College Tuition Ch. 01

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After a brutal freshman year in college fate took pity on me. I landed a job working at a seafood restaurant in an ocean resort town for the summer. Better yet, I would have no housing costs as my cousins lived there year round. Helen is my mother’s first cousin and nineteen years older than me. Her husband John is twenty-five years my senior and is a property manager for the town’s largest commercial landlord.

Helen was a stay-at-home mother of three at the time. The kids ranged from six to thirteen in age. John worked twelve hour days, six days a week as well as being on call. He made decent money and as a perk, was able to buy a condo at far less than value in a building owned by his bosses. He joked that he “was a tax write-off for the company”.

In lieu of rent I agreed to be butler, maid, and chauffer. Cleaning was a chore. Picking up after a family of five can be time consuming and tedious but I wasn’t complaining. My co-workers frequently complained about high rent or too many roommates. Considering I didn’t have to cook and I only had to carry the laundry to and from the laundry room I had it pretty good.

Being my first summer working for the restaurant I started as a dishwasher/busboy. But, since I started before the high school kids I was able to get a regular schedule. I worked Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 2:00 p.m. to close. I usually got home between 1:00 to 1:30 a.m. The remainder of my schedule was Mondays and Tuesdays. I opened and worked through lunch, usually 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays were my days off.

During my third weekend, Helen started staying up and waiting for me come home. I would come in the door, head my shared bedroom, strip and hit the shower. Afterward, I would put on gym shorts and a t-shirt. She would wait on the balcony where I would join her. We would talk until 3:00 or 4:00 a.m.

The following Saturday night was no different except the subject matter of our discussion. We had talked out family issues and about friends we lost touch with. Helen asked me about school. Specifically, she wanted to know about my girlfriends. I told her that due to my schedule being so heavy I only dated three girls. Of the three, two were pretty much just party dates, meaning we would go to a party together so we did not look foolish by walking in alone. Usually however, we left separately. I explained that the third girl whose name was Mary, and I were together for a little over three months.

“I don’t understand”, Helen said. You’re a great looking guy. Are you shy or something?”

“Most of the girls are swept off their feet by the upper classmen.” I explained. “But, Mary was kind of special.”

“Do you mean to tell me that you didn’t get laid at all your freshman year in college?” I was shocked and thenfelt like I was being interrogated.

“Helen, are you spying for my mother?” I tried to sound funny.

“David, first understand that what we say and do here stays here. You are an adult as far as I’m concerned and your mother will hear nothing from me when it comes to what we talk about. I do expect the same consideration from you, in return.” She was serious. “Now, did you at least have sex with Mary?”

“Define sex?” I said smartly. I could see her rolling her eyes even in the dim light.

“Okay smartass. Did you fuck her? You know, put your cock in her pussy; your penis in her vagina?” I almost fell out of my chair. I could feel myself blushing.

Embarrassingly, I said, “No. But we did do other stuff.” I knew the look on her face. We see it from our parents all the time. She wanted details. I cleared my throat. “We got each other off manually and orally. She wants to stay a virgin until her Nevşehir Escort wedding night. I respected that and never pushed for more.”

“Well at least you’re a gentleman.” She approved. “I bet that if you pick up where you left off she will give herself to you when you get back to school.”

“That’s not gonna happen.” I said confidently. “She broke up with me right before we left school. It was nothing I did. There are problems with her family and she’s not coming back.”

“David, I’m sorry. It’s too bad that she didn’t realize that you’re probably the nicest guy she could have done it with for the first time.” I appreciated her sentiments but was a little offended at the sympathy.

“She made our last night pretty memorable.” There was an edge to my voice.

“Well go on,” she demanded.

I decided that it was my turn to be blunt. “We had anal sex.” She was silent. “You know, I fucked her in the ass, put my cock in her butt, my penis in her anus.” I was being an idiot.

After an awkward silence she got up and said, “Be right back.” I felt guilty about what I said. She was treating me like an adult and I acted like a teenager.

Helen returned a few minutes later. She had changed into her night gown. This was not abnormal for their household. From the moment I arrived John would walk around the condo in boxers and a t-shirt. The kids would watch television is their pajamas. Helen usually had a robe over her nightgown. Lately, she was not tying the robe and on this night she had not bothered to wear it at all.

