Control Ch. 10 – Can I Get Any Lower

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“I can help you with that” came the voice over my shoulder as my fingers traced the outline of my pussy. I still looked a mess after the rough fucking I had received at the garage, but I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted more. I always wanted more.

I had left the garage and walked the few blocks to the porn store. I went straight to the video booths section and since there seemed to be nobody there, I was looking at the case on the wall displaying the videos that were available to watch.

I began to stroke my pussy and play with my clitoris. I had no panties on and shorts and a vest that pushed my massive tits and forward, showing off so much cleavage that it looked as if my tits would burst forth anytime.

His voice had been in my ear as he leaned over my shoulder. Without hesitation I leaned back into him, resting the back of my neck against his chest and giving him free access with his hands to anything he could reach.

He went for my tits, as most men do, and began to squeeze them. I moaned encouragement, urging him on and he responded quickly unbuttoning my vest and mauling my tits and I continued to massage my pussy.

He started to kiss my neck and without looking to see who he was or what he looked like, I turned my face to his and returned his kiss with passion as our tongues met and I began to drool, letting my saliva drip down my chin and on to my chest.

His fingers worked their way down to my pussy and he began to massage my clit much as I was doing and I kissed him harder, more insistently and my moans were more frequent and feral. I began to swirl my hips helping him to move his fingers around my starving pussy.

I let go of my pussy and let him assume that job as I reached behind me looking for his cock. I found it hard and erect, just as I hoped it would be. It didn’t seem to be the fattest cock I had fucked, but I was pleasantly surprised when I unzipped his pants and pulled it out to find it was not fat, but long.

I thrust my face into his groin, taking his cock to the balls in one violent thrust. I stayed there, my face planted against his belly until he began to thrust his cock into me, fucking my face. I tried to moan but all that came out was a glug glug glug as his cock continued to thrust into my greedy face.

I took it and pushed against him harder and faster until I couldn’t move any faster. My throat was already raw and sore, but I kept going, only stopping for quick breaths and to allow the occasional gags to subside before attacking his cock again.

Within moments, I felt his cock begin to spasm and I pushed myself to go deeper and as fast as I could until I felt the large contraction that I was waiting for. As he began to cum, I buried my face against him, letting his cum shoot down my waiting throat.

He shot three huge loads inside me and as the spasms trailed off. I began to worship his cock, coaxing the remaining fluid out and licking it up as soon as it did.

He reached for his pants to tuck his cock away and zip up. He was finished with me, but I still wanted more. I looked around and there was no one else back here.

“Fuck me” I said simply, hoping to stop him in his tracks.

“Honey, I would love to but I have to get back to work” has said as he started to walk away.

“Please” I almost begged.

“I really have to get back. But, I’m all in next time.” He said.

I was alone, in the rear of a porn store amid a bevy of preview booths with gloryholes. I still had the taste of cum in my mouth. I had been fucked by strangers and acquaintances alike. Still, I wanted more. I couldn’t stop.

There Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort must be something wrong with me. The thought had crossed my mind before. Ever since I had started fucking my Daddy and then my brothers and then my Mommy, I had been insatiable and every new experience just brought desire for more and more.

I no longer looked at myself as pretty, but as a sex machine wanting to be filled over and over in every conceivable way. Every time I tried something new to further degrade myself, I wanted more. I wanted to push harder. I wanted to shock more and more people, including myself.

I had an idea. I had done it to my mother and she had survived. Time to try it myself.

I went to the bathroom. There was only one. It was small, dirty and dark. The toilet had not been flushed and was one third full with yellow amber colored water. Before I could change my mind, in one motion, I took off my top and tossed it in the toilet, quickly followed by my shorts. I leaned against the sink on one foot at a time and tossed my shoes in as well.

I flushed. As I watched, the water rode and covered my clothes and then went down. The flow slowed for a moment, but then it bottomed out and began to fill again. My clothes were not gone, but well covered with that disgusting water from the toilet. I wouldn’t be wearing those again so whatever I had to do to get home began now.

