleague with Benefits

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Colleague with Benefits

By Alex Barton


Dexter Morgan, known as Dex to his friends and colleagues, reached for his jacket and slipped it on. As he shot his cuffs, he caught the scent of the cologne he sprayed on after his shower and smiled: he had read somewhere that a man’s cologne should only be strong enough for a woman to smell when she leaned in to kiss him and he had judged just right. And if things went the way he planned this evening, one particular woman would be leaning in not only to catch the scent on his cheeks but also in the mass of black hair at the base of his long, thick cock which was already throbbing with the intensity of his desire.

Adjusting himself as best he could, Dex climbed behind the wheel of his BMW Mini Coupé and maneuvered his way through the traffic, his mind traveling back to when he first met Josie Newsome.

As Chief Financial Officer for the city, Dex had control of a multi-million-dollar budget. His main function was oversight of the various teams responsible for the day-to-day administration of specific projects, one of which was attracting investment for inner-city regeneration. The manager leading the team had taken early retirement and Dex had to find a replacement in a hurry. His secretary Angie did an excellent job of sorting through the responses when the post was advertised and, because they not only worked closely together but she also knew his preference in sexual partners, having been one herself at the start of their relationship, Dex was intrigued when she put a file on his desk and said she was sure he would like this particular female candidate as her resumé was highly impressive. So much so that Angie had cleared his schedule so he could interview the woman that afternoon.

Dex felt a surge in his cock as he remembered Josie entering his office. Or, rather, her huge breasts did, followed by a beautiful blonde in her early forties who put her hand out for him to shake and gave him a smile that made his heart thump in his chest and sent his libido into overdrive. Angie was not wrong in her estimation: Dex did like Josie who was exactly the type of woman he enjoyed fucking even though he saw from her resumé she was married with two sons, one 18, the other a year older.

But Dex quickly discovered he was attracted to Josie not only for her voluptuous figure, her black jacket struggling to contain the weight of her bust, or her tight pencil-skirt that showed off her long shapely legs, but also because she took the initiative during the interview, telling him what the city needed to do to attract overseas investment, what she projected the results would be if she was allowed to implement her proposals, and then going through them in detail on a laptop she pulled from her bag and set up on Dex’s desk. Dex thought of himself as a hard-headed businessman but he could not fault Josie’s professionalism, even if he found it hard to concentrate on his own when she got up out of her seat and walked round to stand next to him, the perfume she was wearing filling his nostrils as he struggled to hide his reaction to the way her jacket strained with the weight of her breasts as she leaned down, her tight skirt emphasizing her gorgeously curvy ass.

As attracted as he was, Dex still managed to quiz Josie thoroughly on the groundwork for her proposals and her qualifications apart from the obvious ones. The last thing he wanted for the city was for Josie to believe her beauty alone would charm investors although he reasoned it would certainly help. When he drew the interview to a close he thanked Josie for coming in and said he would be in touch. She gave him another one of her megawatt smiles and said she looked forward to it.

As soon as Josie left Dex asked Angie to arrange for him to see the Mayor and any reservations Dex had about his new recruit’s ability to deliver on her proposals evaporated when, within three months of her appointment, the City Council was delighted to announce to the media that the newly-appointed Project Manager for External Investment had secured a contract that would ensure the regeneration of one of the inner-city areas worst-hit by the recession.

As much as Josie became the constant star of Dex’s fantasies whenever he masturbated, they maintained a purely-business relationship until the day she asked to see him and disclosed her husband had left her for another woman and she had instituted divorce proceedings. Dex expressed concern and offered his unqualified support and maintained it until the divorce was final. As soon as Dex judged Josie was settled and secure he made his move and asked her out, assuring her if she declined it would not affect their working relationship. Josie smiled and asked if he meant on a date and Dex said he would be showing her off at the city’s most exclusive restaurant. Josie clapped her hands with delight and said she would be thrilled to accept.


