Comfortably Numb

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It was called “power transfer”. Liza had given Nils absolute power over her body long ago. She had transformed herself into his personal painslut. Taking one more stroke from him than she thought she could possibly bear, or maybe five, or maybe even ten strokes absolutely thrilled her. Receiving the pain from Nils fulfilled Liza in some warped way that even she couldn’t fathom. Try as she might, she couldn’t explain it. She didn’t know exactly why or how the pain fulfilled her, but she knew she HAD to have it. She would inevitably have her strongest orgasms after Nils had whipped and tortured her the hardest.

“It is just the way we are wired”, she often thought to herself when contemplating her dark relationship with Nils. It was as simple as that. She WANTED and NEEDED to hurt for Nils and to cum for him. All the pain she endured at his hand and all of the resulting orgasms were for him. If she ever perceived that she, herself, had control over any of the pain she was subjected to, then the dynamic of her power relationship with Nils would be lost. It was the forbidden loss of control that made the juices flow for Liza. The mere thought of being tied up helpless and at Nils’ mercy pushed her to the brink of orgasm time and time again.

She was a girl who needed her limits pushed and Nils gladly supplied the pain and humiliation that pushed her to the very brink of her limitations. She never felt more alive than when she went under the strap for Nils. She loved the erection it gave him when she absorbed the pain and cried out in anguish. He was her true sadist/lover. Nils was her “fantasy man”, the only man who knew her deepest and darkest needs.

As she assumed the punishment position on the bed, her mind would wander as Nils tied her legs and wrists to the four corners of the bed. On her knees and elbows, she would stare down into the soft mattress and began to ponder her relationship with Nils. She had the best of both worlds. A man who loved to whip her and hear her cry out in pain and, at the same time, a man she trusted with her very life. What an enigma their relationship was! She knew instinctively that he loved her and would let no permanent harm come to her. Such a strange, perplexing dichotomy, this secret relationship she shared with Nils!

At the beginning he would whip her bare ass lightly with his evil-looking leather strap. One of his favorite instruments of pain, the strap was made of a soft, tanned leather with several holes sadistically drilled into it so as to heighten the recipient’s torment. Later when it was swung with more force, it would leave little round marks on Liza’s derriere, giving her ass the look of a pimpled teenager’s face.

Nils was a master at working his way up the pain ladder, starting out with soft blows meant to warm Liza up and prepare her for the heavier stuff. The heavier stuff was the part of the beating that Nils referred to as “the thud work”. Based on the sound Kadıköy Fetiş Escort of the strap or paddle making hard, solid contact with Liza’s ass, this was the part of the pain session that would drive Liza into the subspace. With skillful application at just the right time, Liza would become, as Nils referred to it, “comfortably numb”.

The sickening thud of leather or wood against her flesh followed by the brilliant flash of pain that cascaded throughout her being was something that she had come to enjoy in a twisted, perverse way. The punishment that Nils administered to Liza was a keen, bittersweet torment that suffused her whole body and psyche. The overwhelming insult to her body concentrated her mind like nothing else she had ever experienced. How could she possibly enjoy what Nils put her through? Yet, it was undeniable that she did indeed enjoy the thrashings that he forced her to endure. Liza thrived on the pain and enjoyed it fully in all its depravity. Her body was addicted to the brain chemicals that were released in an effort to mitigate the overwhelming sensation that Nils inflicted upon her . At the same time her mind was addicted to the degenerate splendor of her secret, scandalous affair with Nils. Like a cocaine addict, she was called back again and again by a gnawing, unexplainable need to submit to Nils and revel in the bittersweet pain he imposed on her body.

Gradually, Nils would increase the intensity of the pain as he methodically made his way up the pain ladder. Never in a rush, Nils would observe Liza’s face to study her reaction to the last dose of punishment. Was she crying? Was her face distorted in pain? Or was she overcoming the pain? Was she starting the descent into that paradise that only painsluts know? On some occasions, Nils would masturbate Liza with his left hand as his right hand simultaneously brought the strap down on her ass. He would bring her to the threshold of orgasm and then abruptly remove his hand from between her legs and apply a cruel heat to her buttocks. Again and again, Nils taunted Liza with the two extremes of human sensation —-orgasm and pain. He pulled her back and forth between the two extremes, frustrating her and, at the same time, tantalizing her by keeping the orgasmic release just beyond her reach. Sometimes he would place clothes pins on her rear and her breasts and then use his flogger to knock them off. He would insult her as he brought the flogger down on her body, raising welts on her chest and her buttocks. Of course, there were the needles if all else failed. Oh, she knew he could break her anytime he wanted. Nils enjoyed blindfolding his painslut and snapping a belt near her ear to watch her jump. He would go long periods of time without striking her only to bring down a brutal swing on her ass when she seemed to have finally relaxed. He could be as brutal with her mind as he was with her body. He RAPED her mind. He totally MINDFUCKED Kadıköy Gecelik Escort her …causing her to panic while struggling against the ropes that held her to the bed …so helpless and powerless. More often than not it was the cruel psychology he employed that, in combination with her constant pain, caused her to cross over into a state of altered consciousness. After he had warmed her up with the strap and punished her breasts and labia with his flogger, Nils knew he had her on the way. The mindfucking assault on her psyche in conjunction with the blindfold had Liza primed for the final assault that would push her past her limits and into the twilight zone of altered consciousness.

