Contamination Ch. 01

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She was so focused on the screen in front of her that she hardly noted the ‘whoosh’ sound of the door opening. It was after all, the busiest time of the day for the counter-terrorism unit, and Diana had very important work to do in the lab.

Neither did she register any concern at the next sound, that of someone sitting heavily in the seat behind her. Only a handful of people had access to the high-security lab they were in, and she was more than familiar with how loud Michiko could get.

Diana did tilt her head a little when she heard Michi mutter “Damn!” under her breath. That was quite unlike her. Michi could always be counted on to be loud, so muttering or mumbling was really not her style.

“What up, Mich?” she asked, not really waiting to hear her reply. Each woman had her own duties in the lab, it was such a small setup, and although they would consult each other whenever something new showed up, they were almost invariably assigned different cases to review, so much so they had yet to work together on a single project.

“Nothing,” came the muttered reply, and Diana turned around to look at her colleague. She was surprised to see that she was still in the contamination suit she was wearing in the other part of the lab. “Mich! You know you’re not supposed to wear that in here!”

Diana was surprised, but not shocked. Michi was after all the baby of the lab, all of 24 years, with raven-black hair, almond eyes and a trim, if slightly muscular body. She was also the rebel, often questioning procedures and policies and refusing to follow the rules she didn’t agree with. She was also brilliant, one of the best minds in bioelectronics, so that was why the head honchos put up with the feisty little Asian.

But she hadn’t seemed to mind the strict safety regulations they had all had to follow, so it was a little surprising to see her wearing the white suit that they were required to shed in the decontamination chamber just outside.

“Yeah, well, lots of things happen that aren’t supposed to,” was Michi’s terse reply. Diana turned full body to look at her colleague. She was certainly not responding the way she normally did. What was going on?

As she turned Michi’s chair to face her, Diana noticed small perforations in her suit. “What..?” she began, but before she could complete her sentence, the alarms began to sound.

“Shit, Mich,” Diana yelled over the loud whooping. “What the fuck happened in there?”

Michiko shook her head and looked glum. “I… I slipped. I didn’t… want to be stuck in there, so I came in here. I’m… I’m sorry, Di.”

“Listen to me,” said Diana, aware that her voice was rising. Being locked in due to a contamination alert didn’t concern her as much as what it was her colleague had down to cause the lock down. After all, she was a carefree and single 28-year old woman whose primary companion at home was the TV. No one to worry about her: that was why Diana took this job.

“Listen,” she said, shaking Michi gently. “Tell me what happened in there. I need to know.” She noted that the perforations in Michiko’s suit were larger than she had originally thought. Or was it that they were getting larger? Just what was it that had caused the contamination alert? Diana could feel the hairs on the nape of her neck standing in anticipation of the younger girl’s answer.

“Remember that lot of stuff we got from that bioengineering whiz? The one we called the mad scientist?”

Diana nodded. Dr Stan Lee was well-known in the scientific community for his eccentricities, especially towards the later part of his life. He was absolutely brilliant, and much of his work was still being assessed. Too bad he killed himself before he could give his own accounting of the items they found in his lab. Dr Lee was said to be so distraught by his wife’s infidelity with their gardener that he locked himself in his lab for months after she left.

The things he left behind were sent to her CT lab because they simply did not know what to make of the capsules, vials and other paraphernalia he had left behind. She remembered spending weeks just cataloguing the stuff, and cross-referencing his notes with the items they had received. Not that she could make sense of much of it either… she had simply classified them as best she could.

Now, it seemed one of Dr Lee’s concoctions had come to haunt them.

“What were you doing with that? Don’t you know all of that’s off-limits?” she began scolding her downcast colleague. Michi said nothing and simply looked away, as if she could not even face her. “Shit Mich, that’s a deal-breaker, you know.”

“I know. I… I just thought… to be the first to break down what he… what he was doing… I just wanted…” Michiko began to try to explain, but Diana shushed her. She was right — the holes in Michi’s contamination suit were getting larger by the minute.

“What’s done is done. Here, let’s get you out of this thing,” she said, reaching out to tug at the zip at Michiko’s neck.

As she touched the girl’s suit, she felt bursa yabancı escort her skin crawl, almost as if a million spiders were suddenly running up her arm. Michiko noticed her reaction and smiled wearily.

