Crossing The Road

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I fell in love with Sam the first moment I saw her. She was in a bar, sitting on her boyfriend’s knee and looking like everything I ever wanted in a woman; beautiful, happy and very sexy. To this day my vision of her at that moment is as clear as if it was only minutes ago. I’d been invited to my new employer’s company night out. It was shortly before I joined the company and the objective was to “get to know” a few people before I arrived in the office. The evening served its purpose but the only person in the room I really wanted to get to know was Sam.

It took a few months, but I slowly got to know her. In fact, she became one of my best friends as we worked together on projects and shared the occasional lunchtime. Thing was, as much as Sam’s happy personality, gorgeous flowing hair, vibrant blue eyes and silky smooth skin was attractive to me, there was no room for me to become anything more than a friend as she was living with her boyfriend. I’m not the type of person who’s either confident or stupid enough to get into that whole tug-of-love thing. Deep inside though, I kept hoping that one day Sam would be single again and that we might be able to explore our relationship on another level.

Sam and I got along just fine as friends though. We talked about everything, our hopes, dreams, and fantasies and learned all about each other. As our friendship grew I shared more and more with her, but never went as far as sharing how much I wished she was mine. There were days when sitting across a table from Sam was the toughest thing in the world, knowing that I couldn’t simply reach out and touch her, kiss her. Being with her was an exquisite pain.

Sam was the only good thing about that company though and in the end I moved on after a couple of years, sadly leaving our lunchtimes together behind. We kept in touch, mostly through phone calls and e-mail with the occasional drink after work, but we weren’t able to remain as close as we’d been when we worked in the same building.

The day we met for lunch and she told me she had left her boyfriend was an emotional roller coaster ride. First my spirits soared as I thought of us possibly dating, but the plunge was awful when she enthusiastically informed me she’d already moved in with another guy she had met. It was hard to pretend I was happy for her, but I tried.

That particular meeting took away all of my expectations that Sam and I would ever get together. I couldn’t convince myself that she would ever see me as a potential boyfriend rather than simply a good friend. How could she if she hadn’t even called me to let me know she was single before starting another relationship?

For the next few months my disappointment was easier to deal with without seeing or talking to Sam. Her new relationship was also occupying most of her time and we began to drift apart for the first time since we’d met.

Then I unexpectedly ran into her in the street. It was a great feeling to see her smiling face and feel her wrap her arms around me for a tight platonic hug. Having to face up to the truth, I realized that nothing had changed about how beautiful she was or how I felt about her. We stopped for a coffee and talked a little. It was hard to contain my accelerating heart when she told me how her situation had changed again. The relationship was over and she had recently moved out of the new boyfriend’s place and was back at home with her parents for a while.

“Hey,” she said enthusiastically as she finished her coffee, “I need to run, but why don’t we meet up one evening, catch up over dinner? Call me. I’m free all this week.”

I wasn’t about to pass up on a chance to spend time with Sam, especially as the possibility of getting closer to her was again alive, so of course I called her. We arranged to meet for dinner and take in a movie she wanted to see. As her parents lived close to town I would drive to their place and we could walk the rest of the way.

Over dinner I consoled her and we laughed at our own self-centered jokes about nether of us being in relationships. As I sat and looked into the eyes of the woman I’d fallen in love with all those months before, I knew I would have to make some kind of move now that she was indeed single. I thought it prudent to leave at least a few weeks for her to get over her latest failure, but I felt a new determination to find out if her feelings might run deeper than our strong friendship.

As much as I was used to the phenomenon by then, sitting next to Sam in the movie theatre was its usual torture, not being able to reach out and touch her, hold her hand. But I was being my usual honorable, respectful self. That’s one of the things about a long-term friendship; it can be so difficult to get over that “lovers” hurdle when you’ve been friends for so long, even if you know that’s what the other person wants.

The evening was still warm when we came out into the twilight, enthused by the movie and energized by the fresh night air. We walked along the sidewalk silivri escort towards her parent’s house with an idling gait and enjoying spending the time together, pretty much as we always had. Time with Sam was always valuable.

