Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 03

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This is a fictional account with everyone over eighteen.


I woke early, with the spring sun streaming in the back window of my room. I didn’t rise right away, but couldn’t sleep either, as thoughts of Anna constantly invaded my mind. The result was a stiffness I wanted desperately to stroke, but decided to save every ounce of my strength for what I hoped the day would bring. Getting up to piss helped somewhat and I was able to venture down to the kitchen without tented pajamas.

It was already 9 a.m. and my mother was long gone to the park district. I looked out the window and realized the Regal was gone. I figured Penny and Anna might already be on their way down there to apply for the day camp jobs. One part of me prayed it all worked out as I selfishly anticipated the gratitude Anna might show. The blowjobs she’d already give me were wonderful. However, the thought of pushing into that tight, velvety pussy I’d already felt with my finger was too much not to make me stiff again.

Fortunately, I was sitting at the kitchen table when my father appeared with his empty coffee cup in hand from his home office. He refilled his cup before announcing that he was going out on sales calls. I said goodbye between mouthfuls of cereal. My sister, Darci, wasn’t up yet and I managed to make it back to my room without anyone noticing my problem.

I wouldn’t start work at the park district myself until Monday. Graduation was in two days, on Saturday, and several parties were planned. What worried me was that Anna and Penny were most likely invited to parties that my friends and I weren’t. The reverse was true as well, but theirs were the in-crowd parties.

Checking the hallway outside my door to ensure the coast was clear, I slipped into the bathroom for a shower without my arousal being noticed. I hurried into the shower and quickly washed. I couldn’t get Anna’s body out of my mind and my dick won’t go down. My soapy hand found its way to easily encircling it and pleasantly stroked it a few times. I was desperately trying not to make myself cum.

A knock at the door shocked me into a state of panic briefly and I immediately released my throbbing boner as if I’d already been discovered.

“Hey, little brother…I have to pee real badly. Can I come in quickly?” Darci pleaded.

“Darci, for god’s sake…I’m in the shower. Go downstairs.”

“I know, but it hurts, I have to go sooo bad. You can just stay behind the curtain.”

“Fine,” I exclaimed, but not too happily.

This was a first; Darci had stopped showing me too much skin for years now. I’m not sure if my mother had a hand in that or if it was just Darci’s modesty, but she rarely dressed provocatively around home. Even on dates, my sister was usually the picture of décor. The only time I had ever seen her in anything remotely sexy was the bikini she normally wore at the shore. Maybe college was changing her. I didn’t think she would have been this bold in the past.

I heard the sound of her peeing in the toilet. My hand had stopped stroking my dick for fear of being caught. Nonetheless, my cock was rigidly stiff and hearing the sound of my sister’s splashing stream didn’t diminish things. I wanted so to part the curtain and watch, but I knew any slight movement of the curtain would be easily detected by her.

Instead, I allowed myself a few slow strokes as I heard Darci finish, grab toilet paper, and then flush. My mind couldn’t avoid the image of her rubbing her pussy with the toilet paper and I chastised myself for such thoughts of my sister.

Darci washed her hands and I heard her grab the hand towel from the nearby wall ring. My hand stopped stroking wondering if she might try to look in on me. I was hoping not, despite my interest earlier in wanting to see her naked.

“Bye…thanks,” Darci said. “I couldn’t wait.”


“You can go back to doing what you were doing,” Darci said.


“You know,” she said giggling. “You’ve been in the shower for 15 minutes already.”

“I’m taking my time,” I defended.

“Sure. Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me.”


“Bye, bye big boy.”

I heard the door close, but not before her laughter filled the room. How could she have known what I was doing? Was she just guessing or had she heard me somehow? The discovery was enough to make me leave myself alone and finish quickly.

I dried off and went to my room with a towel wrapped around me and Darci spotted me as she left her room when I was still in the hall.

“That was fast,” she smirked.

“Leave me alone,” I said, getting mad at her insinuations.

“Hey, don’t get upset little brother. I do it too,” Darci informed me just before she disappeared down the stairs, but not before I saw her glance at the towel around me.

I was shocked by her statement admitting to jerking herself off. I had never thought of Darci doing such a thing. Glancing down at the towel, I noticed a definite bulge. I wasn’t hard underneath, but I hadn’t completely Şirinevler escort lost it either. ‘Oh, fuck,’ I muttered to myself. ‘She had to notice that.’

