Crimson Sky Ch. 03

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*So sorry about the long wait but anyway here it is, CS Ch.03, enjoy.*


I woke a few hours after I’d fallen asleep and it seemed to me to be too little time to have been asleep but I sat up anyway and immediately lay back down because of the pain that shot through my head. I didn’t remember having a headache before I went to sleep so it was kinda weird to be waking up with one and such a powerful one at that. I listened to my headache for a few minutes and lay as still as possible but when that didn’t seem to be working, I forced myself to stand up, go to the bathroom cabinet and grab some pills. I took a couple out of the bottle, washed them down with a glass of water, then went straight back to bed.


I woke up on a soft warm bed — not my own — and immediately panicked as to why I was in a foreign bed. I thought of all the worst case scenarios my muddled brain could come up with and by the time it occurred to me to look around, I was pretty close to a full on panic attack. When I did look around though, my panic vanished instantly and was instead replaced with a comfortable sense of familiarity. This is Miggy’s room. I threw off the covers and sat up only to be pushed back down by a strong hand on my chest.

“What’s your name?” came a familiar deep voice from above me.

“Uhh Miggy it’s me Alex” I answered, not hiding my confusion.

“Alex who?”

“Alex Croon.”

“Your parents’ names?”

“Martha and Arnold Croon.”


“I’m an only child, Miggy, you know that.”

“What’s my full name?”

“Miguel Rodriguez. What’s with the third degree Miggs?”

“Where, when and how did we meet?” he persisted, not bothering to answer my question.

“It was in kindergarten, when I was 4 and you were 5. The older boys were teasing me because I was so tiny, you stood up for me one day and we’ve been best friends ever since.” I answered with the little smile that always came to my mouth when I talked about that day.

He sighed and released me for his hand was still on my chest, “You had me so worried Lex. I mean one minute we were all talking and goofing around and the next you were out cold. What happened man?”

“I…” I stopped. What did happen? I was talking to Reni and the guys and then… “Oh my God that weird vision!” I gasped, not realizing it was out loud.

“What vision?” asked a confused Miguel, I looked at him and tried explaining the weirdest thing to ever happen to me in a way that wouldn’t make him think I’m crazy.

“Well back at La Lix I experienced something that can only be described as having eyüp escort a vision.” I replied carefully.

“A vision? About what?” he asked, I racked my brains trying to remember it but it was all fuzzy.

“Well I don’t really remember dude, I’m still kinda fuzzy in the brain” I said.

“So what do you reckon it means? Are you like psychic or something?” he asked.

“No… I don’t know… This is all just weird. So you believe me?” He fully turned to look at me and hugged me tightly.

“Of course I believe you Lexie, why wouldn’t I?” He said into my hair.

“I don’t know, maybe because this all sounds too weird to be true and if I hadn’t experienced it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it could happen.” I replied into his shoulder.

“Well I believe you and I promise to help you figure this out dude.” He said seriously and I felt tears come into my eyes.

“Oh Miggy” I cried as I pulled him in for another hug, “What did I ever do to deserve you as a best friend?”

“I don’t know Lex, but I sure am glad you did it because you’re the best friend ever.”

I wanted to leave that very day but Miggy wouldn’t hear of it. “No Lex, you’re not going anywhere,” he said simply when I proposed the idea, “At least not until I’m very sure that you are 100% well.”

“But Migg,” I moaned, “I can’t stay here”

“And why not?” he asked, “Well I’ve got my own apartment for starters and secondly, I’d be seriously cramping your style man”

“How so?”

“I’m pretty sure Sally wouldn’t appreciate seeing me after you two had hot, wild sex all night” I reasoned.

“Well she’ll just have to deal with it because I’m not letting you out of my sight for the next couple of days, even if that means not having sex for the next 20 years.” He stubbornly said.

I burst out laughing, “As if you could ever survive not having sex that long.” I said when I could talk again.

He laughed too. “Yeah you’re probably right but Lex I’m sure Sally would understand if I asked her to make herself scarce for the next few days because her most important client needed to recuperate.”

“I don’t think so man. Knowing Sally, she’d probably blow a gasket over the whole thing.”

“Nah man she’s not like that, she’ll understand, especially since you’re her most valuable asset dude.”

We carried on like this till I didn’t have any more arguments left in me so I agreed to stay for the next few days much to Miggy’s satisfaction.