Dex parked his car outside Josie’s house and reached for the bouquet of roses he had brought and walked up the drive. porno videolar The door opened immediately which meant Josie was watching for him and Dex felt a renewed surge of sexual excitement, heightened when he saw the dress Josie was wearing. Dark red velvet to match her lipstick, off-the-shoulder to reveal the creamy slopes of her huge breasts, the dress was slit up at the side and Dex found himself wondering if she was wearing either nothing underneath or just a thong to ensure her pussy was accessible to his questing fingers when they reached the goodnight-kiss stage of their date. Dex had no doubt that would happen; the look in Josie’s eyes as she lifted her face to kiss him hello confirmed she was as attracted to him as he was to her.

Dinner was a perfect mix of good food and laughter with just a hurried wipe of Josie’s teary eyes when she confessed to Dex how hurt she was when she discovered her husband was cheating on her. She managed not to be vengeful for the sake of her boys but admitted she had no idea what she would have done without his unqualified backing. Dex smiled and assured her he never doubted she would stay focused; her results spoke for themselves and he cared about her happiness which meant doing what he could to support her was as important to him as it was to her. Josie’s reaction was to reach for his hand and stroke her thumb over his, asking if he would like coffee and a nightcap, adding that her sons were spending the night at a friend’s house, delighted to have the opportunity to eat pizza and play videogames, undoubtedly finding time to watch a substantial amount of porn in between killing zombies and zombie Nazis.

Dex pulled up outside Josie’s house and sat back in his seat. He waited a few moments and then reached across and took her hand. He knew she would be able to see the desire in his eyes as he told her he recognized this was only their first date but he had been sexually attracted to her from the moment she first walked into his office. Josie closed her eyes, her face moving close to his, her lips open and wet. Dex kissed her softly, sliding his hand up to cup her massive breast, his thumb brushing over her taut nipple signaling the intensity of her desire. The kiss lasted for long moments and then Josie reached for the door handle, obviously eager to continue their lovemaking inside the house. But Dex reached up to cup her cheek, turning her face toward him so he could kiss her again, his hand sliding into the neckline of her dress to cup her breast once again but this time lifting it free of the material. Josie gasped as he exposed her in full view of any neighbor watching or passing by which was his intention.

Soft and warm and heavy in his hand, Dex lowered his face to Josie’s huge breast and feathered kisses over the perfect smoothness of her skin, his mouth seeking her turgid nipple. When he found it he closed his teeth round the bud, biting it gently as Josie twined her fingers in his hair, holding his head to encourage him to take as much of the big soft globe in his mouth as he could. While Dex suckled her nipple Josie reached for the neckline of her dress and tugged it down, baring her upper body completely and Dex sighed with delight as he moved from one taut tip to the other, his breath rasping as she reached out and closed her hand over the length of his cock, trapped along the leg of his pants. She unzipped his fly, sliding her fingers inside to take hold of his prick and ease it free. Josie’s eyes widened when it reared up thick and hard and long and she licked her lips, moaning softly as she lowered her head into his lap and closed her mouth round the bulging glans, slick with his arousal, her tongue licking up the oily precum before swallowing the whole length until the head was buried in her throat.

Dex surrendered to the exquisite pleasure, his suckling lips leaving Josie’s breasts reluctantly as he leaned back in his seat, his hand resting gently on her head. He loved the loud gagging noises she made as she sucked his cock, alternating drawing sucks on the head with massaging the glans with her throat muscles as she nuzzled her nose into his curly black pubic hair. Dex had waited so long for this moment it was impossible for him to hold back the signs of his impending orgasm, his hands tightening on Josie’s head, moaning softly as he flexed his hips up to fuck her face, his moans turning to a cry of ecstasy as a flood of hot sperm gushed from the head of his cock into Josie’s mouth which she gulped down greedily, her tongue caressing the spurting tip to encourage him to empty the creamy contents of his balls down her throat.

At last he was done and Dex stroked Josie’s face, signaling he wanted to kiss her. She raised her head, unconcerned if anyone had been watching what she was doing and kissed him, hard, sharing the taste of his sperm with him. Dex loved it but he wanted to taste his cum after he had fucked her and, as soon as he broke the kiss, he climbed out of the car, his cock still exposed and jutting from his pants, and took porno video izle Josie’s hand, leading her towards her house, the neckline of her dress still lowered to her waist, her huge breasts jiggling and bouncing as she walked up the path to unlock her front door and invite her new lover inside.


