Cooking Dinner

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We have been out all day with out going from store to store looking at everything. I tell you it is time to go home and you ask what we are going to do for dinner. I tell you that I have that covered and we start for home.

When we get home we go straight to the shower to wash away the day. As we are washing each other I softly caress your breasts and slide my soapy hands up and down your body. Holding you tight against me we kiss passionately. My hand slides between your legs and I brush my fingers over your pussy. Sliding my hand back and forth I softly rub over your clit. My fingers slide inside you as I rub your clit with my hand. As my fingers move in and out of you I feel you clit getting harder. Your body starts trembling as I rub your clit harder. My fingers move in and out of your pussy faster and you tense your body. You start shaking as your orgasm rolls through your body.

We rinse the soap away and get out of the shower. Kütahya Escort When we finish drying off I tell you that you need to put on something sexy because I am going to cook for you tonight. I slip my shorts and t-shirt on and go to the kitchen to start dinner.

I drag out the pots and pans as I start to prepare dinner for the two of us. When you are dressed you walk into the kitchen and you are wearing a very sexy negligee. As I am cooking I keep turning to look at you and your beauty.

While I am standing at the stove you come over and put your arms around me. You slide your hands under my shirt and slide your hands up and down my body. Asking you to stop you laugh and tell me that I do it to you all the time. You pull my shirt up and softly kiss my back. You are driving me crazy with excitement and it just keeps getting harder to cook.

While you are kissing my back you reach down and wrap Kütahya Escort Bayan your hand around my erection. Cooking dinner is becoming impossible with my excitement raging. I turn around and put my arms around you and kiss you passionately. Again I ask you to let me finish cooking and you ask me what is wrong as you laugh at me.

I finally finish cooking and take you in my arms kissing you passionately. As I hold you in my arms I give you a hard spank on your sexy ass. When you moan loudly I spank you again and you bite my lip. Turning around I bend you over the counter and give you a hard spank. As I spank your sexy ass I rub it softly then give you another spank. When your ass is red all over I get on my knees behind you. Sliding my tongue up and down over your ass and kissing it softly. You reach back and pull the cheeks of your ass apart and I softly kiss your asshole.

Reaching around your Escort Kütahya legs I gently massage your clit as I slide my tongue up and down your pussy. I push my tongue inside your pussy and slide it in and out. Your aroma and the wonderful taste of you pussy are driving my passions out of this world. You start to tremble as your orgasm is getting close. Rubbing your clit harder I push my tongue inside your asshole and move it in and out. You are shaking and your body tenses as your orgasm moves through your body.

Standing up I turn you around and take you in my arms kissing you passionately. I pick you up and set you on the table as we kiss tenderly. You lean back as I slide my erection inside you. You wrap your legs around me and pull me into you. Pressing hard against your clit each time I slide into you and you continue to tremble. I hold onto your hips as I push deep into you. Our excitement is running wild as our passion screams out of control. We are shaking and we tense our bodies as we explode in a magical orgasm. Fireworks streaking through our minds as our passions collide inside you.

We hold each other trembling as we regain our strength. We clean ourselves and sit at the table nude as we eat our dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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