I went to the sofa at the entrance to the last booth. I had a perfect view of the entrance to the booth area and was in direct line of sight when someone came if the door. I sat and looked around.

My eyes had not adjusted to the dark yet and I couldn’t make things out well, but I had been back here enough to know the layout of the room. I gazed into the darkness, wondering who would be the first cock I fucked. I began to stroke my clit sitting there alone in the dark. I closed my eyes and pictured a big black guy with his huge cock in my mouth and before I could get it down my throat there was another. Then another. They were just appearing in my mind and no matter how many there were, I wanted more.

Then, I felt someone really was there. I opened my eyes to see my father standing in front of me.

“What do you think you are doing, slut” he asked with venom in his voice.

“Daddy…” My head rocked to the left as he hit me. Hard.

“Daddy…” I began again. My head flew the opposite was as he struck me with the other hand.

“Daddy” I said more provocatively. He hit me again.

“Come on Daddy. Let me have it.” He slapped me twice and my face burned from the force of it.

“Daddy, you made me a slut. Mommy made me a slut. Stephen and TJ made me a slut. Now, fuck me.”

He hit me again.

Then I started to get angry.

“Daddy” I yelled. “Fuck me right now. Get out that huge cock and fuck me with it.”

He was shocked by the tone in my voice.

“Daddy, even your cock isn’t enough. Stephen, TJ, the black guys at the garage, every man in here, random guys that picked me up hitchhiking. Stephen and TJ’s friends… Everyone has fucked me. And I liked it. I went looking for it. I begged for it. I sucked Ed out front just because I didn’t have enough money to stay back here and get fucked.”

I got to my knees in front of him.

“Daddy” I screamed “Fuck your little girl now. Fuck me and let me make you happy Daddy. I only want to make you happy.”

“Ed!” Daddy yelled as he turned his head in the direction of the lobby. Ed appeared in the door.

“fifty-fifty?” asked my Daddy.

“Works for me… As long as I have privileges” he said lecherously.

Daddy looked at me and said to Ed “She’s all yours. I’ll be back at 9.”

Daddy turned to leave and Ed came to me pulling his cock out as he came. Without question, I took his cock into my mouth and enthusiastically sucked his cock until he came on my face. I licked what I could off as he watched and then pushed the rest into my mouth with my fingers.

I wanted more, but he turned to go back out front. He left me there on my knees.

I got up and went to the doorway. Daddy was gone and Ed was alone in the front and I was alone in the back. Naked, cum on my face and no way home, I wondered what would happen next.

I had brought this upon myself. I had planned revenge, but my lust had led me astray. I couldn’t control myself. I wanted cock all the time. Even now, not knowing how or when I could get home, I couldn’t help imagine who would own the next cock to walk through that door.

I didn’t have to wait long.

As I turned to go to the sofa to sit down, a man entered the shop, nodded to Ed and walked past him, directly towards me. He was probably 55, shaved head with glasses wearing a polo shirt and a pair of Khaki shorts. He wasn’t attractive, but he wasn’t unattractive either.

He was probably that guy that goes through his entire life never being noticed. He was sneaking in this shop hoping not to be noticed.

I stayed out of view until it was too late for him. He had entered my new domain. The dark, dirty back room filled with video booths and a dilapidated sofa was mine to rule. He planned to go into a booth and spend his quarters jerking off.

As soon as he was fully engulfed by the darkness, I descended on him. He tried to push away as I approached, but stopped when I put my arm around him and immediately began to stroke his cock through his shorts with the other.

“What’s your name?” I asked and before he finished his reply telling me he was Jim I interrupted him and asked “Can I suck your cock?”

But, I didn’t wait for an answer. I dropped to my knees and fumbled for it. He didn’t help. He was in shock. I pulled out his tiny dick and began to suck it while he watched slack jawed.

Once I had him hard, and was sure he could maintain it, I pulled him to the couch and shoved him down. He offered no resistance, letting me do with him as I would. I tried to deep throat him, but his cock was not long enough to do more than touch the back of my mouth.

I sucked him hard, and then climbed on top of him. I rode his cock with my wet pussy, my tits bouncing in his face. He was still in disbelief, but he did grab my tits as they bounced in front of him.

