Cristmas Shopping in Korea

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While in Okinawa with my husband, a girlfriend asked me if I would go with her to South Korea to do some Christmas shopping since things were much cheaper there. I agreed to go and we took a military hop and end up in Songtan City, South Korea for three days. We checked into a hotel in the city instead of staying on base so we could get an early start and be closer to the shops.

I need to explain that both of us were married, to U.S. Air Force men, for two years, both of Korean decent, and both had one child. My friend is a year older than me and a little on the heavy side and both her parents are Korean. My mother is Korean, my father American and was also in the Air Force. I grew up following my dad around the world, mostly in Asian countries but I was educated in American schools and am fluent in both English and Korean along with little bits of several other languages. I was trim, not beautiful but could turn a few heads and 23 years old. My name is Kim.

After two days of shopping and having spent most of the money I brought, my girlfriend and I decided take in some of the night life and unwind from the hectic shopping trip. In preparing for the evening, I took a long bath and selected a dress to wear over some sexy underwear complete with black lace bra and matching panty and dark nylons and garter belt instead of pantyhose. When I looked in the mirror, I liked the attire I had chosen and felt beautiful. I wasn’t going out looking for anybody but I wanted to look my best in case a dancing partner came along.

Being a military town, there weren’t too many places that two unattached Korean girls could go but we found a couple of night clubs that would let us in. One club we stopped at had a dance floor and we decided to have a drink since the music was good. Looking around, I spotted a group of guys that were drinking beer and although a little older than us, looked nice and weren’t entertaining the bar girls that most of the other tables were doing. One guy caught me staring at them and started staring back. He appeared to be about thirty. I looked away but kept catching a glimpse occasionally and he was still looking our direction. I checked to make sure that I wasn’t flashing him, I didn’t want him to get the wrong idea.

After a while, he got up and walked in our direction, I thought he was going to ask me to dance and as he approached our table, he smiled but walked past. I looked to where he was going and saw that it was to the bathroom. Disappointed, I started talking to my girlfriend and was ready to move to another club. A short while later, my mystery man returned and this time stopped and asked for a dance to which I readily agreed. One dance led to a second and even on the slow song, he was a perfect gentleman and excellent dance partner. I was enjoying myself. We talked a little and I found out that Jack and the guys he was with were Navy aircrew spending the night. He invited my girlfriend and I to join them at their table. I asked her and she agreed so we moved to their table.

They ordered another round of drinks including ours and we danced a few more songs and I then found out that they were staying at a hotel a short distance from ours. I don’t know if it was the drinks or just me but I was getting a warm feeling inside. All of them made us feel comfortable and it was a very pleasant time. Jack was a very intriguing person. He wasn’t married and almost 40 years old and a good conversationalist. Just when it started getting nice, they all got up and announced that they had to call it a night since they had a flight the next day and were confirming their room numbers with each other. Jack, the guy that had been dancing with me the whole time thanked me for the evening and said that when they were in town again, that they usually went to this club and if interested to look for them there. Just like that, they were gone and it wasn’t even 10 pm yet.

After they left, we went to a different club but it just wasn’t as much fun. We decided to have a late night dinner at a local Korean diner and talked there. A few hours passed and some of the local guys hit on us but we brushed them off. My girlfriend had enjoyed herself as much or more than I did with the guys and we even joked about going to their hotel and knocking on doors since we knew which rooms they were in. This wicked thought kept haunting me as I couldn’t get Jack out of my mind. I was restless and not ready for the evening to end even though it was approaching two in the morning. My girlfriend told me I seemed to be in my own little world and in deep concentration. I finally told her that maybe we could go knock on just one door, Jack’s. She asked me if I was serious and on impulse, I said “Yes.”

It was cold out but we were only a block away from his hotel so we walked. She asked me, “Do you remember his room number?”

I answered, “Yes, room 217.”

She then started a series of questions. “Are you sure about this?…..What if he doesn’t answer the door?…….Are Escort bayan you going to ask for him at the lobby?………Do you want me to stay with you?…..What if he isn’t interested?……….Are you crazy?……..What about your husband?”

