Creating an Heir to the Throne

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“Faramir, the women are here.”

A newly crowned king sat upon a throne of silver, his head adorned with a jeweled wreath and shoulders cloaked in fine furs. His piercing blue eyes were dulled with exhaustion- the week was not an easy one. First the death of his father, then his hasty coronation, and now, taking on a wife and queen at the push of his advisors. It was part of his duty as king to marry- a good queen keeps her king in check, and a good queen provides her king with a healthy baby boy to continue the royal bloodline.

“Bring them to me,” Faramir waved his hand, motioning the messenger to summon the women. These women were summoned from across the nation, hand-picked by several council and doctors. They were the best of the best, but in the end it was Faramir’s decision who would be queen.

Seven women were ushered into the room, dressed in a revealing manner; a single strip of cloth was wrapped around each of theirs chest, a second around their thighs to cover their genitals. They were totally exposed, all for Faramir to assess; he must choose a healthy, fertile queen. Each woman stood tall, heads up, doing their best to look pleasing to the king, their breasts pressed tight against the strip of cloth, nipples poking outward. Thick thighs and wide hips threatened to break their lower coverings, exposing their pussies.

Faramir gazed upon them from the throne; yes they were all beautiful, but one in particular stood out to him. Her skin was fair, an occasional freckle appearing here or there. Her hips were wide, excellent for carrying, and she had a bit of a tummy too- proof of a healthy diet. Her breasts were perky, not too large or small, enough to provide for her child. Her hair was long and golden- she was beautiful. His eyes lightened as he admired her figure, and he pointed to her. Malatya Escort

“Leave me with her,” he gestured, she looked at him with wide eyes. The women and the messenger left quickly, leaving the king to his decision. Faramir gestured with his hand for her to approach him at the throne, and she kneeled before him, bowing her head. He reached out, grabbing her chin with his fingers, raising her gaze to meet his.

“Would you like to be my bride?” He studied her face- it was a mix of fear and shock.

“My lord, I-”

“What is your name?” He cut her off, and her face grew red.

“My name is Artemis,” Her eyes were green; Faramir found himself getting lost in them.

“Artemis,” Faramir took her hand and stood from his throne, making her stand beside him. “You will be my bride, my queen, and tonight we will marry.”

The ceremony was elegant and overdone, the pair dressed in traditional garb and married in a sacred grotto, like his father before him, and so on. Once married, the pair was brought back to Faramir’s fortress, and Faramir guided his new bride to his private quarters.

Faramir took Artemis’s hand and guided her to a large bed, draped in red silk covers. He looked at her with a growing desire, admiring her curved figure in her wedding gown.

“Let me assist you,” Faramir stepped close to his bride, kissing her forehead. His fingers traced her exposed neck, moving along her collar bone to her shoulder, and he began to pull the dress down. Her breasts popped out as he exposed them, her nipples perky from the cool air. Artemis instinctively covered herself with her arms, and Faramir gently pulled them back to her sides. He kissed each breast, “You are breathtaking,” He pushed his face between them, taking in her scent. He pulled the dress Malatya Escort Bayan off down to her ankles, and she stepped out of it, fully exposed. He moved his hands to her waist, pulling her against him. She pushed her face into his chest, then looked up at him.

“I will give you a child, my lord,” Her face was red, but no longer fear within her expression. Faramir smiled at his bride, and the two crawled onto the silky bed.

Faramir quickly stripped himself of his cloak and wedding clothes, revealing his naked self to Artemis. Artemis laid on her back with her legs parted slightly; Faramir crawled closer to her, positioning himself so he straddled her ribcage, his large erection poking out toward her face. She stared at it with wide eyes, and he stroked her hair affectionately.

“Touch it,” He commanded, his hard cock inching closer to her face. Her hands ran up and down his thighs and she craned her head slightly to take the tip into her mouth. While he exhibited great confidence, the king too was a virgin, and the sensation brought out a gentle moan. He leaned forward and pushed his cock deeper into her mouth without warning.

“Mmmph!” Artemis squealed with her mouth full of cock, Faramir pushing deeper into her mouth.

“You feel so nice Artemis,” He closed his eyes, pulling his cock back out before pushing back in. Slowly, he began to fuck her face, grabbing her hair to keep her head in control. “Oh Artemis…” He pulled out, his bride looking at him with wide eyes. “If your mouth feels this good…” Faramir crawled off of Artemis and moved toward her legs. He spread them further apart, reaching out hungrily with his fingers.

“You’re very wet, my love,” He slipped his fingers into her pussy, spreading her lips and feeling her arousal. Artemis gasped and began Escort Malatya to tremble, but she remained in place. “You will make a lovely mother,” He whispered to her, sliding his fingers deep inside of her. She was so warm and wet, her pussy a delightful pink color. His cock grew more swollen, desiring to fill her, fill her his with potent sperm, desiring to fill her with his child.

Faramir moved closer to Artemis, crawling between her legs. He took his cock and pressed the tip against her pussy, rubbing her opening. He pushed into her, both gasping as he was large and she was tight. He gripped her hips, slamming his cock all the way into her, causing Artemis to cry out. Her pussy squeezed his cock violently, and an animalistic instinct began to overcome him. He spread her legs far apart and began to thrust quickly, driving his cock deep inside of her pussy. Artemis grabbed the sheets beneath her, eyes shut tight as she began to moan.

“Faramir!” She breathed heavily as he rammed his cock into her pussy. “You’re so large…” Her pussy squeezed him tighter, her arousal grew stronger. He smirked, gasping as he buried his cock within her.

“Nice and big, perfect for getting you pregnant…” He grabbed one of her breasts, squeezing her nipple with his index and thumb. “Make you full of milk, make you nice and big for me.”

Artemis groaned, and she pulled her legs farther back. Faramir felt his cock grow more and more swollen, his desire to cum becoming overwhelming. His breathing quickened, and he quickened his pace. “I’m going to cum,” He gasped. “I’m going to fill you up with my cum, I’m going to make you mind. I’m going to give you my child,” He moaned louder and louder, the pleasure unbearable. He gave one final thrust before unloading deep inside her pussy. His large cock twitched, and with every wave of pleasure he filled her pussy with more and more potent cum. He collapsed on top of her, his cock keeping the cum inside of her. He rolled off of her; Artemis had her eyes closed, hand gently placed on her belly. He smiled, knowing what was to come next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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