Cousin Crush Dreams Ch. 02

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Fuck it’s been 3 months since vacation and I just can’t get my cousin Kait off my mind. Her intoxicating scent, sweet flavor and the way her pussy creamed around my cock. About the only time I wasn’t thinking about Kait and her pussy was when I was fucking my wife! For the record, despite a weird schedule I work, the wife and I fuck around two to three times a week.

I knew I had to do something or I was going to go crazy thinking about my cousin’s sweet pussy!

About that time, I felt my phone buzz. I looked at my Garmin Instinct Tactical watch and it said I had a new Snapchat notification. When I opened the app on my phone, I had a friend request from Kait. I promptly accepted without an inkling of hesitation.

Seconds later my phone buzzed again. Kait had sent me a snap.

I opened and the picture had me throbbing at attention immediately. My cock started dripping precum so fast you would have thought it was drooling. The picture was a leaned over cleavage shot of Kait in a sexy lacy push up bra. Her tits, full in all of their motherly glory. I could just make out a hint of nipple at the edge of the left tit. Her hand was posed in her hair and her eyes were rolled back. Her other hand was placed between her legs, brushed up next to her delicious pussy.

The phone buzzed again and she sent a message with an embarrassed face emoji and the message.

“So sorry Shawnie!!! I thought I sent those to


I got the distinct impression she did that only in case I was not cool with it! I sent her back a picture of my cock pressed hard against my jeans, creating a very obvious imprint and the dot of precum, quickly soaking my jeans. That picture was followed by a message to Kait.

“Damn!!! I was really hoping it was meant for


The screen said read! Then the ellipses came up indicating that Kait was sending a message. The seconds that passed felt like hours or eternities as I awaited the message.

Still the screen showed just a simple

Then my phone buzzed once more. I was almost afraid to open the message.

“Well in that case, I guess I will send you

more pics….I was hoping you would

say that!!!”

Kait did not disappoint. I received photo after photo which created a Snapchat striptease. I was tempted to screenshot Çeşme Escort the pictures but I had not had an opportunity to ask if I could. My cock was now painfully pressing against my jeans. Slight movements were making me feel like I was jacking off! Then almost as if Kait had read my mind, my text message dinged and the photos started coming there, where I could save the pictures. I set my phone down, stripped to my lightweight, almost see through boxer briefs, turned on the camera and posed against the wall in my best rugged stance, one leg on the wall looking down and away from the camera with my hand on my member. I went through the video and screenshot my favorite pose, which I sent back to Kait.

She messaged back.

“I need you inside me ASAP!!!”

I responded.

“When does Brandon work?”

We agreed on a night when I was supposed to be at work and Brandon was at work. I used a holiday that I had not taken yet and took off. After Kait’s kids went to bed, we were like two in heat high schoolers. We couldn’t separate our mouths as we passionately kissed. I had my hand on her breast and hers was on my cock rubbing it through my jeans.

I picked her up and took her to her bedroom. I promptly took her pants off as she was taking her shirt off. I peeled the g-string from her body and I wasted no time diving between her legs. I could smell her excitement and she was begging for me to eat her. I’m not sure how long I was between her legs, but I know my beard was coated in her juices and my lips were almost raw from the action and her pelvis grinding my lips into my teeth. I peeled my boxer briefs off which were all I had left on. My cock sprang from them like a jack in the box. I was on my knees on her bed and she decided to roll over and start sucking my dick. I laid back and she climbed between my legs sucking the entire length of my member like it was a popsicle. Her tongue made expert work on the head of my cock as her hand worked in conjunction with her mouth. She then slid my entire cock in her mouth, I could feel as the head slid past the tonsils. She then began working the head of my cock with her tonsils. She had my balls cupped in her petite hand and could feel them tighten. She slid my cock out of her mouth and we embraced in a kiss.