I have yet to describe her. Helen was taller than my mother; about 5’7″. I estimate her weight to be in the 150 pound range. She always had an athletic build. I’ve seen pictures of her from her college days when she played softball. She was not fat nor was she petit. Having three children didn’t help her figure but neither did it hurt her. Her tits were huge and full; Id’ say 42 DD. She had shoulder length, light brown hair which she mainly wore in a pony tail. However, when she wore it down she looked so hot.

As I began to say, she started wearing her robe open. The material on her nightgown was very thin and white in color. It showed just a hint of cleavage but the thin material highlighted her breasts perfectly. I would catch myself staring and suddenly scold myself internally for drooling over my cousin’s tits. This didn’t stop me from continuing to look. In fact, I started to zero in on her faint outline of her nipple and areolas. Before long I was getting hard. I will confess that on a few occasions my morning shower lasted a bit longer than usual. I had to relieve the pressure in my boxers. I would lock the bathroom door and turn on the coldwater in the shower to keep from using up the hot. I’d strip and stand over the sink and admire my throbbing cock in the mirror. Helen kept hand lotion on the sink. I would apply it to my rock and begin stroking while watching in the mirror. I would eventually close my eyes and think about Helen’s huge tits, imagining how they looked, felt, and tasted. Shortly, I was blasting my semen in the sink. Cumming in that position makes my knees buckle because it feels so good.

Helen sat, looked at me in soft light and asked, “Would you be too embarrassed to tell me about your little romp with her rump?” She was serious.

“I guess but I don’t want to get thrown out. I can’t afford to live anywhere else.” I was just as serious.

“That won’t happen. Listen David, John barely notices me anymore. I’ve seen you staring at my chest in the mornings. If I was going to throw you out it would have happened already. I enjoy a good sex story like most people although they won’t admit it. And, I’ve Nevşehir Escort Bayan seen your porn stash. All the magazines have stories. So please, tell me a story that I can go to bed with,” she pleaded.

Somehow I believed her. Eventually, after the shock wore off I started talking about my last night with Mary. We had driven to our normal make out spot off campus. We turned off the highway on a gravel road. After a mile of twists and turns it ends in a clearing with a barn. The town road crew used to use it to store road equipment years ago. We would open the large door, drive in and close the door. We told no one about it. It was our secret.

On our last night, as I closed the barn door Mary spread a blanket on the trunk. We began making out. My hands immediately wandered to her tits and ass. I pulled off her sweatshirt and unsnapped her bra, releasing her perfect 34B breasts. She laid on the trunk. I got between her legs, bent down and began licking and sucking her nipples. After alternating from one boob to the other she began to moan. I kissed and licked my way down to the waist line of her jeans. A faint, musky smell rang in my nose. I stood up and undid her jeans and slid them off. Mary looked beautiful as the moonlight glowed on her skin. I inserted my fingers in the sides of her panties and slowly slid them off. I bent down and slowly pushed her legs open and placed her calves on my shoulders. I wasted no time diving into her already dripping snatch. I licked and lapped her labia. I pushed her thighs to her chest and buried my tongue inside her hot vagina. She gasped. I licked her all over until she pushed her clit to my waiting mouth. I devoured it. I fluttered and licked and sucked. Suddenly, she lunged upward, pulling my head to her pelvis and pushing her heels into my back. She screamed in erotic bliss as her cum flooded my face. I kept licking through her after-tremors until she released me.

I stood up. She climbed up to me and pulled my face to hers and began kissing and licking my face. “Mmmm. Tastes good,” Mary said. Now it’s my turn.” She stood up and pushed my back to the trunk. In no time at all my pants and boxers were down to my ankles. I looked down to see my throbbing cock bobbing by her face. She began to slowly stroke me as she licked my pre-cum from my slick corona. She parted her lips and slowly slid my manhood into to her mouth. She sucked me slowly and in a rhythm that I could feel all of her mouth making live to my dick. Her free hand found my scrotum. She carefully and gently rubbed my sack to keep it loose. It was heaven. She felt so good that I was afraid my balls would have a mind of their own and blow my building load. Then she stopped.