“I wonder where we’ll be in ten years,” she thought out loud as we passed a couple pushing a stroller. “You think we’ll still be friends, hang out together with our kids, my husband and your wife?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “I have no idea where I’ll be, just like I had no idea I’d be here ten years ago. Hell, four days ago I had no idea I’d be here with you tonight.”

“Aren’t there some nights you just want to dance down the sidewalk?” she said out of the blue. Her face beamed at mine, as alive as I’ve ever known it. I watched as Sam broke away and pirouetted several times in front of me, her summer skirt spinning out and revealing her slender legs. When she stopped I saw nothing but the huge smile she was wearing, mirroring mine. I loved to see her so happy.

“Thanks for such a lovely evening. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a night without some relationship strain or other.” As much as Sam’s spontaneous hug warmed me, her words warned me off asking her to get more serious about our relationship. It seemed like I could not bring myself to ruin Sam’s freedom, not even to feed my own need for her.

“We need to do this again, soon.”

“Sure.” It wasn’t like I was ever going to turn down an evening with her. “Let’s do something next week.”

There was no more dancing in the street as we meandered away from the town center and up the hill but our stride was comfortable and our conversation fun. Then, as we neared her parent’s house, Sam impulsively grabbed my hand and pulled me to run across the road. I didn’t have time to realize that there was no traffic, I just followed her and enjoyed the jolt of electricity that shot through me at the touch of her skin. Crossing the road holding hands with Sam was the moment my whole life changed.

Once on the other side of the road we slowed down, but she didn’t let go of my hand. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but with every step we took closer to the house the realization of what I thought was happening dawned on me. Such a simple thing, holding hands, but it was something we’d never done before, a step in a direction we’d never taken before. My mind ventured onto new ground, just wondering…

I didn’t think twice as Sam kept hold of my hand and led me straight past my car and up to the door of the house. I didn’t say a word as she led me inside and invited me to sit while she put some coffee on. I sat at one end of a sofa, vaguely thinking that she just might join me when she had finished preparing the drinks.

“Your folks out?” I finally enquired.

“On vacation,” she called from the kitchen. “Back in three days I think. You want some cookies?”

Sam came back into the room with two mugs of coffee and a plate stacked with cookies that we snacked on while we laughed at some stories of the days we worked together and the people we knew. She did sit next to me as I’d wished, but not too close. I could feel the tension hang in the air, a new feeling for both of us, almost imperceptible but definitely there. I tried to be as normal as I could but found my vocal chords tightening and my mind running in too many directions at once. Sam seemed more relaxed as she snapped cookies into her mouth and washed them down.

She finished her coffee first and now she no longer needed to sit upright to drink, she eased herself down to lie down across the sofa. She sighed peacefully as her head rested on my thigh and she pulled up her knees to fit on the sofa. Sam now faced up towards me with her eyes closed in a relaxing pose.

I looked longingly at her full lips and her cute little nose. Her skin, if it ever was attacked, had survived the ravages of adolescent acne without blemish. I brushed my finger lightly across her silky cheek. She felt like the skin of a warm, ripe peach. At the call of my touch, Sam’s expression softened further and she opened a pair of disconcertingly restless eyes.

She looked up at me and smiled. “Anybody ever tell you you’re cute?”

“Anybody ever tell you you’re beautiful?”

Sam’s expression changed to a wistful look. “Yes. But coming from you I think I believe it for the first time.”

I leaned down and kissed her.

Sam closed her eyes and I felt my lips brush hers, gently. She lifted her free hand to the back of my neck and urged me to stay in position. She opened her mouth and I accepted her invitation. Our tongues played, slowly at first and then with increasing intensity. We explored, tasted, felt the heat rise and the relief flow.

When we opened our eyes we were both smiling.

“I’ve wanted to do that for so long.” I tried to stay calm.

“Me too.”

Suddenly, there was no rush for either of us and we lay there, kissing and şirinevler escort holding each other for almost an hour. It was like we’d finally come home after a long journey. “You think this will change anything between us?” Sam asked from the comfort of my arms.

