Cousin Mary

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I left my first wife in 1977 when I was 24 years old. I returned to my home town in Michigan after having been away for ten years. I still had lots of relatives in town and lots of places to crash until I found a job and permanent digs. This was not as easy as inasmuch as this during this period the nation was in the throes of the Carter recession and jobs were not to be had for love or money. I had a few hundred dollars to tide me over for a while. The room and board of my relatives were more helpful than I can say.

A week or so after arriving in town I found myself staying with my father’s sister and her family. I had known them as long as I could remember and had played with my cousins when we were children. One of my cousins, a middle child, plump and red-headed, seemed to take a special interest in me. She was nineteen years old and wanted to go everywhere with me, even though she had a fiercely jealous boyfriend.

One evening I borrowed her family’s car and took my cousin, Mary, to the theater to see Star Wars. During the show, I nervously put my arm around her and she responded by reaching up and taking my hand in hers. I thought later that night I would wait until her family was asleep and sneak my way to her bed and get between those fleshy thighs until I struck gold. But it was not to be. When we got home her enraged boyfriend wanted his girl back and me gone, or else I was to face a sound thrashing. When choosing between fighting and running, I generally opt for running. The next day I found a place to stay with another cousin on my mother’s side of the family.

After a couple of weeks my funds were running short and, with no work to be had, I enlisted in the Navy. Time passed. I was honorably discharged, I earned a degree at university, and married. My father kilis escort passed away and I inherited a house where I lived with no mortgage. I was doing okay. Then, one day I received a phone call from my cousin Mary. By this time we were both in our forties. After living for years with her insanely jealous husband she had had enough. Her two children all but grown and she had to escape. Could she stay with me for a while, she asked. Naturally I welcomed her into my home. She was family, after all.

She arrived a couple of days later, her clothes and possessions packed in a green Chevy. She looked good, having lost a lot of weight. She had a nice figure and breasts that made a hungry handful. For the next couple of days we didn’t do much more than talk and catch up on family gossip. She slept a lot, resting from her travails. Apparently her husband was an abuser, not that such news surprised me. Since I lived in that part of the U.S. where our family has the deepest roots I offered to give her a tour of the cemeteries where our ancestors are buried. It was on a warm day in early summer I took her to one of the family cemeteries. Our great grandparents were buried there as well as our great-great grandparents and aunts, uncles, and cousins of all degrees of relationship.

At the time I drove a 1972 Olds 98, an older car but in fantastic shape. A luxury car in its day it was the ultimate in comfort with a rear seat the size of a couch and upholstered in red velour. As we walked from the cemetery I took her hand and led her, not to the front seat in which she rode on the way to the cemetery, but to the back seat. I opened and held the door for her.

She sat down. A gentle push on her shoulder communicated to her that she should kilis escort bayan lie down. When she was supine and comfortable I hooked my fingers in the waist band of her jeans and pulled down. She knew what was on my mind and raised her ass to accommodate the removal of her pants. In a moment, she was naked from the waist down, her panties also having been removed. She had a thick bush of pubic hair as fiery as the hair on her head. It was magnificent.

For a half of a half of a moment I considered giving her “the treatment” – oral sex and fingering her to orgasm before I penetrated her. Instead, I climbed atop her and slide my cock into that red pussy. She received me effortlessly, being as wet as she was. I was inflamed with desire for her. So many years had passed since my intentions for her were foiled. It was makeup time and I felt entitled to lots of it. I pumped into her with no purpose but to experience my own relief. My relief came soon enough as my cock plunged her well-primed and slippery cunt. Before long, too soon I felt, dumped an amount of spunk in her tunnel that surprised even me. Mary used her panties to swab up the cream pie I gave her and she rode home commando.

This was only the beginning of an affair that lasted several years and which involved secretly fucking almost daily, unbeknownst to my wife and Mary’s parents, my aunt and uncle, with whom she was living. During the summer I slept on the deck where it was cooler than in the house. My wife didn’t seem to mind the heat and slept indoors. Mary worked the mid-shift and when she got off work she parked her car at the convenience store next door and walked over to join me in bed. Within minutes she had shrugged off her clothes and we began our nightly escort kilis ritual of fucking in as many positions as we could before we exhausted ourselves and fell asleep. We always managed to wake just as dawn began to break and before the convenience store opened and she would drive home. Sometimes we would see each other during the day in familial social settings but every night was a replay of a night of passion. There was no position or variation of sex we did not try. Eventually we had threesomes with another woman, threesomes with another man, groups, and you name it.

One day I was home alone and Mary let herself in. I was lying in bed, naked, resting I suppose from the physical demands made upon me the night before. She undressed and placed her hand on my cock as though just touching me was enough to elicit a response. But a stiffy was not forthcoming. She began to gently knead and stroke me until I began to respond. Then she took me into her mouth and sucked until I had a respectable erection. She climbed upon the bed and straddled me. She took my cock in her hand and as she lowered herself onto me she guided my cock into her asshole. Bearing children had stretched her pussy somewhat but the muscle tone of her butt hole was superb. She rode me fast and she rode me slow but with each stroke she pushed down to ensure I was as deep as I could go. After several minutes I could begin to feel the stirrings of a climax that turned out to be one of the most intense, toe-curling, eye-crossing cums of the 20th century.

Mary eventually went her own way. Married, too, I hear. I wonder if she has the kind of sex life with him that she did with me. Or was I the tool that helped her through a phase of her life she needed to get out of her system? I can’t say but I’m glad she shared her life with me for a while. I still have souvenirs of our time together: a pair of her panties which I keep neatly folded and stored away; photographs, some nude, some not, some showing her “in the act”; and a half-hour video of the two of us fucking. I don’t know if she remembered making the video but I don’t care.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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