COVID Quarantine With Uncle Mike

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The COVID-19 virus had spread very quickly from Asia to Europe to the United States. I live in Palo Alto and work as a software engineer. My stepsister Mary and her husband Bob live in Los Angeles and are older than me. They had their daughter Emily at an older age than many parents and they doted on her but did not spoil her. She is a real great kid and had just turned 18. She was waiting to hear what colleges would accept her but her first choice was Stanford, to become a software engineer like me. Mary and Bob wanted to get an apartment for her, as they were very protective of her and didn’t want her in a dorm with roommates that could lead her astray. If she got into Stanford, they asked me if I would watch out for her to not get into trouble and I agreed.

Mary became very strict with Emily when she reached her teens. She enrolled her in an all-girls school, which had the typical plaid skirts and white blouses that made middle aged men who like teen girls drool. Emily is a tiny little thing, only five feet tall and 100 pounds soaking wet. She is a cheerleader and is on the track team running long distance, which keeps her very thin, with small breasts and a tiny ass.

Mary and Bob both have health issues that makes it very dangerous to catch the COVID virus. One day they called me in a panic and said that Emily had been exposed to someone who had the virus and needed to go into quarantine for 14 days. Her school was already doing online classes, so she asked if Emily could stay with me, since I had a large home and could isolate her, while they had recently downsized to a small apartment since Emily was starting college in the Fall. Coincidentally, I had just found out I had also come into contact with a COVID carrier, and I was also going to quarantine myself, and I was already working from home.

“Mary, I would be happy to have Emily come stay with me, since I am going to be quarantining any way, but are you comfortable having her stay with a 38 year old bachelor? How would it look to our friends and family?”

“Oh, don’t be silly Mike, she looks at you like a mentor and she trusts you, and of course so do we. We are asking you to take her in, you didn’t suggest it.” Emily looks so much younger than her age and is like a niece to me, so I never looked at her sexually. I had been so busy that my stepsister had been coming to Palo Alto to visit me, and I had not been to her home for the last year, although I did video chats with Emily often.

“Mike, so can you pick her up after school, so she can take her math test? I will meet you at the front door with suitcases with her clothes.”

“That would be fine Mary, I’ll leave right now.” When I pulled up to Emily’s school at the end of the school day and she came out of the door, I was shocked to see how much she had grown up since I only saw her face on the computer over the last year. She had long straight blonde hair, pulled back in ponytails, but she looked like such a grown woman. She wasn’t even wearing makeup but looked like a model. She was wearing glasses, which made her look intellectual. She was still my little Emily in my mind, so I didn’t look at her in a pervy way, even though she was wearing a plaid skirt and white blouse, with knee socks and black shoes.

She got in the car and said, “Hi Uncle Mike, I missed seeing you in person so much since the last time you came to see us. I hope your bratty niece won’t inconvenience you or interfere with your dating life.”

“Emily, you know you are always welcome in my home and I just broke up with my girlfriend. Even if I hadn’t I wouldn’t be able to spend time with her for the next two weeks any way.” We pulled up to her house and Mary had left two suitcases on the front steps and waved goodbye to us through the door.

“Thank you so much Mike, I don’t know how we can ever repay you.”

“It’s no problem, it will be nice to able to re-connect with Emily and not be lonely over the next two weeks. I’ll be working online, and she will be taking her classes online too, so we won’t get on each other’s nerves being together all the time.”

The drive north went quickly, as Emily and I talked excitedly about old times and all the fun everyone had at our family events. She told me all about her school, her friends, her excitement about starting college next year and plans for the future. She didn’t mention a boyfriend, which I found odd because she is so knock out gorgeous. I innocently said, “you’ve really grown up Emily; you must have to beat off the boys with a stick.”

She sheepishly looked down and her face turned red and replied “I don’t think boys like me. They think I am too nerdy and not adventurous enough. Mom is very strict with me and her advice about boys is to stay away from them. A couple of boys asked me out on a date, and they kissed me, which was okay. They wanted to go further, but I was afraid of that and also of what Mom would think. They got mad and never called me again. I am going out with a boy and he says he loves me and wants to marry me. I went on the pill without telling Mom because I am thinking of giving him my virginity after prom.”

“Emily, I don’t want to sound like a prude, but you have to be careful that boys will say anything to get in a girl’s pants, even if they have to lie. I know you might be trying to rebel against your Mom and feel grown up like the other girls who are having sex, but you have to be careful about getting hurt.” I was shocked that she would tell me something so private, but we always had a comfortable open relationship and I would always try to give her advice, even if it was different than Mary’s point of view.

We pulled up to my house and Emily quickly got out of the car and walked into my house. I had just bought the house last year after making a lot of money on stock trades and she had not yet seen it. “Wow, Uncle Mike this place is so huge and beautifully decorated. This is going to be great to stay here.” When I gave her a tour and she saw the pool, the hot tub, the sauna, the gym and the movie theater, she was speechless.

