Cousin’s House Ch. 04

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Well, a woman can’t tell a younger man that she’s going to let him fuck her ass, and then expect patience. That was the situation I found myself the summer I helped my cousin Wendy paint her mother’s house. After more than a week of steady sex during our breaks, she came out with that bombshell the first time I slid a finger into her ass in the shower. I could barely fall asleep that night, and when the morning came, I could barely wait until my aunt left the house.

Tragically, we had reached a trouble spot and had to replace some trim. Instead of a quiet afternoon fulfilling my ass fantasies, we headed over to the local lumberyard to get some wood. As usual, everything took forever, and we didn’t get finished priming and replacing trim boards until 6:30 that night. Her mom came home and ordered pizza for all of us.

We ate on the deck, and I’m sure I was either dazed or surly, because my aunt laughed at me and said, “I think we’re working Steve too hard-why don’t you guys take tomorrow off and go swimming or something?”

With an admirably straight face, Wendy replied, “Yeah-we should. I know someplace he’s never been. He’ll like it!”

Eyes wide, I suppressed a grin and agreed that a day off sounded like an excellent idea.

The next morning arrived bright and sunny. Instead of heading to the beach, however, Wendy drove us to the marina. I had forgotten about the boat! When her parents divorced and her father moved up the coast, the little 17-foot runabout stayed with them. It was bobbing in a slip, neatly covered with a white tarp. Stripping that back, I smiled. It looked like a James Bond boat from the 50’s-a deep cockpit with a center console and a paneled well surrounded by white vinyl seats-room enough for 4 passengers, and every inch of wood, chrome, and leather glinting in the sun.

Wendy got things started up with her usual efficiency, and we headed out into the Sound. The air was getting hot, and the breeze felt great as we zipped along. Soon, we were a mile or more from shore, working our way up the tide and into the wind so they could carry us back down unassisted. When we had gone a few miles east like that, Wendy cut the motor and we slowly started to drift toward home. I could see a sail in the distance, but there was no one close.

Wendy was wearing a one-piece bathing suit with shorts over it, and I was in swim trunks and a T-shirt. I stripped off my shirt to enjoy the sun and lay back on one of the bench seats. Wendy stepped back from the console, stripped off her shorts, and lay back as well, looking over at me once she got settled. With a challenging look in her eye, she pushed her straps off her shoulders and rolled her suit down, exposing her pale breasts to the bright sun.

“If you can be topless, I can be topless,” she said, matter-of-factly.

“I’m all for that,” I told her with a smile.

After a few minutes of basking, I asked her where we were. She said we were in the shipping lane halfway between Connecticut and Long Island, but the tide wasn’t moving very fast.

Trying to match her earlier innocent act, I asked her, “Is this the place you were talking about that I’ve never been before?”

That actually made her smile, which I took as a victory. “No,” she told me. “I was thinking of something else.”

“So was I,” I answered.

With that, she sat up and told me to grab drinks from the backpack cooler I had brought aboard. I opened one for each of us, setting them in the deep cup-holders after we had a sip. We settled into the cushioned seats facing each other. Her pale breasts drew my eyes like magnets across the short Niğde Escort distance between us.

Wendy watched me watching her with a smug little grin on her face. Then she reached toward the console and grabbed her backpack. Without a word, she took a bottle of lube out and set it in another cup-holder to her left. My blood pressure climbed by 50% as I looked back and forth between her and the little plastic bottle. Figuring she was normally the one to set the pace, I stood up, looked around to make sure we were actually alone, and then untied my bathing suit and let it fall to the deck. Interested, she turned to face me. With the sun warm on my naked boyd, I stroked my thickening cock, then sat back down, stretching my legs across to rest my feet on the edge of her seat.

She watched for a minute or two, then stood up between my legs. Her eyes locked on my steadily-moving hand, she pushed her bathing suit down over her hips and kicked it out of the way.

“Can I do that?” she asked.


