Commando at the Waterpark Pt. 03

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After what we all agreed to call a long, hot and rather eventful day, we finally had some time to ourselves to wind down and have a drink. The kids were all put to bed, and that included Nat’s daughters, who were sleeping on the sofa bed.

Indeed, according to what you told me, Nat had been texting you all evening, explaining that she was still stuck at the hospital with her mom, running some x-ray tests. She was positive she wouldn’t be able to pick up her kids at a decent hour. And with her husband being out of town, unable to take them home, it was natural for us to get them to sleep over. We had the extra beds, it was no problem at all!

We decided to chill by the fire. The weather that night was similar to the rest of the day: hot and sticky. I thought it’d be fitting and much more comfortable to wear only my boxers, thanks to the sweet privacy of my backyard.

Shortly after, I saw you come out and knew that you were thinking exactly the same way. My throat, as well as my underwear, tightened as you walked my way wearing this tiny white see-thru camisole and pink panties. The stretchy fabric was so thin, I could even see the areolas of your nipples in the darkness. And a lacy low neckline allowed for a decadent cleavage for me to feast my eyes on.

‘Holy fuck, baby, you look so hot!’ I croaked. ‘Aren’t you just spoiling me tonight.’

‘Oh, you know, it’s just what I feel comfy in for when I go to bed later.’ you shrugged innocently. ‘No biggie, right?’

‘Well your biggies are making my willie biggie…’

Sitting by the fire, we got to enjoy this sacred silence, free from children yakking away. Although it wasn’t without the usual distant buzzing of air conditioner units and pool filters around the neighborhood. The hot air was feeling heavy, charged with electricity.

I was sitting down with a cold beer to my right and your hot foot right between my legs. Life was pretty good… I started rubbing and massaging your ankle, your toes, your smooth calf. In return, your foot was playfully pressing on my growing bulge as you let me indulge on the sight of your racy and rather minimal outfit! In time, your pushing with your foot made the tip of my dick come out at my waistband, already gleaming wet from precum.. Hmmmmm I was out of reach for now, but I was starting to think about changing position. I would have liked to go stand up behind you and switch to your shoulders. No, I wasn’t there yet, but I was working my way to it, slowly.

My mind started racing…

I wanted to untie your ponytail, fluff up your hair, rub your temples. I would watch you let go of your muscles and surrender to my treatment as I rubbed your sore neck. You would become all relaxed, and loose. I wished I could graze your skin with my fingernails and get you goosebumps all over. And, yes, from that position, I always get a front row seat to a plunging view of your cleavage. Eventually, I would move your straps down your shoulders, slowly pull down the front of your top, massaging your chest, your hhhmmmmmmm …

Barking dogs suddenly yanked me out of my fantasizing. Turning my head, I was seeing bright headlights seeping through the hedges. I assumed they were just barking at a car parking in the street. I figured it was the front door neighbor, I wasn’t sure.

Meh. I didn’t give it too much thought, I went back to focus on you. Whoever walked by out there couldn’t possibly see us in our dark backyard, wearing this skimpy underwear, or see my hard cock that you had now fully taken out my boxers with your foot.

…Although, I never imagined it would actually be none other than Nat that was coming to see us! There she was, just walking in on us! Our backyard had no kind of door to knock on, so she couldn’t really announce herself! We only noticed her when she was only a few feet from us. Not only was I startled, but I felt unable to get up from my chair and run for the house to put a few more clothes on!

Fumbling in my seat, my raging hard-on was still towering out of my boxers, so I shoved it back in and pushed your foot off only to slouch in my chair, strategically crossing a leg over the other.

For some reason, you didn’t seem as surprised as I was, given the fact that you were also donning a very intimate and revealing attire. Instead, you gasped out loud and burst out laughing. I assumed it was at the sight of Nat wearing that same unicorn t-shirt she changed into in my company at the waterpark. Still, your reaction gladly allowed for some attention to be drawn away from myself…

Despite that I had tried describing in detail how Nat got out of her wardrobe incident, it still couldn’t get you an exact picture of what it all looked like. But I didn’t know you were going to have a chance to witness it yourself! She was right here!!!!

‘Hey guys! Oh my god, I finally made it!’ she said, exhaling.

Nat looked a little shy, especially towards your reaction at her arrival, but she joined you in laughter. She knew it was in good Ataşehir Escort spirit!