At first I didn’t answer as we just kept walking. Then I responded, “I don’t know why, I just want to see him again, but if I don’t go now, I’ll never see him again.”

We arrived at his hotel. I was nervous. I’d never done anything like this before. As we entered the lobby, I noticed that no one was at the desk so we proceeded to the elevator. I hit the button for the second floor. My heart was pounding in my chest. When the door opened, I saw the room just across the hallway. We stepped out and my legs were shaking as we stepped in front of his door. I hesitated. I was scared and thought, “What would he think of me being here at this late hour. I should just turn around and leave.”

I don’t know why but I quietly knocked on the door. No answer. I knocked again. This time the door opened. He was standing there in a pair of jeans, no shirt and looked like he had just awaken. My legs had turned jelly and my heart felt like it would jump out of my chest. In the dim light it took him a second to focus and then a smile came over his face. “Come in,” he said. “How did you find me?”

“I overheard you telling each other your room numbers at the club.” I said. “We were just down the street eating and I thought we’d stop by to see you.”

As he closed the door behind us and asked us to sit down in the two chairs in the room, my girlfriend said in Korean so he wouldn’t understand, “We shouldn’t be here,” as we took off our coats.

I answered her in Korean, “I just want to get his address and talk awhile.”

He then offered us a soft drink telling us that there wasn’t any alcoholic beverages in the refrigerator. My girlfriend declined but I accepted one. He sat down on the bed and said, “I’m glad you came, I didn’t get your address or phone number before and when I come back to Korea, I’d like to see you again.” Then he reached for a pen and paper.

My heart started to slow down. He was interested in me. Then my girlfriend speaking in Korean interrupted, “I don’t like being here, we need to go.”

I told her in Korean, “Just a little longer, I like this guy.”

She said in Korean, “I can’t stay and you shouldn’t be here either. Let’s just go.”

He inquired, “Is there a problem? Your girlfriend doesn’t act like she is comfortable here.”

I said, “She’s just tired and wants to get some sleep.”

I took the pen and paper and started to write but then thought, “I can’t give him my real information. What would I write?” I started scribbling in Korean and made up an address and phone number then told him to just ask a cab driver to take him there.

My girlfriend stood up and said in Korean, “I’ve got to go now, are you coming with me?” as she put on her coat. I knew if I left then, that it would be the last time I ever saw him but I knew it wasn’t right for me, a married girl with a son, to stay. I knew if I didn’t leave now, I’d end up in his bed. It was as if I had a magnetic attraction to him but I knew that it was wrong to stay.

In Korean I said, “You go, I’m going to stay. Let me give you some cab fare.” I searched my purse for 2000 Won and gave it to her.

I then said to Jack, “She wants to go get some sleep now, can I stay and talk a little longer? I’m enjoying this time with you.”

My girlfriend then said to me, “You’re probably going to regret this but do what you must. I’ll see you for the flight back home.”

As Jack stood up, so did I and he escorted her to the door and let her out. When he closed the door and turned to face me, I knew that I had made my decision, right or wrong. As he stepped toward me, he said, “You are so lovely,” then wrapped his arms around me and kissed me for the first time. My heart started to flutter and my nipples stiffened. It was electrifying. I never felt an attraction to someone like this before. I kissed back and put my arms around him. My legs got weak as I held on to him with my arms for support. The kiss didn’t end and our tongues began a dance with each other. I felt him beginning to stiffen between our bodies.

I felt him pull down the zipper at the back of my dress and his hands touched my bare skin, softly caressing my back while we intensified our dance of tongues. I got so warm and my face felt flushed. I was delirious with passion. What was it about this man that excited me so much?

He then drew away from me a little so that he could remove the bodice part of my dress and then he continued to push it over my hips and let it drop to the floor. I was left standing in my black bra, panty, garter belt and nylons. He just stood back and admired me for a second and then said, “My god! You look so sexy in that”

I noticed that a large bulge formed in the front of his jeans Bayan escort when he again took me in his arms, caressed my skin and gently kissed my neck and shoulders. I felt myself get wet with the anticipation of what was to come. Then his hands cupped my breasts, slightly squeezing them through the bra and then he unsnapped the front clasp and exposed me to his view. His kisses got lower and lower and then his lips suckled my nipples ever so lightly. He teased each one until they were hard as a rock and then warmed them with his mouth and tongue just to do it over again. I could barely stand and he assisted me to sit on the bed. With a gentle push, I was laying on my back.

