Company Xmas Party Ch. 07

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We both awoke to the alarm. Diane scurried from bed into the bathroom, and I just lay there, stretching lazily. If I remembered correctly, we had a couple of hours to get ready this morning. It was now just after six, and we were to meet up in the hotel’s diner for breakfast at eight. There was plenty of time to get ready, and for anything else that might come up.

I laid there thinking about the night before, remembering how it felt when my cock was in Diane’s ass. I started thinking about how she is such a dirty girl under that motherly exterior, and I could not help myself. I began stroking my cock slowly. I began to relive many of the moments we shared. I began to focus between last night, and the night at the club, where I fucked her right at our table.

During this time, I heard the shower turn on. I started picturing her soaping her naked body up. I was seeing her hands roam all over her body, passing over her erect nipples, and down to her pussy. When she moved, her breasts would jiggle enticingly. Even the thought of her placing a foot on the side of the tub, and rubbing her hands over a shapely calf excited me.

Lost in my fantasies, I did not hear the shower turn off. I was startled when I heard the bathroom door open. I had been caught. Diane was naked, and was drying her hair. Seeing her this way, and her breasts bouncing as she rubbed a towel through her hair sent me over the edge. With a groan, I shot my load into the air, landing on the bed, and on my stomach and chest.

“What brought that on?” she asked me, having stopped what she was doing.

“I was just thinking about you. I pictured you in the shower, soaping yourself up. I could see your naked body, and I got excited.”

“Sometimes I cannot believe you. How can you find me that exciting?” she jested. “I mean, I’m not fat or anything, but I am no model either.”

“Models tend to look like little boys.” I said. “There is no mistaking you for anything but a woman. Your breasts are perfect. Not grotesquely large, not small. When not restrained, they move so enticingly, I struggle to keep from groping you in public. Some people mix these up, using them all the same, but you are pretty, cute, attractive, beautiful, and sexy, all at the same time. You have the soft and subtle curves that define femininity. People like you when the first meet you, so that says something about your personality. You also have a sense of humor. Remember the joke you pulled after our first night together? You are also a great lover.”

While saying this, I could see her begin to blush, a flush of red, from her cheeks to her breasts. “If I am all that, then I would not be divorced, right?”

“If you are not all that, then why am I getting hard again. Have you looked at your hair?” I replied with a grin, and grabbed my recovered member. “Why does my desire to please you, please me?” She watched my hand has it pumped up and down.

“It looks like you are pretty intent on pleasing yourself at the moment.” I could see mischief in her eyes.

“Only because it excites you when you watch me masturbate, like it excites me to watch you.” Without another word, leaving her towel draped over her shoulders, she slid a hand down between her legs. When her fingers brushed over her sex, she sighed. As she watched me, her hips began to buck slightly. She kept her fingers sliding over her pussy, and soon closed her eyes. Taking a chance, I began talking to her.

“Oh, God! You are going to make me cum.” She let out a yelp. “No one has ever made me cum twice like this. Don’t stop. I want to watch you cum with me.” She let out a quick cry that I had not heard before. Her body was starting to jerk, and she was thrust her butt backwards, then forwards again. He fingers were now flying between her legs. I could not see what they were doing, but watching her body react was bringing me close to the edge.

Her cries were coming quicker. “Are you cumming?” She nodded quickly. “Oh God, Diane, don’t cum before I do.” She let out a strangled moan, and I was going over the edge. “Oh, Diane, you are making me cum again. Oh, Go—d, ung!..” I began cumming, and so did Diane. With a loud moan, and several yelps, I watched her body jerk rapidly. She slipped into a nearby chair, legs spread, and continued to work her fingers, continuing her orgasm.

Soon, she went limp, and slouched in the chair, breathing heavily. I got out of bed, and kneeled before her, placing my hands on her thighs. I kissed her legs, and she looked down at me, and smiled. Her fingers were still lazily running over her pussy, and I watched them. “If you keep that up, you are going to kill me today. Not an entirely unpleasant prospect.”

