Come with Me

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Again, I was alone, a little sexually frustrated, and my thoughts drifted to you… and looking out of my window, the cool breeze stirring the light hairs framing my face, I pictured myself finding a nice shady spot under an old oak tree. Opening a huge, soft, fresh blanket, spreading it on the ground, and settling myself in the middle of it. As my eyes closed at my desk, I thought about how the breeze would feel, as it lightly caressed my neck. Imagined further how it would feel if I went ahead and unbutton my silky shirt, exposing the strawberry tips of my breasts to the light breeze… the sudden chill on the hot flesh causing them to peak, and strain upwards. Gently I would lift my breezy skirt, exposing my legs to the light, pulling just to the edge of my bare pussy, letting the breeze waft through….

Startled, I would open my eyes, as I felt a soft tongue snake down and slide around my clit, slowly sucking into a hot moist mouth… reaching down, I would lightly run my fingers through your hair, as you gently sucked on my clit… my other hand moving to my nipples, pulling on them hard, as my hips reached towards you.

From behind the old oak, I saw a shadow move as my little sister slipped Gaziantep Saatlik Escort around behind my head… As she walked over to us, pulling her shirt over her head, her matching strawberry nipples pebbling in the breeze, she slips her shorts off of her slender hips, revealing her pale young body to the warm spring air.

Standing next to my reclining form, rubbing her own nipples, I watch as a small flare of jealousy lights her eyes, as she watches all the attention that I’m getting from you. Knowing how she wants to be badly fucked, her crush on you outweighing any rational thought, I reach out my hand, pulling her down onto the blanket with us. Easing out from underneath your loving tongue, I switch places with her, removing the rest of my clothing…

Guiding her hips to your waiting mouth, I lean over, tonguing her nipples and sliding my hand over your neck, and down as much of your back as I can reach… my fingernails lightly caressing your sensitive skin on the back of your neck.

Leaving her to your willing mouth, I move behind you, gently easing you out of your clothing. First reaching around to your chest, running my hands lightly up and down, teasing around your own nipples, before unbuttoning and easing it down your shoulders.

Toying with your belt buckle, my knuckle gently teasing the hard ridge of your cock through your pants… I lick your earlobe, whispering how badly I want you to fuck me and her, taking both of our sweet little cherries, making us both your little sluts.

Unbuttoning your pants, I slide my fingertips inside, as you suck harder on her clit, her sweet juices running down your chin, as I scoop up a bit of precum onto my fingertips… slowly bringing my fingertips to my mouth, you hear a slight slurping sound as I completely lick my fingers clean, my soft moans of pleasure as the taste of you lingers in my mouth.

Reaching inside your pants with both hands, wrapping them firmly around your cock, stroking it strongly, your hips catching the rhythm as my hands work your hard cock closer and closer to orgasm.

With one hand still buried in your pants, I lean forward, meeting my tongue with yours, both of them rolling around my little sisters clit, as she screams in pleasure… My tongue sliding around yours, sucking both the tip and her clit into my mouth… Reaching my hand down between my legs, playing with my own silken juices, I meet your eyes, as I slowly guide you up from her pussy…

Straddling her face, my pussy bare, her tongue automatically searching for my clit, I spread her legs wide opening her completely to you… grasping her hips, you thrust hard into her, popping her soft cherry, and completely making her yours…. her young body, completely full, buried to the hilt, as your tongue meets mine in a kiss… my pussy being loved by her mouth, as you slowly fuck her…

Breaking the kiss… I lean forward… my fingers stroking her clit, as she gets the fucking she’s been begging for – watching your rock hard cock slide in and out of her…

Sucking my clit farther into her mouth, her fingertips buried inside my pussy, rubbing my g-spot as she slides another finger deeper into my ass…. sitting down harder on that finger, I gasp as I’m completely filled, her soft tiny finger buried to the hilt…

My sister, nearing orgasm, her young body thrashing off the blanket, I look up into your eyes, mine dilated from the glorious pleasure, as you whisper, “cum with me”… my climax beings, building slow and rolling through my body, as you throw back your head and let your orgasm overtake you… filling her with hot cum, my juices flooding my little sisters mouth as I cum with you…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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