Country Life Pt. 02 Ch. 02

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During the Christmas vacation there were a lot of parties at the estates in the neighborhood. Dancing was common at these parties and mother was very pleased at how well my sisters and I had learnt to dance. We surprised all with our knowledge of the latest dance. She asked if we wanted to end the lessons but my sisters were very quick to say no, we needed more lessons. I was happy about that.

Marianne was back in the end of January to continue her lessons. We noticed the difference between her and Gunilla. But Marianne was good at teaching us the steps in the modern dances she introduced us to. She kept her habit to spend the Friday evening class to select dances that didn’t need to close body contact until towards the end. Then as usual she put on a slow dance and crept tight against me using her pelvis to direct my movements. And as usual I got a hard on which I didn’t try to conceal.

“Oh Anders, I need to see you in my room to night,” she sighed at the end of the last dance.

Of course I went to her room. I was horny and wanted to fuck even if I would have preferred Gunilla. She really showed that she liked to fuck and made such a fun of it. Marianne was stern and pretended that it was only out of duty that made her to fuck me. But I had since long understood that it was only role play. She wanted to fuck as much as I did and enjoyed it equally much.

She answered my light knock on her door with a soft “come in.”

She sat on the couch dressed in her thin robe. And she smiled sweetly. That was something new.

“Come and sit by me,” she said softly.

I sat down at her side.

“Anders, I don’t want to go on with that charade. You are far too experienced not to understand that I have been acting. I love to fuck with you and I don’t think we need any pretext to do it. Agree?”

“Yes, of course. I like to fuck with you too,” I said.

“Oh, that I have noticed,” Marianne giggled. “Good then, let’s do it. I have longed for you,” Marianne said and hugged me. She kissed me, at first softly but then more and more passionate. She fell back on the coach with me partly over her. I felt her warm body against mine and started to caress her. The robe parted revealing that she was naked underneath.

Marianne started to undress me and when I was naked she pulled me on top of her. She held me very tight with her arms and legs wrapped around me. My hard cock lay along her belly. She wriggled her hips lightly to feel it move against her skin and sighed contently.

She kissed me again and bit my ear lightly.

“Anders, please fuck me now. Make me come in the way you are so good at. Come, let’s move to the bed.”

She wriggled herself free and very graciously lay down on the bed. Her thighs were parted and where they met her pubic mound raised high. It was covered with a thick dark forest of silky hair. Her pussy glistened in the faint light and her pink inner lips showed. She was lovely, ready and waiting.

I stood beside her admiring the lovely sight. She suddenly got shy and squirmed closing her thighs. Her hands moved over her pussy for cover.

“Oh Anders, don’t look at me like that. Don’t you want to take me? Please come to me,” she said shyly and actually blushed.

I knelt at her side and started to caress her in my usual way. Marianne stroked my cock and balls lightly. Her thighs parted willingly again. She sighed deeply of pleasure several times before she started to moan. She came under my tongue with a cry of pleasure and squeezed my balls.

I continued caressing her. By now her legs were wide apart and her knees lifted. Her pelvis heaved to meet my caressing tongue and her clit was fully erect. She shivered when I flicked over it. She soon came again, this time more violent, moaning and crying out.

Marianne sank back on the bed pushing my mouth away from her pussy. She pulled me up over her body.

“Anders, come to me now. No need for protection. These days are safe. Come into my pussy and fuck me slowly,” she whispered in my ear.

I didn’t hesitate. I was eager to get into her pussy. And to be welcome without a rubber made my cock to twitch. She felt it and laughed deeply.

I got into position and she grabbed my cock and stroked it through her slit a few times before she put it at the entrance. I pushed and she jerked her pussy upwards making me slide into her. Her pussy felt heavenly around my naked cock. Like velvet and with small ribbons that kept me tight.

We fucked slow and tenderly until my arousal took over. I had waited so long for this moment. I started to fuck her frantically. I heard her laugh throatily when she met my thrusts and when I spurted inside her she cried out of pleasure.

Afterwards she put her legs around my back keeping me close to her. She laughed contently and purred. What a difference from when she acted. I liked this much better. She made me feel good showing that she had liked to fuck with me.

She rolled us over on the side when my cock got limp and withdrew from her pussy. She lay looking at me with a sweet Güngören escort smile on her face.