Defiantly, she slid a finger inside of her pussy, arching her back as she did, and moaning. “Either I get up to get a shower now, or I ravage you all day, in every way I can think of, leaving us both shriveled up ataköy escort husks. Our bodies will shrivel up, as we will dehydrate from cumming so much. I will lick you dry, then wet again. What do you think?”

She chuckled, and said “As appealing as death by orgasm sounds, I do have a son to think about.” She pulled me up, and brought my face to hers. I could smell her arousal on her hand, but decided to behave. She brought me into her, and we kissed deeply for several moments. After we separated, I stood up, and pulled her to her feet. “Let’s get you clean again.” Together we got into the shower, and managed to clean up without incident.

After our shower, I sat on the bed, and watched her get dressed. She blushed as I did, but continued on. Today she was wearing a light skirt, and a couple of tank tops, and no bra. The tops did a decent job of restraining her breasts, but I could still see a hint of erect nipple. I found this exciting. Once she was done, I walked to her, kissed her again, and got dressed. I felt better today after having shaved, and completely cleaned up. It was time to meet everyone else for breakfast, so we departed the room.

During breakfast, Diane’s parents said that they wanted to take Sean to town shopping, then after lunch, they would visit the park for some activities. Diane said that would be fine, but wanted us all to have dinner together. I was asked what my preference would be. Italian is my favorite, and everyone gladly accepted the place not far from the hotel. While eating, the front office manager came to our table, and told Diane that there was a problem with our room.

We were nearly done, so Diane kissed her son, and her parents goodbye, and we hurried up to the room. A water leak developed on the Jacuzzi, and water soaked nearly the entire floor. Luckily, we did not have anything lying around, so nothing of ours was ruined, but we both feared that we were going to be stuck in a closet for the rest of our trip. The manager said that they had no other rooms close to this one. They were all smaller, but not the smallest they had. He would be happy to reduce the charge to that room plus an additional 10% for the remaining nights.

He felt this was fair, but Diane was quick to point out that we were enjoying our vacation, and now we had to deal with this, plus moving to a smaller room. She was not happy with the offer. She tried talking to him, but he would not budge. She was about to get angry, but I stepped between them, placed my hands on her arms, and kissed her cheek. I told her I would take care of it, and she can start packing her things. I led the manager out of the room.

“Listen, do you realize that every year, she is here with her parents. Two rooms for a week every year. I can tell that you are not even fully booked at the moment. You parking lot is half empty all the time. Surely you have similar rooms that are sitting empty. Perhaps even a better room that is going to go unused for the rest of the week.”

He tried to interrupt me, but I continued on. “I know that in the overall scheme of things, two rooms for a week out of the year is small, but this is how it starts. You fail to take care of one customer, then another, until word gets around. You are working to ruin her chance to relax. If you put her in a small room, no matter the discount, she will not enjoy it, and I can guarantee that there will be no return visit.”

Now, the manager got all uppity, and decided that they would not give us any discount, as they were not obligated to. I told Diane that I would be back shortly, that I would be at the General Manager’s office discussing the problem. She said ok, and that she would get us all packed. The manager, who I found out was the front desk manager seemed to strut after me. We reached the front desk, and I asked the person working there to get the GM for me. The jerk I had been dealing with said that he was busy, and I would have to leave him a message.

As luck would have it, the GM walked by, and the lady behind the desk called out to him, telling him a customer wanted to speak with him. He introduced himself as Dave, and asked what he could do for me. He seemed like a very nice man. The jerk began speaking, and I cut him off. “Dave, I hate to tell you this, but this man is giving a very bad impression of your hotels service. As you can see, you were addressing me, and he felt it best to speak in my place. But, this is not my point.”

I proceeded to tell him the problem, and of the offer. I told him about my talk with him, and how he rescinded the offer. Dave told him to wait in his office, then walked to the desk. He asked about reservations for the penthouse. That got my attention, but was told that it would be occupied before we left. They had several suites available, with nice views, and balconies. Dave said we could have our pick, and would not charge us anything for the remainder bakırköy escort of our stay for the room. I picked a room in the corner, and took the key up to our old room.

