Comfort Boy

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When I was in college, I worked at a top nightclub doing valet parking on holidays when I would go back home. It was a great job, a lot of running, interesting people to meet, free drinks as the bar closed with a friendly manager/owner. His name was Barry and he was very nice to the valet guys.

One of the guys he took a liking to was Jamie. He was a dark haired, short, thin, effeminate guy that I believed he felt sorry for. One night Barry took him into his office and the next day he was working at his house doing odd jobs. I was told he was making very good money there. Hearing that made me want to make an impression on Barry so I could have more money to take back to school.

For the next couple of weeks, I got to the valet stand early so I could park Barry’s Lexus and talk with him for a few minutes. Over that time, he went from barely acknowledging me to asking for me by name so we could have our pre-work conversation. As we would talk, I was occasionally picking up on flirtations that I was not fully understanding. One day when I wore shorts that were too tight, he said “aren’t those shorts having all the fun!”.

One thing that I noticed with Barry was when he wore shorts, his legs were shaved. When I brought it up and he said all the workers at his house were shaved. He left this acomment hanging in the air. Likely, knowing that I was after the higher paying job at his house, l came in the next day completely shaved. The next when we talked, he noticed this and rubbed his hand on my leg. He looked up at me and said “everywhere?”. And I said “everywhere!”. He smiled as he walked into the club.

Early that night, if you work till 3am and 12 midnight is early, one of the doorman came out and said Barry wanted to see me in his office. When I got to his office, I could tell Barry was having a party night. He had obviously been drinking very heavily and was loud and playful. He surprised me by giving me a huge bear hug, his 6’4″ body travesti porno covering my 5’7″ frame. Than he asked me to sit down and have a drink with him as he directed the doorman to leave and lock the door behind him.

Barry started out by sitting me down, handing me a drink and telling me I had earned that special job. He said with my personality and beautiful ass, I would do very well once he was done breaking me in. I was shocked as I pondered his words but not nearly as shocked had I not drank what he told me was a spiked drink. He than gave me another, also spiked.

Working on the second drink, I was feeling warm and loose. We spent the next 1/2 hour talking and laughing. Barry was so charismatic that when he asked me to take off my clothes and show him my body, I stood and dropped them to the floor. I showed Barry the whole naked package. He clapped, than asked me to put my clothes in a bag. I did as he asked while he put on music and we began slow dancing. He kneaded my ass cheeks as his tongue went down my throat.

About 1:30 am, men started walking through his office and I jumped. Barry said to calm down and get used to being naked around men. He said as a Comfort Boy, you’ll be partying every night with private sessions during the day. Barry made it clear that my role as a Comfort Boy was to allow alpha men to breed me and use my body in various sexual ways. As vulnerable as I felt naked in front of everyone, Barry pulled out his cock and began giving me blowjob instructions. Getting that big, bulbous head in my mouth was a challenge of it’s own.

After a solid hour, my Face and chest were covered in saliva and precum. The intoxicants were wearing off and I was more conscious of my nakedness and actions, yet determined to get as much cock as possible down my throat. Barry sensed this and began giving more instruction and praise. I instinctively cupped his balls while I continued to suck his 10″ alt yazılı porno meat stick. I’m sure some of the men hung out a little longer to watch the new Comfort Boys ass wiggle while he worked a cock. Barry started saying yes, yes, yes as he pressed his meat deeper into my mouth, shooting his load.

In seconds, my mouth was full of cum and the ropes didn’t stop. Before Barry could release my head, sperm shot out of my nostrils. When I pulled back, cum shot on to my face, hair and chest. I was trying to catch my breath when Barry said what an awesome blowjob I gave. He let me clean up than walked me naked across the parking lot to his limo. His two friends were already seated in back. He introduced me as Comfort Boy Tim to Bob and Sid. On the ride to his house, Barry told them what a good cocksucker I was and had me give them blowjobs. I sucked dick and balls for the next half hour after consuming my wonderful spiked drink.

When we got to the house, Barry took me the bathroom in the master bedroom after getting thank you hugs from his friends. We got into the shower like lovers, kissing and hugging his masculine body. I briefly wondered what my girlfriend would think of tonight’s events but washing Barry’s massive cock pushed those thoughts away. While drying me off, he made it clear that I would be losing my anal virginity tonight and would be a full-on breeder by the weekend.

I was shown what Comfort Boys wear at parties, a black speedo with butt floss. The surprising thing I was told was that there were only three other Comfort Boys and there could be as many as thirty men at the parties. It became more clear why I needed to be made ready. I smoked some pot and got aquatinted with poppers in preparation for my anal evening. After about 30 minutes of talking to Barry, Bill and Sid, Barry took me into his bedroom.

I was real high at this point and he threw my freshly showered body on the üvey baba porno bed face down. He spread my ass cheeks wide and stuck his tongue deep into my asshole. He proceeded to tongue fuck me, giving me a rock hard erection. Barry recognized this and seemed pleased that I was adapting to this feminized slut lifestyle so easy. With his saliva covering my man cunt, he insisted I take another hit of poppers as he covered my hole with lube.

He got naked, his huge cock hard as stone as he positioned himself over top of me. Barry whispered in my ear, you ready to take it up the ass faggot? As high as I was, I moaned as his cock bore into my tunnel. The thickness of his cock had me screaming 3 inches in and at 6 inches in my once virgin asshole would never be the same. I didn’t get all 10 inches until he was about to cum, than he began pounding me. When he pushed all the way in, he released his seed into my bowels and filled me up. I loved it so much I reached back and gave Barry a long tongue kiss.

Even with my boy cunt gaped and throbbing, I felt so good and wanted. I stuck my fingers in my cunt and pulled them out cum soaked. I licked each one of them clean than cleaned Barry’s cock and ball sack with my mouth. The sun was up now and I thought we would get some sleep, but he pulled out the poppers for me again. Than, instead of taking to shower, Barry brought me to a bedroom with Bill and Sid.

They were ready and had me spit roasting in mere minutes. Bill was the first to take me from behind and his thick cock made me feel like a virgin for the first 6 strokes. Once Bill was firmly in my man cunt, Sid slide his dick down my throat. Over the next two hours, they switched positions multiple times giving me plenty of ass-to-mouth. I was really enjoying being dominated by cock when Sid’s cum sprayed all over my face and hair. When Bill creamed my cunt I was feeling 100% like a true Comfort Boy. All three men were happy with the speed of my transition and felt I was ready for a Comfort Boy schedule.

Barry told me I would be working that nights party and said someone had already requested me for a private session. He said he was a black man who said he knew me.

I was anxious and nervous wondering what the night had in store for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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