She reached behind her and grabbed the bottle of lube, then knelt between my legs. “I don’t like the taste of this one,” she said, “so I’m going to do this first…” Her tongue ran all the way from my balls to the glans, and the sudden coolness I felt made my cock twitch. She grabbed the base of my shaft firmly with one hand while the other firmly grasped my testicles. Holding me at a downward angle, she took the tip into her mouth and swirled her tongue all around it. I groaned and settled back more comfortably into the cushions. Her head began a slow bobbing rhythm, taking half of my cock into her mouth with each stroke, keeping me going but not trying to drive me over the edge. While she sucked, my mind replayed her words-I don’t like the taste of this one-why did that turn me on so much? She’s tasted a lot of different lubes, has she? Some she likes better. How many kinds? When she tasted them, was it all a preface to someone fucking her ass? I didn’t ask-it was better imagining it, and she probably would have refused to tell me anyway!

When her motion on my cock changed, I opened my eyes and looked at her. Wendy had let go of my balls. She held just the tip of my erection in her mouth again, bobbing slightly so that her tongue slithered along the sensitive underside. One of her hands was between her legs-I couldn’t see it, but the slight motion and the sounds told me she was busily rubbing her pussy. Soft little moans vibrated against my cock, barely making any noise, but easy to feel. Pulling back, she stroked my shaft with her free hand, caught between pleasing me and pleasing herself. She looked amazing-totally engrossed in both actions, eyes closed, light brown hair on her shoulders, and her breasts bouncing with the combined motions of her arms. There is very little on the planet sexier than a woman kneeling between your legs, and I savored that beautiful sight. I was almost disappointed when she slowed down, but she was only reaching for the lube…

With a deft move, she squirted a little bit into the hand that was stroking me. The warm oil made my cock instantly slick, and she spread it carefully around. Then she switched hands. The lubricated one made its way between her own legs…I thought for a minute she was rubbing her pussy again, but then it dawned on me what she was doing! As exciting as that idea was, I had to intervene.

“Hey,” I said…”Let me do that!”

She smiled a bit, and then knelt on the bench opposite me, her sweet, muscular ass facing me. Tan thighs parted, and her pussy was on full view, lips slightly open and glistening from her Niğde Escort Bayan earlier attention. Where the tan ended, her ass was creamy white, and her cheeks looked like marble. Grabbing the lube, I dribbled a little more at the top of her crack and watched it disappear. I admired the view for a minute while I stood there in the sun stroking my cock.

Granted, this was all new to me, but I did have some clue from locker room talk about how to proceed. You gotta go slow. Lube her up good. Don’t just jam it in there! All this advice flashed through my head. Stepping closer, I slid my fingers up and down her crack, spreading the lube everywhere, between her cheeks, along her pussy, and into the tops of her thighs, letting her feel my hands everywhere while I got her warmed up. When she put her head on her arms and pushed her ass back at me, I knew she was ready. I let the tip of my finger circle her ass as I had in the shower, then slipped the tip inside her. It went easily enough, but I didn’t push too hard. I added a few more drops of lube, then slid my middle finger slowly but firmly into her, moving it in and out to spread the lubrication. I heard her breathing quicken when I did this, so I kept it steady for a minute before moving on.

My free hand was back to working on my cock, and I was dripping with lube and precum. I dipped my index and middle fingers into this mix and returned to her ass, fingers tight together, then pushed firmly on her already-relaxed little orifice. Grudgingly, her ass relented and my fingers sank past her sphincter.

I heard a soft, “Oh, God” from her lips, and I glanced at her face. Her eyes were closed in concentration and she was biting her lower lip. She wiggled her ass after a moment, and I moved my fingers slightly in and out of her. Pausing the motion, I dribbled a little more lube on my fingers and kept going. Soon, she was rocking back just a bit with each stroke.

Taking that as a good sign, I thrust and twisted my fingers a little deeper inside her, and as she got used to the greater penetration, her ass relaxed some more. One of her hands moved down to her pussy again, and I could see her fingertips circling her clit as she worked to maximize the pleasure she was feeling. Her hips started moving from side to side of their own accord, and for a long, long while we kept our pace, all of our senses focused on a few square inches of her body, enjoying it all but anticipating what was about to happen.