I brought her suitcases to one of the bedrooms, which was bigger than her parent’s entire apartment and had a desk where she could do her schoolwork at. She smiled, took off her shoes, got on the bed and jumped up and down on the bed, laughing like she did when she was a little girl. As she jumped, I saw a flash of her panties, which she didn’t realize, and my face turned beet red, as I felt uncomfortable and tried to put any bad thoughts out of mind. This was my dear little Emily, not some girl I would ever try to come on to.

“Uncle Mike why is your face so red?” she asked innocently.

“I need to turn on the air conditioning,” I lied. I realized this might be a long painful 14 days and I might be doing a lot of jerking off at my computer.

We got into a routine the next couple of days with her doing her schoolwork and me working on new software projects. We made meals together and watched movies in the theater. The third day she wanted to go swimming in the pool, so we changed into our swimsuits. When she came out to the pool, I nearly fainted. She looked like a magazine cover girl with her thong bikini. “Emily, does your mother know you have a bathing suit like that?”

“No, I bought it with my friend, do you think it doesn’t fit right on me, or is it too revealing?” This girl was either naïve or teasing me.

“Emily, it fits great, but I am your uncle, I don’t know if this is appropriate for you to wear something so revealing in front of me.”

“Oh, Uncle Mike, I know you are a gentleman and my friends all wear bikinis like this.” As we swam in the pool, I started getting an involuntary erection and panicked.

“Why don’t we go in the hot tub where it is warmer,” I said. I hoped the hot water would make my erection subside. While we were in the tub, she innocently put her arm around me, hugged me and told me what a great time she was having. I became rock hard.

After a while I said, “Emily why don’t we go in the sauna?” She went to the bathroom, then came into the sauna and I was shocked that she had taken off her suit and was only wearing a towel. As she sweated, I was getting more and more turned on by her natural beauty, but luckily the steam and heat made my erection subside. I knew I was sliding down a slippery slope.

The fourth day, before Emily woke up, I went into some porn sites and looked at videos in my favorite categories, spanking, non-consensual sex, incest and an older / younger. I especially liked videos that had all four. I found a great one I had seen many times and jacked off until I had a powerful orgasm that sent my jizz flying, and I couldn’t figure out why I came so strong, when I had seen this one many times.

Around lunch time I went to the basement to find some old documents and foolishly left the computer window open that had the video. When Emily went on a break for lunch, she was looking for me in my office but could not find me, and she started snooping around. She found the video just as I was returning to my office, where the door was slightly ajar. I silently looked through the opening and saw her looking at the video, and eventually her hand went under her shorts and she started stroking herself. Her other hand went under her bra and she started playing with her nipple.

I walked back to the basement door and called her name as if I was just coming upstairs. She came out of my office with her face red and mumbled that she was looking for me to have lunch. After lunch we both went back on our computers and when her school ended, she put on her bikini to tan by the pool. An hour later I happened to look out my office window and was shocked that she had her hands down her bikini bottoms and was rubbing herself again. I watched for a while and then went to the pool and called out her name. She quickly took her hands out of her bottoms and I told her it was time for dinner. My feelings for Emily went somewhere I didn’t want them to go. I couldn’t help it; I had to have her.

That night after dinner we were sitting on the couch and I knew what I had to do. I sternly said, “Emily I think we have something to talk about.” Her eyes grew wide and she meekly just said “What?” “I saw you in my office at lunch and saw you on the security cameras at the pool. Can you explain to me what you were doing and why you would disrespect me with such behavior?”

“I’m sorry Uncle Mike, I got curious and never saw people having sex before. The video made me horny and I needed to cum.

It was time for my academy award winning performance. “I have to tell your mother about this and your school principal too, or they may accuse me of taking advantage of you if they find out about this. They will be worried about you going astray from your mother’s and school’s expectations for your behavior. You will probably be grounded and not go to the prom and may even get suspended from school and not get into Stanford.”

“Please don’t tell them, I promise they won’t ever find out. Can’t you punish me instead, so you don’t have a guilty conscience that you allowed me to be naughty? It can be our secret.”

“Maybe Emily. What does your mom do to punish you when you are bad?”

“After school she puts me over her knee and spanks me.”

“Well, I guess if I do I to you that instead it will be just like she did it. Now go into your bedroom and change into your school uniform. Emily slowly agreed and came out a short time later in her schoolgirl uniform. I noticed she was not wearing a bra. “Now get over my knee right now or the deal is off.” Emily laid across my lap and I lifted her skirt and swiftly pulled her thong panties down to her ankles.

“Hey, Mom doesn’t spank me on my bare ass.”

“Well Emily, you are getting spanked bare ass because you have been teasing me and want to show me what a big girl you are. Well big girls get a bare ass spanking.” I held her arms behind her back and hit her softly with the first blow, but slowly increased the speed and hardness of the spanking.

“Uncle Mike, you are hurting me,” Emily cried, as she tried to get off my lap. I was curious to see if she was wet and stopped and slightly felt her virgin slit with my finger and it was soaked.