“You feel that, don’t you?” she asked, pushing her hand away and reaching for the zip herself. “You really shouldn’t have done that.”

“Done what?” Diana was puzzled. What did the girl mean? Had the incident in the lab made her slightly mad?

“Touched me,” was the reply as Michiko slowly unzipped her ruined contamination suit. “Then again, I’m not sure if that’s the only way that it spreads…”

“Mich! What are you doing..?” As she drew the zip down her front, Diana was horrified to see that Michiko was stark naked under the suit, even as she was relieved to see that there were no horrible weeping sores on her smooth pink skin. It was certainly not lab procedure to strip down to your skivvies before putting on the suit, let alone going in stark naked. Besides, there were video cameras all over the place, and Michiko would’ve given the security guys a free show when she stripped down in the prep room. What the hell was the girl thinking about, going in like that?

“Oh you’ll see soon enough,” said Michiko, seeming to read the question in her mind. “Apparently, they work faster on natural fibers and have a tougher time with synthetics.”

“They? Who’s they?” queried Diana as she averted her eyes from Michiko’s nakedness, but not before noting that she had a very trim body and nice, perky, if a little too large breasts. The trained scientist in her also allowed her to note that the younger girl’s pink nipples looked painfully erect before she held her eyes level with Michiko’s.

“They. It. Whatever. I don’t know. The stuff that came out from that canister I accidentally dropped.” Michi was maddeningly cryptic in her reply, so much so that Diana itched to slap her across her face. It was suddenly a physical, REAL itch spreading across the back of her hand.

“Uh. Uhhh. Ohhh!” were the next sounds that came from Michiko’s mouth, and Diana’s jaw dropped as she thought she saw… no, she would swear she saw Michi’s breasts move as if they were being rubbed. Her nipples seemed to be dancing before her eyes.

“What..?” she said as her own nipples seemed to ache in sympathy. What did she see? That was… just not possible.

“They’re… they’re spreading. Going… down,” gasped Michi as the suit fell on the floor and she stepped out and leaned back on her desk, her legs slightly apart.

This time, Diana did look down, in spite of herself. The girl apparently didn’t have much by way of pubic hair, but that was not what caught Diana’s attention. It was the unmistakable signs of arousal — the flushed and puffy labia, looking red and a little angry, the trail of clear fluid shining on the insides of her thighs, and the smell… the slightly tangy smell of pussy that a shocked Diana gazed upon.

“Mich… Mich, are you… is it… what are they doing to you?” Diana stammered, the prickling on her own nipples making her flush. It felt as if a million tiny pins were pressing at the tips of her suddenly-sensitive nipples. She felt hot, almost as if she were aroused by the sight of the wanton display of naked flesh before her.

But… Diana shook her head. This sort of… brazen exposure was shocking, but it shouldn’t be arousing. She shivered, and wondered why it was she suddenly felt so cold.

“Look. Look at you,” gasped Michiko, her breasts heaving as her pretty nipples bobbed and swayed. “Look at your clothes.” She leaned further back, her legs spreading, as if she was inviting her colleague to take a good look at her swollen and weeping cleft.

Diana, riveted by the sight of the girl’s thick labia pouting and spreading apart, took some time to comprehend what the girl was saying. When she did look down she gasped in shock. Her own lab coat was growing holes, through which she could see… no, it couldn’t be. She had put on a nice silk blouse to go with her silk lingerie this morning, but now, all she could see was the bare, smooth slopes of her breasts.

“Shit, get it off me,” she shouted as she quickly shrugged off her dissolving coat. She was topless underneath, her blouse and bra having mysteriously disappeared, but she didn’t care, all she wanted was to get the “they” that Michiko was referring to off of her body.

“Uhhh… shit,” she moaned as the prickling sensations spread down past her areolae, onto her heaving breasts. Like many large-breasted women, Diana actually wished her own E-sized assets were a more manageable C — she presumed the men would take her a lot more seriously than they did a walking pair of tits — but this time, she was glad she was big up there, because “they” would take a little longer to get to the rest of her.

“What… can we… do… to..?” she looked desperately at Michiko for answers, but all Diana got for her query was a sigh followed by a resigned shrug.

