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This time it was real. The doorbell really rang…and it was really Lil, wearing a slinky dress showing her considerable cleavage and the same, strappy heels Jerry remembered her wearing at Charlie and Lil’s last party, though these were black. And unlike the current fashion, her legs weren’t bare but instead filled a pair of sheer nylon stockings. She looked into Jerry’s wide eyes, and, unsmilingly said “can I come in?”

“Lil!…of course! Come in!” He held the door wide open as this sultry surprise waltzed past him and, putting a small travel bag down, flopped on Jerry’s couch!

“If you want me to stay,” said the rather unconventional and unpredictable Lil, “you can remove my shoes.”

Jerry, as he was during Lil’s last visit…in his fantasy, was flummoxed!

“Are you ok?”

“Do you want me to stay?”

“Of course,” mumbled Jerry, under his breath.

“Then why don’t you remove those shoes you seemed to enjoy so much last time I wore these in red. Charlie’s place. Remember?”

Jerry swallowed, knelt down and undid the ankle strap on Lil’s right shoe. Her right leg was crossed over her left. Jerry eased the shoe off with his right hand as his left remained gently holding Lil’s foot.

“It’s alright, Jerry, you can hold it if you like.”

Jerry wondered what she referred to by “it”…and if Lil were really here this time…or if this was a re-enactment of his old fantasy…as Lil uncrossed her legs.

“You can undo the other one, Jerry…and you can take off my stockings if you want to have sex.”

It was a bit much to take in at the moment and Jerry needed to pause. “How come you happened to drop by tonight, Lil?”

“I bursa escort guess you’re not all that enthusiastic about the sex, ehy, Jerry! Well, to tell the truth, I wouldn’t have sex with you anyway.” Lil took a long, contemplative pause. “Lauren and I broke up…and I figured she’d eventually wind up here. I just wanted to beat her to it. Stealing some of your attentions turned me on. Lauren still has it on for you, Jerry, and that always excited me, although I admit to being jealous as hell.” Another silence; then: “Anyway, I’m as gay as they come and you don’t turn me on. But I don’t mind the attention,” she smiled, “if you jerked off in front of me right now, I wouldn’t mind. In fact, I think I’d like it! Remember those shoes and my stockings I sent you after Charlie’s party? Why don’t you check out my feet now? Go on, touch yourself, Jerry, don’t be shy!… How about…um… one shoe off and one shoe on?” Lil diddled with the one removed shoe. “Come on, Jerry, masturbate for me?”

It sounded as if Lil was a little tipsy.

“You’re joking, of course. Right, Lil? You want me to jerk off…here…in front of you?”

Lil affected a pout. “Oh, poor Jerry. Did you want to touch my feet? Was that it?” My legs? Would that do it?”

“I think you’re a little upset, Lil. What say we have a drink? Bourbon, I recall?”


Jerry poured two inches of bourbon in each glass, handing one to Lil. “Cheers.”

Lil raised her glass and took a swig. “I really miss your wife, Jerry. Don’t know what I’m going to do, now.”

“But you did come here. What would happen if you and I…went to bed?”

“I don’t think bursa ucuz eskort so.” Lil bent over and put her shoe back on.

Jerry tabled his glass and dove for Lil’s feet.”Don’t do that.” He knelt and unstrapped her shoes.

“What are you doing, Jerry?”

“Stay with me tonight, Lil!”

“Do I excite you?”

“You do.”

“Really! Let’s see.”

Jerry reached for Lil’s foot. She pulled it away. “Let’s see, Jerry!” She put on a cutesy, sly smile. “When you poured the drinks I saw you touching yourself.” She spoke in a high pitch… a mother talking to a tiny child. “Do you want to see my pussy, Jerry?”

Jerry gulped his drink down. “Let’s go to bed, Lil.”

She became the straight, authoritative figure again.

“You’re touching yourself again, Jerry. You may as well take it out.”

Jerry put the glass down again and went to take hold of Lil’s foot. Again she pulled away.

“I’m going, Jerry. Thanks for the drink.”

The doorbell rang…followed by the sound of a key in the door!

“Loren!” Jerry was the first to see his ex-wife saunter in. Lil finished getting her shoes back on. Loren turned to look at Lili.

“What was he going to do, Lil? Foot massage?”

“Maybe,” said Lil, looking at Jerry. “What would you care?”

Loren threw a quick glance at Jerry. “Are you kidding me? He couldn’t even help me on with a pair of stockings.”

“Again with the stockings, Loren? We were in a public place.”

Loren smirked, gesturing at Jerry but looking at Lil. “Now, going by that lump in his pants I suspect he’s going to go to the bathroom for a few bursa anal yapan escort minutes.”

“Don’t be so sure of yourself, Loren. Jerry was going to masturbate over me…right here!”

“Really, Lil! I’d like to see that, sweetie. Here, Jerry, let me get you a pair of flats and stockings and you can relieve yourself…or maybe those flip-flops!” Loren turned for the bedroom.

Lil turned as well.” My cue, I’m going, Jerry. Thanks for the drink.”

Jerry put a hand on Lil’s shoulder. “Please don’t go.”

“Then pull it out.”

He couldn’t help but look down past Lil’s busty top and outrageous cleavage, at her crossed legs, the flesh, her bare feet squeezed in her strappy black heels. It was a last chance as all the parts came together and suddenly he met her eyes. Nothing to lose; nothing else mattered. And she’d asked him…told him to do it.

Jerry undid the zipper on his trousers and exposed himself.

“My, my. Come over here, Jerry.” Lil smiled widely and took hold of Jerry as she kicked her shoes off raising both legs to put them on Jerry’s face. “Ever fuck a real lesbian? Come into me Jerry…now!”

He tried, but he not get far, as he heard the bedroom door open. Jerry came all over Lil’s thighs, all over the couch, all over Lil’s pussy, all over the wall.

Loren’s outline stood in the shadow of the open bedroom door as Lil squeezed Jerry’s member. “Well, I guess that could be considered a form of masturbation.” Lil said as she straightened her legs, pushing Jerry back…”and I suppose I could take it as a compliment.

Jerry tried to bury himself in Lil’s generous form, but she pushed him aside as she got up.

Jerry mumbled,” I think Loren knew something was…coming.”

“Maybe, but I’m going,” waved Lil. “Don’t fall in love, Jerry. Take care of Loren.”

She picked up her things, wiped herself and left. The front door closed heavily, as Loren’s bedroom door shut, her lock clicking.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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