College Girl Helps Dad Get Even

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College girl Missy discovers Mama isn’t taking very good care of Daddy and does her best to make him happy! I’m undecided if we should bring them back to see what they’re getting up to or not. You let me know what you think! Comments, email and constructive criticism always welcome!

As the scenery rolled past I tried to concentrate on that instead of the stench of the bus. The long haul travelers that needed showers, the unchanged clothes, and the stale mishmash food.

Lucky I could afford the bus home from college, it just so happened that my backwater town in northern Florida had a bus station. It was little more of a lean-to attached to a shack. I stepped of the bus and was slapped with Florida typical hot muggy air. But even that was even refreshing after the stale humidity of the bus.

I had no luggage. Everything important to me was in my small bag, and other than my driver’s license, it was more memories. I had clothes at home decided to leave my few nice clothes in my dorm room. The dust swirled around my shoes on the sandy road as I began to look for Mama’s new address. Daddy wrote and said they moved and gave the address.

A scholarship got me out of this town and a good job after graduation would keep me out. We were dirt poor. Daddy did what he could, but Mama was a big spender. I always thought she took her favors elsewhere because often she would come home with her peroxide blonde hair mussed, red lipstick smeared and the smell of drug store men’s aftershave.

But that’s the way it was here in the backwoods. The men that were responsible were worked to death, the others survived on sheer luck and kept a train of unschooled hussies rolling through their beds.

I double checked the street address Daddy gave me. It matched the number handwritten on the siding next to the front door with rusty hinges and weather worn paint. The four pane windows were so filthy there was no need for curtains. I slowly walked up to the house… No, it was a shack. Plain and simple.

I knocked and heard Mama hollering at Daddy, to see who the hell was at the door.

“Missy!” Daddy stepped out and gave me a big bear hug and I was happy to see him again. Even though college courses kept me busy, I missed my Daddy and wished he could be with me.

For as grimy as the shack was, Daddy smelled like new mown hay. His white sleeveless undershirt was blindingly white against the drab gray of the surroundings.

“I’m so glad to see you, Daddy,” I hugged him again. We didn’t have money for cell phones and I hadn’t talked to him since I left for college.

“Come in darlin’. It’s not much. I hope you’re not disappointed,” he said as though he were afraid I would run out the door.

I wanted to. “It’s fine Daddy! I’m here to see you anyhow… You and Mama,” I added.

“Come on in child and set yourself down,” Mama said making no inclination to hug me.

I needed to use the bathroom. Contrary to the living issues, the bathroom was pristine. Old but immaculate as were the towels.

Mama offered me a glass of sweet tea and offered me a chair. We chatted and I was able to surreptitiously take in the rest.

There was a well worn chair that matched the one I sat in. The kitchen consisted of a hot plate next to the sink on a short counter. A small refrigerator made a loud clunk every time it came on. Which was often. My back was to the other half of the area and I knew I’d have to wait to see the bedrooms.

Mama pointed out the incongruous looking big shiny flat screen television that hung on the wall. “I got myself a job so we could get this,” she said proudly, and I wondered what kind of job that might be.

She was always proud of her body and took every chance to show it off. “You got ’em, flaunt em, Missy!”

I did inherit Mama’s full bosom and shapely hips from her but decided long ago that I wasn’t going to use it to get me places as she had. Her faded orange rayon halter top held her breasts like bags of melons. She rarely wore a bra and at her age, they hung heavy. So low that she literally had no cleavage. I waited for the zipper to pop on her shorts, that were at least one size too small.

I was not sure why she dressed that way in front of Daddy if not only to tease him. I remember long ago arguments through the thin walls about her turning him down again and how he was too demanding, or too kinky, or too disgusting to want her to put her mouth on that thing.

It was dusk and Daddy turned on the only lamp in the room. The red shade glowed, not really allowing much light into the room. It matched Mama’s other decorative accents that she had found at the local thrift shops and yard sales.

“I think it’s about time we turned in,” Mama said. I turned and at first glance began to get uneasy.

It appeared there was no bedroom but just a bed in the corner of the same room. I then realized my dorm room was a bigger area than what my parents lived in. I was overwhelmed and excused myself to wash up. I just could not think ahead and knew I’d just have gaziantep escort reklamları to take it as it came. I was going to be here for two weeks and I had to deal with it the best I could until I could leave.

