Cousin Brenda

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Cousin Brenda was the first and only girl I fell in love with. She was also the first and only girl I had sex with. When it happened she was eighteen. I was a year older. And believe it or not, this gorgeous girl was a virgin too.

I was a shy lad then, quiet and introvert. Girls in particular were an alien world for me. The most intimate sexual experience I had before Brenda, happened at the school ball when I fondled a the tits and pussy of a half drunk girl through her underwear. But, it was more out of lust than anything else. Brenda was the only girl that counted for me, the only I felt comfortable and happy with. I fell in love with her when she was fifteen. Sometimes I felt the feeling was mutual, other times I was sure of it. Later I learned my intuition was right.

Brenda’s parents, uncle Jeff and aunt Lydia, came living in our street about six years ago. From then on my cousin and I were inseparable. We spent every spare moment together and through time we knew each other from head to toe. She was in some respects just the opposite of me. She was outgoing and enthusiast, but kept herself far from emotional involvement of any sorts, with the exception of her friendship with me and a female classmate. We had always been emotionally very close. What happened later was only a natural consequence of this.

As far as my knowledge went, my cousin never had experiences in the boy department. This could mean two things. Either, all the boys in our village were morons. Or else, she avoided them totally. I’ve always gambled on the last possibility.

Brenda was one of the star players in our high school volleyball team and a cheerleader. She had a 4.0 grade point average and was very popular. She was also a stunner to look at. She was a sun bleached blond with startling hazel eyes, with big, firm breasts and a nice, round ass to match. I’m sure she was not only my favorite masturbation fantasy.

Sometimes I heard boys sneer, after been rejected by her of course, that she was a lesbian. One time I heard the same remark whispered to my mother by a neighbor. This was ridiculous of course. Her parents had been very strict in raising her, keeping her away from social events that had nothing to do with school work. Possibilities of making contact were thus cut short. However, Brenda always told me that was not the real reason. She just hadn’t found the guy nice enough to give it up for. She dated a couple of guys, but was bored already after a couple of minutes. Much to my relief, I must say.

Our parents worked together in the family business, often until late in the evening. So Brenda and I spent the most part of our adolescence together. We made our homework together, played and watched TV. Sometimes Brenda’s friend Millie held us company.

Physically my cousin and I were also very close. As kids we played together, with involved a lot of romping and bodily contact. At first all this was quite innocent. But gradually I became aware that she was a girl, with soft, round forms, which translated itself in effects in my pants. I don’t have to draw you a picture of this. Brenda came aware of it to. Sometimes I saw her blushing and look stealthily at my stiff cock, her gaze a mix of diffidence and fascination. Sometimes I touched her breast of behind by accident and let my hand linger a moment longer than necessary. She never said a word then, but looked me in the eye and smiled enigmatically.

We told each other everything. We were each other confidential agents. Every two or three weeks my cousin had a sad moment. Her depression never lasted long. But those moments were the most intimate of our youth. You see, Brenda was a very sensitive girl. She could be very upset by remarks others would only shrug upon. Then, when we were alone, I took her by the shoulders and asked her to tell me. She would wrap herself in my arms, or sit on my lap, and start to spill her grievances. Usually I would wipe her tears, telling her how silly the others were and don’t let silly things bother her. That was proof for me how deep out friendship went. They made me glad for another reason, the close intimacy between us, when I could touch and soothingly caress her beautiful body, inhaling her sweet womanly scent. I was sure she could feel my stone-hard prick against her ass. She didn’t mind. Instead, she pressed herself harder against me.

The last time was shortly after her eighteen birthday. She looked downcast. Giving her a little pinch in the cheek, I asked what I could do to cheer her up.

That started it all. I had been waiting, brooding on how to reveal my true feelings for her without wrecking up or relationship. That was my greatest fear.

However, this conversation would change our lives.

“Something is not right. That bully Newton harassing you again?” I asked.

She shook her head, “No, he leaves me alone since you urged me to go to the principal.”

“A small wonder,” I said.

“It’s something else,” she said. “I’ve already talked it over with Millie, it… it is…”

“Yes,” I urged Niğde Escort her on.

Flushing lightly, she said in a faltering voice, “It’s about us, Tom. I kept it for myself all those years, out of shame I think. But Millie said it’s apparent for everyone and I would be a fool not to tell you.”

“Tell me what?” by now I was as nervous as Brenda.

