College Life Ch. 02

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I woke the next morning to find myself in a bed. I was a little confused until Jake walked into the room. I realized it was his bed and the memories of last night came flooding in. With those thoughts, I became hard. It showed, because I didn’t have any covers on and was completely naked.

Jake, who was also naked, crawled into bed with me. I couldn’t help but stare at his body as he told me it was time for payback. I was harder than I’ve ever been.

He crawled over top of me and started kissing my neck and biting at it. As he gave me a hickey, our dicks fought against each other until Jake was as hard as I was. He slid down my body a little more to lick my nipples.

I felt his hands go underneath my ass as he squeezed my cheeks. His actions felt amazing, but I wanted one thing. Jake sensed this and moved down further. His face now hovered millimeters above my straining cock.

He was hesitating and I could tell he wasn’t too sure he wanted to do this. He gaziantep escort looked up at me and I smiled back and nodded for him to go for it. Jake’s eyes told me everything.

He grabbed the base of my cock and opened his mouth. I watched in awe as Jake finally took my cock into his mouth. He went down pretty far for his first time and gagged slightly. I told him to do what felt natural.

Jake backed off my cock before shoving his mouth back around it. I almost came right then. His nose was touching my stomach as his lips were around the base of my dick.

As he went back up, his tongue swirled my entire underside and around the tip of my dick. He came up breathing heavily, but plunged back down. I couldn’t believe I had turned my best friend into a natural gay cocksucker just by sucking his cock the night before.

Jake bobbed up and down, deep throating me, massaging my balls, doing everything a cock loving whore would do. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as my orgasm reached.

I couldn’t warn Jake, but he knew it was coming. Jake stopped sucking and began jerking my cock into his face. I came rope after rope, splattering my cum all over his face. I finished cumming and lay back exhausted. Jake crawled up my body to kiss me. I gladly did and loved the taste of my own cum.

We made out for awhile before I realized I was hard again. We broke apart and I asked Jake if he wanted to take it a step further. He knew what I was hinting at and nodded.

I pushed Jake’s chest so he was kneeling over me. He scooted back and I raised my legs, presenting my asshole for him. He moved back up so his cock head was pressed against my hole. I reached back to spread my cheeks apart.

In one movement, Jake grabbed my legs, placing my feet on his shoulders, and pushed into my butt. I winced in pain as he continued to push until he was balls deep. He gave me a breather by just letting his hard cock sit in my hole.

We looked at each other and I nodded. Jake started his buttfucking. He pulled nearly all the way out before going balls deep again. He did this repeatedly, picking up the pace every plunge.

My cock was slapping against my stomach as Jake pounded my hole. His fucking felt so amazing, I could feel my own orgasm reaching. Jake said he was close. I knew it was going to end like the night before.

Jake slammed into me one last time as my cock started to spew. With his dick buried, Jake came inside me. It was the best feeling in the world to orgasm as another man filled my hole with his spunk.

I couldn’t move. My body felt so good. I was in pure bliss and just closed my eyes. Jake pulled out of my ass and I felt his cum ooze out.

Then he surprised me. I felt his tongue on my hole as he cleaned between my cheeks for me. Then Jake licked up the mess I made. I looked down at him as he cleaned my stomach and then took my soft cock into his mouth.

He released my now clean dick and curled up next to me. We fell asleep holding our naked bodies together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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