Cousin’s Visit Ch. 05

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This is a continuation of the story of 18 year old Jennifer’s early summer visit to her cousin’s household. To know the characters, it would be good to start with chapter 1, although this chapter is less about Jennifer and Amanda than the others.

For those who have enjoyed this tale, I apologize for the delay between chapters. I do enjoy feedback, especially from writers who have done similar themes. I should also note that my writing takes on its own life with each story, and I see that this one moves a little beyond the elements of love and caring between characters that have been important to me, and centers more on the simple overwhelming nature of sexual urges. I hope I remain true to my characters.


Saturday morning dawned clear and warm. Amanda rolled sideways to spoon her lovely cousin Jennifer, folding one arm around the lanky swimmer’s naked torso, fingers tickling along her belly button, breastbone, and settling over Jennifer’s right breast, just cupping it and feeling the silky soft but firm texture. Jenn’s tits were sloped and tilted upwards a little, and the always firm nub of her thin long nipple felt good in Amanda’s palm.

Jenn wiggled her butt backwards a little to nestle into Amanda’s lap, and Amanda lifted her right leg to open herself a bit, and to fold it over Jenn’s thigh. After the things that had passed between them and other members of the family, there was no pretense about sleeping together any more. They lay that way for a while, breathing gently, whispering back and forth about how it felt to finally do all the naughty things they had done with Amanda’s brother Robert, and they wondered to each other just how much had passed between him and his step-mom Ellie.

“I know I saw her trotting up the stairs with her shirt open yesterday,” Amanda giggled, “and Robert was sitting on the couch sort of slouched back with a dazed look when we went out. And I know they have at least seen each other undressed, or mostly, before. And with the way Ellie has been behaving, especially since YOU got here, there must be something else happening…. Or ready to happen!” Jennifer reached up and back to caress Amanda’s thigh and her sweet firm bottom, fingertips playing, just passing intimate time as they woke up.

“What’s the plan for today,” Jenn whispered as she felt Amanda’s fingers slip her hair aside to expose her neck, and her warm lips nibble the side of it. Amanda’s fingers moved forward, toying with her cheek, then moving to her mouth, letting Jennifer suckle a little on her forefinger.

“Well, we have to do some errands for dad,” Amanda replied, whispering into Jenn’s skin, lips lightly and lovingly tasting her adorable cousin. “At least I do. You can come if you want. He is away overnight with some golfing buddies somewhere, and he wants me to drop off some stuff at the second hand store, and some papers at the office. Wanna come along?”

“Of course, lover…unless you want some time by yourself.” Jennifer mumbled around Amanda’s forefinger, not letting it go from her mouth. We can always see what trouble we can get into. You haven’t shown me around town much, except the naughtier places!”

Jennifer turned and rolled breast to breast with her naked cousin, noses rubbing and morning kisses passing, legs intertwined. “I want you with me as much as you can stand it, while you are taking time to visit! We’ll have fun no matter what we decide to do… or not do!” She slid her leg between Jenn’s open thighs and rubbed a little up and down over her smooth vulva. “But right now I have to pee, so let’s get up and get started?”

The two young vixens dressed for the warm sunny day in tight shorts and lightweight tops. Amanda wore one of her father’s old sleeveless tee shirts with a pink lace bra, showing the straps in impeccable style, and Jenn wore a cutoff tee that came to just above her belly button, so it hung loosely from her nipple tips. She chose a black front hook bra with a silky undercup and a sheer uppercup. Amanda paused in front of her mirror. “Can you see too much from the sides?”

Jennifer stepped closer. “Lift your arms. Now lean down. You know it has a rather scooped neck, don’t you, and it’s pretty loose on you. Did you say we are going to your dad’s office?”

Amanda giggled. “Well, yes, but it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve jumped in there with Saturday clothes on. Only a few people show up to work on Saturday, and if they get a little peek, wellllll. What about these, then” She held up two different earrings.

“I like the dangly ones best,” Jenn offered. “Of course, anything that dangles on you makes me feel like a kiss.” Jenn stood behind her cousin with her arms around her waist, and moved them up to cup Amanda’s full melon breasts. Amanda turned her head enough that they could kiss and rub noses, and then broke the hold.