“Emily, you are getting wet by me spanking you. You must be very curious about sex. Let me show you how a girl should rub her clit.” Sikiş hikayeleri I started rubbing her clit as she moaned. She is very petite so I knew her opening might be very small and wasn’t sure I could even get my finger in there. “It would be going too far for me to make you cum, so you should finish it yourself. To give you incentive to do a good job, I am going to spank you until you make yourself cum.

Emily quickly brought her hands down to her pussy and clit and started rubbing and fingering them furiously. I spanked her over and over, as she tried to focus, and she kept sobbing. I finally stopped and one of fingers and inserted into her tiny asshole. “Uncle Mike, why are you putting your finger in my ass? It hurts.”

“I am just giving you even more incentive to finish quickly.” Emily kept fingering herself but was distracted and had trouble finishing.

“Emily, it looks like you are getting distracted and I am going to have to help you. I slowly tried to put a finger in her pussy and had trouble getting it into even the first knuckle.

“Uncle Mike, I am very small down there, please go slow.”

As I slowly sunk my finger all the way in, I got even more aroused thinking about how tight it would feel to put my cock into her tiny teenage cunt. I slowly slid my finger in and out and didn’t even need to touch her clit and Emily soon started moaning louder and louder, repeating “uh, uh, uh”’ over and over and finally her orgasm exploded and she fell off my lap.

She ran into her bedroom and laid on her stomach crying from the pain of the spanking. I went in with a bottle of lotion and gently rubbed it over her red ass cheeks. She sobbed and said, “I’m sorry I was so naughty.”

“It’s okay Emily, it will be our little secret that I punished you myself, and I hugged her tight and kissed her on the cheek. “To protect myself though, I recorded your punishment on a hidden camera and if you tell anyone about this, they will see that you asked for it. Now I am going to make you a nice dinner.”

She smiled and kissed my cheek back and said “I love you, Uncle Mike. I always have and always will. Our secret is safe with me.”

The fifth day I wanted to push a little further. After her school ended, I went into her room and said “Emily, I didn’t get any pleasure from your punishment yesterday. You need to take care of me, or the secret deal is off.”

“What do you mean, take care of you?”

“Well if you want to be a big girl now, you need to learn to masturbate a man, not just yourself. It is good to learn because can hold men off from trying to take your virginity.”

“Well I saw a woman doing that to a man on your video. You’re right, my boyfriend might not be satisfied with only kissing until prom night. I feel naughty to do this, but this will be an educational experience, right? My Mom and Principal would probably understand, although they will never know.” This girl was rationalizing her behavior just like I was.

“Yes Emily, this is to help with your sex education for gong further with your boyfriend on prom night.” I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled down my pants and underwear, and my cock sprang to attention.

“Are you going to make me take my clothes off?”

“No, honey, just get down on your knees in front of me. I guided her little hand to my penis and had her wrap it around the thick shaft. “Now slowly jerk on it back and forth,” which she did with a fascinated look on her face. After a while I started feeling an orgasm starting and she was mesmerized by my shaft. “Now gently stroke the underside of it,” which she did for several minutes. “Now wrap your hand around the head and twist it gently in a circular motion, while you cup my balls and tickle them with your fingers.”

She could feel my cock starting to spasm and tried to pull away. I grabbed the back of her head and held it and came all over her face and neck. She looked so sweet even with my cum running down her face.

“Uncle Mike, why did you cum on my face?” “Guys get turned on by making a girl take a cum shot to the face. It is a very submissive act and pleases a man. I just wanted to include this in your lessons.” Emily nodded her head and I felt good that I was training her right, to be submissive to her boyfriend.

The sixth day the quarantine was starting to get to me, even with Emily’s training coming along well. Emily seemed fine with me, as if the last two days had never happened, but I might be reading her wrong and she might be hating me by this point and planning to turn me in after we finished quarantine. I wanted to see her completely naked today though, as I had only seen her ass and brief views of her cunt when she fingered herself. I wasn’t sure how to do this though.

“Hey Emily, after school let’s work out in the gym. We are getting fat from all this great food.”

“That would be great Uncle Mike, I need to get into shape for track season. She came into the gym in running shorts and a tank top with no bra, with her small nipples poking out of her top like erasers and she was clearly embarrassed.

“Emily, why aren’t you wearing a bra? Are you trying to tease me again?”

“No, I actually forgot to pack my bras when I had to leave so quickly. I am not teasing you and in fact am getting uncomfortable with the things you made me do yesterday. You blackmailed me for your own pleasure, not to teach me. I don’t want to do anything else with you for the rest of our time together. I want to go back to our relationship as little Emily and Uncle Mike.”

I was afraid I had pushed too hard and had to think quick. Emily, I know you are a very good girl and would only do the perverted things I wanted you to do if I blackmailed you. You are just so attractive that I forgot you are my niece and I turned into a wild animal. I feel terrible about myself and hope you can forgive me.”

Emily looked sad and said “don’t feel bad Uncle Mike. Mom says men are all animals and can’t control themselves.”