“Anders, you can stay the night if you want to,” she said softly. “Please do.”

I kissed her for an answer and hugged her. After a while she snuggled free and went to the bathroom. She came back with a wash rug and cleaned me. We went to sleep.

In my sleep I turned and bumped into Marianne’s ass. I woke up and felt her warm body against mine laying on her side. I put my arm around her waist. Still in half sleep she lifted her leg and pulled my cock in between her thighs. She closed her thighs around my cock and took my hand and put it over her breast.

I heard Marianne laugh throatily. I caressed first her breasts and then her mons and the thick hair covering it.

She moved her hips and adjusted her legs to get my cock along her pussy slit. She closed her flesh around me and squeezed. She moaned of pleasure when my cock got hard.

Marianne moved and pulled her legs up towards her stomach. She wriggled her hips and eased my cock into her pussy in the spoon fashion. I held her hip when we started to fuck.

It became a long slow fuck. The position made it necessary to fuck with care. But I could caress her clit and she came shivering and moaning. When she did her pussy muscles flexed hard around my cock and held me tight.

After a while her muscles relaxed and I resumed fucking her. She helped by adjusting her position to make me get as far inside as possible. When she started to moan again I felt I was close as well. We came together in a releasing orgasm.

I fell asleep with my cock still inside her.

In early morning I woke up. It was still dark outside but the faint first light was in the sky.

Marianne lay on her back, still asleep I thought. I was horny again and groped my way over her body. I found her breasts and then her pussy.

Marianne laughed deeply at my side. She rolled on her side and grabbed my cock and started to fondle it. Soon she knelt beside me and took me in her mouth. I found her pussy and caressed her.

Suddenly she pulled the bedclothes away and straddled me. She impaled herself on my cock. Her pussy was wet and she slid easily down. She sat down and leaned forward and kissed me. Then she started to ride me vigorously with long strokes up and down.

I caressed her breasts and squeezed her ass cheeks. I also found her clit. She cried out of joy when she first felt my thumb press against it. She increased her tempo until she crashed down and collapsed on my chest shuddering.

When she recovered she resumed riding me but this time slowly and her muscles squeezed my cock. She laughed of pleasure when she slid up and down creating a pleasant friction between her pussy walls and my cock. My arousal grew fast and soon I spurted into her pussy. Marianne cried out when she felt my come splash inside her and increased her movements. I circled her clit with my thumb again and her orgasm made her shiver.

Marianne eased her legs down and lay on top of me embracing me and squeezing my cock still inside her. She smiled and laughed and rocked us from side to side. She put her legs behind mine trying to keep my cock inside her. But in the end I got limp and left her lovely pussy.

“Anders, what a lovely night. Sorry you have to leave now. I really like to fuck with you. I am glad that I skipped the silly role play. It was much better this way, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, indeed it was. I liked it very much. Thank you,” I said.

“Well, see you at breakfast. And after this you must behave in class, won’t you?” Marianne giggled.

I was able to go back to my room unseen I thought. I took a nap and nearly missed breakfast. I suddenly felt exhausted.

At breakfast mother looked at me.

“Don’t you feel well, Anders? You look pale and tired,” she asked.

“No it’s nothing. I didn’t sleep very much though, that’s all,” I said.

Mother looked at me with the faint smile on her lips but said nothing more.

The class went as usual. Marianne teased me by dancing close and grinding her mons hard against me. In the end she succeeded to get me hard. She smiled at me and winked.

Then she surprised us.

“I know that Gunilla introduced you to free dancing. I had planned to do it as well. We both think it is vital for a good dancer to be able to really move with the music. So let’s spend the rest of today just feeling the music.”

She put on new records and we started to move around freely. Just then mother came to look how we were doing. She watched for a while and her hips began to sway. She started to dance herself. She was good at moving to the music. Her body swayed, her hips rotated and she moved without inhibitions.

Marianne danced as well. She was good, not as good as Gunilla but it showed that she liked to dance and that she wasn’t restrained by formal steps and turns. But what really struck me was how supple her body was. Every movement floated naturally from the previous. I now remembered İnnovia escort bayan how easily her body followed my clumsy dancing. When we danced her body floated. And when we made love she seemed to anticipate my movements.