“Later, lover” Amanda cooed, running her hands up under Jenn’s cutoff tee to cup her pertly held tits. “Saturdays always hold some promises, görükle escort bayan and with you around it seems like I have a hard time staying dry. I just hope we don’t leak through if you keep teasing me!”

Amanda and Jenn peered into the mirror, doing a little eye shadow and lip gloss, comparing colors they preferred, and talking about how much to use, and when they get their faces really on. They looked at their reflections in the mirror, standing hip to hip, legs slightly akimbo. Their tight lightweight shorts were seamless between their legs, and outlined their bodies in a way that would have gotten them sent to the office if they were in school. “Do you think it’s too much?” Jennifer queried.

“If I stretch up, I can almost see a cameltoe….” Amanda giggled, “But what the heck, we won’t model for anybody, and it makes me feel super sexy…what?” Jenn nodded in agreement, and they headed downstairs, through the kitchen, finding nobody around. Amanda trotted down to the basement TV room to see Robert sitting on the couch reading a magazine.

“What’s up, brother love?” Amanda said, standing in front of him with her feet well apart.

Robert looked up, smiled, looked at her face, her tits, her belly, her thighs. “Nothing’s UP, YET,” he said, looking back up at her sweet sister face. “But if you come any closer you might have to check it out.”

“Well aren’t you the ready one all of a sudden!” Amanda mocked with a smile, cocking her head to one side and pulling up her top. “Like my bra? Jenn and I are going on errands for dad, but we’ll be back later. Saturday is play day, isn’t it?”

“Ohhh stop it! Unless you mean it,” Robert laughed. “I can tell you are being a tease now! But I love it… and that bra just makes me yearn to see what it’s hiding… see you later then. Mom… ahhhh Ellie is out somewhere, too. I think for the morning. So I’ll just hang out here.”

Amanda laughed as she looked over to see Jennifer peering around the corner at the bottom of the stairs, taking it all in. “OK handsome. Just keep all those working parts in good shape for us!” The two girls ran up the stairs and out to the garage.

“This is a pretty old junker that dad bought for us…for Robert and me to use, but it works, and it looks like the boxes and papers to deliver are in the back, so let’s go.” They backed out, down the driveway, and were off.

At the end of the block they passed a nondescript cream colored two-door with a blonde behind the wheel, parked on the side. “Finally!” Sherry muttered to herself. Robert told me they would be out of there a while ago. She eased her car into a U-turn and headed back, pulling into the driveway and sliding out. Sherry could hardly wait to see her boyfriend, freshly back from college, and she felt her body already tingling at the overload of feeling. Her blonde slightly wavy hair swung as she strode up the walk. It felt silky on her bare shoulders, and her braless D cup amazingly firm tits jiggled a little under the elastic of the light blue tube top that was pulled up around them, letting plenty of cleavage show. She wore thin dark blue athletic shorts that barely covered her ample, but not quite bubble butt, and clung in a snaky way to her freshly shaved smooth pussy. Sherry smiled at herself for not wearing panties, and wondered if anybody but Robert would be around. He had told her he’d be alone, and she was more than ready to make sure his Saturday would be full of explosions.

Sherry was a senior, like Amanda, and Robert had known her a little in the years before, at school. She had a bit of a reputation, mostly stemming from when she was dismissed from the cheerleading squad for taking off her cheer briefs, or spankies, which were full size panty style undies that were thick and modest, to reveal her barely there thong when she did her kicks and twirls. It was a dare of the kind that Sherry’s personality just couldn’t pass up, but it got her firmly into the rumor mill, and Robert gravitated towards her. Sherry had been his girlfriend for about a year, but not in any way exclusively. He had met her at a party when he was a senior, and opened a door in the party house that he thought led to a bathroom, only to discover Sherry and another girl naked on the bed, deeply into each other’s warm wet spots, and paying little attention to who might come in. He had stepped up closer to the bed, and Sherry had pulled her juicy face up enough to say hi… and that she hoped this didn’t turn him off to her, because she had been waiting for him to make a move.

Robert had backed off that night, but his approach later was met with warm reception, although with the understanding that Sherry was attracted to both sexes, and especially with the year’s difference in ages, and him being away a lot the next year, that it wouldn’t be exclusive. Sherry had remarkably persuasive hands, tits and lips, and Robert never questioned where her high libido took her. Truth be known, the thought altıparmak eskort of his girlfriend getting it on with other girls was something his young manhood responded to without any urging. He just enjoyed having stumbled onto this hugely outgoing and oversexed beauty who seemed to want his body at every opportunity, and in lots of different ways.

