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“How long has it been since your last confession?” Father Tony asks from the other side of the confession booth.

“A whole year, I’m afraid to say,” Kim replies, folding her hands across her lap. “I guess I have a lot to cover. Maybe I should start with my brother…”

Jeremy is a good Catholic boy, but our interactions are somewhat improper. He only let’s go as far as playing with his cock. Just the other day I had my breasts fully exposed to him. He almost dove at my chest, taking first one nipple, then the other between his lips, sucking and nibbling at them until they were hard and almost a half inch long. He softly, but urgently ran his tongue around each areola until his quest found my nipple, then sucked it hard as I groaned my delight.

His finger had exited my clit until it was as hard as his cock. Keeping pressure on my clit as his finger moved down my slit, Jeremy lubricated my outer lips with the copious amounts of juice my pussy had excreted. Sliding up and down my slit, he made sure that every part of my pussy was as wet as the tip of his cock that leaked his precum.

I swirled my fingers around his cockhead, spreading his cock juices over his entire head and throbbing cock. As my hand slid down his cock, he prepared to assault my pussy and thrust the full length of his finger up inside me as my hand reached the base of his cock. My reaction was a combination of a sharp gasp and a thrust of my hips against his hand, begging for more.

I leaned my head into him, whispering, ‘Oh god, Jeremy! You feel so good inside me like that!’

Jeremy curled his finger inside my pussy and found my G-Spot, lightly teasing it with the tip of his finger. As the rhythm increased, so did mine. I was going to jack him off.

My breathing got faster, shallower and more ragged. His own balls were tightening as they pushed a full delivery of his sticky cum to the base of his cock, preparing it for launch. By the feel of my pussy wall fluttering and grasping at his finger, I knew I was close too. As his cock moved up his shaft, Jeremy bit down on my nipple, pushing me over the edge as my climax caused every muscle in my body to tense and my entire body to shake and tremble. I began to moan, letting it grow into a scream of ecstasy as I explored through the peak of my pleasure.

That is all it took to take Jeremy to the point of no return and the first rope of his hot, sticky cum erupted from his cock and launched itself at his chest. I felt the throb of his orgasm and milked every drop of his creamy cum out of his hard cock.

“It is preferable to anything worse, my child,” Father Tony says when she finishes the story. “If temptations become too much to bear, a certain level of petting can be done as a release, accompanied by confession.”

“I’m glad for that, father,” she says with a smile.

“God forgives you. You shouldn’t be ashamed of these impulses if you don’t let them dominate your actions.”

“Well, there’s more, father,” she says hesitantly.

I taken further than my brother would when my uncle visited a almost a year ago. He was incredibly hot. His body was like a Greek god and his voice was simply sexy. He showed me a new way to have an orgasm.

One day, Gaziantep Olgun Escort he stopped by my place, breaking away from my parent’s house long enough to. I was a bit surprised to him and even more surprised when the first thing he did was unfasten the button of my jeans, tugging the zipper its full length in the process. I gave in instantly and pulled back just far enough to grant him access to my waist and he slipped them down my legs until my jeans were wrapped around my ankles. As I stepped out of them, he ran his hands up and down my ass.

With my pussy only inches away from his face, he pulled me back to his hungry mouth and planted his lips firmly over my pussy, running his tongue down my slit until he found my clit. I moaned in response to his search.

‘God, yes! Lick me Uncle Billy!’ I growled lustfully. As he pulled my even closer with his growing need to taste me, I almost fell on top of him. The more Uncle Billy explored my pussy, the further apart I spread my legs, making my pussy available to him. I recognized that my need was as great as his.

Without another word, Uncle Billy acknowledged my want. In no time flat, we are completely naked and in my living room. I fell onto the couch, landing on my back with my legs open as an invitation to my Uncle Billy to take me any way he wanted. He fell between my thighs, landing on my stomach with his mouth once again clamped over my wet pussy. His tongue searched for my clit. He licked and sucked it until it stood proud and firm. Taking it into his mouth, he clamped his lips around my clit while reaching up with his hand to squeeze and tease my breast and nipple and using his other hand to begin fingering my pussy.

His finger slid right into my wet pussy with almost no resistance and it was joined by another finger. I responded by lifting my legs up and over his shoulders, effectively pinning him to my hungey crotch. I raised my hips in an effort to pull his tongue deeper into my pussy. The second he licked my entrance, I convulsed upward until our only contact with the couch was my shoulder blades and his knees.

Soon my breathing became faster and shallower and pussy grasped at his fingers as my first orgasm began to radiate all through my body. He curled his fingers to tickle the ridges of my pussy, searching for my G-Spot. Seconds later, I tense my whole body and began to tremble as the orgasm washed over me. I screamed as I went over the top and a warm gush of my juices flowed into his palm which he immediately lapped up with his tongue.

“Afterward, I knew I wanted more,” she says. “I didn’t feel shame until he was gone.”

“I-I see,” Father Tony says tugging at his collar. “Have you, um, learned to manage these urges?”

“No father. It only got worse and I grew hungrier for it. I found my father was interested in me and willing to take my virginity.”

I had just gotten out of the shower when I felt my father press himself tight to my body and taking the opportunity to lightly run his tongue around the edge of my ear. I softly moaned my delight and then pushed my ass hard against his groin.

The thought of his cock in me set my juices flowing. With a slow rhythm, I began rocking against his cock, feeling it harden just a little more with each stroke of my slit along its length. Within moments it was coated with my juices and hard as a rock. I could feel it searching for my entrance and I lifted my leg to grant him access.

