Company Cocksucker Pt. 19-23

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Part 19: Replaying and Foreshadowing

I woke up from a bad dream sometime in the middle of the night; I didn’t even check the clock to see when. The dream was about Tim. We were in a strange room with a huge curtain across one wall. Tim had me drop my pants and underpants to my ankles. He wouldn’t let me take them off; he liked how it made me look awkward. He made me suck him until he was hard and all the while I had to praise his cock and tell him how much I loved being his cock slave and that sort of thing. He didn’t have to prompt me with the words or make his demands explicitly. He just asked me what I wanted and how I liked it. I knew what he wanted me to say and there was really no point in resisting.

It was weird because from time to time I could hear voices. I tried to make them out but they were muffled and indistinct. I finally decided that they were coming from a television running in the next room. Tim made me get on my hands and knees on a couch and beg him to fuck my ass. Again, he didn’t tell me what to say. He’d just ask me what I wanted and when I told him what he wanted to hear, he’d ask me to tell him how much. This wasn’t so strange, really. He’d done that many times when we were together.

When I’d finally satisfied him with my pleas for his cock, he lubed up my ass and pushed his cock against me. As he pressed his cockhead forward, I expected to feel the now familiar sensation of my anus opening for his plundering cock. Well, I felt my asshole being opened by his shaft, but it was anything but a familiar sensation. He seemed to be opening me up impossibly large. It was as though his cock was six inches thick and, as he pressed in, I opened to accommodate him fully. It didn’t hurt nearly as much as it should have given how far he was opening me. And, as he began to press into me, it felt as if his cock would never come to an end. It just kept sliding further and further in.

This was a very strange sensation, but I didn’t have more than a moment to ponder it. My attention was drawn suddenly in the direction of the curtains. They were rapidly drawing open and behind them was a crowd of people. Not just people. It was people I knew: my friends, my family, my co-workers, and Steph. They were all looking at me being impaled on this impossibly huge cock. They’d all heard me begging for it. And they were smirking or laughing out loud as they pointed at me.

My heart pounded and my face burned with shame. I started to pull away but the sensation of Tim’s enormous cock pulling out of me, when it hadn’t even entered me completely, was devastatingly unpleasant. Though he could have done so easily, he didn’t need to hold me on his cock. I couldn’t bring myself to pull away from him. Instead, I moved back onto him so that I could feel more of the incredible, inconceivable sensation of this fantastic shaft impaling me.

Everyone could see that I was more than a willing partner now. I was the aggressor. It didn’t matter to me now. All that mattered was that this delicious sensation not end.

When Tim finally bottomed out in me, I gripped his cock tightly with my asshole. Nothing made sense, of course. If his cock was a thick as it felt, my anal sphincter would have been torn to pieces. If it was as long as it felt, it would be sticking out my mouth. I guess he was literally fucking me senseless. As he began thrusting in and out, my attention was briefly drawn to the crowd, some of whom were clapping. I put them out of my mind again and reveled in the sensations of being fucked.

Tim fucked me for a long time and, when he finally came in me, that too was an impossible scene. He seemed to cum for long minutes after minutes and to fill me with quarts of cum. And as he filled my bowels, the pressure made me spurt my own seed all over the couch.

I heard the sound of applause and then it faded as I woke up. I was in my bed with a huge hardon and having to piss so badly it hurt. I was half surprised that I hadn’t had a wet dream. The sensation of cuming in my dream had been so intense, I really expected to find my sheets slippery with slime.

I got up immediately because the alternative was to wet my bed. Despite how badly I had to piss, it took me a long time to get a flow started. My cock was so hard I couldn’t piss. When I’d finally emptied my bladder through a still hard cock, I went back to bed, stroking my cock through my underwear.

As I lay in bed, I found my mind wandering to an impossibly big cock. But not Tim’s cock of my dreams. I was thinking about Tyrone’s cock.

I guess I’d come to terms with my cock-sucking and even my getting fucked. I’d accepted the fact that I not only got off on it (obviously and often messily) but that I actually enjoyed the sensations and I loved the feeling of power I had as I satisfied a hungry cock. So, while I never looked forward to the humiliation that Tim enjoyed inflicting on me so much, I had admitted to myself that I did enjoy sucking him, and Murphy Casibom and the others off. And I even enjoyed getting fucked by them. I understood the pleasures of the female role. But I now realized that something had been missing.

