Complete Submission

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I gave you very explicit instructions to follow. The only concession I allowed you was the use of a mask to hide your identity, the remainder I expected to be followed to the letter.

I had booked a hotel room. I gave you the location, room number and instructions to collect an envelope from the front desk at a specified time. I also required you to bring a laptop with a web-cam and to leave your phone at home.

That was all I told you at first, but even that was enough to keep you wondering all week, as you arranged to have the day off. Your biggest worry, leaving behind your phone. But you’d told me you wanted to submit to me completely. If that was true then you would follow my rules. Consider it a test of sorts.


The day dawns and with it the nervousness begins.

You’re aware that you have disappointed me lately. Unwilling or unable to meet my demands, wilfully disobeying explicit instructions and making excuses as to why you can’t follow others.

You know this is your last chance. My “three strikes” rule means you’re very close to ending this before you have even begun to experience it. So the question is, how much of yourself are you willing to give over to me? Today, you will find out the answer.


You arrive at the hotel half an hour early, laptop bag slung over your shoulder but mobile phone still in your pocket, unable to let go of that last link to your “real” life.

Approaching the reception desk, you nervously ask if anything has been left for you, then sigh in relief when they immediately present you with an A4 envelope. The receptionist giving you a wink as they hand it over. It throws you, that wink, and you retreat outside, finding a bench to sit on in a nearby park.

With trepidation you run your finger under the gummed flap, taking a sharp breath as the paper leaves a small cut on your finger, the blood welling up on the ball of your index finger before you shove it into your mouth, sucking to relieve the pain whilst you pull out the contents of the envelope, a key card, presumably for the room, and two sheets of A4, one covered in my neat handwriting, the other a pencil drawing.

You turn first to my words, a quick glimpse of the picture making you flip it over and push it back in the envelope.

There is no introduction, just a list of instructions, and they fill you both with fear and exhilaration.

The picture, I tell you, is what I want to see, how I’ll know that you’ve followed my commands to the letter.

Pulling it back out again, you gulp. The idea is exciting but terrifying at the same time. You want to please me, but at the same time you’re scared of putting yourself in such a vulnerable position. Risk v reward. Which will win?

*** At the allotted time you let yourself into the hotel room, leaving the door open as I instructed. You’re a little surprised that it stays open, experience telling you that most have some kind of spring mechanism to make them close automatically.

Glancing up you smile, I’ve clearly thought of everything, the mechanism is hanging loose, detached from the door, you should have known I’d be a perfectionist.

Knowing you have very little time before I expect you to be ready for me, you look at the picture for guidance before setting up the laptop on the dressing table, making sure it’s plugged into the power and positioning it so that the web-cam shows a clear view across the room to the door.

Nervously you remove your clothing one piece at a time, very conscious of the open door, keeping one ear listening for noises in the corridor as you neatly fold each item and place it on the shelf, you know I will not tolerate untidiness. You do Kadıköy Yabancı Escort not put on the mask, I was right, there is little point in concealing that small part of you from me, anonymity will not make this any easier for you.

Finally, you log onto the hotels internet, calling up the Skype program and dialling my name. The call rings for what seems like a lifetime before I answer, and when I do you’re disappointed to see that I’ve disabled my camera in some way.

My voice is quiet as I speak and you strain to listen, turning the volume up to maximum before a sound in the corridor reminds you of the open door. You glance nervously over your shoulder, forgetting I can see every move you make…

“Having second thoughts, slave?” I ask softly, and you quickly shake your head.

“No Mistress, of course not, it’s just the door… people… I could lose my job if this ever got out!”

“Do you trust me?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Then why do you question me?”

“I’m sorry Mistress, I’m just scared.”

“Then leave!” I say abruptly, the monotone timbre of my voice signifying that you have displeased me.

“No Mistress,” you whimper, “I don’t want to leave, I’m sorry, your slave is unworthy of your attention. Please forgive me?”

“On your knees, slave! Face away from the door and grasp your hands behind your back!”