My sisters enjoyed it as well. We all had a good time that Saturday morning.

Marianne left as usual after lunch.

“See you in a fortnight. I look forward to your extra tutoring,” she giggled when she hugged me bodily. – – –

Marianne came back as planned two weeks later. I had been waiting and dreamt about her in the nights. I was horny.

She teased me in class that evening. She wore a silk top that clung to her body and her very thin trousers stretched over her protruding mons due to straps under her feet. She looked gorgeous and sexy.

She didn’t pretend any more. It didn’t take long until she came close to me and made me hard. She laughed throatily when she felt my hardness against her grinding pussy.

“You need some tutoring to night, no doubt,” she giggled in my ear when we danced.

When I came to her room later on I heard faint radio music through the door. She met me in the doorway in her thin robe. She smiled and hugged me.

“Come on in, Anders. I want you,” she said and started to undress me.

When I was naked she put up the volume and started to dance. She pulled me into her arms and giggled when the slow dance made my cock grow. Her robe opened revealing her naked body. She crept real close to me when we danced and soon I was fully erect – my cock was up against her belly.

Gunilla went up on tip toe and pulled my cock in between her thighs. It strained upwards and lay along her pussy slit when we danced on. I guess that my cock pressed against her clit when we moved because she started to moan of pleasure. After a while she stopped dancing and just moved her pelvis back and forth along my cock. She cried out and clung on to me when she came. I put my hands under her ass to support her. We stood like that rocking slightly until she had calmed down.

Marianne looked up at me and smiled happily. “Now you understand why you can’t have a thing like that in your pants when you dance,” she giggled. “Your lady partner gets horny. At least this lady does. Come, I want to fuck.”

She pulled me over to the bed and pushed me down on my back. She swiftly put a rubber on my stiff cock and mounted me. She impaled herself with a number of small energetic movements and cried out when she was all the way down and I hit her inner wall. She rode me with great ardor until we both came in a shuddering climax.

I got limp but she wasn’t really satisfied. Marianne moved up my body and straddled my face. She wanted to be licked. I saw her swollen labia with pink inner lips that surrounded an open pussy hole. I saw her erect protruding clit. I dug in and licked her pussy from top to bottom.

Marianne writhed when I licked her and moved her pelvis to get my tongue where she wanted it. She was wild and totally concentrated on her own pleasure. She bumped up and down and I had to hold her hips in a firm grip to protect myself from being crushed under her. She moaned and cried and it sounded like she had a marvelous time.

I enjoyed it myself. I had never before seen a female pussy so excited, so eager to be pleased and so aroused. Her clit was erect and hard, her pussy lips swollen and her entrance opened and closed. Her pussy tried to suck my tongue inside when I licked her. She came violently sitting down hard and grinding her pussy on my face.

Marianne rested only shortly. Then she spun around and studied my cock. She removed the rubber and licked the limp cock. She took it in her mouth to clean it. She cried out of joy when my cock twitched in her mouth and gave signs of life.

She sucked me back to full hardness. It took some time although she was skilful. In the mean time I licked her from behind to another orgasm. When it hit her she closed her mouth firmly around my cock head and grunted between closed lips.

Marianne decided that I was hard enough to enter her. She put on a new rubber which she had handy at her bedside table. She dismounted and jumped out of bed. She placed herself at the high bedstead leaning slightly forward legs apart.

“Come and take me Anders. I want you from behind. I want it hard and without fuss. Just shove it in me,” she called in a husky voice.

I quickly moved behind her and with my cock in hand rubbed her wet pussy slit roughly. She sway-backed forward at my sudden assault but soon pushed back hard. I stroked with my cock from her butt hole to her clit and rubbed her clit firmly at every turn. She tried to get hold of my cock and put it inside her but I kept on rubbing her slit. Soon her emotions took over and she started to rub the clit herself. Her orgasm came shortly.

When she climaxed her ass bounced up and down. My cock found her entrance and when she bounced down I shoved it inside her. She again swayed forward but quickly rocked back with a mighty shove that forced Escort Kağıthane my cock all the way inside. She grunted when it hit bottom.

I started to bang her with hard thrusts holding her hips. After all hadn’t she said that she wanted it straightforward and rough? And she didn’t complain; on the contrary. She had planted her feet wide apart and kept herself steady by holding the bedstead in a firm grip. She took my hard thrusts rock steady without moving forward. Her firm ass did little to soften the impact.