I had never really *loved* their cocks. I’d loved the way they made me feel–the way they had stretched me and filled me, the way they had slid in and out of me. And I loved what I’d come to think of as “taming” them: taking a hard, hot, hungry cock and turning it into a limp, satisfied dick.

But I’d never really made love to a cock–never wanted to give myself to the man who owned it. I’d never felt as if *this* was *the* cock I needed to be happy. I think that was the way I had come to feel so quickly about Tyrone’s cock. As I lay in bed, slowly stroking my own hard cock, I yearned for–I ached for–his cock in my hand, in my mouth and (though the thought filled me with fear almost as much as lust) in my ass. I wanted to make love to Tyrone’s cock. I wanted to make love to Tyrone. I was beginning to realize that Tim (cruel as he was) and the others (who just went along for their pleasure) had actually prepared me to be Tyrone’s perfect lover. Or, at least, to try to be. And, certainly to hunger to be.

So, I lay there in the dark of my own room, beating off to the thought of Tyrone. And, after a long and satisfying time stroking myself to various images, I spewed my seed on my stomach. I licked it off my fingers, imagining that it was Tyrone’s and that it pleased him to have me swallow his cum.

Part 20: The Big Meeting

I dozed off and slept peacefully till late in the morning. I stayed in the rest of the weekend, just getting caught up on cleaning and stuff. I got several calls from Tim summoning me over to his house, but I didn’t answer or return the calls. I masturbated lots of times, but this weekend’s whack sessions were very different from earlier ones. Before, when I’d masturbated thinking about sucking Murphy or Tim off or about getting fucked by them, there was furiousness in my actions. It was as if I needed to get off hard and fast. It felt great, of course. But now there was something different. I felt a calm, warm feeling. Sunday night I even put on some music, turned the lights down low and had a glass of wine in the bathtub before laying down on the bed and stroking myself gently till I was hot and hard. Then, there was some fury, to be sure, but it was against a background of warmth and comfort.

Monday morning I tried to avoid Tim. It was impossible, of course. He was pissed that I’d ignored him over the weekend and he would not tolerate my ignoring him at the office. He started saying things that were more and more suggestive and embarrassing to me until I had to agree to go with him to the storeroom where so often in the past I’d been on my knees servicing his hard cock. But this time I rebelled. I said ‘no’. Really, what did I have to lose? It’s not as if the whole department didn’t already know what had been happening. I mean, I hadn’t sucked off every guy in the department, but I knew that you can’t keep a secret like this when so many guys know about it first hand. Of course everyone already knew. So, let Tim talk. What did I have to lose?

Well, as it turned out, a lot. Or, maybe not, I don’t know. But Tim *did* have some cards to play that I hadn’t expected.

But, for the present, my insubordination worked. Tim was stunned but, for the first time ever, I walked out of the storeroom without having gotten on my knees to service Tim.

I felt proud of myself for standing up to Tim. And I could tell that he was angry and a bit stunned. I guess suddenly losing your personal bitch, cocksucker and boy pussy can do that to a guy. I would see Tim sometimes looking at me with anger in his eyes.

I was caught up in my own thoughts, though. I found myself thinking about Tyrone frequently. Sometimes I would look at him for long moments, oblivious to what I was doing. If he’d turn in my direction, I would quickly look away–but not quickly enough, of course. He would see me when this happened and I knew it. My face would flush and my ears burn. For a while, I would be able to keep my eyes off of him. But, inevitably, I would find myself in an idle moment, staring at him and many of those times, he would catch me.

But for the sexual tension I felt for Tyrone, the week was a quiet one sexually. Indeed, a silent one. Tim knew he wasn’t getting anything and Murphy didn’t call me into his office once during the entire week. And that included Friday. There was no Friday ritual, either of the “being called on the carpet” variety or the “providing a reward for the top performer” variety. This was very strange. I allowed myself to entertain the thought that, perhaps, my days of being the company cocksucker were over. Maybe I’d turned a corner permanently.