“No.” I giggled, kissing her again, partly because I finally could and partly because it felt so damn good.

“Well, I was kind of hoping it would change one thing.” She smirked.

“What’s that?”

“I was hoping you don’t have to go home tonight.”

We continued to lie on the sofa for a while but now that we knew where the evening was headed, it was only a matter of time before Sam took my hand again and led me to her bedroom. In the end, just like crossing the road, she did it without a word, simply feeling that the time was right. I’m sure she was as nervous as I was, but it felt like she was the strong, assured, one at that point. “You get in the bed,” she instructed when we got to the bedroom, “I’ll take the dog out and I’ll be with you in a few minutes.”

When she’d gone I switched on a small bedside light, turned off all the other lights and stripped to my briefs. Then I slipped under the covers. My full erection was already straining at the thought of what was about to happen. I heard Sam come back up the stairs, my whole body swimming in thoughts of how we’d finally got to this place.

Without a word, Sam started to take off her clothes when she got back into the bedroom. I watched as she slipped down her skirt and panties. I couldn’t see much as she was side-on to me but when she threw off her shirt and pulled her bra away I watched in the dim light as her beautiful breasts swung free beneath her as she leant to climb into the bed, naked.

Sam immediately came close to me and laid her soft body along the length of mine. Her legs wrapped around me and I felt the fuzzy touch of her pubic hair rest against the thigh that I allowed to push between her legs. She felt hot and soft as she let her hands caress my back and wander down to my waist. “You don’t need these.” She pulled at my briefs, her head disappearing beneath the bedclothes as she pulled them away from my legs. Now she snuggled back against me and I felt the raw hardness of my cock press into her side.

It was impossible not to smile like a child at Christmas as I ran my hands over Sam’s back and sides, down as far as feeling the curves of her gorgeous bottom. At the same time she was touching my chest, letting her fingers caress my cheek and pushing her thigh tight against my hard on. “Feels like you’re quite excited by this new situation.” Sam chuckled, moving her thigh against me again.

“I’ve been excited by the prospect of this for years Sam,” I admitted, the heat between her legs becoming more obvious than the delicate fur of her pubic hair.

Sam smiled and rolled her body over to lie on top of mine. “I always hoped we would.” She looked straight down into my eyes. “Always wondered what it would be like when your best friend becomes your lover. Shall we find out?”

As she slipped her body downwards I felt the tip of my cock bump against her heat. It felt like she was already wet and if I pushed I could enter her easily. I wasn’t quite ready for that though; I wanted this night to be memorable for a lot more than a “quickie”.

I eased Sam’s body up and away from me, encouraging her to sit astride me. I brought my hands up to cup her breasts, those very objects I’d wondered about for so long. She had smaller nipples than I imagined and they were already reacting to my touch, hardening between my fingers and standing out in the half-light. Sam’s eyes closed as my touch pleased her but she was moving her own hand down my chest, slowly closing on my erection.

When her fingers touched me it sent a wave of excitement through my body that I hadn’t been expecting. Years of anticipation had a pleasure-increasing effect. Sliding her body downwards at an angle, she exposed all of my cock to her touch and allowed me to continue massaging her nipples. At first her touch was light and teasing as her fingers brushed every part of my throbbing hard on. I watched as Sam looked down and let her fingertips trace around the head of my cock, lifting it up from my body and slipping her fingers underneath. Then she took hold of me, her small hand gripping me firmly and stroking my length for the first time.

I don’t have a huge cock, but that night it was as long and thick as I’ve ever known it, feeling awesome in Sam’s hand, the head swollen already and providing a barrier that her fingers bumped against as she stroked up and down slowly.

I moved our bodies again so that I could join her sitting up. Sam’s hand swiveled so that her palm was now stroking the underside of my upright cock and I bent my head down so that my mouth could go to work on her breasts. Very quickly I found that she loved having my tongue flick over her nipples so I continued şişli escort with that for a while, using my hand on her other breast, kneading and pushing back gently into her body.