As I dressed, I tried to plan my day. Of course, so much hinged upon whether or not I would see Anna and what time. I didn’t have much else to do so that was the top priority. Everything else was a distant second in importance to seeing Anna. Thoughts of her kept me horny even as I finished and headed downstairs.

In our house, the stairs from the second floor to the first have a landing with a window. I glanced out as I passed and caught the Regal entering Anna’s driveway. I scurried to the side door and tried to exit the house as if I was planning to do something and didn’t expect to see them. Penny and Anna were just emerging from the car.

“Hey, Davey,” Penny yelled.

“David, great news, we got the jobs,” Anna added. “We start Monday like you. Come upstairs in the garage and help Penny and I celebrate.”

“Wow, that’s great.”

“Yeah…thanks to you and your mom, of course,” Anna stated.

“We’re going to have a beer to celebrate,” Penny said.

“Little early, isn’t it?”

“Not to celebrate. Come on, slacker,” Penny accused.

“Yeah, join us, David,” Anna pleaded.


I followed Penny upstairs as Anna explained she needed to run inside and tell her mother first. While she was gone, Penny and I started the stereo, grabbed the beers from the refrigerator and sat down to await Anna on opposite ends of the couch.

“Thanks again, Davey,” Penny said, leaning over and knocking beer cans with me. “I wasn’t looking forward to searching long and hard for a summer job. Annie either.”

“No problem,” I answered as we heard Anna coming up the stairs.

“All’s cool,” Anna stated, somewhat breathless from hurrying.

“There’s your beer,” Penny informed, pointing to the coffee table.

Anna grabbed the beer and wanted me to scoot into the middle of the couch so she could sit there too. I’d thought she would take the chair instead and now we were all close in on the couch together. Everyone sipped their beer and didn’t talk for a moment.

“I want to thank you for getting us the jobs, David,” Anna said.

“You already did.”

“No…I mean really thank you properly,” Anna replied.

“No need.”

“Wait, dummy…you haven’t heard what she means by ‘thank,'” Penny stressed.


“Besides, she promised me I could see it,” Penny intoned.

“Penny!” Anna exclaimed.

“What?” I repeated, confused as usual with Penny.

“She means I told her how I planned to thank you,” Anna explained.

“Oh,” I said, finally catching on and hoping this was going in the direction I wanted.

‘But, what is the part about Penny seeing,’ I thought nervously.

“Let’s get started,” Penny said, sliding close to me and putting her hand on my thigh.

“Patience, Penny,” Anna directed.

“Okay, you start.”

“What does she…?”

“She’s wanted to see your dick for the longest time,” Anna stated matter-a-factly.


“You don’t mind, do you?” Anna asked.

“Yeah…let me see it, Davey. Anna says you’re the biggest she’s ever seen.”

“Anna, you told her….”

“Of course, silly. I’ve told you Penny and I discuss everything.”


“Oh, don’t worry your secret is safe with me,” Penny affirmed.


“Okay, you do it then, Annie,” Penny said.

Anna smiled at me as she moved even closer and slid her hands to my belt. Her deft fingers immediately started undoing the belt buckle and then my pants.

“She just wants a look, David,” Anna calmly claimed.

“Maybe he’d like more,” Penny proclaimed. “After all, what guy doesn’t like two women giving him head at the same time? Isn’t that every guy’s fantasy, Davey?”

“Oh, my god,” I couldn’t help but mutter.

“See, I told you, Annie.”

“Penny, I told you what I planned,” Anna asserted.

“Yeah, OK…OK.”

“What,” I seemed to find myself repeating constantly with these two. I felt like an idiot, but one about to be a lucky idiot from the sound and direction this was headed.

Anna had my pants completely open and her tugging on my pants instructed me to lift up off the couch. I did and my pants and boxers were summarily pulled down to my knees. Four pairs of hands then pushed them further. My already semi-hard cock flopped around and twitched maddeningly with delight as I settled back down.

“Oh, fuck…it’s huge like you said,” Penny exclaimed.

“Wait till you see it fully hard,” Anna replied with unabashed glee.

“God, it’s beautiful…Davey, you lucky bastard.”

“I told you it was the biggest and cutest too,” Anna reaffirmed.

“Oh, my,” Penny crowed as she stared at my cock like it was a work of art. “Look at it move.”

Moving it was…twitching really…and neither girl had touched me yet. Their hands were on the top on either Ataköy escort thigh as we all watched my cock pulse with life like an awakening monster. With each breath I took, new life seemed to surge into my dick, and it slowly rose from my belly to near full arousal.