The weekend was weird, too. No visiting Tim. No doing his chores and no doing him. Steph and I had a date. We were, Casibom Giriş I guess, still officially going together but we hadn’t seen each other in a couple of weeks. It was a pretty good time and we wound up in bed for the first time in more than a month. I was able to perform pretty normally and that reinforced my thought that maybe I’d passed out of this problematic phase. On the other hand, it is true that I kept myself hard throughout fucking Stephanie by visualizing Tyrone fucking my ass–so maybe I wasn’t completely back to normal yet. The thought of Tyrone’s huge cock in my ass scared me as much as it excited me, but it excited me a lot. I busted a big nut into Stephanie’s cunt thinking about Tyrone spewing his load in my ass. And then, not more than an hour later, after I got home, I shot another big load with a cucumber shoved up my ass, though in my mind it was a big, hard black cock fucking me.

Monday morning, Murphy announced that there was going to be an important Department meeting on Friday afternoon. Everyone had to clear their schedules to attend. The purpose of this meeting, which was very unusual, wasn’t announced. But Murphy implied that it was very good news.

Rumors buzzed all week but as the day of the meeting approached, no one outside of Murphy and maybe Tim, who was spending a lot of time talking with Murphy these days, really knew what was up.

As it turned out, there was good news and bad news, though the bad news was all for me.

The good news was that this year our department’s performance had been way above last year’s and way above what had been projected. When Murphy announced that, everyone cheered and high-fived each other.

“All of you deserve credit,” Murphy continued. “You guys worked your tails off, and it paid off.” More cheering and some comments about how true it was.

“But, really, I think we need to give a lot of credit to the one person who not only worked his tail off, he worked his head off to give you guys the incentive to produce.” Now, there was cheering, but not everyone joined in. I didn’t. I saw guys looking at me, even guys who had never gotten a reward from me in Murphy’s office. I knew for sure then that there were no longer any secrets in the office. I’d assumed that for a while; but it was obvious now.

“I’m talking, of course, about Allan.” Murphy gestured toward me. “Come over here Allan. You’re an important part of this success. You did what was necessary to raise the whole department’s level of performance. To say that you took one for the department would be to understate the situation by quite a few.” Murphy laughed and almost everyone joined in. I blushed red and just looked away from everyone.

“This merits a party! And I’ve got a great one planned. I can’t think of a better way to reward all of you than to offer a Friday afternoon reward for everyone.”

*What the fuck? Did Murphy just offer me for the sexual gratification of everyone in the department?* As I stood there, shell-shocked, others began to cheer. Tim got behind me, pushed me down on my knees and invited the whole gang to line up. I struggled to get up but Old Man Murphy cut me off with a short reminder that “this is what you get paid for.”

The first guy in line was Brad, a guy I’d never done before. He was unzipping his fly and digging out his cock for me. When he got is soft dick out, I saw that this was going to be another first for me: he was uncut. His foreskin completely hid the helmet of his cock and it narrowed down to a point at the end with just a small hole in it. Brad pulled the foreskin back and showed me the shiny head, then he let his cock head slide back into the foreskin. As he pressed his still limp cock against my lips, it felt really odd. I’d had a fair number of dicks in my mouth–hard ones and soft ones–but the flap of soft skin covering the head of his shaft felt really weird in my mouth. The feeling wasn’t strange for long, though. As Brad hardened, his cock felt much like the others I’d sucked off over these last months. It was kind of narrow and very smooth, but long enough to be impressive anyway.

As he thrust in and out of my mouth, some of the other guys cheered him on. “Go deep!” someone yelled. And Brad did. As his cock pressed its way into my throat, I felt my own cock rise. Worse yet, I got so hard that people could see my trousers tenting up. “He’s getting off on this!” one person said. “Natural born cocksucker,” someone else added.

I heard Tim explaining to those who didn’t already know that I always get hard when I suck a hard cock and sometimes I even shoot off without any direct stimulation. Tim went on, “and, you should see him shoot his load when he gets fucked in the ass.”

Okay. I knew where this was going and it wasn’t going to end with me just sucking a lot of guys off. I was going to be the fuck-n-suck pig for the entire department this afternoon.