It was then that Nils picked up his wooden paddle and prepared to administer some “thud work”. No longer holding back, Nils now brought the paddle down on Liza’s ass with a sadistic fury that jolted her whole body forward and wrenched her against the ropes he had bound her with. Nils liked to give her the final blows in a rapid succession. Liza entered into a unrelenting hell of constant torment that would end in her capitulation to the pain. Her small breasts flopped forward violently as the pain exploded inside her brain. The clothes pins that Nils had attached to her breasts clacked against one another as the impetus of the blows registered throughout her body. She wavered for a second as if unsure of where she was and then righted herself only to suffer another tremendous swat. Over and over, the fierce cycle repeated itself as the implacable paddle made contact with Liza’s ass amid her howls and tears. Tremors of pain and shock flooded her brain, overloading her sensory system as blow after blow exacted its toll on her mind and body.

After about 30 strokes, Liza could barely stand the pain of the relentless paddle. There must have been something mystical about the number 30 because it was always the same. After she had received about that many swats, the pain in her ass and thighs commanded her tongue to beg that the pain cease. At the same time, she knew that she was getting closer to a nirvana called subspace. It was a place of altered perception where pain would actually become pleasure.

She always resisted the gnawing temptation to spit out the safeword and end this mind-numbing torment. She knew that she was within reach of something that she desired more than anything else. Most of the time Nils decided himself when she had had enough. After all, it was his prerogative to decide when Liza had suffered sufficiently. It was that stubborness in Liza, regarding the use of the safeword , that excited Nils so much. The way she resisted the urge to end her torment by simply uttering a two_syllable safeword fascinated him. The way Liza defied him at the painful expense of her flesh intrigued him.

Perhaps her recalcitrance was what really excited Nils and made him beat her even harder. He swung Kadıköy Genç Escort the paddle so hard that his arm began to ache. When Nils sensed that she was nearing the subspace, he would swing the paddle even harder and start to play with her mind.

After Liza had endured well over a hundred, sadistic kisses of Nils’ strap and belt, and finally the punishing thud of his paddle, she was very near total exhaustion. Nils’ constant assault on her body and her mind had tapped into the primitive, feral part of her being. She felt herself slipping into that familiar tunnel of submission. A vortex that sucked her down from the material world and immersed her into an ethereal world of total acceptance and trust. It was her body’s last line of defense against a superior force. In a last ditch effort at survival, her mind now turned pain into pleasure. Nils had viciously tormented her. The sight of her red striped ass in the air and her whimpering out almost inaudibly drove Nils to hit her even harder. Her ass and back had absorbed so much punishment that she even amazed herself. She slowly and irretrievably slipped into the magical subspace. Nils knew it immediately by the vacant look on her face and the way she absorbed the last two licks almost effortlessly. Instead of the high-pitched wail that Liza usually issued after each stroke, only a low, otherworldly murmur escaped from deep within her diaphragm. An eerie sound like that which comes from an animal as it dies. The macabre sound of a woman whose brain and body had reached a certain boundary beyond which lay only bliss.

Nils had once told her that she would one day amaze herself at how much pain she could endure for him. Her mind drifted off into the fog of pain and pleasure that she was feeling and she began to think about the limits she had exceeded with him. They were so numerous. She was overcome with the peace she now felt. She felt a feeling nothing short of beatitude.

Nils then began to gently massage her back and buttocks…soothing the red, welted skin with an aromatic oil that felt so soothing to her. At this point Liza was the perfect personification of a slave. She was passive and accepting of whatever Nils wished. It was as if she no longer had a volition of her own. She had unconditionally surrendered her will to Nils. Liza eagerly embraced the feeling of total surrender as she lay on the bed. By surrendering to the pain, she had prevailed over the it. She had risen above the pain and was now inured to it. Slowly, Nils brought her back into the current world…whispering in her ear…gently stroking her hair and skin. Electricity coursed throughout her as their two bodies joined as one. Her orgasms came quickly and so very hard…convulsing her entire body as she longed to continue the sexual union forever . After the whipping and the sex, Liza felt a spiritual renewal sweep over her entire being. It was as if she had been transferred into a new body. The pain Nils had given her along with his seed had rejuvenated her…strengthened her lifeforce and fulfilled her as his submissive.

Liza had earned the bliss she was enveloped in. She had paid for this little piece of paradise with the pain she had suffered. She had become comfortably numb.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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