I took off my sweatpants and shirt and she saw for the first time that I had spent a lot of time in the gym and I caught her staring at my large biceps and pecs and chiseled abs. We lifted weights and while I was on the elliptical machine she ran on the treadmill. She had brought a large soda into the gym and after we finished I was talking to her by the treadmill and the soda slipped out of her hands and spilled all over her, which soaked her shirt so I could see her tiny nipples. It also went all over me and my new treadmill.

“I’m so sorry Uncle Mike, I’m so clumsy sometimes.”

“It’s okay, why don’t you take a shower in the bathroom next to the gym and I’ll shower upstairs.” I went upstairs and showered and felt bad that I had pushed her too far and now she didn’t want me to give her any more lessons and punish her for being naughty. I went down to the gym and heard a strange sound coming from the shower. I looked in the door and saw Emily in the shower playing with herself and rubbing her tits, which I had never seen before, softly saying “Uncle Mike, please don’t make me suck your cock. You are choking me. Please don’t make me swallow your cum.”

I recorded it for a while with my camera phone, then I burst through the door surprising her and she tried to cover her young naked body. I went into my method acting mode again and said “Oh, you are so sweet and innocent and accuse me of forcing you to do things you actually wanted to do anyway. You are a very bad girl even if you don’t think so.”

“I’m not a bad girl and I am not mad at you; I’m just afraid of doing all doing things with you that my mom says are wrong, and also worried that I won’t do them good for you like your girlfriends probably do.”

“Emily, you have more lessons to learn and have earned more punishment for being a hypocrite. Come with me to the gym. I took her little hand in mine and led her to one of the benches. I took off my clothes and sat down. “Get on your knees. Last time I let you keep your clothes on and you just had to jerk me off. This time since you have slutty fantasies of gagging on my cock and swallowing my load, that is what you are going to have to do. Open that sweet little mouth of yours right now.”

“No Uncle Mike, I’m scared.”

I slapped her face, which scared her, and said “time for your punishment, now open.”

She meekly opened her mouth and I told her to lick around the head, which she did with a frightened look on her face, which really turned me on. Then I told her to slowly let my cock glide in and out of her mouth, which she did. She stopped at one point and said, “am I doing it okay?”

“Yes Emily, it is okay but that is how good girls do it. Bad girls like you do it differently.” She looked at me with a puzzled look and asked how bad girls do it. I grabbed her by her ponytails with both hands and pulled her head forward quickly, thrusting my aching cock into her mouth. I slowly face fucked her, pulling her head onto my cock deeper and deeper each time. She started gagging on my cock, but I wouldn’t stop and taunted her, “when you were playing with yourself in the shower you thought about gagging on my cock, so I am just making your fantasy come true.” I kept thrusting until she looked like she was going to puke and pass out. Then I pulled out and made her lay on the bench on her back, with her head hanging over the edge. I made her suck on my cock again while I slammed my cock deep down her throat and pulled on her little titties. She begged for me to stop.

After a while I told her my cock had gone so numb that the only way I could cum was for her to lick my asshole. She scrunched up her nose in disgust but thought it better than choking on my cock and tentatively put her tongue up my ass and started slowly licking it. This gave me an idea for a stronger orgasm. I put my cock back in her mouth and gently rocked back and forth this time. “Emily, if you want this to end, stick your fingers up my ass and massage my prostrate with your finger, which will make me cum.” She nodded her head and wriggled her little finger around in my ass to massage my prostrate and the sensation made me cry out and explode into her sweet mouth. She was forced to swallow my huge load, which she almost coughed up.

She sat up and looked at me timidly. “Uncle Mike, did I do good? Was I as good as your girlfriends?”

I kissed her on the forehead and said “Emily, you did great. You swallowed everything without spilling a drop. You are a very good girl and I’m proud of you. Now you are going to get a reward.”

She gazed at me with her innocent blue eyes. “You’re not mad at me anymore?”

Emily, I could never be mad at you, I just need to teach you how to be a good girl and punish you when you’re not.”

I laid her down again on the bench on her back and gently spread her legs apart wide. I put my head down to taste her virgin cunt, but she pushed my head away.

“Mom says that oral sex is disgusting, and you should never let a man lick you down there because it is gross.” I couldn’t believe what a nut job my stepsister is and that her husband was a wimp for putting up with her prudishness.

“Emily, good girls swallow their boyfriend’s load and should get their pussy licked if they have a good boyfriend, and you and you have been a very good girl. There is nothing wrong with this no matter what your mom says. Sex is a natural part of life and oral sex is normal and it also helps prevent boys from taking your virginity.”

I parted her tiny labia and gently licked her pussy until she started moaning and calling my name. I licked faster and faster and she started wrapping her legs around my head. Then I worked on her little clit with circular motions as she continued to groan. Her legs clamped tighter and tighter until I thought I would pass out. I stuck my thumb up her asshole and she finally she exploded with an ear piercing shout “I am a good girl!”

After she unclamped her legs and I could breathe again, I replied “you certainly are.”