Tim was enjoying his revenge on me for my insubordination. Casibom Güncel Giriş And he wasn’t going to miss any opportunity to humiliate me. He pulled me away from Brad’s cock, something both of us regretted and for the same reason: he was just about to cum in my mouth. Brad regretted the intrusion because it left him hanging and I regretted it because it meant that when I was again pushed down on my knees to service him, I’d have to spend some time just getting him back to where I had him now. But Tim’s little scenarios would be played out. He would see to that.

“Pull your pants down,” Tim ordered me. I could see everyone looking at me expectantly and I hesitated. I felt Tim reaching around to unbuckle my belt; I decided that whatever was going to happen, it wasn’t going to be him undressing me like I was his plaything to share. I pushed his hands away and began unbuckling my belt.

I couldn’t look anyone in the eye; it was a weird experience. I knew all of these guys pretty well–some of them intimately, so to speak–but I didn’t recognize them. I just saw a crowd of people, all expecting me to humiliate myself for their pleasure. All but one. Tyrone was standing very much away from the crowd. He was watching me and the others, but not joining in with comments. He was just observing. I paused, trying to think about what I was doing and what Tyrone was thinking about it. Tim’s hand reaching around me again, jolted me back into action. I swatted away his hand and finished unbuckling my belt, unbuttoning and unzipping my pants and pushing them all down to my ankles.

Fortunately, my cock wasn’t hard anymore. But I wasn’t spared that humiliation for long. Tim pushed me down again, Brad didn’t waste a second in getting his softening cock into the warm haven of my mouth. And I was soon taking him deep again.

When his dick pressed into my throat, I just couldn’t prevent my cock from rising. Thinking about baseball or the multiplication tables was useless. It was like there was a button in the back of my throat and when some guy’s cock hit it, my dick went up.

So, now everyone could see my hard dick bobbing up and down between my thighs as my mouth bobbed on and off Brad’s cock. The catcalls died down a bit after a while and I started working Brad to the inevitable outcome. At one point I unconsciously reached down with one hand and began stroking my aching dick. But the crowd would have none of that. They wanted my dick bobbing freely while I serviced Brad. So that’s what happened.

Brad grunted loudly and clasped my head in his hands tightly when he began to pump his slick slime in my mouth. I didn’t gag or anything. I was good at this by now. I swallowed him and let him slip from my lips, watching his cockhead slowly retreat behind his foreskin as he pulled his dick away from me.

Someone else was trying to get in front to get his cock serviced but Tim wanted to rearrange things. “At this rate, it will take all night to get through everyone. But I have an efficiency plan. We can double Allan’s efficiency by redeploying his resources.”

Pleased with his self-evaluated cleverness, Tim pulled me up and pushed me down over the corner of a desk. I guess two or three guys took my ass in that position and probably four or five more shot off in my mouth. My ass was oozing cum and my face was spattered from those who pulled out as they were still spurting. Tim pulled me up to show people what a cum-slut I was, then pushed me down on my hands and knees for more.

Part 21: My Shame

In this position, the guys who were sharing me could rock me back and forth so that I pumped one cock with my ass and one with my lips in synch. And that’s precisely what had been happening for 15 or 20 minutes, with a change of cocks in the process, when I happened to look up long enough to notice a face in the crowd.

Steph! She was standing not more than 10 feet away and watching me with a combination of astonishment and disgust on her face. And it was clear that she hadn’t just walked in. Not surprisingly, Tim was standing next to her, whispering comments in her ear. At one point, her look changed. She and Tim both burst into laughter. It was in the middle of their shared joke that she realized that I was looking at her. When she focused on my face, the look of disgust returned, but she was still smiling about the private joke with Tim.

So, now I knew the full extent of Tim’s vengeance. It wasn’t enough to humiliate me in front of the entire department, or even to have me gang raped. He had to destroy my personal life. It wasn’t as if it had been all that great lately, but I still harbored hopes of mending things with Steph and, maybe, getting my life back. That hope was gone now.

I guess while I was pondering my situation and my future, I was flagging a bit as a sex toy for Bob, who had his dick in my mouth, and for whoever had his cock buried in my ass. (Jesus! Had things gone so far that I didn’t even know who was fucking me up the ass?) Bob and my other assailant started thrusting me hard back and forth. I was slammed around so much that I couldn’t even focus on Stephanie with my eyes and I decided not to in my mind. *Just let it go*, I told myself.

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