She stood and kissed me. I’ve never been able to understand why guys won’t kiss girls after cock sucking. I mean it’s your own body. Anyway, she pulled away and said, “I have a surprise for you, Baby.” She reached for her purse and pulled out a small bottle. She squeezed the substance into her other hand. It glistened in the moonlight. She applied it to my throbbing cock. She applied more directly to my shaft and slid it all over until I was so slick the sound of her stroking sounded like I was fucking a wet pussy. She removed her hand and pushed me aside. She faced the trunk, leaned on her elbow, lifted her right leg and started to apply the lube between her ass cheeks. “It’s not my pussy but it’s the next best thing. Please be gentle and go slow at first.” She turned and bent completely over the trunk, resting her tits between her arms.

She spread her feet apart. “Do you need me to spread my cheeks for you?” she asked so innocently.

The reality of the situation had set in. Escort Nevşehir “No Darling. I can manage,” was all I could say. I kicked off my shoes and slid my feet out of my pant legs. I walked to her waiting ass. I put my hands on her cheeks and spread them apart. I moved my right thumb into her crack and found her lubed starfish. I slowly pushed my thumb inside her. Once my thumb was fully inserted I slowly worked it in and out. She inhaled as I withdrew and exhaled as I pushed. In less than a minute she had totally relaxed and I was thumb-fucking her with ease. I removed my thumb and took the bottle from the trunk. I squeezed it directly into her crack and spread the oozing gel over and into her anus. I closed the cap and put the bottle down. I wiped my hand on my own ass cheek.

I stepped to her. With the fingers and thumb of my left hand I spread her cheeks apart. Amazingly, she was still relaxed. I grabbed my cock with my free hand, bent my knees and pressed the tip of my slick penis to her crack. I slid my corona around until it found her waiting asshole. She tensed ever so slightly and inhaled deeply. I pressed my cockhead inside her until I felt her sphincter. She exhaled and inhaled again. This was my signal. I released my cock and grabbed her ass with both hands and began to slowly push. She shuddered a little and began pushing towards me. Suddenly, there was a sucking sound followed by a groan as my cock sank inside her. I stopped half-way to allow her to regain her composure. “Okay Hun,” she said softly and pushed to me again. I met her thrust with my own. I was all the way in.

She adjusted her stance by putting her feet on mine. This allowed me to stand without any knee bend. I sensed her relaxing and began to move in and out very slowly and only about an inch at a time. Gradually, I increased the length of my withdrawal and thrust. When I reached the “sweet spot” of my cock (about three quarters of the way out) I stopped to add more lube. I spread her cheeks and anus with my thumbs as I pushed in to ensure the gel went inside her anal cavity. It was obvious that I had achieved success as my penis glided in and out of her with little resistance. I began to pull out to the point that only the head stayed inside. I believe she began to control her sphincter as I moved in and out because I could feel it pulsating around the end of my dick. Instinctively, I began to pump faster so that only the last third of my cock was going in and out. The feeling was indescribable. Her ass was milking my rod. I could not believe how fast the first wave hit. Suddenly, my ass cheeks tightened. I couldn’t move as freely. Mary sensed this and began bucking her hips. My head and back arched. My jaw locked open, I shot spurt after spurt inside her. I came so hard that I could suddenly feel hot, thick liquid sliding all over my pumping cock. As I slowed to a stop I pushed all the way inside her. I had just had one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

We stayed in that position for a while. I caressed her back and ass while my cock slowly decreased in size. As I pulled out it felt like her ass didn’t want to let me go. I gently pulled her up and around and kissed her deeply. She reached in her purse for a hand towel and cleaned us both.

The ride back to campus was silent. We held hands as she laid her head on my shoulder. I walked her to her dorm. We kissed intensely. She handed me an envelope from her pocket, smiled and said “Goodbye, David. I loved being with you tonight.” You can imagine my surprise to find out she was leaving.

With that Helen got up and walked to me. She bent down and kissed me on the lips. She put her forehead on mine and whispered, “Thanks, David. Goodnight.” I saw the silhouette of two huge breasts as I scanned her cleavage while she was bent towards me. She went in the condo and closed the sliding glass door.

After a few minutes, I went inside and struggled to sleep. I looked forward to a date with the mirror during my shower the next morning.

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