Confessions of a Pervert Pt. 05

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Darkness slapped him out of his subspace, his body aching, his mind scrambling to grasp what had just happened to him, and his cock softened. Slumping forward, the leash choking him, he had to arrange his body to stop it. He found a safe position and within minutes sleep overwhelmed him.

Her commanding voice awoke him. His eyes squinted; his head jumped about, trying to find her. His cock hardened with the regularity of Old Faithful as he perceived her form, and he lunged forward, and the leash doing its job he began to choke himself again. He wanted to jackoff in this position and benefit from the effects of auto-erotic asphyxia, but he would not flirt with death today.

“Remain still, toilet. I’ll free you from the leash in a moment, as soon as I gear up for your morning ritual. I have a unique method of supplying you with my Golden Nectar; it amuses me and taps into your other fetish—your love of sucking black cock. İstanbul Escort

“Oh, don’t deny it, my woeful slave—look how your cock bounces in anticipation. Whether it’s a large turd emerging from my asshole or a black, erect cock caressing and smearing its pre-cum over your pouting, cocksucker lips, your eagerness to open your mouth and savor the intrusion of either will provide me with endless hours of pleasure.

“And I have several fellows who I do invite to parties who love to fed my toilets their cum and piss, so know you will be filled…ha, ha, ha!”

She adjusted a large black, thick dildo over her pussy’s opening; it was hollow with a form-fitted cup at its base end that captured her urine stream and shot it down the dildo’s hollow interior—and, along with the slave’s sucking, the delivery of her Golden Nectar was complete.

She unleashed him and opened a small, hinged panel right next Anadolu Yakası Escort to his head. She shoved her black, rubber phallus through the opening, and said, “Turn around and suck as hard as you can on my cock. Get your lips around it and take it to the white line; it should settle near the back of your throat.”

He did as he was told, and sure enough the cock’s head rested right at the back of his throat, and immediately she began to piss. He sucked like a vacuum cleaner and the stream of piss flowed strong and warm right down his throat. He gasped and struggled to co-ordinate swallowing and breathing, but after thirty seconds or so he got into a rhythm.

“Good boy! I’m getting wet realizing what I have to look forward to every morning and several times a day-I do so like to drink wine and sometimes I finish a few bottles and piss all night.”

She lunged forward and the dildo pierced his throat Üsküdar Escort and the piss dribbled to a finish. “Oh, I do so want to fuck your throat, but that would be a little too much, right now,” she said as she pulled out.

Turning her back to him, she undid the dildo and opened his cage door. “Out here toilet paper; suck and lick my cunt dry.”

Scurrying like an animal he approached her. Looking at her shaved prefect pussy, he almost fainted as his mouth began to suck the piss droplets from her gash. His tongue flashed out at her clit; he wanted to bring her pleasure.

His wish-granted. She rode his face, grinding herself over it, holding his head in a death lock as she began to cum. So quick it was, and frequent also because she screamed and moaned as she rode and rode him on and on; she orgasmed in waves of absolute abandon, on and on for minutes; for hours-each of them, lost in this bizarre embrace, and time turned its back to them. Neither knew how long it all lasted, but each was exhausted when she finally finished.

“In your cage. No leash. Rest,” and she closed the opening but did not secure it. “You are mine, and I will use you until your wheels come off.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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