Craving Cole Ch. 03

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“I don’t remember…” Ugh! What the fuck possessed her to say that?! But she’s so tight and the girls keep following her and she hasn’t had a single second to herself since she got off the bus and he’s standing there, so close and he looks so fucking good… his cock is right there, almost at eye-level…

“Excuse me?” Cole’s voice, slightly incredulous, rips through the thoughts racing through Lacey’s mind.

Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!! She knows he heard her, she heard herself… She practically threw herself at him and she can feel herself start to blush. He can’t honestly NOT know what she meant… Can he?

But what if he didn’t hear her? She’s so wet and he was so fucking big. She wants to feel that again. Badly. She doesn’t care that he’s her cousin. Doesn’t care that its wrong. It just felt. So. Good. So amazing. So intense. She wants to feel that again.

“I said,” she drops her voice just a little, just in case, so the girls don’t hear. “I don’t remember how to untie these knots, Cole.”

There. Its done. Lacey feels her nipples tighten and her stomach drop with dread, realizing that this can’t be explained away by a simple ‘I was just teasing’ like it normally can with other guys. There is no mistaking the intent this time.

“If you ever lie to me again, I’ll drag you out into the woods…” Lacey hears Cole’s whispered threat run through her mind again. She’s never wanted anything more.

Why isn’t he saying anything?!

Lacey gasps as Cole’s fingers slide into her long, dark hair and rips her head back. In this position, held like this, she has no choice but to look straight up into Cole’s heavy-lidded eyes.

Green eyes, she thinks distantly. His eyes are green and right now, they are dark and full of the kind of driving lust that takes your breath away.

“Liars get punished, Lacey. You know that,” Cole’s voice is like velvet covered steel. Soft and thick on top but hard. Brutal underneath. Its also her last chance to back off. She knows this. She can hear it in his voice. But she wants this.

“I know.”

Cole lets go of her hair abruptly and turns around.

“Get one of the girls to help you,” he says, over his shoulder as he walks away.

Lacey feels like she’s been punched. She couldn’t possibly have been more clear about her intent. She might as well have simply said ‘fuck me’ and he’s walking off? What the fuck! She was so sure when he grabbed her hair, it felt so fucking good, and so fucking bad! So dirty! But he didn’t do ANYTHING! He just walked off. How could she have possibly been wrong?? He was just buried inside of her a few hours ago! Why isn’t he dragging her into the woods?!

‘Because you are surrounded by family,’ the practical side of her replies.

As if summoned by this thought, Uncle Don görükle escort and Aunt Kim come strolling down the dock. Lacey goes back to untying the knots in the two poles, trying not to gag at the smell of fish and lake. Without Cole so close to distract her, the smell is overwhelming. This is going to be a long, shitty day.

That night, sun-burned and sore, Lacey walks the half-mile to the showers. She knows this will be her only time alone, since her family always ‘rinses off’ in the lake when they go camping. Nobody wants to walk so far just to feel clean for a few minutes and then go back to smelling like fish and fire.

Normally, she wouldn’t bother tonight, either. She likes feeling clean, but on the first night she doesn’t really smell that bad and its a waste of quarters. Tonight, though, she walks up there just to get away. She needs to be alone. Besides, half of her is hoping that Cole will follow and make good on his threat. Will drag her into the woods and turn her ass red.

Lacey shivers at this thought. The one that’s been racing through her mind all God-damn day. The real reason she’s walking to those stupid communal showers by herself in the dark. She knows if she doesn’t get off soon, she won’t be able to think at all. She might even do something as dumb as crawling into Cole’s tent when she thinks everyone is asleep. That would be really, really stupid.

Especially since Cole hasn’t so much as looked at her since that fucking fiasco on that stupid dock with her stupid lie.

But its fine. She knows Cole isn’t coming because Aunt Kim even tried to get him to walk her up there since its dark. She could tell he didn’t want to so she said she’d be fine. And here she is. Just fine. So horny she can’t think straight and feeling stupid as fuck, but fine. In absolutely no danger at all whatsoever.

Even knowing they were there, Lacey feels a profound sense of relief when she sees the shitty pebbled plastic doors on each of the stalls. She’s been too wet and too tight for too long. She needs to get off. She’s grateful that she doesn’t have to know if she would have done it out in the open. She’s afraid the answer might have been yes.

Lacey puts in her quarters and turns the knob as hot as it will go. She knows she has a few moments before the water gets hot and she only brought enough quarters for maybe ten minutes. She wants to make sure its hot when she gets in.

While she waits for the water to heat, Lacey closes her eyes and takes her clothes off slowly, imagining Cole telling her to strip. She imagines the way his green eyes would look when she pulls her shirt up over her head. When she pushes her skirt down around her ankles. She turns around, imagining him behind her as she unhooks her bra. She runs her fingers through her hair, eskort bayan rubbing her scalp and making her soft waves dance down her back. She turns around and opens her eyes… And he’s not there. Deflated she slips out of her thong and gets into the water.