The seventh day I alternated between feeling guilty that I kept pushing Emily way beyond her comfort zone by manipulating her to satisfy my lust, and rationalizing that I was just trying to teach her about sex instead of teenage boys who didn’t love her like I love my little Emily. Sex hikaye I decided to leave her alone that day and she didn’t have school that day, so I took a day off from work and we watched movies, swam, talked and ate all kinds of fattening foods all day. After dinner she was in the bathroom a really long time and I called to her to see if she was okay. She came out rubbing her stomach and said “I get constipation a lot and I’ve been having problems all day. I can’t go no matter what I do; I even took a laxative, but it didn’t work.”

“One of my ex-girlfriends has the same problem and I had to give her an enema sometimes.”

“Yeah, Mom has given me one when I needed it. Do you have any in the house?”

“Emily, I do, but I want to stop the things we have been doing. Mary would kill me if she found out about any of this and I know you’ve been uncomfortable about it too.

“Uncle Mike, there’s nothing sexual about this, I just need to poop and can just call you Dr. Mike if that would make you feel more comfortable,” she giggled.

I got a pre-mixed enema kit out of the closet and told her to drop her shorts and had her lean against the vanity and spread her ass cheeks. Her little rosebud was winking at me to penetrate it with my cock, not my finger or an enema nozzle, but I tried to control myself.

I slowly filled her anal cavity with a pre-mixed enema. I left the bathroom to give her some privacy, but she came out after a while and shook her head and said it didn’t work and she was in more pain. “Emily, I had a different technique I used with my girlfriend to get the enema in deeper and it always worked, but it is a little painful at first, but feels great when it is done.”

“I don’t care what it is, I can’t take this pain anymore. I trust you.”

I had her get on the floor on all fours, with her head down and her beautiful teenage runner’s ass up in the air. I thought I would faint from the sight of it. I filled her again with another enema, but this time I took a glob of lubricant and rubbed it around her asshole.

“What are you doing?” she said. How are your fingers going to get the enema in deeper?”

I lined up my cock with her beautiful virgin sphincter and said, “you’re right, fingers don’t work,” as I thrust my rock hard penis into her.

“No not there, take it out, take it out, you’re making it hurt more!” I slowly stroked in and out as I rubbed her stomach, and whispered “just relax Emily, it is going to feel good real soon and you will sleep like a baby after you able to go.

Her tiny anal cavity slowly stretched to accommodate the size of my cock. “Okay I trust you, keep going. It just feels like I am trying to push a poop out. I kept stroking and she started liking the feeling and pushing back at my cock. Eventually I reached down to rub her clit as I felt the cum building in my balls. We both shuddered and climaxed at the same time and as soon as I pulled out of her ass, she got up and ran to the toilet and I left to give her some privacy.

She came out of the bathroom smiling and said, “it worked. I am glad I trusted you.” She changed into a cute pair of pajamas with teddy bears on them I had bought for her at Christmas five years ago as a joke. They had the flap opening at the rear end. We cuddled and she laughed and said “don’t get any smart ideas mister, my stomach feels great, but you gave my tiny little ass quite a workout and it needs to rest now.”

I kissed her on the cheek and said, “well this is also another lesson that letting boys sodomize you can prevent them from trying to take your virginity.” She drifted off to sleep with a smile on her angelic face.

We had now been in quarantine a week and on the eighth day I realized Emily and I had done everything except kissing on the lips and her giving me her virginity. I thought about it and knew it would be really wrong to trick her into sex, but I resented that some pimple faced teenage geek was probably going to sweet talk her into a meaningless unsatisfying romp in the backseat, and he might even force her if she changed her mind. I wanted her first time to be special, so I needed my best acting performance for this one.

I decided that I would have her watch a special movie with me tonight in the theater. A compilation movie recorded by my security cameras of her lessons and punishments. I told her we were going to watch the best movie she has even seen, and she excitedly joined me on the double recliner in the theater and cuddled up next to me. She was wearing just a short night shirt and panties and I had my boxers on with a t shirt. As the movie started, I said “wow Emily, it was some week, let’s watch the highlights. Her faced turned red as she watched herself masturbating in my office and at the pool, getting spanked, jerking me off, swallowing my cum, getting her pussy licked and getting sodomized on the bedroom floor.

She looked down after the movie was over and said, “would Mom think I am a bad girl?”

“No Emily don’t listen to my stepsister. You are a good girl who kept your uncle from being lonely this first week of being quarantined and learned a lot of valuable lessons that will help you watch out for bad boys who just want to use you. But when you find a good man who loves you, you will know how to please him. You are the best girl; you are my girl and I love you more than you will ever know.”

“Oh, Uncle Mike, I wish I could marry you and have babies with you.”

“Emily, I am over twenty years older than you and your Mom is my stepsister and would kill me if she even found out about this week’s extracurricular activities with me after school. You need to go out with boys your own age and eventually marry one of them. I will hopefully find someone too and I hope she is as smart, kind and beautiful as you. She blushed at me and pouted at the same time, which was really cute.