“You’re in love with me, aren’t you Tom?”

My heart jumped in its chest. This was the moment I had longed and dreaded for simultaneous.

“Yes,” I said. “I can’t deny this. You mean everything to me. But I never found the words to express my feelings.”

“I love you too Tom. I want you to be my lover, but we are family, we are cousins,” she started to cry. “I’ve always loved you… Oh God, it’s typically me to get involved with my own cousin.”

She buried her head in my shoulders.

“Don’t be sad Brenda, ” I soothed, “It’s not bad, it’s not a sin. I know a couple of guys who are in the same situation… In fact, we live in Colorado… We could even get married if we wanted.”

“You bloody fool, don’t jump ahead,” she laughed as she wiped off her tears.

That broke the ice completely.

We grinned and we buried ourselves in our arms. She came to sit on my lap.

“What had Millie to say about your love object?” I wanted to know.

“Girls secret,” she answered. “No, just kidding. She admitted a little jealousy.”

I kissed her neck. My tongue darted with her earlobe. The look in Brenda’s eyes needed no words. I nibbled on her lips then down her neck again. I took her by the back of her head and planted my lips on hers. As our lips met I felt her moist tongue sliding into my mouth. That first kiss felt marvelous. Holding each other we felt the other’s warmth. Brenda’s hard nipples pressed into my chest. My cock was rising, pressing into the cleft of her ass. Brenda reached for my lap and began stroking softly my hard manhood. At the same time I reached around and grabbed a firm butt cheek, pulling her even closer.

“Oh Brenda, I love you so much, you are so beautiful… I’d like to make love to you.” I panted.

She smiled, a red flush of both embarrassment and excitation on her cheeks, “I told you, don’t rush ahead.”

“I’m in a hurry, I’ve waited all those years.”

“Then, what’s a couple of days?” Brenda asked me.

That left me speechless.

“I’m not protected anyway, and it will be my first time. Tomorrow I’ll go to the doctor.”

We spent the rest of the afternoon kissing and caressing each other.

We saw each other back the next Wednesday.

No homework, the teachers had been mild with us. After school we went to Brenda’s house. Our parents were at work, so nobody would disturb us until late in the evening. For some days, how hard it was, we acted as normal cousins, not as a couple in love. It was hard, but we managed.

At home Brenda closed the door and threw her arms around me for a passionate kiss with a lot of tongue working. Then she putted a spaghetti in the micro-oven. While she went upstairs to change, I watched TV.

We held hands while eating. When we wanted to go upstairs, the phone rang. It was Millie. No doubt she wanted to know how things were progressing. Brenda told me to go ahead. I mounted to her room and putted some music on. I glanced around. Many times Brenda and I had played here. Today it would be the scene of our first love play. I moved from here to there. One of the drawers of her wardrobe stood slightly ajar. I opened it a little bit more and looked inside. It was full of underwear, knickers and bra’s. My cock began to stir. The sound of footsteps on the stairs prevented further exploration.

Brenda had changed her school uniform for a tight fitting jeans and a halter top. We kissed again, longer and more passionate.

She smiled, looking me in the eyes.

“I went to Dr. Chalmers Monday,” Brenda told me. “She gave me a morning-after pill, because I’m still a virgin. I don’t want to use a condom with the man I love, however she insisted. I’ll go back tomorrow for the pill.”

My heart jumped in its chest. So, she had decided. It would happen today, the deed I was dreaming so long about. I had some rubbers on me, but was glad not to have to use them. Somehow it seemed to artificial for me.

Brenda was nervous. She putted a David Bowie CD in the player. Scooping up some magazine, she smiled at me and lied herself on her belly on her bed. I had a nice view on her marvelous ass.

“At school we had gymnastics,” Brenda told me. “My shoulders ache terribly.”

“Want a massage?” I asked, grinning.

She mumbled nondescriptly, which a took for a consent. Elated, I touched the naked skin of her shoulders. After she putted the magazine aside, I began to massage her shoulders, slowly, tenderly. She had her eyes closed and enjoyed it visibly.

Suddenly she stood up and with her back to me she detached her halter top.

“You can do my back as well.” Brenda told me.

Then she lied on Niğde Escort Bayan her back again and I kneaded the soft skin of her back. I could see the sides of her breasts and fought the urge to touch them. Brenda seemed to like a slow build up and I respected this. But my cock felt if he would explode every moment. My hands moved lower and lower. I placed both my hands on her ass cheeks and caressed them.