‘Fuck him,’ she thinks. ‘I’m hot as fuck. He’s a fucking moron for not coming up here. For not taking me up on my offer. Fuck him.’

Bolstered by this thought, Lacey washes her hair slowly and then rinses. She puts in conditioner and decides to let it sit while she washes her body. She leans against the cold tiles as she pours body wash onto her loofah. She lets the steam and the scent of her body wash slough away all the tension and anticipation she’s been feeling all day. She works the lather slowly over her body, letting the rough feeling of the sponge arouse her. She leans back into the hot spray of the shower, rinsing out the conditioner from her hair and sliding her hands down over her body.

The feeling of her fingers on her skin makes her nipples pebble. She pinches one, loving the way the quick sharp feeling makes her head light. Her eyes flutter closed once more and, distantly, she hears another shower stall open and then close. She doesn’t care. She has one nipple between her fingers, pinching and rolling it while her other hand works its way slowly down the plane of her stomach to her smooth, waxed pussy.

The feeling, when it finally gets there is electric. Her thighs are so slick from being so wet all day in that skirt, with nothing to soak it up except a teeny tiny thong and the contrast between the water and her juice is extremely erotic. Incredibly dirty in a way she never feels. Sure she flirts, but she’s never been this wet. Never wanted it this bad.

As her fingers start to swirl over her clit, she knows it won’t be long. She’s going to cum. Right here in this public shower on a public campground. Lacey bites down on the hand that was pinching her nipples to try to keep from crying out. She falls to her knees, her fingers slipping down into her pussy, first one and then two, stretching her hyper-tensed walls, making sparks flutter down her spine. She’s going to cum. She’s going to cum! Cole’s face, looking down at her on the dock flashes through her memory and Lacy explodes. It’s the biggest orgasm she’s ever had.

Bonelessly, she stands and puts two more quarters in the slot. At some point, though Lacey can’t remember when, the water ran out. And the other girl left. Lacey rinses off, giggling a little at the thought that she was so wrapped up in making herself cum that she literally didn’t even notice the water shutting off. Who even does that? It’s like some ridiculous line she’d read in a sleaze story.

Despite her giggling, Lacey feels more relaxed than she has altıparmak escort since she got on the plane to fly out here. She finally feels calm and in control of herself in a way she hasn’t since Cole came up behind her earlier that day. Was it really just earlier that day that he had leaned down to whisper that warning in her ear? That she smacked her head on the bus-top? Seems like a long and vivid daydream.

Lacey grins ruefully to herself as she dries off in the cold air of the women’s room. Half of her is embarrassed that someone might walk in at any moment, but most of her is comforted by the idea that, surely, if someone did come in, it would only be another woman. Its not like she has anything that they don’t. Still, the thrill of being seen so soon after she’s cum, with the flush still painted over her chest, is a guilty thrill that she can’t resist. Maybe because Cole was all talk.

Bolstered by this thought and the reckless feeling it leaves behind, Lacey decides not to wear anything under her tank top or sleep shorts for the walk home. Between her wet hair and the coolness of the air outside, Lacey’s nipples tighten. She likes the way they look, pebbled in the dark. She revels in the feeling of looking good in a way she doesn’t normally. The long line of her legs and the wide curve of her hips. The way her waist clinches in, her nearly flat stomach… She knows she’s pretty, but somehow, tonight, she feels stunning. Even if Cole didn’t take her bait. Fuck him. She’s beautiful and he should be drooling like all the other boys she knows. Family or no, he still has a cock, right?

She feels a rush between her legs at the thought of his cock. His thick, hard cock. She giggles a little and closes her eyes. This time, without the driving need to cum, the memory of his cock buried in her soaked pussy flushes her all over and only adds to the euphoria she feels. So what if she’ll never feel it again? SHE liked it and that’s all that matters.

Lacey is so wrapped up in herself and her memories that she literally runs into someone. Someone tall and well-built. Cole. Her heart rate ratchets up and her breath catches.

“Whoa, Cuz,” Cole teases. “Tryin to knock me over?”

“What are you doing out here? I told you I was fine.” She can’t help the vicious way it comes out. She’s blushing and it pisses her off. How dare he make her feel this way, threaten her and then turn her down! Who does he think he is, showing up after making her walk here alone?

The blush on her face, the way her words come out… She’s never that hateful when she’s not nervous. He knows.

His voice hardens. “You’ve been gone almost an hour, Lace. Everyone went to bed, so I came to see what kept my little liar gone.” He wants her to know he remembers. That he won’t let it go.

“Just taking care of what you left unfinished, Cousin,” How dare he bring that up?!

She’s waiting for him to grab her hair again. Jerk her head back. Make her apologize. What she’s not prepared for is the sting she feels when he slaps her. Or the tingle she feels when he does.

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