‘Yeah, yeah, laugh all you want.’ she frowned. ‘There was no way I’d stop by my place to change: I would’ve just crashed in bed for sure. I just came directly, so, Jess, really… thanks for the invite! I’m fucking exhausted!’

‘Oh, no problem, honey! You know I’m just teasing you. Come, sit down. Relax!’ you said, patting the chair next to you.

Wait… you invited her?

You turned your head slowly and looked my way to grin with the most impish smile. You had lied to me, and set up this whole surprise visit. It had to be it! I felt my skin getting tingles all over: it looked like maybe your naughty little adventures weren’t over with. As I put the pieces together, it also meant that… you dressed like this on purpose, knowing that she was going to see too. I mean, your top was way more revealing than the summer dress you had on earlier. You could almost see everything. And you had done nothing to stop me from getting into this embarrassing situation, wearing nothing but my boxers!

‘Sorry I’m so late, the waiting time was brutal for those x-rays.’ she sat down, bulging her eyes out. ‘And I must’ve drank like 3 coffees on an empty stomach. I’m a little jittery!’

‘Aw, you poor thing. Eric can get you some snacks if you want? Honey, do you mind? Get her a nice glass of white wine, too.’

‘Sure, in a minute.’ I mumbled.

You two little hotties were standing there, frowning at my reply. Well, those tops you wore only provoked further my ever so avid lust for tempting, luscious mammaries, so I really had to find a way to calm the storm inside my dick. I tried thinking about pink elephants, trips to the dentist, or the Canadian Constitution Act signed in 1982, or…


‘Sure, thanks, I can use a bite…’ nodded Nat. ‘You know, guys. I’m looking at you two, and I can’t help but wonder… was I interrupting something when I got here?’

‘What do you mean?’ you said, pretending not to know, flashing the most knowing and conspiratorial smile.

‘Well… you guys aren’t wearing a whole lot of clothes at the moment.’ she coyed. ‘I mean, Jess, come on, that top doesn’t leave much to the imagination!’

‘What, you’re gonna call that too sexy??! Ahahah!’ you retorted. ‘Eric told me all about your little wardrobe mishap with your daughter’s shirt, but holy shit! I never thought it’d look that hot on you!’

The subject was getting slippery and fast. I didn’t care, I got up right away, trying to turn my back on you and hide the imposing length at my groin! I just ran to the kitchen.

Finally, I was taking a break from all your shenanigans. As I prepared a bowl of fruits with some fresh drinks and waited for some popcorn in the microwave, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I had to admit I felt a little tired. Having two orgasms in one day, under rather unusual circumstances, must have had a lot to do with it. On the other hand, with the way things were shaping up outside, I was getting quite the opposite of tired. I felt my heart pounding and this nerve just yanking at my loins. How was this going to end…

The topic that you wasted no time to approach was dangerously revolving around the fruit of my fascination, and it was directly from its source. From you, about you. I looked down and realized that my body still managed to pump blood in my dick. I just sighed and figured I should just bring my guitar back there and try to ignore your dirty conversations.

For the sake of a minimum of decency, I even put on a shirt before coming back out. I was going to sit back passively and try to be an example, the adult that reminded everyone that we were just here tonight to hang out casually by the fire… with my wife, showing off her tits in a transparent top! Holy shit, who was I kidding!

A little while later, I walked back to the fire with my guitar on my back and a tray full of goodies. But I quickly stopped dead in my tracks and my cock went BOINK! against the metal tray. What the hell was going on?!? You two girls seemed to have come up with yet another one of your twisted ideas, probably just to torture me. You had decided to trade your shirts, nothing less! Just as if we were behind the scenes of some sort of a fashion show! You, my love, were now wearing that tiny unicorn t-shirt, while Nat had your fucking skimpy camisole on! Hhhhmmmmm Now almost having Nat’s tits on full display, I was almost foaming at the mouth!

And… logically, that also meant that you two have had more than enough time to see each other fully topless during the swap… Right??

I could tell our guest looked slightly embarrassed. As she sat, curled back in her chair, she had one arm resting across her chest, as if to cover herself, but she was laughing her ass off! I guess she was a little more used to all this by now, after what you and I put her through today. She was enjoying herself, having a good time. I mean, it wasn’t Anadolu Yakası Escort like she was flaunting her tits, like you were, as you still stood up in front of us, spinning and checking yourself out!