His hands worked magic on my body. Every touch tingled and he was soon stroking the inside of my legs but avoided touching my most intimate place. I know I was moaning but I couldn’t hear it. He was teasing me and I loved every minute of his caresses. Jack was creating sparks in me that I didn’t know existed.

I felt his hands on the waistband of my panties and lifted my butt so he could lower them, they could only go down to the top of my nylons, but it was enough for his hand when it danced its way toward the treasure that had been exposed. His finger slipped into my folds and found the wetness within. His drove me crazy as I lifted my hips to meet his touch with each stroke of his finger and I heard myself moaning this time.

I reached out to touch the bulge in his jeans. I drew the outline of it trying to imagine its size. I pulled the snap and lowered the zipper to gain some room. When I reached inside, I wrapped my fingers around the contents and discovered it was large and still growing larger and harder. I pulled it free and saw the largest cock I’ve ever seen in my life and it still wasn’t at its full capacity. I mentally compared it to my husband’s cock and it was at least two inches longer and twice the diameter.

“Oh my god, you’re huge!” I exclaimed.

I began to get worried that I wouldn’t be able to accommodate him but the pleasure he had been giving me drowned my fears. I raised up and unhooked my garters so that I could remove my panties. Jack then said, “Please leave the stockings on, you look so beautiful in them.” When I pulled my panties free, I re-hooked the garters.

Still worried that he might be too large for me, I pushed him back so that he was on his back on the bed and then got on top of him so that I could examine his cock better. I couldn’t even close my hand around the girth and the length frightened me. I knew that if he tried to put it in me that it was going to hurt a lot. I decided to try and give him a blow job and hopefully that would keep him happy.

When I took his cock in my mouth, I discovered that I could barely get a third of it in before I started to gag. Concentrating on the head, I tickled it with my tongue and sucked around the crown which caused a strong reaction from Jack.

He grabbed my hips and moved my butt over his face and then began to lick me. Not long after he started eating me, I began to orgasm, one after another. Jack drove me insane with his skill, he had to be a master to cause this much pleasure in me.

I tried to suck him to orgasm but my jaws were getting sore, he still hadn’t cum and lifted me off his cock and announced that he wanted to put it in me. I was still scared to let him try but I wanted it so bad that I said to him, “Let me be on top.”

I knew that I had more control over how much went in me this way and hopefully would be able to adjust to his size. I straddled his middle and raised my hips up to position his cock at my entrance. Thankfully I was very wet. I wanted this cock in me so much that I forgot about everything except trying to get him inside.

I felt the head start to spread me open and go inside me. The stretching was intense. There was a little bit of pain as I took more of him into me and I paused to adjust until it felt better. It seemed like it was taking forever and I almost just dropped on him to get it over with but I wanted this to feel good. I took the pain of being stretched but the fullness was indescribable. I was glad I had had a baby already because if I hadn’t, I doubt if I could have accepted the thickness of his cock. I felt him inside me deeper than a cock had ever penetrated and there was still more to go. I wondered if all of him could get inside me. Then I felt his cock hit the back of my pussy and I had almost all of it inside.

“I’ve never had anything this big in me before,” I said.

“You feel so tight around me and it’s so good,” he said.

I rested a bit to get adjusted to his size and then began a slow in and out motion. Jack was very good and didn’t try to drive his cock into me and let me set the pace and depth of the strokes. My pussy muscles, at first, kept trying to reject this invader but slowly accepted it. The pain disappeared and soon I had orgasm after orgasm on this magnificent cock. “Oh, it’s so good, Escort it doesn’t hurt anymore,” I said.