Dex knew Josie would be wondering if he was a one-shot wonder or would need time to recuperate. He figured she would be surprised and delighted when she discovered he could come multiple times in a session, each time pouring out an abundant quantity of hot gooey semen into whichever orifice he was fucking. And where Josie was concerned he was determined that as well as her mouth that would include her cunt and her asshole.

He watched as she locked the door behind them, took his hand and led him upstairs to her bedroom. Once there she disappeared into the bathroom while he swiftly undressed, arranging his clothes over a convenient chair. Josie had not closed the door and he could hear her peeing in a forceful squirt. The sound turned him on and he would have liked to join her to watch but he decided he would wait before letting her discover how aroused seeing her urinate made him. The result on his libido though was undeniable and he stroked his cock to the sensuous sound. Josie smiled as she rejoined him, waiting for him to pause from masturbating to unzip her dress and shimmy it down over the swell of her buttocks to pool on the floor. She stepped out of it, still wearing her high heels, and Dex bent to pick it up, laying it on the chair. Josie smiled and stepped closer to him, lifting her face to his.

Dex could not remember when he last kissed such soft lips as Josie’s. She kissed with a fierce hunger, her tongue dueling with his as she ground her mons against the base of his prick, stroking the mounds of her huge breasts against the muscles of his chest, arousing them both by the friction of her nipples against the dark fur on his upper body. Dex reached down to cup the cheeks of her ass, filling his hands to overflowing with her plump cheeks, his fingers questing for the tiny opening of her asshole. As soon as he found it he slid two fingers across its puckered ridges to dip them in the abundant cream oozing from her pussy and then pressed them against the tight muscle, forcing it open so he could bury his fingers in her rectum up to the knuckle. Josie let out a little squeal of surprise and pleasure and Dex quickly reached down with the other hand to stroke his fingers across her aroused clit and push two of them into her cunt, finger-fucking her ass and cunt at the same time until Josie squealed in gasping, trembling orgasm, hot liquid pouring from her pussy into Dex’s cupping hand as she shivered and moaned against his body, overwhelmed by the pleasure of being doubly-invaded.

Dex held Josie as her orgasm ebbed then stood watching while she positioned herself face down on the bed. She reached back to take the curvy cheeks of her ass in both hands, holding them open in wanton invitation. Dex could see the wet pink lips of her cunt, glistening with her cream, her clit standing proud of its hood, the tiny opening of her asshole so enticing in the soft glow of her bedroom lamp. His cock, already rigid as an iron bar, throbbed and quivered, the slightest touch likely to make him cover Josie’s back and buttocks with his cum.

Lowering himself slowly so she could adjust to his weight, Dex settled himself on top of Josie, laying his cock in the furrow of her buttocks as he reached under her body to fill his hands to overflowing with her massive breasts. His mouth seeking hers, he kissed and licked from her lips along her jawline over her neck to the smooth skin of her shoulder. He closed his teeth on her perfumed flesh and raised his hips, dragging his cock back so it dangled down and then arched his back so his glans slid between the slick lips of her cunt. With a soft groan of pleasure, answered by a cry of delight from Josie, he buried the full length of his long, thick cock inside her until his balls rested against her cuntlips and he held still, letting her body adjust to his length, her cunt stuffed totally full.

For long moments Dex did no more than enjoy the exquisite sensation of possessing Josie, squeezing her nipples between his fingers to heighten her pleasure as he slid his cock back and forth in her slippery pussy. He knew he was in no danger of coming, only the friction of fucking would bring him off now that the edge of his desire had been blunted by spurting his sperm into her suckling mouth, but he wanted to give Josie the intense pleasure of climaxing simply from having such a huge cock filling her body, the pleasure centers deep in her core sending her arousal to heights he doubted she had ever experienced before. And then she moaned, raising her hips to swallow every inch of his cock with her cream-filled cunt, letting him know she was ready to be fucked and he started what they had both been looking forward to from the moment he appeared on her doorstep porno video early in the evening.

