Couple Teaches College Male

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The following is a true story of my first time experiences at college. I am a straight male, who took care of himself, loved to backpack, play hockey, camp, canoe, and ride motorcycle. Putting myself through school, by working odd jobs giving me very little time for a social life. My home routine included stripping at the door, taking a shower and jacking off to a favorite swingers magazine before supper. Living alone, I found out that I only needed to dress when company would come over. I enjoyed being nude.

All involved in the following account have had their names changed and were of legal age.


My home was in located is a conservative older neighborhood with seemingly average neighbors. John and Mary lived next door. Mary spent a lot of time weeding her flowers’ in the yard. She was in her 40s, always friendly and took care of herself. Outside she often dressed in a small halter tops and really nice short shorts.

One night, I was showering when the doorbell rang. I dried quickly, slipped into a pair of cutoffs and opened the door. There was my neighbor Mary in short shorts and a skimpy white halter top.

“Hi, Jim I have a big problem.”

Mary continued, “My husband John is running late and the bathroom sink is overflowing, you do odd jobs don’t you?”

“Sure,” I replied. “I would be glad to help, let change out of my cutoffs and put on a shirt.”

Mary smiled, “it will probably take longer for you to change than to fix my sink.”

“Let’s go.”

Following her back to her house, her butt cheeks were peeking out from under her shorts. We went up the driveway and headed toward the back bathroom. The sink was full to the brim. I cleared everything under the sink and crawled under. Laying on my back, Mary took a seat on the toilet in my direct view. I tried to concentrate on the job at hand, but my eyes were drawn to the hint of her very large brown nipples. Her white top was unlined and I notice the fabric was tented. She saw where my eyes were focused.

Mary smiled again, “do you like my outfit?”

“Yes,” I said. “I really like what you have on. You really look nice.”

“Thank you,” Mary said. “Believe it or not I wore this top for you, I was hoping you would like it.”

I could feel my balls starting to have a warm tingle but without underwear my cock had decided to aim down my shorts instead of towards my bellybutton. I soon felt a cool breeze as my head cleared the right cutoff.

Mary said, “don’t you have underwear on?”

“No, sorry.” Then she shocked me with a direct statement.

“You don’t usually wear underwear at home anyway do you?”

“What?” I replied. “No I don’t. How did you know?”

“Since we cleared all of those old bushes for my flowers, I have had a clear view from my couch. I have seen you nude several times.”

“Sorry, I really did not know you could see me.”

“Don’t Maltepe Escort worry,” Marry replied. “I am a mom and have seen more than one naked male.”

“You really look uncomfortable. Let’s get you out of those cutoffs before you hurt yourself.”

Leaning down and without hesitation she unsnapped my shorts, unzipped my fly, and quickly pulled my shorts to my knees. After a few careful yanks, they were off my ankles and in her hands.

“Did you make these cutoffs?” Mary inquired?

“Yes, I recycled my old worn out jeans.”

“Did you know your white pockets show when you walk?”

“I have tried to pin them up with safety pins,” I replied as I lay there nude with an erection that now was free to move.

“You are helping me, let me fix your shorts,” Mary said. “When you’re done with the sink, just come out to the front room.”

Smiling and looking me over. “By the way Jim, I really like your outfit.”

The sink drained I headed nude out to the front room to find Mary and my shorts before her husband came home.

“Sit here on the couch while I finish stitching your shorts, Mary said. “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No, I really have not had time to meet anyone.”

“Like being nude?”

“Yes, but I must tell you this is my first time nude with someone fully clothed. Won’t your husband be upset?”

“I don’t know,” Mary replied. “Why don’t we ask him? He just pulled into the drive.”

My life flashed, naked college student with hard on shot by irate husband. Should I grab my shorts and try to get them on? I froze, sitting there, pre-cum leaking from cock as her husband John came through the door.

Mary smiled still working on my shorts and said “Jim came over to help unclog our sink.”

To my surprise, John just extended his hand and said, “Thanks, how can we repay you?”

I replied, “its ok, I really did not do that much.”

John replied, “Would you like to eat with us?” He headed down the hall to take a shower.

Mary put the sewing down and said, “Let’s start supper. You can help.” She gave me a pan and some hamburger patties to brown while she made some potatoes salad.

I still did not know what to expect. Here I was nude standing next to Mary when suddenly John came into the kitchen, fully nude and swinging a nice hard on.

John turned to Mary and said, “The sink works great. Why are you still dressed?”

That put me over the top. I came all over her leg, shorts and the floor. “Oops,” Mary said smiling, “let’s go get you cleaned up, John will finish making supper.”

We headed back to the bathroom. Mary turned and asked “can you untie my top for me?” I reached down, and untied the top and bottom ties. As it fell to the floor, she turned to me. See was huge, I guessed 44dd with large brownish silver dollar nipples.

“I love your titties, you have Anadolu Yakası Escort the largest nipples I have ever seen. Can I feel them?”