As we enjoyed each other’s bodies for the first time, I noticed Sam’s thighs separate, inviting me to explore, so with my free hand I traced a path down her belly to the top of her pubic mound. As my fingers slipped through the small trimmed bush above her pussy I could feel her body begin to stiffen with anticipation and I let my index finger probe down a little further, feeling the soft skin of her lips and how they were already coated in her juices.

She felt silky and warm to my touch, her lips easily parting and folding around my fingertip as I explored her. Looking into her face, I saw that her eyes were closed and her hand’s movement on me had ceased. Her breathing was already slowing as she enjoyed what I was doing to her. She sighed as I slipped my finger further inside her and felt the heat of her wetness. As I probed deeper and squeezed her nipple I felt Sam gasp and she bent towards me, eager to share a huge open-mouthed kiss as I pushed at her buttons. It only took the palm of my hand to close over her clit and move against it a few times for her to explode.

It was one of the most unexpected moments of my life, feeling Sam climaxing in my arms in such a short time. Her mouth tried to clamp onto mine and struggle to breathe at the same time as her body froze and rose up from the bed, her pussy pushing hard back against my hand as she came. I thought I heard her gasp “Oh God” several times as I pulled on her breasts and pushed into her pussy and clit. In the heat of her moment I forgot about my own excitement, even though she still had a firm grip on me. I smiled with her in relief as she started to come down, her head falling against my shoulder and her lips playfully kissing at my skin.

My arms closed around her, feeling even closer to Sam than ever before. She was still pulling on me but it was understandable that she wasn’t able to concentrate on me for the moment.

“I can’t believe I came, just like that.” Her words were still breathy but she sounded happy. “No one’s ever done that before.” She brought her face in front of me and we kissed deeply. “I think it’s time for this to find a new home.” She pulled on me with an extra tug, smiling, knowing I wanted nothing more.

Slipping back down to the mattress, she lay on her back and held my sides as I positioned myself to straddle her. As I bent forward for another kiss I felt her hand regain its grip on my hard on and begin gently stroking me. When I took my weight onto my arms and started to slide downwards she held me, guided me and I looked down at the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. My beautiful friend was now my lover.

In that moment the standard missionary position was the best way to express what was happening between our minds and bodies. I stared intently into Sam’s smiling eyes as I eased my body upwards and my cock bumped against her willing pussy and started to slip effortlessly inside. Her eyes slowly closed and then opened again in a kind of sigh as I traveled the depth of her slick and welcoming opening. She was right, it did feel like home.

Her eyes never left mine as I started to slowly pull out and push in with deep and long strokes. “God, I knew you would feel good. I just knew it.”

Sam raised her pelvis and allowed me to plunge deeper into her. I was dizzy with the moment, how it felt emotionally to be with her finally and how incredible it felt physically to have her clamped around me, her pussy walls squeezing my cock as it excited us both and built up a steady rhythm.

It was easily the most incredible first time I’d ever known. As I started to feel the slow-burn rise of orgasm build I simply continued to watch Sam’s face and keep a steady pace. She was using her hands to caress my sides and run over my back which kept my whole body tingling and in tune with the building climax. When she noticed my breathing stutter a couple of times a wider smile crossed her face and she took hold of my ass cheeks and started to encourage my every stroke.

“You feel so good Baby,” she whispered. “I want you to come for me. I want to feel you come inside me.”

She didn’t have long to wait. I wanted to tell her how good it felt, but words were far from my physical capabilities at that moment. I could feel the wonderful sensations of my cock slipping in and out of her, bumping up against her as I got as deep as possible. I felt my balls start to tighten and tingle as they prepared for their release. Every urge in my body screamed at me to increase speed, thrust faster, cum, but I was incapable as I looked down at Sam. There was no sense of hurry in her look. She only cared about how good the moment was.

As slow as the onset of the climax was, it still made me gasp as the intensity of it gripped me. My body went onto autopilot and continued to thrust slowly and deeply into Sam and the raging fire of a huge orgasm started to creep its way through every inch of my body. My muscles tensed involuntarily, but they lacked nothing in feeling as the spasms continued longer than I’d ever experienced. Only when the feeling peaked did I feel the pressure build in my balls and shoot into her pussy.

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