Athletic and demanding, Dex fucked Josie hard, pounding her into the mattress, kneading her breasts and then sliding one hand down between her legs to caress her clit at the same time as he fucked her. Time and again he thrust every last inch of his hard cock into her pussy, forcing gasps of pleasure from her lungs, her mouth desperately seeking his so she could express the intensity of her pleasure through her passionate kisses. Lost in the frenzy of his long-suppressed desire, Dex hardly noticed when Josie shuddered in orgasm, her cream making the pistoning of his cock in her cunt even more pleasurable, loud slurping noises filling the room as Dex flexed his hips to drive his prick so far into her body he felt as if his balls would be swallowed up by her spasming cuntwalls.

And then he felt the tell-tale buzzing at the base of his prick and liquid heat surged up to burst from the tip, inundating Josie’s womb with his potent sperm. Time and again Dex shuddered and jerked, his hips thudding up hard against her plump asscheeks as he emptied his balls in gushes of ecstatic release, each one more satisfying than the last until he was done and he could only sag on top of her, taking care to balance himself on his arms so as not to crush her petite body beneath his.

Reluctant to disengage but needing to cool down, Dex slowly withdrew his cock from Josie’s body making her purr softly as she waited for him to lie on his back so she could snuggle her head into his chest. She raised her leg over his thigh possessively, lifted her face to his and sighed with delight and fulfilment when he kissed her, his hand wandering down her back to paddle his fingers in the thick mass of his cum and her cream leaking from her well-fucked pussy.

Dex felt no need to ask Josie if she had enjoyed their first sex session together and besides, it was far from over. But he let her rest contentedly and closed his own eyes, his mind filling with an instant replay of what it felt like to have his fingers exploring the tight rectum of the woman he lusted after. As much as Dex loved fucking women’s cunts there was something he desired even more and it had been that way since he first recognized the effect the sight, taste, smell and tightness of a woman’s asshole had on his libido. Dex was an ass man, plain and simple, and he needed Josie to understand and enjoy that side of him or they would have no future together and he had waited too long to face that possibility.

As soon as he was ready, his cock fully erect once more and quivering against his stomach at the intensity of his arousal and anticipation, Dex gently coaxed Josie onto her back. Her eyes opened wide as he slid his hands under her thighs and raised her legs in the air, lifting them until her knees pressed against the huge globes of her breasts. She let out a soft mewl of delight when the head of his cock slid into the sperm-slick opening of her cunt and Dex knew she would enjoy a second session of being fucked hard every bit as much as she had the first.

But then Dex’s eyes, hooded with desire, met Josie’s and he withdrew, reaching down between their bodies to take hold of his cock and position it against the tiny muscle of her asshole. He waited while Josie took a deep breath and then, slowly but firmly, the tip of his cock oiled by her cream and the abundant cum that had leaked from her cunthole and pooled round her anus, flexed his hips, the movement forcing the muscle open to swallow the thickness of his glans until it clamped tight around the corona and he stayed still, waiting for Josie’s anus to relax and accept the invasion.

Eventually Josie nodded her head and Dex flexed his hips gently, working his cock slowly into her rectum, every inch of her rectal walls exquisitely tight and hot as they enveloped first the head then the shaft of his sodomizing prick. He saw a flash of discomfort cross her face and knew that while the sensation of being impaled on ten inches of cock was intensely satisfying when he was fucking her cunt, it was less so when it meant her asshole, unused to being forced to accept something pushed into it instead of out, was having to accommodate the same length of hard male flesh. But Dex was confident Josie would enjoy it as soon as he was fully hilted, the head buried in her bowels, pleasure radiating out from her overstuffed rectum.

And so it proved. As soon as his groin was grinding against the puffy slipperiness of her cuntlips, her erect clit stroked by the taut muscles of his stomach, Josie lifted her face for Dex to lower his mouth to hers, their lips fusing in passion, and Dex knew it was time to enjoy the intense pleasure sodomy unfailingly brought him.

Dex fucked Josie’s asshole slowly and deeply, taking his time, driving his prick in, pulling it out, watching with delight as she cupped first one breast then the other in her hands, lifting the huge globe to her mouth so she could suckle her own nipples, luxuriating in the ecstasy of being deeply sodomized. In Dex’s experience not all women could accept a really hard, deep anal fucking but Josie could and time and again her hungry asshole swallowed the length of his long, thick prick, Dex’s grunts of effort as he drove his cock repeatedly into the depths of her bowels echoed by his lover’s moans of building ecstasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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