Cottage Life Ch. 04

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It was tough to keep things innocent and straight. Sure I had my own secrets and things that I didn’t tell Julie, but this was quite different and uncomfortable. I don’t know how Danielle was able to just go about her day, to just have fun and swim. I had to do the same but was having difficulty collecting myself.

“Finally decided to join us?” Danielle piped up.

It was a good thing that she was there to break the ice. I was able to draw off her carefree attitude and find myself at ease, slowly accepting the nothing even happened point of view.

Julie dropped her gear by the umbrella. “It would help if I didn’t have to walk all the way down here!” She snapped back, hands on hips, staring out at Danielle.

Yup, everything back to normal.

We spent the next few hours swimming and sunning, wasting away a beautiful Saturday afternoon until finally hunger took over and forced our retreat back to the cottage.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent uneventful with the traditional cottage fare of a barbeque and a nice campfire. We talked about generalities and issues in the world, but each of us had our own deeper personal thoughts that we went to in moments of silence.

“Well, I’m ready for bed.” Julie announced.

“Yeah, I guess it’s about that time” I chimed in.

I knew that I definitely wasn’t going to get anything more that night. Julie had statements that I had picked up on over the years. She inadvertently let me know what mood she was in just by what she said. I was used to it though. I resolved myself to having to get used to it. I didn’t get a choice anyways, and chalked it up to our “ever growing comfort with each other that we don’t need to have sex anymore.”

I think a lot about the statement, ” Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free”. I always thought that if you liked a particular taste of milk, it would be worthwhile to buy the cow, besides, how long can one go on getting free milk? But nobody ever said anything about what to do when the cow stops giving milk altogether. Maybe if people talk about that part more and include it in that statement……………….anyway……………I digress………

Danielle had somewhat returned to her usual moody self over the evening. She was so horny, and she wanted nothing more than to get fucked. She thought about the events earlier that afternoon and the more she thought, the worse she got. She wanted Brad so bad and again her frustration was manifesting itself in her attitude. And now she was going to be more alone with nothing but her thoughts since her parents were headed off to bed.

“Well I guess I might as well go too!” she grumbled.

We said our goodnights and went to bed, which was probably a good thing.

The next morning, Danielle got up around seven and put on some coffee. She was still upset with the way that everything was in her world at the moment. Her parents were still asleep and with nothing else but time to kill, she grabbed her bag, pulled out a baggie and rolled a joint.

Her parents knew nothing about her using any kind of drug, but it helped her relax and keep her somewhat sane. It was all that she had that allowed her to cope with feelings that she couldn’t act on, until now.

She poured herself a coffee and went outside on the porch, lit up and sat to think. She closed Kütahya Escort her eyes and thought about how it felt to have Brad touching her, how it felt to be on top of him, sliding back and forth on his hard cock. The mellow feelings washed over her as the effects of toking up started to kick in. She alternated between anger and sadness at not having him totally. Her longing for that connection that she sort of had the day before. Her longing to be fully and truly loved. She knew she had to do more. Show more skin, be a little more flirtatious, give him a look that screams fuck me. She thought of all the things she could do and vowed to do whatever it took to have him regardless of her loyalty to her mother.

After an hour or so of thinking and plotting, and with the effects wearing off, Danielle got up to go make some breakfast for everyone.

She was just about to heat up the pan for a nice batch of French Toast, when she heard moaning coming from down the hall.

While Danielle had been busy in the kitchen, her parents had started to wake up.

I usually wake up with a hard on and this morning was no exception. I find myself generally spooning with Julie as I sleep and this morning my rigid cock was jammed firmly between her ass cheeks.

“Good morning to you too”, Julie said as she stretched and ground back against me.

“Hi” I muttered and pushed back against her, sliding my cock up and down between her cheeks.

“mmmmmm” she moaned, “that feels so good”.

I was hoping that she wouldn’t pull away from me and that this wasn’t some sort of tease. It felt like yesterdays events with Danielle, but better since my cock wasn’t confined.

We continued grinding against each other, my cock leaking pre-cum allowing me to slide around a little easier. The head of my cock occasionally pressed against her ass hole as it slid by.

“Is that what you want this morning baby? You wanna fuck my ass?” Julie whimpered.

Now this was a great way to start the day! I was pretty lucky with the fact that Julie was not opposed to anal sex. She was nervous as hell the first time we had ever tried it but she found that she liked it almost as much as getting her pussy stuffed. We hadn’t done anal in a while, and if I only knew that Julie actually had some alterior motives along with just wanting to fuck. I didn’t care about anything except getting some anyways. The second time in a couple of days! Lucky me!

Julie moved in an angle that gave me better access and I slowly started to push the head in. My pre-cum always helped to lube her ass up and it always felt so good having such a tight fit that I could ease into.

I reached over and grabbed her hip a pulled her back to me each time I pushed forward, easing in just a little bit more with each pump.

Julie was moaning softly as I reached the half way point of my cock inside her. That was about all she ever took, so I started to pull out a little and push back in. I closed my eyes and started to think about how good this felt and suddenly the thoughts strayed to Danielle. I wondered if Danielle’s pussy was this tight, I wondered if her ass was this tight. I started to imagine being at the beach the day before, the moment Danielle got off of me. I imagined saying to her “wait!” Pulling her back to me and really kissing her hard on the Kütahya Escort Bayan lips, running my hand over her sides and her hips. Having her turn away from me, pulling her swimsuit to the side and letting me ass fuck her like I was doing to her mom.

