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She was only nineteen and just moved in with her cousin. He a few years older he needed a roommate and who else better than his favorite cousin. She secretly wanted to move in so she could monitor what he did with his time. She fantasized about him all the time. They shared a bed for the first week until her bed came from the store and then some times when he was scared of the dark. She would lay there every night and want nothing more than to jump on top of him and ride his hard cock until he came hard in her. She never would tell a single soul of her deepest fantasies let alone let them happen.

She would temp him every chance she had. She would wait until she herd the key click in the door of the apartment and then she would be standing just inside the door way with just a shirt on bending over to pick up her book she had dropped. A few times she had gotten a pat on the ass or a smart comment about if they were not cousins he would have to take her right there. She would just stand up and say how gross he was. She would also take a shower and wait till he was looking to walk bare from the bathroom to the room. She teased him and gave him peeks hoping he would just take her and fuck her hard like she wanted.

He always was drawn to her even as small kids. They shared every moment together. There first story filled the room as well as every sexual experience they had ever had. He wanted her more than he would allow himself to admit. He didn’t need her to move in to help with rent he needed her to move in so he can watch her and fantasize about her. He would demand she sleep with him at night saying he was scared of the dark or that he was lonely and needed someone to sleep next to. With total disbelief she would sleep right next to him almost every time he asked. He would lie there hard as he ever was thinking of a way to accidentally touch her and her to accidentally touch him as well.

He saw her several times in the full nude. Standing there her short body as beautiful as he have seen. She was short at only 5’3″, but she made up for it with everything else. Her tits were huge for her size. She had always had big breast and he made fun of her trying not to let her know all he wanted was to have them all to himself. Her hair was straight and down her back. Her eyes the color green that would mesmerize you for hours. He was madly in love with everything she had. Her plump firm ass, her slender toned legs. He wanted her to give herself to him and let sumo web tools him take her for everything that she had.

The day came when she couldn’t take it anymore. She had slept in his bed that night and had at one point in the night saw his hard cock through the sheet. It was so large and hard. She wanted to take it into her mouth and suck him until he woke up and shoved her on top of his cock. Instead she just brushed it slightly. It twitched at her touch and she could see the tip wetter the sheet with a spot of pre-cum. This excited her and she felt her pussy throb into life. She got out of his bed and went to her own finding herself sliding her fingers in and out of her tight soft pussy over and over again thinking about her cousins hard cock deep inside her. She waited until he was gone for work and made a plan for the day and how she would seduce her cousin to her pussys needs. Ten minutes before he was do home she hopped into the shower. Made sure it was hot and steamy and soaked her body. She washed her pussy slipping a finger in then back out. When she herd the key turn in the lock she jumped and knew it was time. She slipped on a white button shirt and watched as the water soaked into the shirt making it see thru. She held her breath and waited a minute her body shaking slightly in anticipation.

She hesitated slightly, a little from excitement and a lot from being completely horrified of being rejected. She opened her shirt so her large breast could bee seen with the slightest bit of movement. Looking forward she seen herself in the mirror looking back. Her hair wet from the shower, dangled loosely down her face and half past her back. Her lips were wet and pink from the heat of the shower. Her body glistened with droplets of water. Looking at herself made her aware of how turned on she really was. Her nipples were harder than they have ever been, her just shaved pussy was already dripping and throbbing with her thoughts. With a deep breath she left the bathroom and walked into the living room with just her white shirt and a seductive smile.

He was sitting on the recliner watching television when she walked in. He turned to talk to her and could not help but stare in silence. There in front of him was his cousin looking more seductive than any woman he had ever seen. She walked over to him slowly letting him look her over from head to toe. She smiled and slide her young body on the soft sofa cushion that was directly in sumowebtools front of him. She sat with her legs open slightly just enough to tease. She stretched her arms across the back of the sofa when she asked him if he was busy. Still unable to talk he shook his head back and forth to signal for no. His boxers moved slightly as he grew thinking of what he would love to do to her. She smiled her pussy throbbing hard watching the reaction of her cousin.

