Confession to My New Roommate

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Finally, the end of freshmen move-in day. What a long day. The first night of his life Josh hadn’t spent in his mother’s house with his twin sister Jess. And now he had to deal with some idiot roommate with an idiot name, Bob.

At night they tried to make small talk. What small towns they had come from, their SAT scores, their ex-girlfriends. Bob had dated some floozy named Suzie over the summer. Suzie and Bob, they even sounded like a stupid couple.

Josh went ahead and asked the question. “Did you fuck her?”


“A lot?”

“Ya man, all the time after she got her momma to get her birth control we did it like every day. There wasn’t anything else to do all damn summer.”

Wow, Josh thought, good for you.

“What about you and your girlfriend?” Bob asked.

“Katie and I did some but then we broke up. It was rough.”

“I’m sorry man.”

They didn’t talk for a few minutes. They both thought about their ex’s, but that was all over now. After all, their new school was chock full of the loveliest eighteen to twenty-two year olds from all over state.

“So you got any brothers or sisters?” Josh finally asked to break the silence.

“Older brother. Seven years older. You?”

“One sister. We’re twins.” Josh told him. Wow, he thought, they hadn’t talked all day. He missed her.

“Is she hot?” Bob asked, his interested piqued, not realizing how rude it was to say that.

“Ha, ya she is.” Josh had to admit.

Now Bob was really interested. “You ever see her naked?”

Josh thought for a second before saying anything. It was kind of weird to talk about it.

“Damn dude, that means yes!” Bob knew any guy would immediately say no if that was the answer.

“Our air conditioning was busted for a month this summer. It happened a lot.” Josh explained.

But it was too late for Bob’s imagination not to run wild. “Did you? Damn dude, did you fuck her?”

Josh was a bad liar. He started to stammer. “Shut, shut up man” he finally said.

“You didn’t say no” Bob pointed out. “You gotta tell me the story.”

“Fuck, I told you I went through a bad break up with Katie.” Josh blurted out, now getting flustered.


“So Jess came home and caught me jerking off to porn. My parents weren’t home and I thought she would be gone for a while.”

“What did she do?”

“I mean, I thought she would be disgusted, or make fun of me, or just leave me alone, but she was like, sad for me. Nevşehir Escort I didn’t have any of my clothes nearby so I couldn’t cover myself up. Just me and my hand on my hard dick.”

“But she’d seen your dick before, right?”

“Ya but not hard like that. She caught me and my girlfriend having sex once right before we broke up but she really didn’t see anything.”

“So what did she do?”

“She just put her purse down and sat right down beside me on the couch. ‘You miss her, don’t you?’ she asked me about Katie. I was like, ya I miss her like hell, and now I’m horny so I have to do this. ‘You don’t have to do it alone’ she told me, putting her hand on my arm. ‘What do you mean?’ I asked her.”

“‘Just close your eyes. And take your hand off your dick.’ She told me. I always trusted my sister, I just didn’t know what she was about to do. I was thinking she would tell me about how I’m a good guy who could find another girlfriend soon.” Josh continued.

“But that’s not what she had in mind.” Bob interjected.

“She whispered in my ear to imagine she was Katie. Then I felt her mouth on me.”

“On your dick?”

“Ya she just wrapped her lips around it before I could stop her and took it in her mouth.” Josh explained, matter-of-factly.

“Oh my God.” Bob couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“I know right? I didn’t know what to do or say so I just did like she said, I kept my eyes closed and imagined the first time Katie told me she wanted to suck my dick and I let her do it then too. Katie loved giving blowjobs more than sex. She’d reach in my shorts and play with my dick a lot.”

“Shit that’s hot!” Bob exclaimed.

“The thing is, Jess was better at it. I never thought about it until now, but I guess she had a lot of practice with her boyfriend Eric. Her mouth and her tongue felt just like pussy, bobbing up and down on me.”

“Did you cum?”

“Nah, I never cum from just a blowjob, but it’s not like Jess didn’t try. I think after about ten minutes of working on me she was getting a little flustered. She literally asked me if I was gonna cum, and I had to tell her the same thing. Then she was like ‘am I not doing it right?’ I told her she was fucking fantastic at it but I never had cum from just oral. So she was like, ‘Bullshit, I’m gonna make you cum’ and sucked me even harder than before, for like another ten minutes straight. She sucked on it, she licked it, she bobbed her head on it, she even Nevşehir Escort Bayan went down on my balls.”