Diane was sitting on the bed. She looked upset still. “I talked to the real manager. He was a little more accommodating. We are up a couple floors.”

I led her to the elevator with our bags. She tried to get more info, saying that they would never stay here again. I told her not to be hasty, and she relaxed, but still pressed for more info when she saw my grin.

When we reached our floor, I led her down the hall, to our door. I handed her the key, and motioned her to go ahead. She was shocked when she opened the door. The room was spectacular. We walked into a living area, with a kitchenette, and sliding glass doors. She went into the bedroom, and was greeted with a large bed, and a Jacuzzi tub. In the bathroom, there was a large walk-in shower, and complimentary robes. She stepped out onto the balcony, and looked over the view. “How much is this costing me?”

“The manager is not charging anything for this room. Not even the price of the original room.” I then told her about how he wanted the jerk to wait in his office. She ran and jumped into my arms, and kissed me, thanking me for taking care of the problem.

The day was moving along, and we decided to take it easy, and visit the pool, instead of going to the park. We would go there after lunch. Diane began digging for a swim suit. I held up my hands, pretending to be holding something. “What are you doing? she asked me.

“I think you would look fantastic by the pool in this.”

“You would love for me to go down there naked, wouldn’t you?”

“You would love to be naked in the pool. It would turn you on to have guys seeing your body, wanting you. Every guy there would want you, perhaps even some of the women.”

I walked up behind her, and kissed her neck. “But I would not want to share you.” I gave her a hug and another kiss on the cheek, and went to finding my own swim suit. She picked out a bikini, and we made our way to the pool. She lounged in the sun once I took ample time to apply lotion. I decided to jump in, and swim around. After a few minutes, I joined her. We had a few drinks, and relaxed until about noon. We returned to the room to get ready for lunch.

We got changed without incident back into the clothes we started with. We met up at the diner for lunch, and Diane told her parents about what had happened, and what I managed to get out of it. We chatted about what Sean had been doing, and what they were taking him to this afternoon. Diane said that we were finally going to get out of the hotel, and that we spent the morning by the pool after the ordeal.

Once lunch was done, we proceeded to the park, and decided it would be shows today. We saw a few in the theater. I noticed that the cool air really made Diane’s nipples stick out. We took a paddle boat ride on a pond. It was nice to float around. We sat there, and held hands, feeling more like a couple that just lovers. It was a nice afternoon, and over all too quickly. As we headed back to the hotel, Diane called her parents to let them know. She told them to come up when they were ready for dinner to see the room.

We got into the room, and I flopped into a chair as Diane sprawled on the bed. We were a bit exhausted, even though we did not do a lot. After a few minutes, she got up to change for dinner. As she walked past me, I leapt from the chair, and grabbed her wrists. I turned her to face the wall, and held her arms up, pinning them above her head. I pressed my body against hers, and nibbled her earlobe. I whispered “Hey lady, how would you like it if I tore your panties off, and fucked you right here?”

She pressed her ass against me. I released her arms, and she left them up high. I ran my fingers down them, and along the side of her breasts. I reached around, and grabbed them, feeling her nipples. I gave them a pinch, and then moved my hands down her sides, and past her skirt. Once I hit flesh, I started moving back up, under her skirt. I could feel her shudder, and then I playfully smacked her on the butt, and stood up. “Too bad we do not have time for that. Your parents will be up here any moment.”

She reached down, and rubbed my cock through my shorts. “I bet I could get you off before they got here. Want to wager on it?”

Having learned my lesson, I said we should get ourselves ready to go. No sooner than we were changed, there was a knock on the door. Diane showed her parents into the room, and all around. They were all out on the balcony, and when Diane stood on her toes, and looked over the rail, all I could think of was sliding my cock inside of her from behind, and fucking her out in the open until we both came.