“Emily, I know you are on the pill and might want to give your virginity to your boyfriend on prom night, but what if you change your mind at the last minute? He might try to force you, so we should practice how you might defend yourself. Let’s start by kissing. I held her head in my hands and gently kissed her. As we kissed, our tongues started exploring each other’s mouths and I felt like a teenager again. I lifted her shirt and started massaging her breasts and lowered my lips to suck on her delicate nipples. She lifted my shirt and started sucking on my nipples too.

We took off each other’s underwear and started massaging each other. Then I turned over onto Emily and forced her legs apart. She looked at me in fear. “Emily, this is when you need to make your decision, but it could be too late to stop him.”

She clamped her legs shut but I pried them open again and she closed them again, and we fought this way for some time. In a nervous voice she said “Uncle Mike, are you really trying to have sex with me or are you acting? I don’t want this, please stop, you’re scaring me.” I didn’t know if I was acting or not anymore.

Then my mind started going into Alice in Wonderland territory and I didn’t care anymore and wanted to go down Emily’s ‘rabbit hole’ so to speak. I knew I needed to manipulate her to beat her boyfriend to the prize of her virginity. I then innocently said, “he might try a different approach and roll you over on top of him and work on your breasts more to excite you.” I rolled her over and she was now straddling me. I pulled her down closer and massaged and sucked her young titties as she moaned softly.

Her pussy was right over my throbbing cock. “Let me show you how he might line up his penis with your pussy and lie and just tell you he wants to rub it on the slit.” I brought my cock up to her virgin slit and just rubbed the tip up and down the her slit. I knew it would be hard to get my entire cock into such a tight little hole, so I knew if I wanted to not hurt her too much I would have to ‘rip the band aid off fast’ as they say.

“Uncle Mike, how would I get him to stop if I change my mind when his cock is so close to my pussy.”

I didn’t look at her, and just quickly pulled her down and fully impaled her on my hard member, feeling her hymen quickly break as she quickly screamed in pain. I looked up at her face, which had a shocked expression like someone had shot her in the crotch. I let her slowly stretch around my cock. It is above average size, but not a huge porn start dick. She looked at me like I had stolen something from her.

We stayed still and I said sheepishly, “Emily, I couldn’t let someone else who didn’t love you get to take your virginity from you. I knew it might be hard for you to agree to give it to me, so I had to take it, my attraction to you wouldn’t give me any other choice. I am sorry that you may have not wanted this and you might hate me now, but since you are not a virgin anymore any way, let me try to give you some pleasure at least.”

We didn’t say anything, and I slowly lifted her and pulled her back down on me again and again as she still resisted me, with an ashamed look on her face. Then something slowly changed, and I could feel she was feeling good now. She started rising up and down on her own, faster and faster and eventually she got up into cowgirl position and her she arched her back and she massaged her breasts, with her ponytails swaying back and forth.

I eventually rolled her over and got her up on all fours, so I could see her little teenage ass wiggle as my balls slapped against her in the most beautiful sound I ever heard. She was started to groan, but I wanted her to see my face when I came, so I rolled her over and got on top of her and started rocking into her gently. She at first was still ashamed and kept her eyes closed. She slowly opened them though and I put her legs up over my shoulders and pounded her lithe teenage body into the mattress.

She moaned hard and said “Uncle Mike I don’t care what Mom says anymore. I am an adult now and I should get to decide when to have sex and with who it is the first time. Please make me a woman.

I started feeling my ball tightened up and worried about getting Emily pregnant. “Emily I need to pull out, I don’t want to get you pregnant.”

“You forgot I went on the pill to be ready for prom night with my boyfriend. I want you to cum in me. I need you to cum in me and claim me as your big Emily, not your little Emily.” I completely lost it and didn’t look at her as little Emily or big Emily. I knew we could never be together as a couple because of the age difference and Mary not approving of our new relationship, but I had a new fantasy of Emily now as I neared my climax. That Emily she was wife and we were making love every day to have a baby. I drove into her one last time imagining I was impregnating her. As we both came I cried out “Emily will you always be mine?”

As her orgasm slowly faded, she softly replied back, “I always was yours, and will always be yours. I will always be your good girl. Little Emily. But I am not so little anymore,” she giggled like a little girl.”

We held each other for long time and eventually went upstairs and took a slow shower together, kissing each other and cleaning each other off from our sweaty sex. We got into bed naked and cuddled and dozed off for a while.

When we woke up, I felt guilt that I had manipulated her into sex. I turned to her and said “Emily, I have something to confess to you.”

“What is it Mike?”

“I was never going to blackmail you. I was just trying to get you to make love with me but thought you wouldn’t. I feel really bad that I did that to you and stole your virginity.”

“First Mike, you are not that a good an actor. I didn’t believe anything you said, but knew how you felt about me but was afraid I would reject you, or feel that you were an older pervert trying to take advantage of a teenager. I knew you also were worried about Mom. You didn’t steal or take anything from me. I gave everything to you and actually manipulated you, to try to ‘force me” to do things. I have dreamed about this week for a long time.”

“Emily, I had no idea. You are a great actress. By the way, why aren’t calling me Uncle Mike anymore?”

“Because you are actually my step uncle and with everything we have done this week it would feel weird calling you that.”

