Crazy for Cocoa

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Big Tits

Asking her to meet with me on a date had been surprisingly easy, I didn’t even question my moral integrity when I did. I was nervous about what followed. I didn’t know if I could keep up with her, and I didn’t know that if I did indeed keep up, I’d be able to live with myself knowing I had cheated on my wife.

For a moment I thought about my kids, whom I love with all my life. I shook my head, thinking that doing this was a complete mistake, that I would destroy them if I took another step in this direction. I was still able to say no, and admit to my sins and go on with life a more loyal man. Promise I’d never do it again and ask for forgiveness.

I looked at her and as quickly as that thought came to my head, it vanished. What my family didn’t know, could never ever hurt them. And I started to think that I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t get a piece of that chocolate ass. I had always been a vanilla kind of guy, and I was sick of that. Tonight I was crazy for some cocoa.

Cocoa. That was the right word. Her skin looked like it was made of the sweetest chocolate known to man. It was simply perfect, inviting, alluring. I raised my hand and touched her shoulder and that alone produced an instant reaction to my manhood.

I looked down and smiled, I had a tent down there. My cock had never been so hard, so big. 10 inches throbbed, asking to get some of that hot chocolate pussy.

She turned her head a little and smiled at me. “I know what you’re thinking about,” She said and licked her lips. A second later I felt her naked foot adventurously touching my thigh. For a moment I was worried someone might notice us, but I quickly squashed that thought, we were in a somewhat secluded area of the restaurant, away from prying eyes. And if someone saw, I honestly didn’t care. Her foot explored for a moment before it got to the main attraction. She widened her eyes. “Wow.” Was the only thing she said, having just now realized how hard and big I was for her.

I just smirked at her. I thought that anything I said could either ruin the mood or sound lame as hell. Smirking was good, it said “I know what you want to suck on this, but you have to wait”. Any thoughts about my wife or kids were long gone now. I was going to have this woman for a lover, and nothing in this world could stop me now.

She massaged my cock with her foot. “Stud, you’re something else.” She said as she went on.

I checked her rack as she served me, big round tits, not huge and deformed, but big enough that they couldn’t all fit in my hands if I grabbed them. She wasn’t a manufactured sextoy, she was God’s gift for men. For man. One man. Me. This girl -no, woman- was mine for the taking.

I drank the last bit of my wine, as slowly as humanly possible as she kept massaging my raging cock. I thought about when I met her.

My company had sent me to San Diego to go on boring meetings with marketing guys, train some idiotic junior developers that thought way too highly of themselves, and get to know the web designer recently hired to manage the art and looks behind all the company’s websites and apps. I had never met her in person, just chatted with her on Google Hangouts. Her Avatar had been some cartoon character she had doodled some time or another that gave me the wrong impression that she was either ugly or fat. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I was getting everything set up in the office corporate had set aside for me. It wasn’t like I actually needed it for work, regular employees worked just fine from their cubicles. But I wasn’t about to say no to some extra comfort.

That was the moment she knocked on my door. I didn’t raise my head when I said, “come in, just getting everything set up in here.”

“Hey there hon, I’m here for our meeting” She said, taking a tentative step inside.

I looked at her, and couldn’t believe my eyes. She was a black woman, thin and in incredibly good shape, with enormous boobs and a face that I’m sure was completely symmetrical and pillowy lips, really kissable. Damn she was gorgeous.

I was at a loss of words. I opened and closed my mouth a few times until I could muster her name, “Nicole?” I tried to sound as professional as I could.

“That would be me!” She said, in a happy-go-lucky manner. sarıyer escort She moved to the seat in front of my desk and smiled my way. I almost melted.

We hit it off really fast. She was way smarter than I had previously given her credit for. Or maybe it was just that she was smart before, but now she was smart and sexy as hell.

When the meeting was done, she stood up and turned to leave. I used the opportunity to actually check her out, but she saw me, and gave me an inviting sensual smile on her face. She shook her head, still smiling.

I took that chance to see if she was available. To test the waters, if you will. “What? Can’t a guy appreciate perfection in the shape of a woman?” I asked, easygoing smile on my face.

“Perfection?” She asked in a vain attempt at sounding like she didn’t believe it. A woman like her couldn’t possibly not know the effect she had on men. “You don’t look so bad yourself, hon.” She said, touching my arm, feeling my muscles. Not that I have all that much muscle mass or anything. I consider myself fit, but I don’t think anyone would describe me as muscular. Her touch was electrifying.

“You like what you see?” I asked, trying to sound more like a conqueror than a scared man who bit more than he could chew.

“I want what I see,” she simply said and massaged my arm. I took the next step and grabbed her with my other hand, bringing her close to me. Our chests were touching.

Her boobs squished under the pressure. They were real. Or at least, if they were a product of plastic surgery, the surgeon was a genius. I was sure these were her own. If before this anyone had asked me to guess, I would have said she had some sort of surgery, but they felt too real, not plastic at all. She really was a natural.