You rush to follow my instructions and I grin with anticipation as I see you kneeling by the bed, the camera giving me a clear view of both you and the open door behind you.

“Eyes down, slave. You will look at the floor unless I tell you otherwise. Do not move. And remember, I’m watching you now…”

I take one further glance at the laptop, before switching off the microphone and turning up the car stereo. I can see you, but you can’t see me. I can hear you, but you can’t hear me. I am in complete control here and you know it, at least I hope you do.


Without your phone, unable to look at the laptop screen for fear of me seeing, you have no way of telling how much time has passed.

Your legs are starting to ache from being in this position but you don’t dare move without permission. Gently you flex your toes, trying to gain some feeling back, but all it does is start tingling pins and needles up your calves and you wish you’d stayed still!

Drawing in a sharp breath at the pain you wonder if you can risk a quick look up at the computer screen but think better of it, what would it help anyway? If anything it may cause me to leave you here longer as punishment and you’ve disappointed me enough these last few weeks.

For a second you worry that maybe this is your punishment, that I’ll just leave you here without any further instructions, waiting to see how long you’ll stay before you give up, testing your commitment to me. You hope I would not be that cruel…


The sun is beginning to set and your legs are now almost completely numb. You calculate that you’ve been in this position for over an hour now with no further contact from me.

Outside the door, the hall lights flicker on and cast eerie shadows around the room. I watch your image on the screen in front of me and see your head jerk up at the sound of something in the corridor, your breathing coming faster, but still you keep your eyes directed to the ground and you do not turn.

The noise comes closer and I see your shoulders tense as a shadow crosses the doorway before falling over your body.

I watch as the person stands in the doorway, staring at your back as you kneel there, shivering in terror and anticipation. I drink in the look of fear on your face as they take one step Kadıköy Yeni Escort into the room, then another.

I grin as I see you struggle not to move when all you want to do is run, the adrenaline making your heart beat loudly in the room…

The snap of my laptop closing behind you makes you jump in fright and you jerk your head towards the source of the noise before remembering that you’re not to move and dragging your eyes back to the floor in front of you. Very good.

I place the computer in its bag on my shoulder and take a step closer, then another, the camera in front of you still running for a second before registering that the call has been cut off. You’re bathed in bright blue light from the screen and the flickering white from the hallway and I step closer until I’m standing directly behind you.

Your harsh breathing and obvious fear make me smile to myself but I’m careful not to let anything show on my face as I circle you.

Your eyes take in the black patent boots, pencil thin metal heels, buckles wrapping around the outside at one inch intervals, securing them tightly to my slim ankles and shapely calves. You try to raise your eyes to take in more of me but I catch your movement and swat you on the nose like you would a dog. You get the message and lower your eyes to the floor once more as I continue to walk around you, inspecting you.

You have been in this position for a long time now and I know that to move will be a challenge for you, can almost anticipate the cramps and tingling as blood flows back into your legs. And yet it seems that the lack of blood to your legs has not affected other parts of your body, your cock hardening nicely as I look at you, as if presenting itself for closer examination.

Satisfied that you have done as I have asked I step away, sitting on the edge of the bed as I look around the room. I had been concerned that the hotel would be unable to meet some of my demands but they seemed to have done admirably, benefits of knowing the manager since school I thought happily, but where to begin?

I contemplated having you humiliate yourself further, but swiftly decided that having spent almost two hours in my car, watching you on the web-cam as you waited for me, my pussy getting wetter and wetter, the decision was easy, clearly you should be attending to my immediate pleasure.

The armchair in the corner of the room calls to me and I stand, taking the few steps towards it and sinking into its comforting warmth. It has been a long week, followed by a long drive and my muscles are aching. Later I will have you give me a massage, but first to relieve the ache in my sodden pussy.

“Come here slave,” I say softly and watch as you struggle to your feet, fighting against the weakness and numbness in your legs as you stumble towards me, your eyes raising to drink in my image.