Daddy probed my crotch until his cockhead slipped inside my hot, wet pussy and then slowly began to bury his cock deeper and deeper. I swung my legs up and away from his, allowing him to penetrate me to the full depth of my pussy and then groaned in delight of my pussy being speared fully.

As he continued to slowly pump himself in and out, Daddy squeezed and fondled my breasts, pulling and twisting my nipples whenever I least expected it. I met his rhythm with a rocking of my hips, fucking him back as hard as he was driving himself in and out of me. With each successive slap of his balls against my firm ass, I got closer and closer to orgasm. I could feel my pussy flutter and grasp his cock. He moved a hand from my breast to caress my clit, tickling and teasing it until its entire mass exposed itself. Flicking his finger back and forth across my clit, I gasped with pleasure.

Soon he was pumping himself into me faster and faster, resulting in his balls lifting as they began to fill the base of his cock to fill m pussy. His breathing became ragged as the pressure built. Within seconds, we were both groaning and gasping louder and louder and I began to tremble and shake as my climax took over.

‘Fuck me harder!’ I yelled.

Daddy pumped me harder and a second later he shot a massive stream of hot cum deep inside me, slashing against my cervix, hard enough to push me over the top and into a second climax. I gasped desperately and then screamed loudly as my orgasm shot through me.

‘Fill me with your cum!’ I screamed at my father.

Daddy’s cum sprayed me again and again, blasting several hard ropes into me. My pussy walls gripped and grabbed his cock, milking the cum out of his balls. He drove his cock as far up my pussy as possible and held it there until every drop of cum had been expelled into me.

“I’ve been giving it to him steady for the better half of a year now.”

“Gracious child,” Father Tony gasps.

“I know father, but I can’t help but savor the thrill. All I can do is ask for forgiveness now.”

“Well, uh, you needn’t be so graphic with your confessions child.”

“I’m sorry father, I will try to be less detailed,” she says with a smile. “I’ve been having sex with the father whose son I babysit on the weekends.”

“I see.”

“When Father Dinarus come to visit—”

“My god child!” Father Tony gasps.

“I did pleasure him, father while I was seeking counsel.”

“Oh, sweet heavens!”

“Then there were the boys from summer camp. Their strange fetishes started to rub off on me. One of them even would pee on me to get his fulfillment. I wouldn’t feel so bad now if I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did, father.”

“That’s enough, child. I’m having trouble hearing all of this.”

“But I’m nowhere near finished, father,” Kim protests.

Suddenly the door to her side of the confession booth opens with Father Tony standing in the doorway, his cock hard as a rock and sticking straight into the air. “Forgive me,” he says. “If I could…”

“Father! Oh, my god.”

Kim sheds her clothes and bent over the seat, groaning lustfully. Father Tony slides a finger down her slit and over her clit, lightly rubbing it until it hardens to his touch. Her pussy is being flooded with her pussy juices, which he dips and smears onto her pussy lips. His finger alternates between her entrance and clit, diving inside her a little deeper every time. Kim shifts her legs apart to grant his finger full access.

“I want your hard cock up my ass,” she tells him with a lusty growl.

Father Tony slides his hand up to the base of her ass crack and then runs a finger up her until he finds her asshole. Coating his finger heavily with her pussy juice as he slips from one hole to the other, he begins to press against her until, eventually, her muscles relax enough to accept him to the first knuckle.

Kim moans heavily as she anticipates the pending violation of her ass. She impales herself further onto his finger, pushing herself down on it as he continues to stretch her. When he is as deep as he can be, the pressure of his palm on her ass is pure heaven to her.

“Fuck father, that’s feels good!”

Father Tony starts finger fucking her as his other hand pumps her pussy, making her hornier and hornier. Father Tony stops and grabs his shaft and begins rubbing it up and down her slit, smearing her pussy juices over his shaft. Then he eases his cockhead against her asshole, Pressing just enough to open her asshole, the head pops inside her ass and her hole closes over him, trapping him so he can neither go forward nor backward.

“Fill me with that big fucking cock,” Kim grunts.

Her moans get louder and louder as his invading cock begins to slide further up her ass. He strokes her pussy, paying attention to the movements on her clit. A few minutes later, he is balls deep in her ass and he feels her juices begin to flow faster from her pussy. Father Tony begins to pump his cock in and out of her ass while massaging the inner walls of her pussy and soon he can feel her pussy walls start to flutter and quiver. As her asshole loosens up more and more, he pumps himself into her faster, until the rhythm of his finger and his cock are almost identical. His finger dances in her pussy and tickles and teases the underside of his cock, exciting his balls.

Kim can feel a sensation start in her pussy, spreading to her stomach and then to her ass. She was going to cum as Father Tony filled her ass up. Kim’s ass grabs his cock as her pussy walls grasp and clutch his finger. He feels her juices spray him as she splashes his legs, drenching them both. Father Tony climaxes at that moment as cum explodes from his cock to coat her insides. Spurt after spurt gushes out of him. He has shoved himself as far up her ass as he could and holds his cock deep inside her, but the power of his cum is making his legs quiver and shake. He holds himself to her to keep from falling.

Slowly, they come back from the sensual explosion of their joining. She can feel Father Tony’s semi-erect cock still in her. Squeezing her ass cheeks around it, she captures it there, not wanting him to leave her. His cum seeps out of her to his balls and dribbles onto the floor. She smiles and says, “I’ll not have to wait a whole year for my next confession.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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