Coming Home Ch. 05

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It was six months since I had arranged the gang bang for my sis. I still went back every weekend. And even though I tried to be the dominant partner, the master with Liza. And Liza’s and my relationship with mom had become more and more dominant. We hardly referred to her as anything but bitch. We hardly called her mom now, except in public which had become infrequent.

Liza had even bought a leash and a collar, and one day surprised me with all the gadgets she had accumulated. Whips, paddles and chains. She told me she kept mom leashed most of the time.

I knew by instinct that I would just have to order her to get pregnant. We had been thinking for many weeks now about moving out of Ohio and after much deliberation had selected Arkansas as the destination. A college was nearby where I could complete my education and there Liza would live as my wife and mom as our poor aunt.

We married as soon as we reached Little Rock. I took them both to a resort some distance away. Both the girls had been off the pill for over a month now. We had been making do with ass fucking and sucking.

I fucked Liza all night that night. At Liza’s insistence I devoted the next night to mom. They wanted to get pregnant together if possible. We were together, all three of us after that. I found my sexual drive was becoming almost insatiable. I had to fuck both of the at least once each night. Mostly two or three times with Liza before my cock fell asleep.

Liza got knocked up first.

Liza had been craving for sex with a different person for a very long time. But since we did not want to end up not knowing who the father of the child was, we had desisted.

I had become friendly with a neighbor – African American – and his wife. Jim and Suzy were a neat couple who frequently joined Liza and me to the pub. I had seen Jim eye Liza with lust in his eyes. I had wondered about Suzy myself. I wondered if they were into swinging. It would be nice to have Jim fuck my wife and have the chance to fuck Suzy. From what I could see she was well loaded with everything. Big ass and tits.

One night, a few beers (for men) and margaritas (for women) I decided to open the subject. I told him, like it was a hilarious incident, my entry into a chat room full of swingers. Some had even uploaded their photos too… boy were some of them hot!

Jim Gaziantep Escort Numaraları asked me if I found any that I might want to pursue. I told her that there was a black couple, with a fantastic seven inch cock that Liza had drooled over, but they lived way out in Boston.

“Hell man, it is an insult that you find people so far away hot and not us, who live nearby…”

“Hey Jim, no hard feelings, Man, I think you both are sexy too. Well at least I think Suzy is hot and Liza thinks you are hot. Man, you can’t count the number of times it was Suzy while fucking Liza.”

“Holy shit… man you serious.”

“Oh yeah, and Liza I am sure would like to see you deep inside her.”

“Holy shit man, Suzy has been making me pretend I was you. Even switched off lights to make it look real… keeps calling your name as I fuck her.”

We all laughed. It was Jim who made the bold suggestion, taking talk away into reality. “Say Jack, what say you we all go to my house and try out the new combination of you with Suzy and me with the lovely Liza.”

I looked at Liza and saw the flush on her face. She was aroused. I looked at Suzy and could swear her nipples standing up. She ran her tongue over her lips. I had a hard on, I bend sideways to see, Jim had a huge hardon too.

I said: “What the fuck we waiting for.”

We reached home in record time. And we were all naked in record time. Jim was an exact replica of the Black from the college days. Same length but slightly less thick. And with out her clothes, Suzy’s well trimmed pussy was wet and shining. I decided to go down on the ebony angel and taste her nectar. Jim had same thoughts as he put Liza on the couch, had spread her legs and was clucking happily at the beautiful sight of my sis’s pussy.

I followed suit. Spreading the brown pussy lips apart to show the deep pink insides. Boy she was sexy. I put a finger in and was surprised at how tight she felt. I would have thought that being banged regularly with Jim’s dick would have loosened her a bit. I put my tongue out and licked the inside of her pussy. She tasted tangier than Liza. I began to lick her with pleasure, flicked a tongue now and then at her clitoris. She was moaning. Both of them were moaning.

I had had enough, I wanted to have my cock in her and her tits in my hands. I got up and positioned myself holding my cock to guide it into her waiting hole. I sank in and put my lips on her nipples. They were twice the size of Liza’s. Even mom’s nipples which were big seemed smaller in comparison. I sucked each one as Suzy moaned . I kissed her while fucking her.