“God, I’ve got to touch it, Annie,” Penny proclaimed. “Please.”

I couldn’t believe she was asking Anna and not me. After all, wasn’t it my dick they were both crooning over? Didn’t I have a say in the matter?

“Okay, but just for a minute,” Anna declared.

I felt like I was somehow not part of this whole scene until I felt Penny’s hand encircle my cock. When her small, slightly freckled fingers curled around my expanding cock, I thought I’d lose it right then.

“Ah,” I muttered unintentionally.

“Like that, big boy”? Penny asked with a mischievous smile as her fingers moved slowly up to the head.

A big drop of clear pre-cum oozed from the tiny hole of my dick providing all the answer either girl needed to Penny’s question. Her fingers immediately rubbed the fluid into my enlarging knob, making it shiny and slick. The color of it seemed to change before our eyes as I reached full erection and my cockhead grew deep red.

“Oh, geez,” I uttered as Anna’s hand joined Penny’s but at my balls.

Penny was right! Every guy I knew would be wildly nuts to be sitting between these two beauties with both their hands caressing his dick. I could already feel a simmering in my balls like the one earlier that started before I even got out of bed. My thoughts then had been on Anna touching me like this, but the added stimulation of Penny’s hand now stroking me was almost too much to handle.

“God, look how big that fuckin’ head is,” Penny exclaimed.

“I think he likes both of us touching him,” Anna added with merriment.

“It’s huge and really hard,” Penny declared, her squeezing, stroking hand forcing another clear drop to emerge.

“My, he does look excited,” Anna gleefully stated and looked at me.

“Can I suck it a little?” Penny asked Anna again.

“I don’t want him to cum yet, bitch!” Anna scolded.

“Just a taste. You want me to don’t you, Dave?”

I could only nod. My throat felt like it was clogged with dry air, as I fought hard to keep my sanity while they both played with my dick. Penny leaned over and proceeded to drool a goodly amount of saliva right onto my cockhead. She then rubbed it into the skin, wetting it, and helping lube her hand movements up and down the shaft.

“Please,” Penny said to Anna once more.

“Okay, but just for a minute and don’t make him cum.”

“What’s the big deal? I’m sure we can get him hard again for you,” Penny intoned.

“Penny, remember the plan,” Anna insisted.

“Yeah…shit! I’d love a taste though. You say he’s sweet. You can cum twice, can’t you, Davey?” Penny asked, looking at me with a big grin.

I only nod again as I felt my balls tightening with all the erotic discussion about my dick.

Penny didn’t wait for a further answer from Anna. She began licking the head of my cock as Anna massaged my balls. I shut my eyes for a second, no longer able to take in all this visional stimulation along with the delicious touches of Penny’s tongue and fingers along with Anna’s fingers.

After a series of wonderful licks to my cockhead, Penny’s mouth enveloped the head. I watched as her lips stretched to accommodate the large glans. Her tongue continued its work too as she sucked lightly. It soon became enjoyably obvious that Penny knew her way around a dick just as much as Anna.

The light suction from Penny’s mouth was driving me crazy as she descended a little more each time. Her hand played my cock at the same time like a fine duet with her mouth movements. Anna’s kneading of my balls was replaced by her mouth and that made me throw my head back and groan to the ceiling loudly.

Both girls worked my cock and balls with their talented mouths and tongues. Anna’s light kisses and licks of my balls and lower shaft drove me wild. After she had my balls wet and sloppy, she pulled first one, then the other testicle into her mouth to bathe and tickle it with her tongue. A little suction as well caused me to squirm a bit on the couch and I could feel my nuts filling with pent up sperm.

“Oh, god,” I growled as Penny’s mouth sucked harder and her tongue attacked the area of nerves below my cockhead. Her dainty fingers were remarkably firm as they coaxed more pre-cum up the shaft to the taste buds in her tongue.

Anna leaned back and pushed lightly on Penny and she reluctantly pulled off my cock. Her lips were wet and incredibly inviting as her little pink tongue licked back and forth across them. Her hand still held me as she looked at Anna. I had to admit, I didn’t want her to stop, even if I had an inkling of what Anna had in mind. Firing a huge load of cum into Penny’s mouth and down her throat would be appealing on so many levels. I felt like assuring Anna I could cum twice, Bakırköy escort but I didn’t want to risk blowing my chance at her sweet pussy either.

“Mmmm, good,” Penny stated with a giggle.

“He’s going to cum if we keep this up,” Anna proclaimed. She was right.