I knew your boobs were a tad bigger than Nat’s but it was enough for the shirt to stretch to absurd proportions…

‘What?’ you shrugged, looking at me. ‘We only have boys, none of their shirts would look like that on me. And I just had to know what she felt like wearing that ahahah!’

That sounded like one very poor excuse to get away with what you were really intending to do.

‘Wow, just come enjoy the show, Eric.’ Nat said. ‘Your wife really is something else!’

‘Um, sure!’ I replied. ‘Actually, I might make my own little show. So please, don’t mind me, I’ll just, um… sit here and strum my guitar!’

…trying not to look at you wearing my wife’s transparent shirt! I had to bite my lip hard to not say those last words.

It was hard to distribute the food and drinks without blatantly showing my raging erection! I sat down and hid it instantly behind my guitar. How was I supposed to stay here and act as if all was normal? It was getting harder and harder to play dumb like I had all day. My whole body was stiff with panic, and I was breathing hard. I fiddled away absently on my guitar to distract myself, while you two were having a blast and seemed to be far from wanting to speak of anything else than your wardrobe! Maybe if I played a little louder, it would tone down your conversation a little. Just maybe…

‘Here Jess, take a look at those pictures.’ said Nat, taking out her phone. ‘That’s one of my friend’s wedding we went to a few years ago. The bride told us there was only this one store we could go to and pick a dress that would fit the theme of her wedding. When I got there to try some on and get sized up, I was given a few different options. But when I saw it, I knew I just had to go for that one!’

‘Yeah, I recognized you right away! Wow. I must say you were quite the stunner in that strapless dress. I love it!’

‘Yeah. I feel a little bad, though. The top of the dress was more like a bustier and the way it was pushing up my… boobs almost to the chin, I feel like I’m the one that stands out the most in almost every picture. Had I known that I was the only bridesmaid who chose it, I would have probably considered another one. I was the only one in the group at the store that day. So I ended up being the only one with that much skin showing, I’m not kidding! They were all out, like a shelf! Like, boom!’

Despite the sound of my guitar, I heard all that. I must have looked pretty intense and passionate as I closed my eyes, but really, I was just groaning internally at the thought of her bulging boobs in a corset strapless dress… Hmmmm, was there a way I could get my hands on those pictures? Suddenly, I felt something wet trickling down my thigh. Looking down, I saw my fat cock coming out the leg of my boxers, oozing gooey precum. That talk you were having was fueling my fire, it was so fucking much! None of you were seeing it, anyway, so I left it like that, for the sake of giving it some needed extra room.

‘Anyway, I remember getting a lot of stares, especially from my husband. I almost feel bad for stealing the show. But still, my friend was so much prettier in her own dress. I don’t think she was mad at me, or anything. It was such a great night, after all. And…between you and me, I think it made me feel kind of horny all night.’

‘Really?’ you said, making your voice crescendo with interest.

‘Oh yeah. I tried hinting my husband at it, but we never got to the point where we could find a secret spot to have sex somewhere. The reception was in some kind of barn, nowhere comfortable we could hide in. And we were just so busy catching up with everyone we hadn’t seen for a long time…’

‘Wow… do you think you could bring that dress over when we go camping next weekend for Cooper’s birthday? I gotta see this’

‘Right! Ahahah! I’m afraid it’s gonna have that same effect on me again. Imagine getting stuck with that kind of urges at a kids birthday party. Risky! Ahahah! And wearing that kind of classy dress to a camp site? No, ma’am. You’ll be seeing me in my good old shorts and t-shirt with my crocs.’

‘Don’t forget your bikini and toothbrush. Ahahah! So, you’re still spending the night with me, right? Or do I ask Eric to take you back?’

‘No, all good. I’d love to stay, it should be fun. You know so far, they’re calling for very warm weather overnight too. So I’m kinda wondering: do I even bring my peejay’s?’

‘Um, what’s that supposed to mean?’

‘Oh nothing! Ahahahah! I’m kidding. But just a fair warning, I tend to be unable to sleep when it’s too hot.’

‘And then what, should I understand that if it gets too hot, you’re gonna sleep naked?’

‘Nooooo!’ laughed Nat, slapping your arm. ‘I said I was kidding… well, just a little.’

‘Oh Kartal Escort my god, Nat, you’re priceless! Cheers to you!’