“Yes” I moaned to encourage him and his hips began to thrust upwards providing some sensation as we fucked. He began to moan and spasm.

I jumped off of him and took his cock in my mouth, coaxing the cum out. A huge load filled my mouth. He must have been without release for a while, because it was one of the biggest loads I have ever seen. I tried to swallow it all, but it spilled out of my mouth onto my face.

I looked up at him with his cum on my face and kissed him. He let me. He kissed me back with his cum between our lips and our tongues. I smiled at the thought of him tasting his own cum.

I had an idea. I pushed him down on the sofa and climbed aboard his face. I mashed my shaved pussy into his face. I know he could smell his own cum. See his own cum. He could feel it as I ground my pussy into his face. His tongue extended and massaged my clitoris. I could feel the mixed lubrication of my cum mixed with his as I covered his face.

And I did cum. So hard I collapsed on him, pinning him to the sofa. He lay there without a word.

Then we noticed others standing over us. He pushed me up and got off the couch, shoving his penis back into his pants as he stood up. I just reached for the next cock.

There were two guys watching us so I reached for them more or less simultaneously. Both guys had their cocks out as they had been watching us and I grabbed them both, extending my tongue as I began to suck them alternately.

These guys were completely different. One of them immediately began holding my head down on his dick, which was much bigger than the first guys. The other guy was fumbling at my ass. I raised it in the air for him, giving him better access.

His cock was thrust into my ass, its only lube was my saliva, and he pounded me relentlessly as I sucked the other guy, who keep his cock buried in my throat, almost never pulling all the way out.

I was gasping for air constantly, barely noticing the pounding of my ass hole. What I did notice was when he smacked my ass. Hard. I tried to jump up, but was shoved back down on the cock in my mouth. Then, I felt another cock entering my pussy while my ass was still being pounded

Somebody new was there and I had not even seen them come in, but his cock was in my pussy and someone was smacking my ass very hard.

It turned me on so much that I focused more energy on my cock sucking. I pushed until my face was planted against his stomach and let him fuck my throat. Over and over until I felt him shoot a load of cum down my throat. I didn’t taste it, but I felt it.

Then he shoved my face down into the sofa, holding me there firmly while my raised ass and pussy were fucked mercilessly.

I moaned. I was feeling used and worthless. And I wanted more.

I got it. I must have fucked twenty guys. I approached every guy who entered the back, or they approached the naked, cum covered girl who was already fucking on the sofa. I didn’t even look to see who they were or what they looked like.

Finally, after several hours and a lot of fucking and sucking, Ed came to the back, with my Daddy.

“She did good today?” asked Daddy.

“About 600 dollars. Your cut was three.” Ed said to my Dad.

“Good” said Daddy to Ed and then looked to me. “Suck my cock, slut.”

“Yes, Daddy” I said, climbing to my knees and taking out his huge member. This was what I wanted. I craved it. I worshipped it, covered it in saliva, took it deep in my sore throat while Daddy held me by the throat guiding me down with no concern for any pain.

He fucked my throat mindlessly until he came, and then stepped away, putting his cock away as Ed pulled his out.

I serviced him as I had serviced Daddy.

“Now, get your clothes on and get in the truck.” He instructed me.

“I can’t Daddy. I put them in the toilet this morning.” I whined.

Before I finished, his hand landed firmly on my face.

“Yes, Daddy.” I conceded.

I went to the toilet and pulled out my shirt and shorts. They were wet, covered in urine and stained with feces. I rinsed them off as well as I could. They were disgusting as I pulled them on. I felt violated as they touched my skin, but was oddly aroused as I came out of the bathroom into Daddy and Ed’s view.

“Go get in the truck. In the back. You aren’t getting in the cab like that.” He said.

He drove me home wordlessly, and when we got home, I showered and climbed into my brother’s bed. He moved a little, and as I snuggled up against him, his arm encircled my waist as he pressed himself into me in his sleep.

I reached back and held his flaccid cock as he slept and I felt comforted as I too, fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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