She moved her legs a little more showing her wetness that had left her pussy glossy. He moved a hand to his groined and rubbed slowly locking his honey brown eyes with her green lust filled eyes. She stood up and took off her shirt, it dropped fast to the floor. She was now right in front of her cousin. His eyes level with her dripping wet pussy. He reached his hands out and grabbed her ass pushing her forward towards his outstretched tongue. She moved one leg on the arm of the recliner. One hand pinched and pulled on her nipple as the other moved down to her pussy spreading her lips to expose her swollen clit. His tongue eagerly ran circles around her clit while his finger moved along the inside of her pussy. She moaned moving her hand to the back of his head. Her fingers ran through the length of his hair and stopped at the back of his head pushing it hard into her pussy. He moved his tongue from her clit to her pussy then back to the clit his two fingers running in and out making her moan harder.

She pushed his head away and looked down at him. Smiling she took his fingers to her mouth and sucked tasting her sex. He watched her and felt himself wet his boxers. He took her hand and pushed it on top of his hard now wet cock. She got on her knees and tore the boxers off his body. She looked to see how hard he was for her and how much he wanted her. Looking up at him she sucked his whole cock deep into her mouth down to the base then back up to the tip. His face loosened and he moaned loudly moving his hand to her wet hair and grabbing a handful of hair pushing her mouth harder on his cock. She sucked his cock inside her mouth harder and a little faster. Her hands messaging his balls and her other playing with her soaking wet and throbbing pussy. He started to throb hard in her mouth and she knew he was going to cum. She took her cousins cock out of her mouth and strattled him.

He grabbed her hips and pushed her down on his hard cock. In the same action he thrust his hips up to slam his cock hard into her. He cried out feeling her tight pussy throbbing milking his cock. She gasped and grinded her pussy hard against him. She could feel her cousin throbbing hard cock ready to explode deep inside her pussy. She pushed her nipple into his mouth and demanded he suck it. With no hesitation he sucked her hard nipple into his mouth. Rolling his tongue around the nipple and using his teeth to squeeze and pull. She slammed her body down hard on him moaning loudly her pussy throbbing harder milking his cock almost exploding on his cock.

He moved his lips to her mouth and entangled his tongue with hers. For the first time they shared a lust filled passionate kiss. She bounced up and down of his cock harder and faster as he explored her mouth with his tongue. He began to thrust harder into her matching with her driving himself harder faster and deeper into her so tight and wet pussy. She broke off the kiss to scream out his name. He slammed her pussy hard onto him. His cock was about to explode. She felt her pussy tighten locking tight around his cock. She could feel her body tense and her eyes close and she exploded on her cousins cock. With the sensation of her clenching his cock with her pussy he himself felt his body tense as he shot a large load into her pussy. She milked his cock with her pussy muscles feeling his cum fill her pussy all she could do was want more. He let his grip go on her ass and relaxed moaning and looking up at his amazing cousin. She looked down at his her pussy still throbbing and moving her hips around and around pulling on his cock from base up then back again. She bent down and kissed him again loving the feeling of his mouth touching her and his tongue messaging hers.

He was still inside her when he began to get hard again. She moaned softly into his mouth feeling him get harder in her now wetter pussy. She leaned over and whispered in his ear. He smiled and bucked his now hard cock into her deep tight pussy. She moaned loudly and felt herself cum hard. Her cum dripped down her pussy over his balls and he could feel her warm cum run past his ass hole. The sensation made his cock throb hard and he pulled her down and whispered into her ear. She came again harder this time her whole body shaking against his.

She stood up over him her pussy dripping with wet warm cum both hers and his and pulled her cousin off the recliner and led him towards the bedroom. Just as they were passing the door he wrapped his arms around her waist and slammed his cock deep into her ass. She gasp and braced herself against the closet door. Just then the door swung open and there is shock was her father and step mother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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