Sherry tried the side door, and found it open, so she slipped in and down to the TV room, where he had said he would be waiting. It was the room where she had first given him the oral loving of his life, complete with verbal accompaniment, and he had been totally hooked, and full of wonder at just how naughty this girl could be, with her body and her voice. She wasn’t the only girl Robert had ever kissed, or felt up over the years, but she was the only one who had not only relished every way he touched her, but often took the lead, and taught him new ways to make her come.

Sherry practically jumped onto Robert’s legs before he could get off the couch, and settled her full bottom onto his lap, wiggling and holding his head tight to her tits. “Welcome back for the summer, big boy…and I do mean BIG boy… I hope it still gets as big as it always has. You didn’t wear it out with those college girls, did you?”

Robert pulled her cute round face and uptilted nose down for a long kiss, snaking his tongue into her mouth and feeling her suck on it, then wash it with her own tongue. They kissed for a long time, just letting the feelings begin to flow, and when Sherry moved her hips forward and back, sliding her barely covered mound against his thin sweatpants, she felt the response she was looking for. “Who else is here, big horse?” Sherry whimpered, already high with her own heat. “Am I going to get to go for a ride?” Robert snorted at her words as he felt his cock reaching full erect size. “Big horse” had been her term for him the first time she saw how long and thick he was, and how she had to really expand her mouth to take him all in.

“Nobody… for a while, I think,” Robert replied as he peeled down her tube top, “but we’ll have to keep our ears open, maybe. Looks like you have been taking good care of these for me… no marks since I was last here?”

“Nope.” Sherry sat back a bit and lifted her left breast higher, letting him check the underside where he had left a rosy mark with his mouth when he was last at home on vacation. “See… all clear, waiting for you to put it back there… you gonna brand me today, cowboy?”

“So your girlfriends don’t suck them quite as hard as I do?” Robert teased her. “Or don’t you let them hang out when you are around the girls any more.”

“Oh, I still love the girls, sweetie,” she returned, more serious in her tone, “I always will. But nobody sucks them like you do…ready?” Sherry held that left tit in her palm and offered her fat nipple to him. It was tan, sitting in the middle of a large oval areola, and his tongue lapped eagerly at it, around it, across it, finally capturing it in his lips as she begged for it.

“That’s it baby, ohhhh goddd how I love the way you put fire in my tits.” She pulled away and offered the other side. “Now this one… get it wet… get it standing up like a soldier.”

Robert’s body turned on so fast to the way she talked, ever free with her naughty thoughts out loud. He had always had plenty of thoughts of his own, but never had experienced the high he felt with Sherry when she verbalized everything that she was feeling, or was thinking.

Sherry leaned back and absorbed the electric jolts that fed through her nipples, and the pinching bite of Robert’s mouth as he sucked hard enough on the underside of her left tit to leave his mark again. “That’s it, baby, mark me, give me your hot brand on my tit. Do another one. Fuuuckkk, you make me want it more every time.”

As Sherry straightened up a bit to give him room, she noticed a movement out of the corner of her eye. She kept hers half closed, focused on the half of Ellie’s face that was peeking out around the corner at the bottom of the stairs. At first she felt a shot of panic, but quickly realized that they were being watched, not interrupted, and if there was going to be trouble, it would already have happened. Sherry had for some time been able to detect an air of freedom from Ellie, even a sense of being cougar scouted when she wore something a little racy in Ellie’s presence. As for Sherry, that air of curiosity by an older woman was all she needed to be attracted, and now, she thought, now would be the time to test just how much her suspicions might be true about Ellie, and maybe this whole wild and crazy family.

Sherry slid off Robert’s lap and moved to his side, turning him so he lay on the couch with the top of his head pointing towards the steps. She reached down to grasp his full hard meat, keeping his attention. Then she stood and let her little athletic shorts fall to the floor, amused that Robert’s nilüfer escort eyes immediately went to her smoothly shaved mound. Sherry’s teen labia were darker tan than her skin, beyond full and puffy, widely separated enough to expose her slick darker pink inner folds, and to expose the tip of her clitoris poking out from the sheath of skin that formed its hood. She loved her own pussy, and watched herself in the mirror often, when she masturbated. “See something there you like, big boy?” she teased, using two fingers of each hand to slide down the Vee of her thighs until they rested on each side of her pussy, pressing her lips together, then pulling them apart.