“Come on…let him. He needs it bad, don’t you, Davey? Besides, he’ll last longer then. You don’t want him to cum too soon, do you?”

I didn’t answer and left the decision completely to Anna. My throat was so dry I’m not sure I could have anyway. Anna was totally in control anyway and both Penny and I knew it.

She looked at me for reassurance and asked, “Can you handle more after this?”

I nodded.

“See, he’s nearly ready anyway like I said.”

“Okay, but then you have to leave,” Anna stated.

“I could help get him hard again,” Penny offered as if she didn’t want to go.

“Not necessary,” Anna said.

“OK, but can I have him too someday soon?”

“We’ll see,” Anna allowed.

‘My god,’ I wondered. ‘Were they talking about me fucking Penny soon?’

My cock leaked more pre-cum with all the thoughts and stimulation their hands were still providing, and the talk too. Penny swooped down on it like a vulture after a defenseless bird. She took me deep on the first plunge; nearly half my cock disappeared into her small mouth.

I marveled at the talent of this otherwise little girl. Surely she couldn’t take any more? I was astonished though as she proceeded to push a few more inches into her mouth. I growled with bliss at the tightness of her throat which now wrapped around my cockhead. Penny held still, but gagged a little then pulled off.

“Fuck, he’s huge,” she managed to gasp after sucking in a few breaths.

“I told you it wouldn’t be easy,” Anna stated amusedly.

It made me think back to the first time Anna had tried to deep throat me just a few days ago. It hadn’t been easy for her either and she was a good three inches taller than Penny. However, I wasn’t sure if height had anything to do with the tightness of one’s throat, but assumed it did.

Penny immediately drove those thoughts from my mind as she once again took me deep. She seemed determined to prove she could take all of me like Anna had finally managed. I moaned with the pleasure of her tight throat as I wondered if these two competed over their cocksucking prowess. Meanwhile, Anna’s mouth sucked one nut back into her mouth, driving me crazy.

“Oh, shit,” I howled as both women worked me to a fever pitch.

The sucking and gagging sounds coming from Penny’s mouth were incredibly erotic as were the kneading and tongue licks Anna gave my saliva-soaked testicles. Her mouth pulled and popped the balls free, driving me insane. Penny’s sloppy, squishing noises and the occasional suction pop as her mouth came off the head, drove me towards total bliss. My balls boiled with my rapidly approaching release.

“Close,” I informed needlessly.

Penny tried to take me all the way into her throat one last time. She managed nearly three-quarters of my cock and I groaned appreciatively with her efforts, but she seemed stuck there as she gagged, trying to go further. She backed off as her throat protested the intruder and my climax neared.

I watched, disbelieving — this was happening to me. Two girls were feasting on my cock like it was a tower of chocolate. The sight and sounds almost outdid the pleasurable attentions themselves.

“Oh, shit! Ahhhh…”

Penny’s flicking tongue and suctioning lips let up slightly as my first blast of cum coated the inside of her mouth and tongue in one huge dollop of cum. I watched her frowning face as it tried to absorb each of the subsequent pulses. Anna kept rubbing my balls as she also watched Penny take in my load. The cute redhead struggled to contain all the sperm flowing into her mouth. My cock must have spasmed at least nine times before I finally relaxed and the wonderful ecstasy ended.

I was breathing heavy from the incredible intensity of my orgasm. I had been saving myself for what I thought was going to be my first-ever fuck session with Anna. Instead, I deposited a huge load in Penny’s mouth that she fought hard to contain. Tiny, thick drops of white that were too small to run down her chin appeared at the corners of her mouth when she pulled off my cock. Penny looked at me with surprise on her face as I watched her swallow hard once.

Anna watched too as Penny swallowed again then licked her lips clean of the little drops. Her little pink tongue looked incredibly sexy as it flicked about, scooping up any lost cum.

“That’s it. Get it all,” Anna said.

“Oh, my god. That was a huge load,” Penny exclaimed. “I nearly choked.”

“Yeah, and you didn’t share at all,” Anna complained.

To my complete shock, Penny leaned across me and kissed Anna. She not only kissed her, but Penny’s tongue invaded Anna’s mouth as if she was trying to pass some of the cum and taste. Anna sucked her tongue and moaned approval. My cock remained hard watching these two girls kiss like lovers. Both women still held my cock and balls too and didn’t stop gently stroking me.

“Wow,” I moaned watching them.

They finally stopped kissing and Anna gasped, “Mmmm…that was good. You like watching us kiss?”


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