Smiling Mary said, “let me get my shorts first.”

She slowly pulled her shorts past her knees and the kicked them off. Completely on display, my eyes moved from titties to the nicest legs and a completely bare pussy.

“Let’s get into the shower and you can feel me off.” Mary said.

It was the best shower I ever took. Her titties were the type you could have a party with, so full, and really fun to play with. I started to move my hand towards her pussy to play when John called, “supper is ready.” Stopping, we dried and headed to the kitchen. This time Mary was nude too. I was really enjoying my new found friends. At supper we just talked and talked, but I could not keep my eyes off of Mary’s titties.

John smiled and said, “I never get tired of sucking them.”

I replied, “I really have not had much experience. I have to tell you Mary let me feel her up in the shower.”

John said, “is that all you two did? I could hear you.” Then John ask me out of the blue. “Do you know what a mfm three-way is?”

“I have seen pictures in my swinger magazines,” I replied.

“Would you like to spend the night with us and find out if you like them?”

“Love to find out.”

Smiling with nipples erect Mary said, “are you two just going to sit there gabbing at the table or are you coming to bed?” Standing up, Mary reached down and grabbing both our cocks she pulled us down the hall to their bed.

“Jim, I want your cock in my mouth and John down eating my pussy. Don’t be afraid to shoot down my throat or in my pussy. You are going to find that I love cum and more cum.” We kept trading from her moth to her pussy. As I slipped in, I could feel her slick warmth, her husbands cum in Marys’ tight pussy. I fell asleep sucking her titties.

Mary woke us up at 6 in the morning. “You two had better get out of bed or you will be late. I have breakfast ready for my favorite guys. “By the way John and I were wondering if you would like to come to supper on a regular basis?”

“Yes, I really enjoyed yesterday,” I replied.

Mary continued, “come anytime you get home just put your clothes in the closet. OK?” “You will not be allowed to wear clothes at any time you are here.”

“Sounds fun.”

John smiled as he left, “see you tonight, we have some things planned for you we both think you will enjoy.”

I pulled my chair back from the table to get up to find my shorts and head home.

Mary smiled, straddled my lap slipping onto my cock, “not so fast.” Facing me with her tits bouncing in my face I filled her up.

After that night, I would go over, strip at the door, eat, play games and fuck. I never wore very much on the trip over to their house. A few times, I just ran İstanbul Escort over nude. One night as I headed up their driveway I noticed several unfamiliar cars in the driveway, I hesitated at the door, but went in anyway.

Mary met me at the door fully clothed and said, “undress and put your clothes in the closet.” We have some close friends over and I want you to meet them.”

Not really sure what was going on, I stripped down, hung my clothes up in the closet and followed her completely nude into the front room. To my surprise the front room had several fully clothed couples.

Mary introduced me, “this is Jim, our new friend I was telling you about.”

The couples were very friendly, and acted like it was no big deal having me as only one nude in the room. I received several hugs from the ladies, a couple of butt slaps and handshakes from men. No one was shy.

Mary pulled me away. “Can you come into the kitchen and help me prepare supper?”

“Sure,” I said as I followed her to the kitchen.

Then Mary dropped it on me, “you are tonight’s center piece and I need you to hop up on the table and lay on your back.”

Caught off guard I had no idea what she was talking about. I thought about it for a minute, and then though what the heck, so I complied.

Next Mary said “I am going to use some of my old nylons. Please spread your arms and legs.” Quickly, she tided my wrists and ankles. Pulling each wrist and ankle to a table leg which left me laying nude spread eagle on the table. Getting the meal together, she placed a bowl of mashed potatoes between my legs my balls in the warm mix.

Hamburgers were piled on either side of my cock, veggies on my stomach. Smiling, she took her middle finger and wiped my pre-cum off my cap. I was ready for the others.

Adjusting her top, Mary called out to the guests, “suppers on come and get it.”

Everyone took a seat around me and helped themselves. My nervousness quickly grew as my cock filled and headed up my stomach. Tied nude in front of strangers while they ate and looked and felt me, I really was enjoying this and the stimulation was like I had never experienced, It was incredible, soon I shot big creamy globs all over my chest.

Mary smiled and soaked cum on a bun and ate it. She picked up another glob and said, “open your mouth Jim.” She then dribbled cum into my open mouth and said, “swallow.”

I was surprised it tasted both sweet and salty. It was much thicker than expected.

I was tied to the table until all the company had left. John and Mary came back into the Kitchen, this time nude. They were really turned on and decided to fuck in front of me. John pulled out of Mary and stuck his cock in my face.

John said “Clean me up first and then Mary and we might untie you.”

John brought his cock to my mouth and I cleaned him up with my tongue. I tongued and sucked both of their juices off his semi hard cock. Once cleaned up, John helped Mary up on a chair straddling my mouth. She squatted and dripped into my mouth.

John cut me lose, and we headed to bed.

As I untied the nylons John said, “from now on you will clean us both up.”

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