After a while, I was getting tired and Jack just flipped us over so he was on top. He started out gently driving his length into me and I yelped each time he went in all the way. I spread my legs out to the side, hoping to allow more room but there was just so much of him inside me. Soon the pace quickened and Jack was driving in and out faster while I had almost continuous orgasms.

“Fuck me,” I yelled, “Faster, I’m cumming. You’re tearing me apart but it feels so good.”

He lifted my legs with his arms and raised my butt up and it felt like he was going even deeper in me. Then I felt him go rigid and his cock seemed to swell inside me and then pulse. I knew he had filled me with cum.

He collapsed on top of me for a bit, regaining his strength. His cock was still inside me and I didn’t feel quite as stretched as before. He kissed me then and rolled us onto our sides. “You are wonderful lover and it was the best I’ve ever had,” he said.

Then his cock slipped out of me and we cuddled together. The afterglow I felt was euphoric. When it subsided, I felt the urge to have him again so I started stroking his cock and it responded. Before long, we were locked together once more. This time his cock went in easier but it still hurt a little as I was sore from the previous coupling.

In no time, we were at it again, he was taking me to new heights. “Fuck me you wonderful man……..don’t stop, do me harder……….oh you’re so deep in me…..I love it…..give it all to me…….I’m cumming,” I screamed.

Real soon, his cum erupted inside me again. I slid out from under him and started blowing him and although he complained that he was very sensitive at that moment, his cock got hard again. I again straddled him and impaled myself on him and rode myself to more orgasms before he once again gave me his deposit. “You’re killing me,” he said, “I can’t do it anymore right now………let me rest a little.”

We disengaged and he wrapped his arm around me as we lay spoon fashion and drifted off to sleep. My mind kept reveling in the erotic acts we had performed but my pussy was so sore and puffed up. It felt like he was still inside me even though he wasn’t .

I awoke to him sucking on my nipples and caressing my behind. When he touched my pussy, I winced a little as it was so sore. I knew that I couldn’t take him again without it hurting so I told him I needed a shower.

I examined myself and discovered dried semen in the hair around my pussy and the lips were swollen and red. I showered and cleaned myself up then started dressing while he took a shower and got into his flight suit. Damn he looked good.

As I was getting ready to put my dress back on, he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me, “In the light, you look even better than you did last night,” he said and started massaging my breasts.

“We can’t”, I said, “I’m too sore to do it right now even though I want to.”

He just hugged me then said, “Too bad, were almost out of time. You’re the best and I want to see you again. Here is my phone number. Call me collect. I should be home in three days, if not four. I want to get together with you again. I’ve never been with anyone as good as you are.”

I unzipped the lower part of his suit and fished out his cock. I kneeled down and took him in my mouth. “One to remember me by,” I said as I started to suck his cock once more. It didn’t last long before he pulled me up, laid me down on my back, pulled my panty to the side and slid inside me. It hurt some but I couldn’t stop him even if I wanted to. It was fast and once again, he let loose deep in my pussy.

We hurriedly dressed and gathered our things. When we exited the room and went down to the hotel restaurant, the rest of the crew was already there and they all stared at us. “Good morning guys,” he said to them and we sat at a table and ordered breakfast. I could feel his discharge seeping out onto my panty and it felt nice but very wet.

I was a little embarrassed to be there with him, wondering what the other guys thought of me. Would he tell them of our night? After we ate, he paid his bill, kissed me and said, “Call me…….Until next time,” as he hailed a cab for me. A final kiss and we went our separate ways.

I knew there wouldn’t be a next time and I wadded up the phone number he gave me and threw it away. All I was going to keep was the memory of the most wonderful sexual encounter ever.

I returned to my room, changed clothes and packed my bags, then collected all the items I had purchased and made arrangements for them to be delivered to the terminal.

When I found my girlfriend, she wasn’t very happy with me and told me that she wouldn’t say anything about what had happened the night before. I was thankful for that because I sure didn’t need my husband to find out I had cheated on him. It was a moment of passion and now I was back to reality. We boarded our flight and returned home with all the Christmas shopping we had done. We didn’t talk much on the flight and she didn’t ask me about the encounter so I didn’t share any details.

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