Robert licked his lips and slid his sweatpants down, letting his massive cock slap upwards to hit his belly. Churning inside. Wondering what Ellie’s reaction to her over-the-top move would be, Sherry crawled back astride Robert’s hips and lowered herself until she felt the base of his shaft nestle in her groove. She leaned forward.

“Suck these jugs some more, hot mouth. Give me some of that tongue.” Robert closed his mouth around one, then the other, then pressed them together to capture both nipples at once, producing another flow of encouraging words from Sherry. When he was sufficiently occupied, Sherry glanced up quickly and made eye contact with Ellie, who was peeking out more fully now. Sherry showed no panic, but just smiled and cocked her head in an inquiring way, and Ellie, whose body was already responding nicely to what she had seen, stepped out into view.

Ellie wore one of her husband’s old dress shirts, unbuttoned, and a pair of denim shorts, no shoes. The shorts were open and unzipped , one flap folded back to expose her creamy flesh almost to the top of her groove. Sherry’s gaze moved up and down, her smile broadened as Ellie’s hand disappeared under one side of the shirt to caress her own full breast.

Sherry slid her pussy sensuously forward, along Robert’s cock until it reached the underside of its broad arrow head, then began the journey back down. Her juices dripped, wetting him and making the slide easy. She sat upright and looked down at him. “Are you ready for a little hot pussy, sweetheart?” she asked.” I know you live in a house full of beautiful tits and pussy, don’t you?”

Robert’s eyes widened even as Sherry lifted his hands to her large breasts, holding them tight to her. She decided right them to take it another step, and if it was trouble, so be it. “It’s OK, baby. I think if I lived here I’d be looking at that, too. Tell me you haven’t thought about that sweet sister of yours? I bet she walks around with her big boobs showing sometimes, doesn’t she….. c’mon…. doesn’t she?”

Sherry’s hips continued in a sliding motion as she talked, slipping up and down Robert’s ready shaft, teasing him mercilessly with her motions as well as hitting him hard with the realities he had experienced just in the past day.

“Tell me, lover boy. I know you are cowboy enough to handle a houseful of horny females, aren’t you. And your mom has a super HOT body, too. Have you ever seen your mom naked, baby?”

Sherry leaned down again to offer him her tits, and only heard part of his muffled response. While he was distracted, she glanced up at Ellie again, half in fear that she was going too far, and half in the lust her own body was feeling at the situation, and at the feeling of Robert’s hard cock sliding along her slit. She was so ready to take him inside, but when she saw the smile on Ellie’s face, and a little nod of approval, Sherry decided to make the leap.

“She’s my STEP-mom,” Robert muttered.

“But it’s just as wicked, isn’t it?” Sherry answered, almost gasping, “And you’ve seen them, haven’t you? You’d like to feel them, wouldn’t you, your mom’s beautiful tits?”

Robert groaned as her hot pussy slipped over the head of his cock and Sherry reached down to help point it upwards, poised to slide deeper. Sherry continued, holding his hands to her tits, and tilting her head back a bit, as if in heat, but able to see Ellie’s response, almost as if talking to her as well as her step-son. “You might even like to feel that gorgeous cock of yours inside your mom, wouldn’t you?” Sherry settled her hips a little, sliding half of his hard rod inside her, then lifting up again until she felt just the head inside.

“Ohhhh godddddddd,” Robert groaned, “really…. She’s my step-mom, not my mom…..”

“But her pussy would feel soooo good around this big cock, wouldn’t it!” Sherry felt herself sliding into a zone of lost control that she loved to create, letting her body be filled with tingling desire, her head creating over the top thoughts, and her mouth letting them all flow out.

Ellie slipped the open shirt off her shoulders, baring her sharply peaked tits, and slid the denim shorts down her legs, revealing the little tuft of pussy hair she kept as decoration. She stepped closer to the head of the couch, but far enough back that Robert didn’t yet sense her presence. Sherry spread her thighs and slid her hips downward, feeling Robert’s wide shaft open her further. She leaned over and kissed him deeply, then rose up, letting a full load of the saliva they created dangle between them, and eventually drop into Robert’s mouth.

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