She giggled.

“I want to make love to you now,” I told Brenda. “I want to kiss you all over your body.”

Brenda turned around on the bed. For the first time in my life I saw a girl naked from the waist up. Brenda’s breasts were gorgeous.

“Be gentle with me Tom,” my loved one said.

Her breasts were bigger than I thought, the pink nipples very long. The obvious admiration in my eyes showed and Brenda basked in it for a moment.

“Like them?” she asked.

“They’re beautiful,” I said, his voice hoarse and throaty.

“Will you kiss them?” Brenda whispered.

My throat tight, O brought my hands up to gently cup her tits, my thumbs riding lightly over the big, stiff nipples. Brenda moaned softly, as I caressed a nipple with me tongue before taking it in my mouth and sucking it gently. Then I started at the other, while Brenda pulled lightly at my hair. Then she pulled herself free, tugging at the buttons of my shirt.

“Now I’m going to do something Millie learned me,” she giggled. “It’s supposed to keep you happy with me for the rest of our lives.”

I took her hand and kissed it. Then she reached out and slowly further unfastened the buttons of my shirt, gazing into my eyes and smiling faintly as he did so. I felt a wave of warmth pass over me and my cock nearly shot its load. The nipples of her proudly jutting out breast were as hard as pebbles. I caressed them softly as my shirt fell to the floor.

My cousin undid my belt, then slid the zipper slowly down. My shorts were tented out by my cock, stiff as a stone. She rubbed the back of her hand against it. I stepped out of my pants and shorts. Brenda squeezed my prick, bouncing free now. My cousin ran her hands up and down my six and a half inches. She kissed its tip. I was nearly delirious now.

“My God, you’re big. I hope you don’t hurt me, lover,” she said.

“Will you take me in your mouth?” I asked.

Without answering, she putted her tongue out and licked the head of my pole, then opened her mouth and took my in, swirling her tongue around the head. She let her teeth nip lightly at my cock, just below the crown. Then took him as far into her mouth as she could, gagging as he hit the back of her throat. She started to suck, her head bobbing up and down. She did it very well. Clearly she took pleasure in it. For a moment I thought this was not the first time she gave head, but dismissed the thought rapidly. Millie was a good teacher who had the chance to have a very eager pupil.

I knew I would last not long. I felt her lips tighten around my cock, her tongue flicking and dancing around it. My breath shuddered, my fingers tight in her hair, holding her to me, softly moaning her name and my pleasure. Without doubt she could feel me shaking as she knelt before me. Brenda increased her rhythm, swirling her tongue from side to side as she moved her head back and forth.

“Brenda, this is fantastic,” I told her in a trembling voice. “You’re going to make me come soon.”

My prick exploded in the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. Load after load of my cum splashed against the back of Brenda’s throat. Gasping she swallowed, every drop of it.

“Was I doing it right?” Brenda grinned, a drop of semen ran down from the corner of her mouth.

I nodded, “Fantastic.”

We kissed and I tasted my own sperm.

Sitting with our arms around each other she said, “I liked the taste. You tasted so yummy. I certainly want to do it again.”

“Thanks,” I grinned. “This was the finest thing that ever happened to me.”

“Surely you can do something in return.”

I nodded, motioning to Brenda to stand up. She did and she undid the top button of her jeans.

“No way,” I told her, getting on me knees before her. “I want to undress you myself. Then I want to kiss your pussy.”

I licked her navel, before lowering slowly the zipper of her jeans. A big stain of moisture showed on her white cotton knickers. For the first time in my life I smelled the sweet, musky fragrance of the pussy from the girl I loved. I was about to taste this virgin pussy before I would make her into a woman. I felt as proud as the moment seven months later, when we went before the priest to give each other our vows. Slowly I pulled her jeans down. The knickers followed.

I saw she kept the hair on her pussy neatly trimmed. I caressed her blond triangle lightly. She was already moist. It was the most beautiful sight of my life. My finger stroked her delicate, pink labia. I kissed her there and asked her to lie down on the bed and spread her legs.

She did so. I buried Escort Niğde my head between her legs, kissing and licking her inner thigh’s, gradually working my way up. I petted her ass as she raised her legs to give me better access. I saw now not only her pussy but also her asshole. My fingers were now brushing the spot between her pussy and her ass. I could see her juices weeping from her. The perfume of her sex became much stronger. Then I kissed her virgin labia. I pulled the lips slightly apart and licked them, then going up to the little, hard knob of her clitoris. Brenda began to writhe on the bed.