‘Yeah, I know! Cheers!’

An uproar of laughter ensued. From what I heard of the conversation so far, Nat really seemed to be more than inclined to keep pushing your little dirty games further and further. She kept cracking dirty jokes and insinuating that she wouldn’t do such unthinkable things in your presence, even though it almost sounded like she would as she kept correcting herself.

After a little while, and two more glasses of wine each, the whole atmosphere was getting much louder. Sure, it made it easier for me to hear what you were saying but it also made the sound of my guitar barely audible anymore. In return, I started singing along with my strumming. My little occupation allowed my boner to subside… just a little, really.

But Nat started acting really funny now. Her last drink had been finished for a bit, and now she was standing up to start dancing over my music, without really following the rhythm. It looked like she was going crazy more than anything else.

I wondered how tipsy she was getting, and I wasn’t too sure if we could provide her a place to crash if she ended up too drunk. She had to slow down.

Out of the blue, she turned around and looked further in our backyard. She gasped and started pulling you by the arm.

‘Oh! Oh! Caaat! Come on. Trampoline, let’s do this!’

‘Ohhhh, I don’t know.’ you replied, still following her anyway. ‘I feel a little dizzy.’

I managed to get another good eyeful of Nat’s breasts through her shirt as the both of you fumbled away in the darkness, heading for the trampoline.

After you got on, I couldn’t hear you too much anymore, even though I kept playing. What I was now hearing was mostly the squeaking of the springs, and the slapping of your feet against the jumping mat. You must have found out that maintaining balance while holding in all that wine you drank was going to be harder than you thought, considering that your heads were probably spinning. Under the effort, you were emitting little squeals and grunts instead of actual spoken words, which I found actually very arousing.

I stopped strumming my guitar and frowned your way, wondering what the hell got into you two. All this was very sudden, and rather unusual for grown ups to be using a trampoline at that hour. Everything was going so well before you stood up and got some silly ideas! At least, while you just sat there and talked casually, I was biding time until the fire died down along with my erection and later, we’d all go to bed, call it a night.

But now, I was feeling this kind of urge creeping up on me, a primal instinct inside that dared me to watch. It was as if I knew that seeing you two jumping around on that thing was going to renew this heat in my loins.

My perverted brain was making me foresee your big breasts come out of your skimpy clothes. Knowing how improper your outfits were to jump on a trampoline, it was bound to happen. It was just a matter of seconds…

Looking over my shoulder, I waited for my sight to adjust to the darkness. I noticed I was drooling, I had forgotten to swallow! And it didn’t help that you two were making me salivate profusely. I reached down and petted my thick shaft that was still coming out the leg of my boxers.

But… was it going to blow my cover if you didn’t hear my guitar anymore? Surely, you were going to wonder what I was doing by myself as I stared your way in silence.

‘This is fun, but… watch out, Nat. I think your boobies are gonna pop out!’ you said, attempting to bring your voice to a whisper.

‘Oh, well. You’ve seen them earlier.’

‘No, I’m talking about Eric, over there.’

‘Is he not busy fiddling with his guitar? I don’t think he’s looking. And Jess, I think your unicorn is about to show her tits, too.’ snickered Nat.

I had heard all that. And no, I was looking, as a matter of fact. Over my shoulder, and through darkness, I was waiting for any of your luscious jugs to come out and start flailing around as you jumped on the trampoline.

And, as if right on cue, right when Nat had started a series of higher jumps, she suddenly went Whoops!, followed by your two snorting laughters.

Squinting my eyes to pierce through the darkness, I saw them: Nat’s big boobs were out there, out of her top. Despite the major shock I was under, I emitted a little gasp. I expected you two were going to turn my way and make sure I wasn’t looking, so I turned my head back at the fire just as fast. To try and dissipate any doubts, I even started whistling like a dumbass.

But I fucking saw them, Nat’s juicy tits in action, long enough to imprint my retina. They weren’t exactly still and picture perfect the way I had hoped to see them for the first time, but they were very naked, and just splendid.

My breathing had suddenly picked up and I felt my face get all hot. I knew it wasn’t from the fire. Her naked breasts were out in the open, a few feet away from my raging erection, now equally out of its confines. It throbbed and ached for relief while I had to play the pretend game, strumming this guitar to allow you guys to think you were away from my lustful stare.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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