Mama had changed into a ripped oversize t-shirt and Daddy was already sitting on the edge of the bed.

Mama pulled the faded but clean sheet back and said, “Climb in Missy, and don’t hog the bed!” She laughed.

I stared and realized I was to sleep between them, but also we had not had dinner and I was starved. But I slid into bed, careful to position myself in the center. I fell asleep with my stomach growling.

Surprisingly I didn’t wake up during the night and by the time I did, Daddy was gone, but Mama was still sleeping. It gave me a good chance to really look around the place.

I knew Daddy had a job from a man that owned an auto dealer in the next, much bigger, town. He worked maintenance for the man’s multiple new car sales buildings. I knew he had to be making decent money and Mama was squandering it on herself.

I noticed her manicured nails and pedicured feet were pristine. Of course, she didn’t do much around here to damage her nails. I also noticed that no roots showed to display her natural mousy brown hair.

I looked for my bag. The only clothing I had was my nightgown and the clothing I wore traveling. I hoped Mama kept some of my clothes but that would have to wait until she woke up.

There was a pot of cold coffee that Daddy made on the hot plate so I began warming the coffee. It was then I noticed his note…

Good morning Missy. I hope you slept well. I will be home from work at 4:00 and maybe you and me can go to the grocery store.

Love forever, Your Daddy

It struck me all at once and I sat down and cried. I was born into this world, but it now felt so foreign to me. I wanted to go sit at the bus shanty and wait for the next bus back north. But I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t leave Daddy. I had to come up with a plan.

It didn’t look like Mama was going to wake up anytime soon so I put my travel clothes back on and walked into town. Which consisted of a convenience store, a bar, an insurance office, and one of three thrift stores in this little county.

I went in the store to get an icy cold drink. The glass front case was full of bottles of soda I had not seen since I left. I smiled, thinking this is what I remember. Hanging out here with my friends drinking soda and crunching on potato chips. The company that made them was in a nearby town and many of the folks from here worked there.

“MISSY! Could that be you?” Lost in my memories, I jumped at her voice.

“Mary Beth!” We hugged and jumped up and down like we used to. “How are you?”

“Well you went on to learn and I learned not to let a guy do this to you,” she said, patting her bulging belly. By looks, she was well along.

“That’s great… Are you happy?”

She nodded. “I am. You wouldn’t know him. He is a boy from another town. Even after we graduated high school, I still went to Friday night football games.” We walked outside and condensation from the cold glass soda bottles dripped down our hands. “Let’s go sit down. My feet!”

We settled on the shady bench and she continued. “He caught my eye at the game and I tried to ignore him, but he’s a pretty handsome dude. And persistent let me tell you. Part of the reason why I have this,” she said patting her belly.

She took a drink of her orange soda. “We started messing around under the bleachers. Kissing and stuff. But he’s a couple years older than us and way more experienced.”

“Most everyone was more experienced than us,” I interjected, laughing and she nodded.

“Anyhow, he said he had to see my titties,” she said. She is as busty as I am so I knew how it went with guys wanting to see our tits. “He said we had to go to his car. It didn’t take much to convince me.” She gazed down the street. “I guess I was a country bumpkin and he turned me on quick and easy. His hand was in my panties before we even got to the car and I was in the back seat and we were both naked before I even knew it.”

We watched a car drive by. “He went to the community college and I fancied I might start going there too so I may as well act like a college girl. As soon as I felt his naked body against mine, and the heat of his dick, and the feel of his mouth on my nipples, I knew he would get whatever he wanted. Are you a virgin, Missy?”

“No, a guy in one of my classes and I started talking about how studying takes up all our time and how there’s no time to date. I don’t really want to go out with anyone anyways. I need to keep my grades up because of my scholarship. He didn’t have a roommate at the time and we started to study in his dorm room. One thing led to another and we both have someone to have sex with but no commitments.”

“Oh. Wow. I think I’d have liked that. Before this, anyway,” gaziantep escort bayan reklamları she said wryly.

I nodded. “Friends with benefits.”

We watched another big old expensive car slowly approach and as it went by I saw my Mama’s peroxide blonde hair bouncing up and down on the driver’s lap. And the driver wasn’t my Daddy.