“But still nothing?”

“Nope, couldn’t do it. It sounds weird, but I really was trying.”

“You tried to cum in your sister’s mouth but you couldn’t?”


“So then what?”

“She finally had to come up for breath and she just straight up asked me, ‘So what’s it gonna take?’ and I was like, ‘You don’t have to’ but she looked at me right in the eyes, her hand still on my dick and she told me ‘I want to though.’ I mean, I’d thought about fucking her before and she was hot and everything, but never in a million years did I think she would offer to actually do it. I didn’t even say yes to her, but she had made up her mind. She just jumped off the couch, crossed her arms and pulled off her top, and then reached around and unclasped her bra. Then she tugged down her shorts and her thong and she was standing in front of me buck ass naked. I had never really had a close look at her pussy before, but there she was and she had shaved it as smooth as when we were little kids. I was like, ‘why did you strip off all the way?'”

“What did she say?”

“She told me she could only have sex when she was totally naked.”


“Right, I told her that was more than I needed to know. But anyway she climbed right on top of me, with her big round titties right in my face. ‘Feel how wet I am’ she ordered me, so I slipped a finger right up into her pussy. She was super wet. ‘I’ve always wanted to do this’ she whispered in my ear before burying my face between her big titties. I felt her grab my cock and press it up against her, then she told me to grab her ass and pull her down. She squealed as I did but she’d offered me her pussy so now I just wanted to take it.”

“Damn dude, I don’t blame you. If I had a sister like that I’d fuck the shit out of her.” Bob could only imagine it, but now Josh was telling him all the details.

“As soon as I felt her pussy grip me I almost shot my load right then. She knew it and grabbed my shoulders, arching her back, ‘No not yet Josh! I want to cum with you!’ I was like, ‘ok just go slow. I’ll hold it in as long as I can.’ So she started to ride me nice and slow, rising up until my tip almost would pop out, then taking all of me back in, over and over. I just held onto her ass and let her do it. I think she enjoyed it even more than I did. I just couldn’t get over the fact Escort Nevşehir I was fucking my own sister, but she was in another world. She kept telling me, ‘Oh my God you’re so much bigger than Eric!’ Eric was her ex-boyfriend. They had broken up about the same time Katie and I did. I guess we both hadn’t sex in over a month and we both needed relief. She kept riding me, taking my dick inside her and slapping my face with her big bouncing titties.”

“Seriously, how did you not blow your load already?” Bob demanded.

“I dunno man, it wasn’t easy, but she was doing this for me so I wanted her to be satisfied.”

“Well that was nice of you.”

“But after about ten minutes, I dunno, maybe it was twenty, I lost track of time. I couldn’t take it any longer. I told her I needed to cum. She told me she wanted me to, that she was on the edge herself. ‘Come on and fuck me Josh, give me everything you’ve got!’ So at that point I just grabbed her little waist and pumped myself in her like I was punishing Katie, that little whore who cheated on me. Maybe I got a little too rough but Jess loved it. She started to scream and threw her hair back and I felt her hips shake so I knew she was cumming and that’s when I fucking lost it. I pumped into her with one last massive thrust so forceful I lifted us both off the couch. It felt so good to just let go and release. I mean we’d been fucking for what felt like an hour.”

“Fuck man, you came inside her?”

“Ya I just kept on cumming. I seriously couldn’t stop. I just held on to her body and kept my dick inside her while I shot it all in her. I knew she enjoyed it though. She yelled ‘FUCKKK!’ and then collapsed into my arms. ‘Hug me you asshole’ she demanded. ‘what?’ I asked. ‘You just fucking filled me with your hot semen.’ Then she sat up a little bit and slapped me across my face.”


“Because I just pumped her full of my seed like she was an animal or something. She wasn’t mad though. She leaned back down and we kissed. ‘Hold me’ she said, so I wrapped my arms around her and held her close, and we kissed some more. I almost forgot my dick was still inside her and all my cum. She told me that Eric has never fucked her like that, that she could feel how much I loved her as my sister by the way I stroked her pussy inside. She told me she had never felt so close to me, that we were more than just brother and sister because we were twins. She said it was like we already shared the same body. I had to agree. It had always felt so natural to be naked around her, and now it felt like every inch of my hard cock, and even all the sperm I could ever produce belonged to her.”

“Wow man, that’s like really special. So did you ever fuck her again?” Bob inquired, wide eyed in amazement.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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