Soon both of us were uncomfortable on the couch and I pulled her down on to the floor, turning her around to fuck her from behind. Liza and Jim were already on the floor and with Liza’s legs on his shoulders, he was fucking her pussy in a slow rhythm. I began a slow long stroke routine, speeding up in between to give her a few minute long fast fuck before slowing down again.

Suzy liked to swear. She was cursing like a drunken sailor. “Mother fucking, son of a bitch shit. Oh this is good – oh yeah fuck me long and hard white boy. Oh yeah Jack, Jack my boy… Fuck Suzy deep and fucking hard. You want my ass baby take it, fuck my pussy first..”

She would now and then glance at the other couple and comment too. “Oh yeah, baby girl, Liza, give my man a good fuck, he has been dripping his semen for you for long baby…. Oh yeah Jim, fuck the white bitch as hard as her husband is fucking me. Yeah yeah, yeah.”

I heard Liza screaming in pleasure, Kim was pounding at her at full speed grunting that he was coming. I started to pound Suzy hard and fast. Holding her by the waist I started my jack hammer drill. She was coming hard and fast. Calling me a bastard, fuck my white bastard. I told her to take it black bitch as I pounded harder into her. She stiffened and arched her body upward, I slapped her down. Her ass was too big for me to penetrate deep with her upright. I turned her back to missionary position and dug back into her.

She was breathing hard and yelping, her legs raised in the air as I fucked her with added zest. I had had only fucked one other black girl before and that was not a great fuck. But this was turning out to be a memorable fuck. I kept up my speed and speed was drooling and blubbering as her husband and my wife watched the show.

At last I began to feel my semen begin its rise to the tip . I slammed one hard and taking her head in my palms I planted a kiss on her, with her moaning and screaming into my mouth as she I and I came I felt an earthquake shake our bodies.

I was nearly ten minutes later that, we still kissing and our lips swollen when Jim and Liza clapped and handed me a beer. I came out of her, soft and limp and said: “Suzy, you are one fucking lay.”

“You are equal to it Jack. More than equal. Didn’t have such a good one in a long time.”

“Well baby, you are in for even harder one soon. Let me replace the fluids I lost first.”

“Well, good for you two, I have had a real good fuck from Jim yet. He came too soon for my liking. Jim, this time last longer and fuck like you want to tear my cunt apart.”

With that she went down on her knees and took his flaccid, sticky cock in her mouth. With the thing still small she could do it. And it began to grow inside her mouth. Seeing him grow I began to stir too. “Come on, black beauty. Show me what you can do with your tongue.” I said and taking Suzy by the hair gently lead her to my cock.

Her mouth like there was a suction attached to it. She slurped my flaccid cock and her tongue began to press against the underside. I was harder in her mouth and she kept her nose buried in my sparse pubic hair. Goodness, the bitch could suck a dick!

I exulted in the sheer pleasure her tongue was giving me. I reached down to hold her tits, found the nipples and began to play with them, sometimes pinching them gently and sometimes pulling them. Her moans sent a ripple of pleasure that started from my cock and spread to the rest of my body. I could have let her do this all night!

I glanced at the other two. Jim was hard and erect now and he was turning her around to take her from behind. He saw me looking and grinned. I grinned back . His dark skin against Liza’s pale skin was terribly erotic. As mine must have felt for him. I leaned back on the couch and watched as Liza’s pussy parted to take the cock in. She moaned and he fucked her hard and fast, then slowed down to a steady rhythm.

My cock was being sucked like never before. I soon felt the semen strat to boil and begin its journey. She felt it too and swlaoowed the whole of my cock and sucked. I shuddered with the pleasure that I was feeling, never in my life had I been so aroused with a blowjob. Her mouth became like a vice trying to suck and I erupted into her. She kept drinking my cum without batting an eyelid.

Liza was screaming as he she felt the cock cum in her cunt. I watched her with half open eyes.

I knew this was a good beginning to a long relationship we were going to have with Jim and Suzy.

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