Confessions of Manwhore

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My name is Tim and I have become a stereotypical manwhore. But I wasn’t always this way. In High school I played soccer and I was a perennial standout, but as many people know soccer don’t get you laid or popular. I really didn’t understand my predicament because I was 5’11 175 pound jock. Years of soccer sculpted my body into twisted steel, coupled with my messy brown hair and hazel eyes I should have been a stud. Unfortunately, I was a class clown and a little bit immature for my age. While I had a relative amount of experience, I was still a virgin going into my senior year I wanted to get more popular so I decided to try out for football at the suggestion of my parents. My natural position was placekicker and I was damn good. In our first 2 games I scored 15 points on field goals and 7 points on Point after touchdown’s leading our team to victory. While I grew closer with my teammates they gave me a lot of crap for being a virgin and felt that something needed to be done. They soon spread the rumor that I was hung like a horse. Little did they know I was actually packing a lot more than average.

During our bye week, I went to our normal hometown gym to get my workout in. At the same time a bunch of girls from the school were up in the dance studio practicing their routines and arrangement for the beauty pageant in our town. The music upstairs was loud but I drowned it out with a rigorous leg work out on the hips machine. As I heard the music finish the girls paraded down from the second floor dance studio in tiny spandex and sports bras glistening with sweat, making me stare, slack jawed.

One of the girls that caught my eye that was walking past was Andrea. Andrea was a senior and a known slut. While she had a reputation at age 18 she started early. When she was a junior when she transferred in she introduced herself at a party by bragging she could istanbul escort fit her mouth around a coke can. Needless to say she gained popularity very quickly having a different boyfriend almost every week. Rumors all spread that she was amazing at giving head and sucked dick like it was going out of style.

Like any red-blooded teen I studied her body as she sauntered past. She was maybe 5’4 with a just enough curves but still on the skinny side. He reddish brown hair and green eyes set off the very toned body with solid 34b cup breasts. She was dressed in the least amount of clothing possible with only a soaking wet sports bra and cheerleading short shorts. Needless to say after her and the rest of the group walked past I was sporting full mast in my compression shorts and needed to relieve myself soon. I finished up my last set. Unfortunately there were too many guys in the showers so I snuck off to the sauna. Like always, there was next to no one in the sauna that time of night. As I relaxed in there with just my towel I tried to let my wander back to how hot and slutty Andrea looked earlier. Just as I was focusing the door slammed open and close on the sauna room door. About four of the pageant girls were walking in. One of them happened to be Andrea. After some awkward silence and all us became comfortable with each other and talked like there was no awkward sexual tension. I managed to conceal my raging hardon for the duration of the conversation. The loudspeaker buzzed than the gym would be closing at midnight in 15 minutes. With that the three other girls than Andrea were headed home. For some reason Andrea took a little bit longer to leave. As she was leaving she was asking my opinion if she had a good chance to win the pageant in the town. She complained that while her body was tight all over she kadıköy escort thought her breasts weren’t big enough. I made a small joke

” I don’t think guys are concerned about your breasts too much as something else”

She apparently caught my joke and came back with her own joke

“You know it seems your leg isn’t the only thing that has got other people talking about you”

“What is that supposed to mean?” I said

Andrea came back, “Well lets just say girls have heard you don’t just kick like a mule but are hung like one. And judging by how much you were adjusting yourself in here it seems like rumors might be true”

She came closer to me and felt my cock through my towel and he eyes went wide with surprise.

” I expected you to be packing but I didn’t expect you to be this thick” she said as she snaked her hand below my towel to fit her hand around my engorged cockhead.

While she was doing this she maneuvered legs over mine straddling my body. With that she took the towel off her body and let me take in the rest of her body while she kept stroking me.

” I definitely cannot complain about your breasts,” I said

“I got something else you can’t complain about,” she said and she slid down my body and pulled off my towel. She pumped my cock a few times before sticking its engorged head into her mouth. She slurped and sucked all around my cockhead bringing me extreme bliss. She moaned softly as she slathered the spit all over my cock getting it nice and wet. She mumbled something about being so hard for her and being the second biggest cock she had ever sucked. I really couldn’t pay too much attention as I was in heaven. Here I was a relatively unknown football player getting my 8 inch plum think cock sucked by one of the hottest girls in school. As she worked her kağıthane escort magic on my cock I felt myself getting closer and closer to coming. Without warning she stuffed my entire cock down her throat sticking her face into my groin. She held it there for about 10 seconds before she came back up for air saying

” I know you like that, every guy in my old school did too”

She did that a few more times before I pulled out and came across her chest and tits in the biggest load I have ever shot. I was absolutely spent and she smiled and giggled as she scooped the cum up off her tits before she sucked her fingertips. She saw how weak and spent I was and straddled my body inching her pussy up to my face. With the little strength I had left I flipped her onto her back and started licking her pussy.

While I was still a virgin I had gotten plenty of experience eating girls out and fingering them getting extremely good. I picked up most of my experience at week long coed soccer camps. As I tongued her pussy she moaned and squirmed as if going into convulsion. I stuck two fingers deep in her and curled back to hit her G-spot. As I did this she started to moan and scream louder. A few minutes of this and she tensed got quiet then moaned and gasped for breath as her orgasm hit her with full force. Squeezing her thighs close around my head and grabbing my head closer to her clit. I licked her a few more times as she came down to her post coital haze. I crawled up to her level as I cupped and played with her breasts.

She whispered,” That was amazing” coincidentally the steam generator in the sauna shut down and the lights in the sauna turned off.

We both scrambled to get our clothes back on and scurried out of the gym. As we both walked to our cars I she grabbed my cock and said she was definitely impressed and would have to talk to her girlfriends about this. I asked for her number and said she would talk to me at school later as she had to get over to her boyfriends house before he got suspicious. As I stood there dumbfounded watching her tight ass and hips wiggle her way out to her car, I had taken my first step on to being a manwhore.

To be continued……

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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