“I wasn’t… oooh… naked when I… bursa sınırsız escort uhh… put on the… mmmph… suit you know,” said Michiko, her breasts pulsating with alarming regularity. It was like watching a ghost pull on the poor girl’s boobs. Diana was surprised that Michiko wasn’t making more of an effort to stop whatever it was that was manipulating her breasts.

Then “they” hit a nerve somewhere inside her own tortured nipples and Diana groaned loudly. She hadn’t particularly liked or disliked having her breasts manipulated, but these… things that she couldn’t see, were working some sort of magic with them, making her boob flesh ultra-sensitive, so much so it was making her wet down there.

“Shit, there’s… uhh… got to be… oh… a sol…uhh… solution!” she moaned as her own breasts began to move as if someone was manipulating them. It didn’t feel like hands or fingers were on them, it was more like… like there was something inside her flesh, pushing and pulling, nudging and yanking at her nerves, making her so wet she could feel the liquid begin to slide down the insides of her thighs.

Wait a minute. What about her..? She looked down her body and confirmed her worst fears. “They” had made short work of her skirt and panties, leaving her completely naked. The fact that she had only just had a Brazilian wax a couple of days back added to Diana’s sense of vulnerability. If the video cameras were still running, the security guys were having a good time looking at her for sure.

She briefly considered covering her privates with her hands, but remembered just in time that her hands were possibly contaminated, so she could do nothing to cover herself up. Not if she wanted to keep her sex free from “them” while she figured out a way to get the unseen things off her body.

“Awwww shiiitttt!” Michiko groaned as she sagged back on her own desk. She was lying on it now, her breasts heaving and legs spread. Diana looked on, horrified at the sight of her colleague’s suffering. Her pussy looked inflamed and… was it her imagination or was Michi’s pussy spreading and opening right where her vagina was? She could see the girl’s hole gaping as Michi’s scream confirmed it: “They… they’re going in! Iiiinnnn!”

The poor girl was obviously in a worse condition than she was. The prickling was spreading out past her areolae now, reminding her of her own predicament. Realising she could not count on her colleague for any assistance in resolving the problem at hand, Diana looked around her for anything that might help. The simple washbasin at the side of the lab’s only door caught her eye.

Water. Simple, but potentially effective. Perhaps she could wash “them” off her body? Diana quickly strode to the basin, wincing as her breasts bounced with each step. The bloody things were certainly doing a good job of tweaking her nerves because she felt little tremors going down her thighs with each movement. If this continued, she would be in agonizing ecstasy.

She paused for a moment, wondering if it would work. The prickling sensation was now reaching the base of her breasts, tickling her deep in her cleavage. No time for thinking this through, she thought, quickly pressing her finger to the mouth of the tap and turning it on. Diana directed the spray of water at her chest, and particularly at her nipples, which felt like they were being pierced by a million tiny needles.

Papers and computers be damned. The first order of business was to get rid of “them”… then she could perhaps help poor Michiko, whose reflection she could see in the steel doors. The girl was lying on her back, her legs open and propped up on the table in a wide M, her right hand covering her vulva. No, she wasn’t covering her private parts with her hand… Diana realized this when she noticed that two of her fingers were disappearing into the space between her thighs.

“My God, Mich, what the hell are they doing to you?” she thought to herself, as she saw the girl shuddering as if she was being electrocuted. Michiko’s answer to her unspoken question was a loud, quivering moan. “Ohhhhh Goddddd! They… are… in… they’re in… so deep! Too deeeeeppp!”

Diana realized that the prickling sensations at her breasts and nipples appeared to have lessened and was hopeful that her idea had worked. Then she caught sight of her own reflection in the steel wall and gasped. Water was dripping off the tips of her erect nipples, but her attention was drawn to other rivulets that were flowing down, down towards the split in her groin.

What if the water carried them down “there”? Diana realized she would find out quickly as she watched a trickle of water reach the top of her pubic mound and roll down, into the deep cleft just below. As if on cue, the prickling started once more, all across her wet skin.

“Ooooohhhhh shitttt!” she moaned as the sensations spread over her pubic mound. No doubt the recently depilated skin there made things easier for “them” to do what they were doing, because it felt görükle escort like a zillion tiny needles had descended on her pubic area and were gently pricking her sensitive skin.