“I guess you are right. I am not going to call you little Emily anymore either. Erotik Hikaye Especially since your size makes it look like you are younger than 18, which makes me feel like even more of a pervert.”

“You are not a pervert. Age is a just a number. Especially when you are both old souls. This is going to sound weird, but I think we knew each other in past lives, that is why we are close.”

“That does not sound weird to me, I have always felt the same way about you.”

Days nine through thirteen we had a great time hanging out together like we were man and wife, working, playing and fucking and sucking on every horizontal surface of every room in the house, as well as the pool, hot tub and sauna. On Day thirteen we started to get sad about our parting. Then the phone rang, and it was Mary. I was nervous while picking it up, but Mary shouted “Mike put Emily on speaker, I have some great news. Emily got into Stanford!”

“That is great news” I shouted back, as Emily and I hugged each other tightly and jumped up and down.

“But there is a concern. We are going to be a little tight on funds with the economy the way it is and are worried about paying for an apartment besides the tuition. Could you possibly let Emily live there, since your house is so big, and you live near so close to the campus.”

“May that is not a problem at all. Emily is always welcome here; you know that. “Emily is that okay with you?” I winked.

“Uncle Mike, that would be great. I would be lonely living all by myself, and you could continue to help me with my lessons.” She quickly added “software coding lessons.”

Mary continued “Mike would it make sense to have Emily stay there since they are starting school early in the fall in case they have to end early due to a second COVID wave.”

“That would be great,” I answered, as Emily and I grinned at each other. “We just need to come back tomorrow now that quarantine is done, to get her stuff and come back here. “Glad you are both healthy and safe. See you tomorrow.”

We knew this was our last night in quarantine and we would be free. Emily looked at me and said, “Mike I want to make tonight special for you, but in return I want three wishes.”

“What are your wishes?”

“I will tell you as we go along.”

“Okay, deal.”

We made a lobster and filet mignon dinner and after dinner relaxed and she made me a drink. The drink tasted funny and I soon drifted off to sleep. I woke up and I was on the bed on my back with restraints on my arms. There were several pillows propping up my ass and I had a blindfold on.

“Wake up sleepy head. Time for my first wish. When I was looking around your office one day and I found an interesting video that one of your exes recorded of you too having sex. I know you like to dominate women, but it looks like sometimes you like to get dominated too. She was spanking you with a belt and then sat on your face and made you lick her pussy and eat her ass.”

I was very embarrassed, and my face turned red. “Well, I do like to occasionally be dominated. Is that what you want to do.” I didn’t hear an answer and couldn’t see, I just felt the crack of a leather belt making contact on my ass.

“Oww Emily, that hurts. Don’t do this to me, it is humiliating.”

“Well it was humiliating to me when you spanked me, even though I liked it at the end.”

She kept hitting me with the belt, which really hurt, but made my cock stand at attention. I couldn’t take the pain anymore though and finally cried “Emily, please stop, I’ll do anything to make you stop.”

“Well I am a good girl and wouldn’t want to hurt you too much and it looks like you have a boner that a good girl would take care of.”

I was relieved that Emily was returning to her usual sweet self. “Mike, remember when I massaged your prostrate when I gave you a blowjob in the gym?”

“Yeah Emily, that was great. Can you give me one again for me letting you spank me?”

“You didn’t let me spank me. You wanted me to spank you and I needed you to feel what it is like on the receiving end of pain, since it seems like you like to give out pain a little too much.”

“I learned my lesson Emily. I’ll never spank you that hard again.”

She slowly swallowed my shaft and put her little finger up my butt and I gently sighed. I love nothing more than a prostrate blowjob. Then I felt her insert another finger and I got nervous.

“When you were teaching me about sex, you seemed to forget that I have a body as small as a fourteen year old girl. You are six feet tall and 200 pounds of pure muscle. My holes are very small, and you may have not realized how much you were hurting me, or you liked to feel like a big man and hurt a little girl. In either case it is time for you to know how it feels.”

I winced and then screamed as she quickly shoved her whole hand up my ass and fisted me in an out. “Stop Emily, you are ripping me apart. This is humiliating.” It was too late though, and I started to feel like I was being milked. I was embarrassed as shot after shot of cum landed on my stomach and chest.

Emily scooped up some of my cum and said “open your mouth, you need to swallow it to see how it tastes, so when you force me to swallow too much you can see how the salty taste can gag you.”

“Emily, I’ll be more gently from now on. But if you ever want to get rough with me again, feel free. But not too often. I do like to be the dominant one, must of the time,” I smiled.

After we picked up her clothes from her house and made our way back to my house, she told me what her second wish was. “Mike, I know you want me to guys my age and I also want you to date other women, but can we still have sex and can we secretly watch each other have sex sometimes.”

“Of course, Emily. I never want to stop making love with you. But I don’t want you to get hung up on me. You will find the right guy who is closer to your age. You need to start your career before you get married and have kids and I don’t know what I want. I am not sure if I even want a wife and children. I am starting my own company and will be working a lot of hours and may never have time for a family.”