I was getting more turned on by the thoughts and Julie could feel it. I swelled more inside her as I slowly pumped in and out of her ass.

“Oh that is such a big cock……ohhh my god…..yes …….yes baby……that’s it…..fuck my ass …yes”

Julie closed her eyes tight and bit her lip, letting out a low mmmmmmm. She raised her leg and reached down to start rubbing her clit.

“Yes baby….right there…..just like that……….don’t stop….don’t stop…….yes….oh my god…oh my god….. faster……..faster…….”

I increased my tempo, thinking the whole time of Danielle. Shoving my cock in and out of her tight ass.


Julie’s hand was rubbing her clit furiously and suddenly she shoved two fingers inside.

She screamed as she came, she tightened around her fingers and her ass gripped my cock. I held still and I could feel each spasm from her and she pushed back against me, driving me inside her a little more.

“ohhhh….ohhhhhhhhh…….ohhhhhhhhh” was all she could moan.

Danielle was leaning up against the wall, listening intently to the fucking that her mother was getting. She was still holding the spatula she had been about to use for breakfast, and found an alternate use as she rubbed the handle up and down her pussy. The more she heard the more she got turned on, and it wasn’t long before her sweats and panties were off and the new sex toy found it’s way inside her. She matched the timing of her mothers moans with the pace of the new toy, and got a good idea how fast Brad was pumping her. She closed her eyes and thought of the day before in her own way. Imaging that instead of grinding against Brad, she was actually able to ride him.

“Keep fucking me baby……don’t stop……don’t stop” Julie finally stammered. And I again started to slowly move in and out.

Julie continued to moan louder as I increased my speed. Her ass was well lubed and I pulled out right to the tip and shoved back halfway.

Suddenly she grabbed my hip and rolled my over with her. She lay on her stomach and I readjusted myself to the new position. Julie pushed her ass back toward me, putting it more in the air. She grabbed a pillow and shoved it under her in an attempt to try and stay right where she was. I grabbed her hips and started moving again, the sensations of the new angle feeling unbelievable.

“That’s it……ohhhhhhh…….yeah…..pound it baby……….fuck my tight ass……yeah….fuck me……..”

I again picked up the pace and my imagination followed with the thought that I was taking Danielle doggystyle on the beach. Fuck I was hard, I was getting close and Julie could feel it. Her moaning started to get louder and louder.


“Are you sure you want it all? Is that what you want?”

Julie was loving every minute of her anal pounding and I couldn’t Escort Kütahya believe she was asking for more. I sure wasn’t going to deny her, (or myself), the pleasure. She had never taken all of me before and I didn’t know how this was going to turn out.


I shoved into her fully and Julie’s eyes opened wide. Her hands clenched around the sheets as she screamed. She was so full. She loved it and wished that she had gone this far before.

“I’M CUMMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG” was all she could muster to say as she clenched her fists harder into the sheets and wailed in delight. I kept fucking her harder and faster, slapping her ass cheeks with my hips on every thrust.

Danielle had been outside keeping pace with all the action in the bedroom. She shoved the toy deeper into her soaking pussy the same time she heard her mother’s scream and matched the rythym of the slapping flesh. Danielle’s own moans got louder as she closed in on her own orgasm, and she pictured herself bouncing furiously on Brad’s cock.


Danielle pistoned her toy in and out, contorting her face in a pre orgasm way. Her eyes clenched shut and she gritted her teeth. She was so close. Her eyebrows suddenly lifted and she opened her mouth, she buried the toy deep……..

I was pounding Julie so hard and fast, she had her face shoved into the sheets, moaning steadily. I imagined Danielle before me, her dark hair spread across her back, the cheeks of her ass spread taking every inch of me, and the moans coming from her. I was harder than ever, loving every minute of Julie’s tight ass gripping me. And then I heard the unmistakable OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH and guttoral growl followed by heavy panting and more ohhhhhhs come from the other side of the door.


I slammed my cock as deep as I could into Julie. She yelped and gritted her teeth as I began to fill her up. I listened to Julie moan and Danielle finish her orgasm outside. I kept fucking Julie with short thrusts, giving her every drop I had. Danielle’s unexpected addition to the mix was mindblowing. There was no way that Julie heard what I had, she was making too much of her own noise, but I….I was in a totally different universe. It may not have been the biggest orgasm for me but by far, it was the most intense.

I collapsed on top of Julie, her ass still twitching around my cock.

“That was fucking amazing” Julie said as she motioned for me to get off her.

I slowly pulled my cock out and shoved it back in one time for good measure.

“Ooooooh, nope, nope, no more of that, get away from me” she giggled. “Now I’m all sore and I need a shower”

“Me too, I’ll join you. Maybe I can wash your back”

“Just no more playing, mister. Now come on, get off me and lets go get cleaned up.”

Danielle leaned back against the wall. Her thighs were soaked, and she was trying to catch her breath. She held the toy deep inside for a few moments and slowly pulled it out. Her pussy didn’t want to let it go and she felt pained as she fought against her body’s grasp.

“Holy shit that was wild”, she mumbled. She had never heard things so clearly before, and the intensity of her feelings added in it’s own element. Her orgasms were getting stronger with each event surrounding Brad and she wondered if it was devine fate to feel this tortured. She erased the negative thoughts, grasped onto the euphoria of an after sex high, and pulled up her sweats.

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