Finally, I had had enough. She was ready-turned on, lubed up, and relaxed enough to take my cock. I pulled my fingers out of her and stepped forward, my cock lying along her crack, my balls nestled against her slippery pussy. Holding her hips, I thrust forward and pulled back, dragging the bottom of my shaft along her most sensitive and intimate opening, spreading even more lube and precum on my target. With my right hand, then, I guided the wide head of my cock to her ass and nudged gently. Its width kept it from popping in immediately, and she groaned as she felt the pressure mounting against her.

“Go slow,” she told me, “but fuck my ass now…I want your cock in there.”

Hearing that, I pushed more firmly, holding my cock tight to keep from sliding off target. The head popped inside and we both gasped and groaned…after that, I held still while she adjusted, thrilled by the insane heat and tightness that surrounded the tip of my cock. It was all I could do to keep from burying myself in her ass with one long push!

In a few moments, she was ready for more. Pushing back against me was the signal, and I started rocking Escort Niğde my hips, feeding more of my cock inside her with each thrust. Soon, I was taking slow strokes into her, her ass moving easily along my constricted cock. At the halfway point, I dribbled some more lube on top of my cock, which helped our progress along.

When I found myself flush against her ass, all the way inside her, I stopped, then began to thrust fully in and out of her. My balls bumped against her pussy each time I my hips came up against her beautiful ass. Suddenly aware of the sun on my shoulders, I glanced around to see if anyone had come closer while I was focused on better things, then closed my eyes again to savor the sensations I was feeling. I held Wendy’s hips and fucked her ass with long, slow strokes, pulling back until the tip just slipped out, and then popping it back into her and following it with all of my length. She was so hot inside!

I could have stayed there all day like that, but Wendy (as always) had other plans for us.

Looking back at me when I was all the way inside her, she ground her ass against me hard and said, “I want to feel you cum in my ass…are you ready?”

I smiled. “I will be in a minute.” I grabbed her hips firmly, then put one foot up on the bench beside her knee for leverage. This changed the angle slightly, and made everything feel new and different between her ass and my cock…just the thing to make me cum!

I fucked more firmly now, spearing her deeply with each thrust.

“Oh, fuck, Wendy-your ass feels so good on my cock…I want to cum in your ass…I want to fill you up…”

Her fingernails tickled my balls with each forward stroke. Her moans kept time with my thrusting rhythm. I was almost chanting “yes…I want to cum…” under my breath as I felt my orgasm approaching.

My cock grew thicker as I got closer, and I jammed myself deep inside of her, buried in her ass, letting her tight hole stretch around the thickest part of me as I pumped and pumped until I pulled her hips back hard against me and started to cum, pulse after pulse vanishing into her depths, my cock as deep as it would go…

Wendy looked back at me, her eyes filled with satisfaction and lust. she watched me orgasm and encouraged me.

“God, I can feel you cumming inside me…it’s so hot…I love watching you cum…”

All of that came out in a low, throaty voice that was a turn-on by itself. Nearly spent, I collapsed across her back, wrapping my arms around her stomach as I kept my hips jammed against her in order to keep my softening cock inside her. The sun was hot on my back, and where our bodies met, I could feel the heat and sweat we had worked up. I held that pose for a long moment, not wanting to let go, but eventually, my cock popped out of her. A small trickle of cum escaped her ass. I sat backward heavily onto my original seat, aware once again of the empty water around me, the motion of the boat, and the sweat cooling my entire body in the breeze.

Wendy reached into her backpack once again before she sat down. She pulled out a small towel and wiped herself dry, then turned and rubbed my cock and balls until they were clean and dry as well. She flipped the towel into neat folds, tossed it aside, and then sat facing me. Her feet went up on the bench beside my legs, and a satisfied smile played across her face. Seeing this, I grinned like the cat who ate the canary. I grabbed my long-forgotten drink, grimaced at its warmth, but drank half of it when I realized how thirsty I was. She did the same with hers. I put my feet up over her legs to rest on her bench. For a few minutes, sitting in the sun completely nude, having just fucked my cousin’s ass and filled her with my sperm, the world was everything a guy could wish for.

“You were right,” I told her. “I had never been there before…but I like it!”

[to be continued]

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