We walked to the restaurant, and began a nice meal, until a waiter knocked over my iced tea onto Diane’s and my laps. This was not turning out to be the greatest of days. They immediately knocked 50% off the bill, so that was OK. We finished out dinner, had a couple of drinks, and the night wore on. Sean was getting tired and fussy, so we decided it was time to go. Diane asked her parents if they wanted her to take Sean for the night so they could go do whatever, but the balked. They said they were having a great time with Sean, and since they did not get to spend much time with him, loved every minute they got.

As we were leaving, I told Diane that this was my only good set of clothes, and I had planned on just washing them if need be. I wanted to go out somewhere, but could not now, unless I got something else to wear. There was a department store not too far, so I asked if she wanted to come with me, and pick me out something to wear for the night.

She agreed, and gave her kisses, and said her goodnights. I told her that we could just both get something new, and wear it out tonight. Once there, we went to the men’s section, and she picked out a pair of slacks, and a nice shirt to go with it. We went to the lady’s section, and I picked over a couple of things that I would like to see her in. I saw an employee walking around, and called her over. I told them what happened to us, and she saw the evidence on us. I asked if we could just take some selected items into the changing room, and wear the clothes out. She said it would be fine, just to locate her in the area, and she would ring us up when done.

Diane and I grabbed our clothes, and headed to the changing area. It was getting late, and the store was rather empty. We were the only ones in the changing area, and did not care which one we were at. Diane started into on, and I quickly slipped in behind her. I took her clothes, and hung them on the hook, and pressed her against the wall, like I did earlier in the room. Since she was still wearing a skirt, and had picked out another skirt, I took that moment to bend down, and quickly rip her panties off of her. She let out a quick cry as I did it.

Before she could react, I had my cock out of my slacks, and was rubbing it between her legs. I could feel that she was wet, and lowered myself to thrust inside of her. Once I was lined up, I pushed the head of my dick inside of her. She was hot, and wet. I held there for a moment, and then slid all the way inside of her in one thrust. I held still for just a moment, and whispered in her ear. “Do you want to be fucked right here in the changing room?”

Her only answer was to start thrusting her ass against me. I grabbed hold of her hips, and began sawing my cock in and out of her quickly. I could not believe that in only a few moments, she was already having an orgasm. She began making enough noise that I feared we would be caught. I pulled her to me, and put a hand over her mouth, and moved the other to her clit. As I began massaging it while fucking her pussy, she bit down on my finger, hard. Her pussy grabbed a hold of my cock tightly as she had another orgasm. I was getting close, and bent her at the waist, and as I was about to cum, pulled out of her, and stroked my cock, while keeping my hand on her back. I fired my cum right on her ass, trying to aim for her asshole. I pressed against her ass for the last couple spurts, then rubbed the head up and down, smearing my cum around.

She was breathing heavily, and I said that we better get going. I took her ruined panties, and wiped my cum from her ass, taking a moment to press a finger tip inside. We put on our new clothes, and wadded up the dirty ones. On the way out, I tossed her panties into the garbage. She said she needed to get another pair, but I convinced her that if she did, they would know what we were doing in the changing room. She did not buy it, but she did not press it either. I asked her how it felt to be walking in a skirt in public, and not have any panties on. She said it was strange, but she was getting excited.

We found the cashier, and handed her the tags. She made sure of what we were wearing, and ran us up. I paid for the clothes, and we walked out of the store. As we walked, the lace on Diane’s sandal came loose. I started to kneel down, but I dared her to just bend over. “Are you nuts? I would show everything off if I did that.”

“No one is around us, plus it is dark.”

She looked skeptical, but did it anyway. As she was retying the strap, I ran my hand over her ass, and slid my fingers in the crack. I pressed a finger against her ass, and she moaned, and said I was distracting her from getting her strap tied. I pushed a tip in her ass, and stroked it slowly. She told me to stop it. I pulled it out, and moved to her other side, and took my other hand and slid it down, and pushed a finger into her pussy, and began stroking it quickly. She was still wet, and bit her lip as I continued. She stopped working on her sandal, and let me continue until she had a small orgasm.

I told her that doing that to her in public was really sexy, and could not wait to get her behind closed doors.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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