We had a great time the next four years. Emily lived with me and was a top student. We had passionate sex at least a couple of times a week, but also had relationships with other people. We never did threesomes though, as neither of us are into that. We did spy on each other having sex with someone else and masturbated while watching.

When Emily was close to graduating, she came into my office crying. “What’s the matter Emily?”

“I got a great job offer in Texas, but I don’t want to move away from you.”

She told me about the offer, and I replied “Emily that offer is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you. You have to take it.”

“I know you are right. I’ll miss you so bad too Uncle Mike.”

“I am just your Uncle Mike again?” She nodded her head at me and smiled. “Well then you will just have to go back to being my little Emily.”

Emily and I both fell in love with another person while she was Texas. We communicated via long emails to keep up on each other’s lives, as we knew that seeing each other even on video would just be too painful and we might hurt out relationships. I even got engaged, but eventually broke up, as the relationship just wasn’t as good as the relationship I had with Emily. Emily worked very long hours and had a few boyfriends, but her job was number one to her.

After four years her company was sold, and she made a fortune with stock since she was an early employee. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend and had no reason to be in Texas anymore, so she moved back to be near her parents since they were getting older. I had just sold my company to a larger company and I no longer needed to work full time, so I became a part time venture capitalist.

Right after Emily returned, she suddenly called me one evening and said, “Mike I need to come over to see you.”

“Emily is everything okay with you and your parents? It sounds so urgent.”

“Everything is great. But I have something important I need to tell you in person, and I need to come over tonight, although I know I won’t get there until about 2:00am.”

I anxiously awaited Emily’s arrival that night, with her driving late at night. I was nervous after not seeing her in over four years. When I opened the door, I saw a sight that made me almost faint. She had on that typical short black cocktail dress. Her figure had a filled out a little over the last four years, and her low cut dress showed off her breasts. She was still very petite, in high heels. But she looked so mature, more like 30 years old than 26 years old.

“Emily, why did you need to see me right away?”

“I was in the club with my friends tonight and realized how unhappy I was with the shallow single dating scene and I felt unsatisfied with every relationship I had after I finished college and left our home here. I realized I wanted to find the love of my life, but then realized I already had” it was you and always has been and always will be.”

“Emily, I feel the same way but how could that work?”

“Mike, our age difference was a big deal when I was 18 and you were 38. We were in different places in our lives and my Mom was very strict back then. But now we are both financially comfortable and I am 26 and you are 46. You are the only one for me.”

“But Emily want would my stepsister think?”

“I told her how I felt and what had happened between us.” She told me she suspected it at the time and knew that the age difference wouldn’t work, but that she would stay silent and let us decide when we got older. She was more worried about some boy my age using me for sex and hurting my feelings. She knows how much you love me. She said she would be honored to have you as both a stepbrother and the husband of her daughter.”

She reached back and unzippered her dress and let it drop to the floor. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and her body was even more gorgeous than it was before. She pushed me back until I fell onto the couch. “I never told you what my third wish was that you had promised to grant me if I ever asked for it.”

“What is the third wish?”

“I wish for you to marry me and have a baby with me.”

“Emily, your wish is my command.”

“Well then pull down your pants, let’s start with the baby part right away.”

I sat there in shock and with a joy I have never felt. “Emily, do you want me to get on top or do you want to get on top?”

“Mike, you are a little older now and I like to dominate more now sexually. I need to make sure we have sex a lot to conceive and I have a very high sex drive now, and you may not be in the mood every day. I am going to get on top of you whenever I want and ride you, even if it is more than once a day. No anal or oral until you get me pregnant and you better never pull out. By the way, I am still extremely tight, so I also need to control the pace so you don’t make me sore, since it may take you a long time for you to cum after doing it several times in a row.”

I was happily stunned thinking about my future of impregnating my dream girl, but pulled my pants down as my cock throbbed for release. Emily straddled my lap and lowered herself down on me. Her cunt was so tight it felt like I would cum right away, but I tried to hold back as long as I could, as she rode me faster and faster. We both shuddered with mind blowing orgasms and I wondered how I would keep up with this much younger woman.

As I softened, she pulled out and softly said, “let’s get some sleep, I have big plans for you this week. “By the way, we have to go back to you not calling me little Emily and me calling you Uncle Mike. It is kind of creepy sounding now.”

Nine months later we were now married, and we had a daughter, who we named Emily.

“Mike, by the way, you always told me how much you love the name Emily. Why is that?”

“Well, my favorite band is Pink Floyd and their first big hit in 1967 was See Emily Play. It was written by Syd Barrett, their first lead singer. When I write songs for this erotic story web site, Literotica, I use the author name ‘Chapter 24’, which is a Chapter of the I Ching, which means the Book of Changes. Chapter 24 was also a song written by Syd Barrett.

“Well things certainly have ‘changed’ for us over the years,” Emily laughed.

“Yes, Emily, they certainly have.”

“Mike, by the way, who is Pink Floyd?” I wasn’t sure if she was kidding. Maybe there was a big age difference. But who cares, I just get such joy ‘seeing Emily Play.’

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