“He owns a couple of new car places,” she said, knowing I would wonder.

“My Daddy works for him.”

“He must like keeping your Daddy busy then,” Mary Beth commented.

“I’d guess he probably is.”

I got back to the place just as Daddy’s car pulled in. “Perfect timing, Missy,” he said, grinning. “Let me get cleaned up and we can go.”

“This is a different car than you had before,” I said, buckling my seatbelt. “Much nicer I think!”

“It’s a beaut isn’t it?” he said proudly. “My boss gave me a deal on it.” I’ll just bet he did, I thought, not very nicely.

“He’s a gem.”

He grabbed a cart and we yakked and chose our meals for the week. I had to be careful with my suggestions since there wasn’t much of a kitchen and I did not want to make him feel bad.

Mama still was not home when we got back so we put hamburgers on the grill for us. I poured sweet tea for us both and found some chairs and a rickety table outside. He could sit with me and watch the hamburgers too.

“Where’s Mama go during the day?” I had to ask to get an idea of how much he knew. If anything.

“She does housecleaning for the rich folks in the next town so her hours are different every day. Some days they even have her stay all night.”

“Wow, that’s something isn’t it,” I said with mustered enthusiasm.

Tonight must have been one of the overnighters because she still wasn’t home when it was time for bed. I lay there thinking I really need to start looking for some clothes because I can’t wear these another day. I heard Daddy’s soft snores and thought how lonely he must be. But I guess even when she is here, he is still lonely.

It was Saturday but I heard Daddy leave in the morning and of course, Mama wasn’t home. I got up and started looking through the only two closets here. Finally, I found a box with my name on it and pulled it out into the center of the room.

It was full of clothes and memories. I dug out the clothes first, chose a dress I remembered, and started the shower. Mama had the shower full of expensive hard milled soap, fragrant floral body soap, luxurious shampoos, and hair conditioner. Compliments of her boyfriend I’d wager.

I used Daddy’s Irish Spring bar and the generic shampoo and conditioner. I towel dried my hair and slipped the dress over my head. I tugged it down over my hips. A bit snug but it would do. I walked towards the box to look for underwear while I tried to button dress over my breasts. I groaned. It was wide open and no way was going to come close to buttoning.

I was still struggling with the buttons when Daddy walked in. He stopped and stared at my tits because they were totally exposed. He swallowed hard and his eyes skimmed over the too-tight dress.

“Daddy,” I whispered, not moving.

“Missy. You look just like your Mama when we got married.” I watched the hardening bulge in his pants. “Cover yourself up now girl,” he said, turning and walked out.

I know he saw my nipples harden under his gaze and my breathing become heavier, pushing my tits even further out. Poor Daddy. No telling how long it has been since Mama took care of him. Especially since she is taking care of the rich guy.

I found an old t-shirt that fit, albeit snugly, and a pair of shorts. I shoved the box to the side, planning to get to it later and just them Mama walked in.

“Mama,” I said. “You look like you’ve been really… busy.” Her normally pristine high hair French twist was a mess and her makeup was smeared. The mascara she put on yesterday, formed a raccoon mask around her eyes. The indecently short dress guaranteed she was not cleaning houses. “Better go clean up,” I told her, none too kindly. Not wanting Daddy to see her like that.

“Yes, I have to go back out again in a while. I have another house to clean.”

“Will you be gone all night?”

“Yes, most likely, they like me to stay so I can help in the morning.” I’m sure, I thought and watched her sashay into the bathroom.

She was scented, creamed, washed, shampooed, and back out again before Daddy got back home.

I had found a nitie from my younger days and was in bed watching a movie on Mama’s television when Daddy walked in. I wondered if he maybe didn’t have something on the side for himself too. Who would blame him?

“She’s gone again. Has an overnight cleaning job.” I watched to see his reaction to that, but I am not sure he heard me. He was looking at the nitie and at the same time I saw his bulge again, I felt my nipples harden and poke through the worn knit fabric, making it nearly sheer.

“Okay,” he sat on the other side of the escort gaziantep reklamları bed and removed his shoes, and pulled his shirt over his head. He stood and let his pants drop to the floor, and laid down facing away from me.



“Is she gone a lot overnight?”


“Do you think she cleans houses?”