She giggled and looked at me in the eyes for a few seconds before she gave me a light peck on my lips. She closed her eyes and gave out a laugh. “Wow,” she said, and I understood what she meant. That simple kiss was something else. A sign of more to come.

I kissed her this time. Mine was a little more aggressive than hers.

She bit her lip, “Damn, hon, you’re making me wet.” That made me go over the edge, I kissed her again, but this time it was a French kiss. My tongue was inside her mouth, hers inside mine. We explored each other’s mouths for a while.

She looked back at the desk corporate had set for me and smiled as I picked her up and put her there, “I think you also like what you see.”

“I also want what I see,” I corrected her and kept kissing her, positioning myself between her legs. Yeah, at that moment there was no conscience reminding me I had a wife and kids. I wasn’t exactly thinking with my brain there.

I looked down her tube skirt and pushed her wet panties out of the away so I could see her perfect little hairless pussy. I was so close to just, go and fuck her right there. But that didn’t need to be quick and dirty. I wanted to taste it, feel it in my mouth before I could ravage it.

I put my head between her thighs, and started kissing around the area.

“Oh, wow, oh!” She just said, and giggled. “Yes!”

I felt her juices almost drowning me. She was delicious, tasty. Nothing like the other women I had eaten out. Very sugary. I kept going until I made her cum and felt it was time for the main course. I was about to take my dick out when my work phone rang.

“Shit!” I exclaimed and turned around, thinking someone was going to get in my office any minute now. No one came in. The phone just kept ringing.

I sighed. Looked down at her wet pussy for a long moment and reluctantly picked up the phone. I hoped it wasn’t my wife, she’d hear it in my voice that something was going on.

It wasn’t my wife, but the head of the local marketing team, telling me that I was late for a meeting. I grumbled that I would be there, couldn’t just blow off the suits, considering they were the reason I was sent to this city in the first place.

I looked at the hour in my cellphone and cursed under my breath. My “meeting” with Nicole had gone far too long. I cursed again, because I felt like I had wasted my time messing around when I could’ve just fucked her.

And I looked at her again, she was trying to get her sefaköy escort clothes in place. Nope, I wasn’t going to fuck her in the office. At least not yet.

“Oh, what the hell,” I said and kissed her again, “want to grab some dinner? The restaurant at the hotel I’m staying is pretty damn good. Let’s call it a date.”

“I don’t know,” she said, small, wicked smile drawn on her face. “What’s in it for me?”

“We could get to know each other,” I offered, rather lamely.

“Get to know each other?” She laughed, “you just want to fuck, don’t you?” She said the word ‘fuck’ not like it was some sort of accusation, but as something to be excited about. Like it was an adventure, and we were the only ones in it.

“Maybe,” I admitted. “But w have to eat, and I might as well do it while in the company of someone sexy and dangerous.”

“Dangerous,” she repeated the word, almost like tasting it.

“Dangerous,” I repeated and looked her up and down. She was so damn cute and sexy, I wanted to eat her pussy again. But I couldn’t at the moment.

“Sure, let’s call it a date,” She said, and gave me another peck my the lips.

And so, here we were, a few hours later. I asked for the bill and we went to the elevator, kissing and almost inappropriately touching each other.

By the time we were on the elevator she just jumped on me and started kissing my face like there was no tomorrow. I felt her legs get a strong hold of my hips. These were no weak legs. She was an avid fan of the gym, and it showed. Her legs were toned.

And I felt her pussy touching my cock through our clothes. For a moment I thought I could just penetrate her right there, without even taking her thong off. But then the elevator buzzed and its doors opened. We were on my floor.

I just walked towards the elevator, still holding her like some sort of reverse-backpack. She was so light, nothing like my wife, whom always refused to be picked up in any shape or form. Cocoa was different. She was a one in a million kind of woman. My kind of woman.

I barely managed to open the door to my room and walked inside. It was already half lit, perfect for a night-long session of fucking. And I would fuck this woman so hard she would never want any other cock inside her. I’d mark her. Make her mine.

The thought of me never wanting any other pussy came to me for a second. But I didn’t care at that point. If that happened, if I was that crazy for Cocoa, then not getting that cocoa was the real crazy talk. The truth was that I was bored with my married life. I was bored with my wife, she didn’t give me what I needed. She didn’t have it in her, and she didn’t have the body for it either. It was her own damn fault for not taking care of her looks. Her personality wasn’t anything to talk home about either.

I banished the thoughts of my wife and focused on the little vixen I was about to fuck silly. I threw her to my king sized bed. She giggled and rolled for a bit on there. Almost like school girl would do. I wondered for a moment how old she was. Probably nineteen, maybe twenty something, hopefully not a jailbait. But I didn’t care at this point.