“Eyes down slave!” I order irritably, “Did I give you permission to look at me?”

“No Mistress. I’m sorry Mistress,” you stutter, remembering yourself as you stand in front of me.

“Take my coat,” I order, “Where are your manners?”

“Sorry Mistress,” you whisper, holding out your hand politely to help me out of the chair. I wait as you hover uncertainly, before telling you to unbutton my coat. Slowly you push each of the oversized buttons through the holes, sliding the coat from my shoulders, careful not to look up or touch me, you’re learning.

Once you have the coat in your hands you take it and hang it reverently in the closet, walking back and dropping to your knees in front of me. This pleases me, the willingness to serve, the way you seem to know what I require from you now. Sitting Kadıköy Masaj Salonu on the edge of the chair I tell you to place your hands behind your back again, then I spread my legs wide until they’re pressed against the arms of the chair, my tight skirt riding high and the damp crotch of my silk panties directly in front of you.

The scent of my arousal permeates the room and I can see your cock twitching as you catch a breath of me, leaning forward slightly to breathe me in before remembering yourself.

“Please Mistress, may I look at you?”

“You may, slave,” I reply, a little surprised that all you’re asking is to look, but I see your cock grow harder and precum start to bead at the tip as you raise your eyes to my pussy.

“Would you like to taste me slave?”

You take a deep shuddering breath before you reply, your eyes widening and your pupils black with excitement.

“Yes please Mistress! I want to give you pleasure, please Mistress?”

Smiling to myself, careful not to let anything show in my face, I pause before answering, letting you suffer, the doubts grow. You lower your eyes again, your shoulder slumping as the silence stretches. Making sure to keep any emotion from my voice I tell you to lick me, chastising you as you start to raise your hands.

“Arms behind you slave! Did I tell you to move them?”

“No Mistress, sorry Mistress,” you say as you lean forward, your tongue licking tentatively at my panties, pressing harder as I lean back in my chair, teasing around the edge of the seams, your teeth pulling slightly, nibbling through my underwear.

The feel of you touching me but not touching me is amazing and I long for you to rip off my knickers and feel you on my skin but I hold off, I’m supposed to be in control here and if I let you know close I am to begging then the balance of power will shift unforgivably.

Taking a deep breath and getting myself under control I tell you to remove my panties and again you reach up with your hands before I slap them away. You quickly get the idea and bend your head, biting the waistband in your teeth and tugging down as I raise my hips slightly, lifting my legs so that you can drag them down over my boots before carrying them in your mouth over to the closet to lay them neatly on the shelf below my coat.

Returning to kneel between my legs you wait, hands behind your back.

“You’re learning,” I say, feeling a little praise is in order. The smile on your face gives away how pleased you are at winning my approval.

“Thank you Mistress. I want to please you. May I touch you again?”

I close my eyes as I answer yes, the feel of your wet tongue on my swollen clit as good as I expected. I have to work hard to stop from moaning as you flick over my hot flesh, my breathing coming hard and fast as I lose myself in the sensation. I’m amazed at how close I am to coming and I spread my legs further to allow you greater access to my shaven pussy.

Pressing closer you suck on my clit as your chin rubs against my engorged lips, the contrast of your soft tongue and the scrape of stubble against my tender skin making me squirm involuntarily, damn you’re good!

As you move to suck and gently nibble my pussy lips I hear myself moan softly, too quiet for you to hear, but still a loss of control I’m not happy about. Swirling your tongue around my sensitive flesh I feel the tension build inside me and I tilt my hips as you rub the flat of your tongue over me and with a deep, shuddering breath I cum beneath your tongue, still licking over me until I fall, boneless against the back of the chair.


Forcing my eyes open I note that you’re back on your knees, eyes facing down, and I’m pleased. Your tongue technique is fantastic but you haven’t forgotten my rules and so with any luck you haven’t noticed that I forget myself for a second there.

Sitting up straight I collect myself before telling you to close the door to the room and switch on the lights.

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