I was sitting up at this point Çeşme Escort Bayan and she climbed on my crossed legs, inserting my cock into her pussy. We held each other face to face. Our foreheads were touching and we were sharing passionate breaths back and forth from each other’s mouths. Her nipples were pressed against my chest and she was slowly rocking up and down. My hands were in the small of her back just above her nice firm ass. I had seen this pose and even tried it with my wife but we were never quite able to penetrate in this pose. The breath cycle and the slow rocking was sending me over the edge. I felt something build inside my body, it felt like when I am about to orgasm. I was able not to cum though and had a full orgasm. I have had miniature orgasms without ejaculating before but nothing like this. It sent me into a frenzy and I put Kait on her back.

I knelt between her legs as I fucked her while laying on her back. She had one hand on her left tit squeezing and pinching her nipples as her tits moved with the aggressive fucking. Her other hand was rubbing her clit and had two fingers on either side of my cock. In this position, my cock was running right into her g-spot. Between the g-spot stimulation and Kait rubbing her clit and squeezing her nipple, her mussy began to leak cream. She began shaking, her whole body spasming as I felt the pressure build in her pussy. She screamed out and began panting as her pussy squeezed me out and she sprayed me with fluid. Her pussy squirted about four times, the first three having extreme force.

I flipped Kait over when she caught her breath and pulled her into doggy. I slid my cock in and began fucking her in doggy. Her ass was winking at me as her body continued to spasm. A healthy layer of her own cum was coating her asshole so I began rubbing it. My thumb slid in with ease and I began rubbing her perennial area. Her body once again squeezed me out and began to squirt. As this happened unlined my cock up with her asshole and slid it in. She was more than ready and easily accommodated my hard cock. She began to moan and back up toward my body. I fucked her ass slowly, enjoying the feeling of her backdoor fully wrapping around my cock. She began to cum again and this time due to the added pressure of being in her ass, I slowly Escort Çeşme slid the rest of my cock in and unloaded my seed deep in her ass.

I slowly pulled my cock out and laid down next to her. I took a wipe which I had seen next to the bed and cleaned my finger and cock off. I made sure to get the skin good and clean. My cock was flipped over laying on my lower abdomen. Kait gently gave it a rub.

“Thank you so much! How are we going to deal with this situation?” Kait asked.

I simply responded, “I don’t know! This could wreck so many things, but it feels so good!”

We laid like that for another two hours. We then went to the shower. There was no sex, just some intimate kissing and holding. We got cleaned up and I said goodbye before Brandon came back home. For me I still had a couple hours until I would normally be off. I went to my favorite park that has a water front view and watched the sun rise.

When I arrived home, my wife was just waking. She asked me how my night was. I didn’t have to lie to say it was good. She then laid back and spread her legs.

“How about a quickie before the kids wake up?” she said.

I stripped down and answered her with my stuff cock. It was not so much a quickie as it was a hot, raw love making session. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to perform or cum. But after a bit of time I felt my balls begin to tighten. My wife was close so I continued fucking her and then I felt her squeeze my cock as her pussy began to spasm. I buried my cock all the way in her pussy and unloaded deep inside her. As I pulled out I rolled over. My arm was beneath her head and we were both catching our breath.

“After last night I wasn’t sure if you were going to be able to perform. As long as you still have that for me, I have no problem with you fucking Kait. I just wish you would have said something.” Chloe said.

I responded with initial silence.

Then Chloe said. “You think I didn’t know? I knew that day at the beach. Then I saw you getting messages today. If I am completely honest one of the ones you received I saw! I knew Kait was hot but damn she has a sexy body. Those tits have to be D cups on her petite frame and she has the cutest pussy. Who knows maybe your cousin could be our first threesome.”

I was in shock to say the least. I tried to play it off and simply responded, “That would be hot as fuck!”

Chloe got up and grabbed us each some water. She grabbed me a Gatorade and told me to get some rest. What in the hell just happened here, I don’t even know. I am excited to see how it plays out though.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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