Marianne moaned highly and grunted now and then when my banging brought me deep inside her. She came again crying out but made no sign that she wanted to rest so I banged on. Now I thought only on myself and my own pleasure.

I changed my rhythm to short rapid strokes. Marianne adjusted her position narrowing her feet and flexed her inner muscles. I had to use more force on each stroke to get deep into her pussy. It felt so good that I grunted of pleasure.

Marianne laughed contently when she heard my grunts and relaxed her muscles. She lowered her upper body and pushed her ass higher up in the air.

Her move changed the pressure on my cock and it felt so good that I rapidly neared orgasm. She somehow sensed it.

“Yes Anders, come now. I am ready. Come, let it loose, come, come,” she cried out.

A few long deep strokes made it. When I started to spurt I stayed deep inside her pussy and felt her muscles ripple along my cock. I heard Marianne cry out several times.

Marianne leaned over the bedstead panting hard. I leaned over her back, my arms around her slim waist. She turned her head and grinned at me.

“Well, that was the best ever, wasn’t it?” She said laughing. Then she got serious. “Please stay the night.”

Marianne rose and inspected my cock. Satisfied she pulled off the rubber and gently pushed me down on the bed. She had a washcloth ready at her bedside table. I fell asleep totally exhausted.

I woke up in the middle on the night. I was lying on my back and Marianne was sucking on my cock. When she sensed that I was awake she left my cock and kissed my mouth instead.

“I want to fuck again. I hope you don’t mind,” she giggled and kissed her way back down to my cock. She skillfully sucked my cock to hardness kneeling at my side. I caressed her pussy. When she was satisfied with the hardness she put the rubber on and straddled me. She used my body as she wanted and had me perform to bring her pleasure. She rode me and came several times before I did.

I feel asleep soon after she had dismounted me.

Marianne woke me up again in early morning and again caressed me to hardness. She must have cleaned my cock when I was asleep. When I was hard she pulled me on top of her to fuck her. After a while I was fully awake and eager to please her. It became a long tender fuck.

Afterwards she didn’t allow me to go back to sleep.

“Anders, this is lovely. But you must go back to your room now. And don’t fell asleep.”

She kissed me and pushed me out of her bed.

I was very sleepy at breakfast. Mother asked concerned if I was sick with that faint “know-it-all” smile on her face again. I assured her that I indeed was feeling well.

Marianne teased me in class but was a little disappointed when I didn’t get hard although she did her best. But we had a good lesson ending up with free dancing. I again admired Marianne’s lithe and supple body as she danced on her own.

The following two times when Marianne came to teach us were as pleasant. Mother joined us in the free dancing parts and even I succeeded to loosen up and move freely. I even began to like it. Marianne incited me deliberately although it wasn’t really necessary. I was always horny looking forward to her visit.

I stayed all night in her bed and she was as eager and innovative as before and we fucked several times. – – – On the Thursday afternoon in the week of our next dancing lesson we got a surprise. Mother told us that Marianne had phoned in the morning. She had got a bad cold and had asked if Gunilla could replace her. Mother had readily accepted. It certainly is good to change teacher now and then, she said with a smile.

My cock twitched when I heard that. Marianne was very considerate and caring and I loved fucking her. But Gunilla was even better. She was so generous and everything she did became so fun. And her generous body turned me on even more than Marianne’s. I had found out that I loved female forms. Big breasts, wide hips, a bouncing ass and a lush pussy bush. Gunilla had it all.

But I also got a bit afraid. It wasn’t sure at all that she wanted to fuck me. Last time was one thing but Marianne had certainly told her the truth by now. It was hard to go to sleep that night. And when I did I dreamt about Marianne and Gunilla.

Gunilla came to dinner and was just as generous as I remembered her. The dinner was really fun and I think my parents enjoyed it too.

In class she started as usual with the training of traditional dances. Mother came to watch us after an hour or so. Gunilla said that she wanted to teach us a dance from a movie that just had come to Sweden. She put on the new record and showed us the steps and then we tried. Mother joined in and was a fast learner. The dance wasn’t too complicated and after a while we could do it rather well.

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