Worse still, that droplet that had travelled down into her vulva… it had probably brought “them” directly to her vulnerable private parts. The prickling began at the edges of her labia and began spreading downwards, down between her thighs… and inwards. Suddenly, Diana realized what Michi had meant when she said that “they” were going in. She could feel the tiny pricking spread inside, into her unprotected vagina. “Their” progress was as agonizing as it was slow — and as the prickling began to spread upwards and inwards, the prickling at her already erect clitoris intensified.

“Uuhhhhhnnn!” she grunted as an orgasm washed over her, making her weak in the knees. “Shit, that was quick,” she thought. “Oh no, I’m… oooooh… fucked!” Diana felt her own fluids flowing out from deep within and realized that “they” would soon have access to the deepest parts of her body.

She felt her own pussy lips distending and moving, pulsing in time with what “they” were doing to her, down there. Desperately, she looked around for something, anything that she could use to somehow slow down or stop the furious manipulation of her privates.

Her eyes settled on a synthetic tube that was roughly the thickness of a toothpaste tube just as another orgasm hit. It would have to do, she thought to herself as she felt more fluid begin to flow from her womb. She would have to act soon, before the climaxes made her too weak to stand.

Diana stretched out and grabbed hold of the end of the tube, brought it down to the space between her thighs, and without hesitation, drove it into her spasming vagina. She thought to give “them” something else to work on while she tried to work out a solution to what was going on here.

A long drawn out moan reminded her of Michi’s predicament. The poor girl had been exposed for longer than she had, and from the looks of her pulsing, reddened pussy lips, she was suffering indeed. But what could she do? There was only one such tube in the lab and Diana wasn’t sure she wanted to remove it from between her legs. Especially since it seemed to be working and the prickling she was feeling between her lips seemed to be subsiding.

She looked down at the remainder of the tube hanging out of her and decided that she should try to help her colleague. Walking over to her (and thinking “so this is how it feels like to have a cock”), Diana spoke to the groaning girl. “Mich! Mich! I’m sorry… can’t think of anything else…”

With that, she took the free end of the tube hanging out of her and shoved it into Michiko’s open sex.

Michi’s eyes widened. “Ooooooh! D… Di… what are…mmm… you..?” she gasped as the tube slid into her well lubricated sheath. Diana noted the ease with which the tube slid into the girl’s orifice, and removed her hand when it touched her lips. Diana felt a little queasy about touching another girl’s private parts. Using her hips, she thrust forward to push the tube deeper into Michiko, just in case “they” had really gone that deep.

Both girls grunted when the tube hit the respective ends of their sheaths. “Fuck,” Diana thought as she felt warm, velvety soft flesh press up against her own vulva. “We’re fucking each other!”

But it seemed to be working as Michi’s eyes suddenly became focused and she looked up at Diana from where she lay on the table.

“Oh. Oh, thanks, Di,” she gasped. “I thought… I thought I would die from… from…”

“From ecstasy,” Diana completed the sentence for her. “Yeah, I know. Look, we have to figure out what to do…”

“I don’t know what it was,” the younger girl interrupted her. “It was a canister marked ‘DABU1.I’. I picked it up and was bringing it to the spectrometer when I slipped. Then, I realized that it was eating into my suit… Do you think it could be some sort of… chemical?”

“Hmm. Given Dr Lee was a bioengineer and not a chemist, that’s not likely,” Diana replied, trying to ignore the disconcerting feeling of another woman’s pussy flush against her own. “Viruses and bacteria don’t register on skin, and they don’t work in groups so I don’t think it’s anything like that.”

“I… wait, I remember,” said Michiko. The colour had returned to her face, and Diana had to admit that the girl was attractive, with her sharp features, almond eyes and a rosebud mouth. “I read some of his notes and he was really into nanotechnology.”

“Nanotech?” Diana frowned, trying not to look down… and failing. Michi was not only pretty, she was sexy too, with a toned, trim body that shone with the youth. Her breasts were a little large for her frame, but not as large as Diana’s, and they sat over a really small waist, which flared into rather womanly hips. Hips to which Diana’s own were now connected, by a tube that she could feel deep inside her.

“Hmmm. Nanotech. Yeah, that would explain it,” she continued, hoping the other girl would not notice that she had been looking at her. “He probably developed some nanobots and kept them in that canister you broke. Question is, what is the purpose of DABU1? And why is there a dot i? Is there another component around? Maybe we can… shit Mich, what the hell are you doing?”

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