There was some silence and I heard his soft snoring. I felt some amount of relief that he knew what was going on. Even though she thought she was pulling one over on him. I drifted off with a different outlook on the situation.

The smell of cinnamon woke me. “Wake up sleepyhead, it’s Sunday morning and we have cinnamon rolls!” he said.

I squealed and jumped out of bed. “My favorite!”

“I remember, Missy,” he said laughing.

I poured us both a cup of coffee and when I handed him his, he was staring at my breasts again. In the light of day, the shadow of my nipple was obvious through the tissue-thin knit. I saw the lines of tension and worry that were always on his face smooth away.

I started to say something but the timer went off and the cinnamon rolls were ready to come out of the toaster oven. He iced them and as tradition, he made me wait until they cooled a bit. For a fraction of a second I hesitated but picked up a roll and as I always did, began licking the icing off the top.

I saw his eyes go dark and his lips part as he watched each swipe of my tongue through the glistening white icing. I held the roll in front of his lips and watched the tip of his tongue scoop up the icing.

“Daddy,” I breathed. I stepped forward and pressed my body into his. My nipples poked into his bare chest.

He caressed the upper slope of my ass through the gossamer fabric. His hand was rough from working, but so hot, and pressed me nearer. I pushed my hard aching nipples into his chest and he cupped my ass and pulled me higher and against his throbbing cock.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and nibbled his lower lip, My tongue stroked his lip, tasting the icing. His tongue dipped into my mouth just as he dipped it into the sweet icing.

He groaned louder and wrapped me into a tight embrace and keep me deeply. I stroked my tongue in and out of his mouth and he pulled away gasping.

“We have to stop, Missy,” he ground out. “This is wrong. I can’t take advantage of you like this. I’m needy. Too needy for you.” He grabbed his shirt off the back of the chair and walked out the door.

It was Sunday and Mama obviously wouldn’t be home anytime soon. I was sure Daddy would be gone most of the day and I didn’t feel like going out.

I found a bucket, rags, and soap and began washing down the kitchen area. I scrubbed the toaster oven and coffee pot and had everything shining. Next, I went to the television and all the shelves of her stuff surrounding it. I washed and carefully replaced and continued on around the room. I dug out the vacuum, moved furniture, and swept everywhere. I looked around and was surprised to see when the place was clean, it wasn’t all that bad.

As if on cue, Mama walked in the door. Looking just as disheveled as she did the last time. But this time I took issue with her not giving a thought to Daddy when she did that.

“Sit down, Mama,” I ordered. She hesitated but did plop down in the chair. She didn’t seem to notice that the place was clean.

“What? I’m tired and want to go to bed. I worked hard today.”

“You mean you fucked hard. Don’t fake the shocked look, Mama. Everyone knows you’re fucking around on Daddy with his boss. You come and go here without a care for him–“

“Hey, young lady who do you think bought that television?”

“I know you did. And you know what else? You are going to buy more. This place needs a microwave. And a toaster oven that works correctly. And a new refrigerator–“

“Now just you wait one minute,” she interrupted, “All that fancy college has gone to your head. Just don’t you forget where you came from.”

“Because of you, I’ll never forget. I won’t let myself forget.” I stopped to take a breath. “You owe Daddy for all the years you screwed him over by spending all his money on yourself. Now you owe him because you’re screwing his boss. And I’m absolutely sure that you can get him to spend money on you. Just make sure it’s on a microwave, toaster oven, and refrigerator.”

“You have changed young lady!”

“Oh, and should you decide to not start paying Daddy back, you might discover yourself without a home to come back to.”

By the time Daddy came back, Mama and I were already in bed asleep and they were both gone in the morning before I woke up.

Another week and a half of this, I thought over coffee. How was I going to make it? Mama had been coming home daily and this morning a new coffee maker was in the kitchen.

Daddy had been avoiding me after our kiss. I know he was guilt-ridden thinking I would feel I was a stand in for Mama. I knew once he experienced me, there would be no confusion. For either one of us. Now I see him as a man first, and a father second. I’m not sure when it changed for me, or why. Just that it has.

Two days later a microwave was delivered.

Since any semblance of a mall was the next town over, I shopped the thrift store, amazed at how many items still had new tags on. I went into town earlier in the day to the Sudsy Laundro-mat so we had clean clothes, towels, and sheets.

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