I woke up a few hours later and was glad to find the headache gone. I still didn’t know what had caused it but it didn’t fındıkzade escort worry me as much as it should have. I thought about getting something to eat but decided to shower first. It was only after my shower that I thought to go for a jog. Oh well, I thought, you can never take too many showers. I dressed in a pair of jogging shorts and t-shirt and I was off. I guess I should tell you that I generally attract a lot of attention wherever I go, I find it disconcerting, but it’s always been like this. I was born into a family that was naturally gifted with good looks and they seemed to think it was all just a part of life but I really don’t get what the fuss is all about. I mean looks are just looks after all, they don’t make any impact on the world but most people I’ve encountered seem to think differently. Anyway I have a lot more to be proud of than my good looks, I’ve got some brains about me — which is why I’m a doctor, or professor rather, at the tender age of 20(or so people think) — and I’ve got a very big heart. But most people seem to be focused on my exterior rather than my interior which really gets to me because I believe in the saying that you should never judge a book by its cover. I guess I should tell you how I look to at least give you a chance to form your own opinion. I’m 6″ tall with sandy blonde hair that has a mind of its own when it comes to keeping it neat. I’ve got a fairly toned body with enough muscle to make me look fit, blue eyes that are so light they seem to be white sometimes, usually when I’m angry, and honey colored skin. So anyway I usually take the same route when I jog: down the road, round the park and back up the road again. So I took the same route today as I usually did. I jogged down the road, round the park, and as I was going up the road, a dark haired guy walked straight into me and I instinctively reached out for him because he looked like he might fall over.

“I’m so sorry” he said and looked up at me. I caught my breath. The guy who had walked head on into me was none other than gorgeous Mr. Alex Croon himself.


Oh my God I just walked straight into Doctor Woods! I was taking a walk -getting some fresh air after being cooped up in Miggy’s house for the past day and a half- and I took the route that took me to the doc’s street, hoping to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous man. I started thinking about my vision again and next thing I knew, I was walking into a very solid, very male body. I looked up to find that I had walked straight into my walking wet dream. I blushed at the thought and spluttered out an apology before clamping my mouth shut and facing escort şişli the ground. I raised my head when I heard his soft laughter — it sounded like the jingle of bells.

“Ahh Mr. Croon, how nice it is to see you again although you did just knock the breath out of me.”

“It’s Alex doctor and once again I am so sorry about that, I was…my mind was elsewhere.”

“I see Alex, anything you wish to talk about?”

“Not really doc, it’s…it’s complicated, downright crazy even.”

“Hmm… Now you’ve got me really interested. Let’s grab a drink while you tell me what’s going on.”

I started protesting but he simply took my wrist and pulled me gently down the street to the nearby café. We sat down and ordered drinks and I noticed that he looked a little apprehensive, as if he was worried that he had done the wrong thing, I quickly put his mind at ease. “I guess I do need to talk about this, maybe get a fresh perspective.”

He visibly relaxed. “Well I’m nothing if not a good listener — it comes with the job,” he said. I felt really warm inside, as if he was sending me waves of warmth and reassurance and I strangely felt the need to confide in him.

“This might sound a little weird but yesterday when I was having lunch with my friends, I had…kind of…a vision of sorts.” I held my breath waiting for the laughter that never came. I looked at him to find him looking like he was seriously in thought and I had a dreadful feeling that he was going to pull all his scientific mumbo jumbo on me.

“I see” he finally said, “And in this vision you saw…?”

I sat silent for a moment and racked my brains for the answer to his question, what did I see? I looked at him armed with the same answer that I’d given Miguel but stopped short when I looked into those startlingly blue eyes, the same eyes I had seen in my vision.

“Alex? Alex!”

I refocused when I heard my name and immediately looked away to hide the blush that crept up my face as I answered him. “I saw you!” I whispered.

“Me? What was I doing?”

I sighed as the rest of the vision came back to me in bits and pieces, “You were in a hospital…amongst corpses, trying to bring them back to life.” I said.

“Hmmm… Most people would have you committed or tell you that it was just a dream but I think there’s more to this than any scientific explanation.” He said after a terrifyingly long pause.

I exhaled and spoke again “So what do you think I should do doc?”

“I think you should do nothing. Just wait and see if you get any more of these visions” He said thoughtfully, “Maybe by then you’ll know what’s causing them.” He finished.

We sat in silence for a while then I started asking him about his life and we had a back and forth conversation till we were laughing like old friends. That, I think, is when I started falling for him.

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