She stopped laughing and looked at me with want in her eyes. “So,” She purred.

“So,” I said and took a step towards her.

She threw her shoes to the floor in two quick, sensual showing off her pussy in the process. She stood up on the bed. “You want some of this, you stud?”

“I want all of it baby.” I said, as calm as a man in my position could humanly make out.

She started making this slow dance that I can’t simply describe. Her ass flowed like water as she started very slowly taking her clothes off.

Ah, that’s something I hadn’t described much about. Her ass. Two perfectly round cheeks that screamed “Come and assfuck me, you crazy ape of a man!” And yes, the plan was to put my dick in as many holes as I could. And I would do it raw, because I needed to taste her flesh.

She invited me to the bed, and kissed my lips, then my neck, then she took off my shirt, slowly kissing me as she took out each button. After that, it was the pants’ turn. She didn’t use her hands, just her mouth.

“I wanted to suck your cock so bad, I need to return şerifali escort the favor for today,” she said as she took it all with her mouth. All 10 inches went straight ahead.


Usually I’m not much of a fan of blowjobs, mainly because my wife just, eh, sucks at it. But this? It felt better than a pussy. She just went up and down and my dick felt so good all the way in her throat. And the way she looked at me, with want, with a raw need for sex, it drove me crazier and crazier.

This woman got better and better. We went like that for what I felt was an eternity of perfection when suddenly I unloaded in her mouth. She closed her eyes as she licked every last bit of my milk. She licked like my cock was an ice cream cone.

“I can’t wait any more,” She said and turned around on all fours. “Put it inside! Fuck me! You know you want this chocolate pussy! Fuck me!”

I didn’t need her to tell me that, I was already inside by then. She screamed like someone had stabbed her. It was tight, almost virgin-like. I even had some trouble getting my cock all the way inside. But this woman couldn’t possibly be a virgin, she was like sex personified.

I looked down and smiled when I did. It was really a sight to behold. I grabbed her ass-cheeks and then removed my cock, only to pierce her again a second later. Slowly I got my momentum going, and before I knew I was pounding her pussy.

This perfectly shaped woman was screaming as we fucked like dogs. “Yes! Yes! Fuck my pussy! God, you’re so good, go, go, you’re making me go insane, fuck my little pussy with that big cock of yours! Fuck me!”

“You like that, huh? You like it so bad?”

“I love it!” She exclaimed, complete sincerity in her voice. She was exalted. She was as much into this as I was. It was not an act. “I love it!” She said again, and turned her head. I leaned over and kissed her. “And I’m never letting this cock, the only pussy it’s going to pound from now on is mine, got it?”

“If this is the only cock allowed inside your pussy, yes” I said, still going at it, raising the rhythm.

“It is! Yes, keep going!”

And we kept going. And after changing positions a couple of times, I unloaded two more times in her pussy and once in her ass. She was making me her slave. I was making her my slave.

“I saw your wife on Facebook the other day,” she blurted out, as we rested in bed. She was on top of me, but she was so light I didn’t feel the need to move her. She bit her lips and looked at me in the eye, “you’re not going back to that, are you?”

That gave me pause. “The kids need a father,” I said, rather weakly.

“And they have a father,” she said, as she took my dick with her hands and massaged it, “but you’re not going to fuck that woman ever again.”

“Not that I fuck her all that much anyway,” I muttered, “The woman has the sex drive of a grandma.”

She snorted. “What did you even see in her? You’re so hot and she’s so, so-”

It was clear she was looking for a word as offensive as possible, but I knew exactly the word that described my wife. “Plain.”

“Yes, plain! she’s so plain. She’s like a house pussy, I’m major league. Why would you go back to that, when you can have this?” She said, motioning to her whole body.

“Why indeed.” I asked myself and closed my eyes as I felt my cock light up again. Her massage worked, it was ready for another round.

“I’m not some slut you can fuck and toss,” She said kissing me, biting me, marking me. “I’m yours, and only yours. Your own eighteen year-old chocolate fucktoy.” She rose and carefully took my cock and inserted it in her little hole again.

My god. Eighteen? She was really something else.

“I don’t live in town, honey, I’m just visiting, remember?” I told her as we started to fuck again. This time, she was on top. She was in charge.

“I don’t care! I just want you to fuck me! Fuck me!” she went up and down, her tits wouldn’t stop to juggle around. I raised my hands and touched them, massaged them. I licked them and sucked on them. They were as alluring as the rest of her.

Yes, I had to have this woman for as long as I could. I was going to impregnate her. And I was going to leave the cow I was married to. Maybe I’d move to this town, or maybe I’d take the cocoa with me.

My hips moved on their own, completely in sync with hers. My cock left her pussy as quickly as it went back inside. And it felt so good, my mind couldn’t think of any other thing.

I just kept on fucking. Not a care in the world. The only thing that mattered was this sweat chocolate treat.

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