“Oh darling. That feels so good,” she moaned.

Her hips bucked wildly as I inserted my tongue into her virgin hole. I licked first up one lip then down the other, avoiding to touch her distended clit. I began the trip back up right through the center until I was just below it.

“Please, don’t tease me. Suck my clit” she pleaded.

I started licking her clit lightly. Then I went faster. Brenda weaved her fingers in my hear, pushing my mouth closer against her by now sopping cunt. I responded by pushing my finger into her love canal. Slowly I began to pump it in and out, careful not to hurt her. But mostly my attentions stayed with her sensitive clitoris, wanting her to orgasm soon. Judging by her cries and moans, she was very close. I took my lubricated finger out of her pussy and sought her anus. I entered her gently there, up to my first knuckle. The anal stimulation drove Brenda even more wildly. Then she climaxed. She screamed like crazy; while I drank the juice that squirted from her pussy. Finally I had to take my mouth away, for lack of breath.

“Darling, darling, this was fantastic,” Brenda told me.

I said nothing, but took her in my arms and kissed her. She tasted her own juices just as I had tasted mine. I grinned when I saw her making a face. For myself I had never tasted something as delicious. For a moment we laid motionless in each arms. Then Brenda began stroking my cock to its former length and thickness.

“Tom, I want you to fuck me… But I’m a little bit afraid.”

I looked into her eyes,” You know darling, I’m too. I feel so honored… I love you so much. I don’t want to hurt you… I’ll do it slow, but there will be a little pain at the beginning.”

Brenda putted her fingers to my lips and kissed me, probing my mouth with her tongue.

“Yes, I know,” she told me. “Let’s do it together, slowly.”

My heart beat faster again. This was the moment I waited for so long. I was to deflower the girl I loved, and loose my own virginity along with it.

I rolled on top of her. Brenda pulled her legs up to give me more room, smiling bravely. I placed the tip of my throbbing cock at the opening of her waiting cunt. Slowly I let myself slide in, past the wetness of her open lips. She dug her nails in my shoulders, as I shifted my weight and eased my penis a little bid deeper, until I met a soft resistance.

“Are you okay, my love?” I asked.

She nodded her head.

“You’re sure you want to go ahead?”

“Fuck me Tom, make a woman of me.”

I pushed slowly at first, then I increased the pressure. She was so tight and hot. I paused when I saw her eyes widen and felt how she cramped up.

“I’m all right lover. Please don’t stop… It burns a little bit, but at the same time it’s wonderful.”

With one swift moment I made my way past her hymen. She let out a cry of pain. I saw tears in her eyes. I stopped, but Brenda smiled, she raised her legs and wrapped them around me. She drummed on my back, urging me to hurry up.

My cock was buried to the hilt in her pussy now, stretching her open. Then I began to move in a steady pace. She cried out and asked me to fuck her harder. She began to push her hips up to meet my strokes. My cock slammed into her cunt faster, her vaginal muscles gripping my flesh. I felt wondrous.

I sucked on her nipples. My left hand was sliding along the cheeks of her ass. Her asshole was wet from her juices. I began to finger her there. She bucked even more lightly.

“I like that, finger my ass,” she cried.

With my manhood buried into her to the hilt, I lifted her up from the bed.

“Don’t stop, let me come.”

With her powerful legs and arms wrapped around me, she obliged me to stay into her. With difficulty I could stand and than turn around, so that I was on my back in the bed and Brenda was on top. My cousin was in control and she loved it. She rode me in a frenzy. Her hips began to sway on me and she found that she was getting more stimulation this way. I gripped the firm flesh of her behind, squeezing and kissing her breasts.

Only then I discovered what a passionate woman my lover and cousin was.

I knew I was about to cum and couldn’t control it, “Brenda, darling, I’m cumming.”

Moaning, Brenda jumped faster up and down, her eyes rolled up. Suddenly she froze. With her head thrown back and her body convulsing, my beautiful lover slammed into her second orgasm. Somewhere deep inside her I felt my cock grow and then burst, filling her hot pussy with my seed.

She collapsed on me, totally spent, slowly regaining her senses. I held Brenda in my arms, telling her how much I loved her and how fine and unforgettable this had been for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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